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Hot New Artists

Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the AudioSparx label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Jeremiah M. Soto (USA)
Jeremiah M. Soto's signature style is a blending of traditional music styles with powerful electronic and organic elements. Trained in piano, frame drum, conga, dumbek, and African polyrhythms, his music evokes powerful moods and lush scenes. Known as the godfather of the Tribal Fusion music genre, Jeremiah is widely recognized for inspiring an entire generation of dancers in this subculture of dramatic theatrical world dance. He has traveled internationally performing with Solace Live, Eventide, Gypsy Caravan, and UCLA's Mid East Ensemble.

Skye Holland (Canada)
Skye Holland (previously known as Sophia) started her music career at the age of 10 when she was selected to join the Japanese teen Pop group "HappyNs," which resulted in her debut J-Pop single "Realistic." When she was 12, she moved to Canada where she continued to pursue her love for music. At the age of 16, Skye had her first single "What You Said" chart at #83 on the Canadian MediaBase Hot AC Charts and #100 in the US Mediabase Top 40 Charts.

Giacomo Rita (Italy)
Giacomo Rita is a talented young film and game composer based in Italy. He started composing his first tracks as a guitar player, mostly influenced by Rock, Blues, and Fusion. Giacomo later broadened his musical horizons by exploring sophisticated Occidental and World music, and today he effortlessly integrates Orchestral, Ethnic, and Electronic sounds in his compositions. He has a specialist degree in Cinema, Television, and Multimedia Production, and he attended the CSC Lab Film Music at "Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia" in Rome.

David Hollandsworth (USA)
David Hollandsworth is a self-taught keyboardist who composes piano based and cinematic compositions - music that touches the heart and stirs the soul. He's also versatile in composing several other genres. His music has been used by Discovery Network, Belgium TV, ReelZ Channel, NBC Sports, Tennis Channel, Texas Dept. of Transportation, Science Council of Canada, Insight for Living Ministries, Piggy Paint TV ad and many other placements.

Mark Gustavson (USA)
Based in New York, Award-winning composer Mark Gustavson has what Leonard Bernstein called "a lyrical gift" after a world premiere at Tanglewood in 1979. He has received numerous honors, including composer awards from the American Academy and the Institute of Arts and Letters, a Fulbright Fellowship, the Joseph H. Bearns Prize, the Walter Hinrichsen Award, and recognition from BMI and ASCAP. Drawing on musical influences from around the world, Mark's Orchestral, Chamber, and Electroacoustic music often sounds spontaneous or improvised.

Francesco Giovannangelo (Italy)
Francesco Giovannangelo is a professional Italian composer who studied Classical piano and composition at the Music Conservatory of Pescara. This academic background, together with his passion for modern music, allows him to cover a wide range of genres and styles with a uniquely imaginative approach. Francesco has scored several documentaries, short films, and commercials, with credits including a short film presented at the Rome Film Festival and projects produced by the Italian Ministry of Transportation, INAIL, and MIUR.

Trena Marie (UK)
Singing since she was just eight years old, Trena Marie won many talent competitions before being spotted by, and signed to, a UK indie record label. She has just released her first Pop/Dance album called "It's Just Love," which is currently riding high in the local UK ReverbNation charts. Trena gigs extensively around the UK's South West.

Fredrick John Pugsley (UK)
Prolific UK singer-songwriter Fredrick John Pugsley works in a wide range of genres, including Pop, Pop/Dance, Indie Pop, Rock, Indie Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Country, and Country Rock. He has released three albums this year titled Pop In Out, Bound For Blue, and War Is Mad. This summer has also seen the release of Released, which features songs written by Fredrick and sung by various artists.

Linda Horwatt (USA)
Indie Pop/Rock artist Linda Horwatt writes songs that are catchy, relatable, and lots of fun. Her album "Stupid Love" has gotten rave reviews from both critics and fans, and her songs have a chic retro sound that's perfect for everything from trendy ad campaigns to trailers and soundtracks. In addition to her solo work, Linda is also a member of The Orion Experience. They've had material placed in MTV and Nickelodeon shows, and they were featured on FOX during the run of their stage show based on the acclaimed album Children Of The Stars.

Ryszard Osada (Poland)
Ryszard Osada is a Polish composer, arranger, and multimedia producer with nearly twenty years experience. He writes music in styles ranging from Pop to Electronic and Experimental. Ryszard also specializes in Orchestral, Industrial, Cinematic, and Dramatic music. He often blends these different elements to create extraordinary hybrid sounds that are truly original. Ryszard's works have been repeatedly presented on radio and TV, as well as during festivals and concerts in Poland and abroad.

Nigel Sanders (UK)
Nigel Sanders has been composing for many years and has written over 80 pieces of music and drum loops. These include commissioned work for a range of settings, compositions for courses, and officially released albums. Nigel composes music in a wide range of styles, including Rock, Metal, Jazz, Latin, and more recently Classical. He has also produced compositions and arrangements to accompany a range of media settings. Nigel's credits include Reiki CDs For Merlin Therapy, MENCAP DVD Soundtrack, and a G7 Productions Film Trailer.

Circadian Clock (USA)
Formed in 2008, Circadian Clock is a 5-piece Rock band featuring a seemingly mismatched group of strangers making some seriously strange music, and they prefer it that way! Their unique blend of many styles makes it difficult to pinpoint them under one genre, but they promise you'll enjoy the ride between Rock, Pop, Punk, Jazz, and Classical. Vile formed Circadian Clock with drummer Wes Raiden, and they found Charlemagne playing bass in Central Park and he hopped on board. Wes found Ayumi, and Drew is the most recent addition to the band.

Robert Gulya (UK)
Robert Gulya is an award-winning UK based film composer who has scored 20 feature films. His credits include Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn (starring "Super 8" star Joel Courtney and Val Kilmer), Bamboo Shark (starring Academy Award winner Mickey Rooney), GingerClown 3D (starring Tim Curry, Lance Henriksen), Truce (starring Academy Award winner George Kennedy, Buck Taylor), and many others. Robert's orchestral work has also been featured on many promos around the world, with credits including Mercedes, Maggi, McDonald's, GE, and Telenor.

Nils Olaf (UK)
London-based Nils Olaf is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer making fresh, dynamic music influenced by Pop, Rock, Electro, and RnB. Having spent most of his adult life traveling, he has soaked up musical styles from South America, mainland Europe, and other parts of the globe. Nils has turned these experiences into a varied musical portfolio, and his work has been featured in promos, video games, and other projects. His tracks will bring energy, diversity, enthusiasm, and that special something extra to your production.

Olga Scotland (Russia)
Olga Scotland is a composer, sound designer, and multi-instrumentalist who has created over one hundred soundscapes and soundtracks. Working in the World, New Age, Electronic, and Orchestral genres, her eclectic music often combines electronic instrumentation with unique ethnic sounds. Sometimes soft and meditative, other times funny and adventurous, Olga's tracks would be at home in everything from nature documentaries to cartoons and video games. Olga has been working as a composer and sound designer for Animuba Game Studio since 2005.

Stefan Klein (USA)
Based in Colorado, Stefan Klein is a composer who specializes in eerie soundscapes that would be at home in everything from paranormal TV shows to horror films. From the bone-chilling atmosphere of "Poltergeist Symphony," to the hypnotic sci-fi flavor of "Hopelessly Floating Through Space," his Ambient tracks will help create the right mood for a variety of creepy scenes. Stefan is also an accomplished musician who began his career as the frontman for the Industrial Metal band Dethcentrik in 2009.

Alien Dream Park (USA)
Based in North Carolina, Alien Dream Park produces music in genres ranging from Dance and Electronic to Bluegrass, Rock, Pop, Blues, Dramatic, Kids, and various novelty styles. He uses guitars, banjos, 24-bit loops, synthesizers, and top-end software to produce fine quality soundscapes. Alien Dream Park has composed music for theater, spoken word artists, and film. He was also a guitarist for 50's Rock & Roll stars Bobby Darin and Fabian, and he continues to perform as a member of a 50's Rock band.

Maxim Melnikov (Russia)
Maxim Melnikov is a Russian horn player who travels around the world performing as a soloist and an orchestra player in countries like Germany, France, Spain, Japan, and South Korea. Aside from horn playing, he is frequently engaged as a conductor, orchestra manager, and music producer.

Vasilios Sideris (Greece)
Vasilios Sideris is a Greek composer, songwriter, and musician who writes music for film, TV, commercials, and video games. From melancholic solo piano pieces to powerful choral arrangements, he works mainly in the Dramatic and Orchestral genres.

Anders Manga (USA)
Anders Manga is a composer and producer from North Carolina who released his debut album "One Up for the Dying" in 2004. His music has been featured in the WB show Vampire Diaries and other films/TV shows including Salem, Nights with Alice Cooper, My Summer As A Goth, Beg, The Sanguinarian, and The Witching Hour. Anders also helms the Heavy Rock band Bloody Hammers, which is signed to Napalm Records/Universal (one of the largest independent Metal record labels in Europe), and he has shared the stage with Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and others.

Radical Project (UK)
UK's Radical Project is the moniker of brothers Mark and Carl Berry, who began making music in 2001 after spending a number of years as DJs in the Bristol Drum 'n' Bass scene. With a desire to create the kind of tunes they were spinning, and with the knowledge they acquired in their careers as DJs, they built their own studio and began their journey as producers. Radical Project's music gets regular support from heavyweights DJs including Nicky Blackmarket, Mutated Forms, Simon Bassline Smith, Slumdogz, and Xample. They bring us Electronic music in the Dubstep and DnB genres.

The Death Beats (UK)
Fusing analogue and vintage instruments with robotic Electronica, UK group The Death Beats create sub-human sci-fi noise for a futuristic Dance floor. The duo of Gary J Robinson and Jonny Vaughan, both founding partners of the Urban Sickness Audio label, first met in 2001 when Gary was already an established producer and New Vision Recordings label boss. Locking themselves away in the English countryside, and a remote town in Mexico, the pair set about mixing futuristic beats with catchy riffs to craft edgy Dance floor anthems with solid commercial appeal.

Red Math (USA)
Red Math is the nom de plume of producer Lance Dibblee, who hails from Nashville, Tennessee: America's music capitol. Lance began crafting his own unique style of Electronic music in the early 90's, and has since had numerous releases on labels including Moonshine, Bomb Hip-Hop, Oxygen Music Works, and Ninja Tune's Ntone subsidiary. In 2000, Lance connected with the widely recognized British Drum 'n' Bass label New Vision Recordings, and became one of the first American artists to have an official release with his singles "Chicago Fury" and "Landing Messiah."

Tim Besamusca (UK)
Dutch artist Tim Besamusca started experimenting with music production at the age of thirteen, and in 2007 his impressive debut single "Strange Anomalies" was released on Future State Records to great acclaim. In 2009, he hooked up with producer/musician Gary Robinson and they began to collaborate with other artists to create various genres of Dance music. Tim's chance meeting with Gary led to a number of remixes, including "Sid & Nancy" by The Death Beats, and "Fly" by Moments of Darkness. Tim brings us music in the Electro, Breaks, and Dubstep genres.

Chainsaw Therapy (UK)
Chainsaw Therapy was created by Gary J Robinson as a platform for productions outside of his roots in the Bass Music scene. The project allows Gary to diversify and write tracks inspired by his collection of great movie soundtracks, with Dramatic themes ranging from modern day westerns to gangs and gangsters and knights of old. Funky Downtempo beats serve as the foundation, as Gary blends sweeping cinematic melodies with Wild-West guitars, RnB synth lines, and Gangster Rap bass lines.

Abeats (Germany)
Based in Germany, Abeats began his career as a musician, engineer, and sound operator at a very young age. As a composer, he creates eclectic music that often blends Dramatic, Rock, Jazz, World, Pop, Classical, and Electronic elements to create a totally unique style all his own. Abeats studied at SAE Hamburg and is a Sound Operator for AIDA. He recently did an MOOC at the University of Edinburgh on the Theory of Music.

Glenn Adams (USA)
Based in Colorado, composer Glenn Adams brings a wealth of experience and education to his compositions. Educated at Berklee College of Music, and with experience as a Columbia Records recording artist, his tracks run the gamut from Jazz to Classical with Rock, Electronica, and Ambient figuring prominently. Glenn's music has been licensed for use by numerous cable TV networks, including Syfy, National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, MTV, Biography, WE, Spike TV, PBS, VH1, and more.

Guido Gavazzi (Italy)
Guido Gavazzi is an award-winning Italian artist who studied piano, music education, conducting, composition, and orchestration for film music. He has written soundtracks for many different projects including documentaries, short films, commercials, television themes, theatrical performances, musicals, and music comedies. Guido brings us music in the Dramatic, Orchestral, Classical, and World genres, among others.

Michael Onofrio (Canada)
Based in Canada, Michael Onofrio is a talented musician, songwriter, and composer working in the Pop, Rock, Indie and Electronic genres. He creates songs with lyrics that will connect with most every kind of listener, with themes including heartache, relationship issues, and life problems. Michael also offers instrumental tracks that are great as backing music for a wide range of projects. Whether it be a soft, emotional acoustic song, or a hard, fast synth-driven track, Michael's music is written with passion and ear-pleasing arrangements.

Antonio Fernandez (Mexico)
Currently based in Mexico, Antonio Fernández obtained his bachelor's degree in composition from the Mannes College of Music in NY City and did his post-graduate studies at the Graduate Center of City University of NY. Through a scholarship from the French government, he pursued studies in computer music in Paris, where he worked at the Centre Pompidou's IRCAM, at the Groupe de Recherche Musical, and with I. Xenakis at the Sorbonne. He has received two grants from the National Council for the Arts and Culture and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Rolanoid (Australia)
In 2003, Rolanoid was featured on the soundtrack of the stylish BBC TV series Dreamspaces alongside Daft Punk, U2 and The Chemical Brothers. In 2006, his track "Freaky Drum" exploded on MySpace, reaching the top 5 alongside major Dance artists Paul Van Dyk, Basement Jaxx, and Moby. This attracted over 16,000 fans and rave comments from the likes of Utah Saints, Mark Moore, and Mike Koglin. Rolanoid's infectious EDM and chilled beats have been licensed by Aveda, Red Bull, Channel 4 UK, and numerous media agencies around the globe.

Until Mars (Netherlands)
Until Mars is a new and unique band concept that writes with the Intuitive Writing Method. This means that they start recording immediately after they talk about a style and decide on keywords and a key to play in. This can for instance be; britpop, uptempo, positive and in A or indie, rock, groovy in E... anything! So, the first time they jam in this style it is recorded right away into Pro Tools. They “jam” in a song style after we change the tuning of the drumkit, decide on what sound for the bass to play etc.

Gennadiy Alekseevich (Russia)
Gennadiy Alekseevich is composer, producer, and sound designer from St. Petersburg, Russia. From Ambient and New Age to Electronic, Dance, Pop, Rock, and Dramatic, his work spans many different genres and moods. Gennadiy's fresh and original tracks will enhance all types of projects, including films, TV productions, documentaries, corporate videos, and other new media applications.

Weston Boucher (USA)
Based in California, Weston Boucher is the former lead guitarist of Spero Lumina, which received a nomination for Best Alternative Album 2011 by the San Diego Music Awards. He went on to study Classical Guitar under Dr. Jude Weirmeir of UCSD and perform in an ensemble. With his eclectic musical background and love for film, TV, and gaming, Weston found his sweet spot by transitioning from stage to studio. He composes both songs and instrumental tracks in many genres, including Singer/Songwriter, Rock, EDM, Hip Hop, Classical, and Dramatic.

Sherry Shieh (Taiwan)
Among many notable achievements, pianist Sherry Shieh was presented to Prince Philip of England for outstanding music achievement at the age of twelve. She also performed at Audrey Hepburn's funeral in 1993, and has worked on cinematic music under the guidance of award-winning composer Luis Bacalov (Il Postino, Kill Bill). The youngest PhD student of legendary pianist Anthony di Bonaventura, Sherry has written for orchestras, operas, films, and video games, and her album “Rhythm & Bach” earned two nominations from the Taiwan Grammys in 2012

Herrick (USA)
Billboard Magazine describes Herrick's music as "alternating at times between seething rage and a bruised vulnerability. Donna's powerful vocals, pummeling riffs, and swaggering attitude sounds a bit like what might have happened had Led Zeppelin been fronted by 'a chick.' I only needed one listen to tell you that Herrick is the real deal, and may very well contain the next great female voice of this generation in Donna Herrick." Among many accolades, Herrick was nominated for International Alternative Band of the year at IMEA in 2014.

Per Samuelsson (Sweden)
Per Samuelsson is a Swedish composer and sound artist who travels around the world performing at festivals and events in countries like USA, Canada, Chile, France, Spain, Turkey, UK, and the Netherlands. With a focus on a cinematic style, his work features twisted beats, beautiful melodies, and sharp-edged production to create maximum impact. Per's sophisticated and passionate blend of Dramatic, Electronic, and Orchestral styles is perfect for everything from intense movie trailers to intriguing TV promos and commercials.

Hernan Castillo (Mexico)
Based in Mexico City, Hernan Castillo is a Spanish composer and producer who has written music for theater plays, radio shows, TV commercials, and his Rock/Pop band LEFT. He is currently focused on producing mainly instrumental music in different genres and styles, including Ambient, Dramatic, Electronic, and New Age. From intriguing and atmospheric to beautiful and melancholic, Hernan's music is suitable for video games, film, TV shows, and many other types of productions.

Jono Booth (South Africa)
Jono Booth is a Producer, Composer, and Multi-instrumentalist from Cape Town, South Africa. His strong drumming background has led him to develop a his own blend of traditional instruments and modern electronics. Jono's tracks are very rhythm heavy and range from minimal background soundscapes to bold, in-your-face compositions. He drives home hard-hitting rhythms to convey moods that range from positive to intense, dramatic, and suspenseful.

David Scance (USA)
David Scance is a guitarist, composer, and arranger based in New Jersey. He specializes in jingles and underscores for commercials, with credits including major companies like Walmart, McDonald's, Canon, Fischer Price, AT&T, Club Med, Proctor And Gamble, Priceline, Wendy's, Philip Morris, and many others. David has also toured as a guitarist with artists such as Meatloaf and Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary). From guitar-driven Pop, Rock, and Acoustic music, to bold Orchestral and Dramatic pieces, he works in a very wide range of styles.

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