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Music Editor's Picks

Our AudioSparx music editors have hand-selected our most exemplary beautiful, scary, tragic or whimsical music for your review, in our best-selling genres. Click the play icon below and hear the stunning compositions of over 4,852 composers from around the world, creating new tracks daily for every production under the sun. These are both seasoned Hollywood composers and hot new talent whose music is most often used by our clients, including 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Television, HBO, and others.

Here you will find up-and-coming Indie bands, sizzling hot vocals, virtuoso solo pianists, or intense, high-octane dramatic music ... plus genuine ethnic music from Tahiti, Argentina, Russia, Asia, the Middle East, etc. We present below both instrumental and vocal tracks in English and every language imaginable. You can either HotList or instantly license and download any of these exciting tracks TODAY!

NOTE: Refresh your browser page (or click here) to see new choices of tracks below. Click on the track's title to read about any track. To review any composer's Best Selling tracks, double-click the track title, and once it opens, then click on the artist's name.

 Action Music  
Adwise Music   Fire Back (Uplifting Hollywood Percussion Cue)
David C. Hewitt   Fight Club
Pierre Langer   Glorious Victory (No Choir Version)
David Waugh   A Hero Walks Among Us
Jonathan Adamich   Fight The Darkness
Stern Muzik   Aliens (60 Sec)
Ron Komie   Midnight Train
Mesutissimo   A Matter of Time
Ron Komie   Heavy Duty (Full)
Fabrice Mogini   World Drama
 African Music  
Andy Schofield   African Pride
Alec Makinson   African Sunshine (60sec)
Emam & Friends   African Dream
Bloc   Unite in Africa (Lagos '72)
Erik Haddad   Yucca
Serankure Music Arts   Tlholwe Le Mutle
Frenetic Sound   Kalimba in the Night
Craig McConnell Alt. Project   Rhythm of Life
Julian Scott   Africa no lyrics
Ola Melander   Big Elephant (30 Sec)
 Americana Music  
Peter Vantine   America
Mark S. Crocker   Shenandoah
Adrian Haene   New Home (Stinger 02)
Steve Willoughby   This Mean Old World (Male Vocal 1970's)
Joey Curtin   Battle Hymn of the Republic (2012 Remix)
Metal Patriots   When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Dan Selby   Corn Bread
Steve Willoughby   Saint Helens
Eric "E-Train" Manning   Cajun Waltz
Chris Hodges   Best Product
 Animal Music  
Marc Filmer   Jolly Whistler
Alec Makinson   Savanah Safari (60sec With FX)
Adam DiTroia   Barking Jean
Music Boutique   Turkey in the Straw (Two Banjos)
Big Dee’s Ringtones   Tha Dogg Catcha
Craig Howell   Monkey Business Vocal Hits
Mark S. Crocker   Bullfrog Party
Alec Makinson   Dogs Life (30sec Commercial)
Adam DiTroia   Jungle Dance
Eddie Matthews and Maz   Dogs Singing Yankee Doodle
 Asian Music  
Dewey Dellay   Asian Secrets 2
Anton Atom   Asia (Sting 2)
Fiesta Filipina   Kalatong - Pista (Trad.)
Jeremy David Hiebert   Asian
Mark Knox   Shojojoji (The Racoon Song) 30sec Piano Mix
Andy L   The Lost Empire (1.06 Edit)
Ori Vidislavski   Island Dream (60-Secs Version)
Erik Haddad   Pathways
Dean Wagg   Let's Get Down to Business No Intro
Sultan Makende   East of Eden
 Blues Music  
John Swanson   Don't Tell Me How to Drive
John Swanson   Don't Tell Me How to Drive (Instrumental)
Johnny Azari   Didactic Overdrive
AL Music   Alpine Valley Blues
Haene & Midnite   Free As the Wind
Manuka Music Productions   Move Your Body and Stomp Your Feet
Ingvi Thor Kormaksson   Bright Lights
Ron Komie   Honkytonk Paradise (Bed)
Robert Farrell   Stronghold of Love
Mike McGuill   Bow City Blues
 Brazilian Music  
Synapse   Brazilian Cool 1 Min
Daniel Fríes   Mercado Modelo
Steve Rice Productions   Like Yesterday - Vocal
David Harper   Bouncy Bossa 15 Ddd Bed
Linwood Bell   Wood's Bossa
John Henry Gates   Bossa 30 Seconds
Chanson World Music Library   Fita Amarela ( Rosa )
Skip Peck   Let's Get Green
Andy Christie   Take Your Time
Enea Saccozza   Numeri
 Cartoon Music  
Christian Krauss   Funny Show Theme
Ron Komie   Baffled Blockheads (Sting6)
Alastair Cameron   Elephant and the Flea
John Lawrence Schick   Inspector Moose
Alan Fagan   Hippos and Hummingbirds (Solo)
Alexander Tobias Orest   Tree Tops
Markus Schmidt   Forest Fun 30sec Loop Low 80bpm Markus Schmidt
Michael Musco   Indie 8 Bit Loop
Marco Pesci   Sneaky Spy Stinger A
Dream Valley Music   Wackorama
 Childrens Music  
Richard Freitas   Bubble Wrap 30
Dan Gautreau   Spirit (No Whistling)
Stefan Bode   Retro Video Game Philippe Flop (30 - Secs Vers..
Stefan Bode   Retro Video Game the Totem Temple (30 - Secs V..
Jessica Harper   Four Boys Named Jordan
Edouard Andre Reny   Frere Jacques (60s - A)
King Seamus   Juice Box Escapade (No Drums)
Marco Pesci   Silly World No Shaker
Christian Andersson   Whimsical Story
Paint Chips   Banana Skin Yellow
 Chinese Music  
Kenton Gilchrist   A Tiger is Born - STEM Plucked
Kenton Gilchrist   A Tiger Is Born - Full
DJ Juri   Trip in China
Simon Wolfe   Courtyard Duet
Kenton Gilchrist   Notice the Lotus - EDIT 180
Coco Zhao   Ai Qing - Love Is Like This...
Michael Andreas   The Celestial Empire - Elegant Dining
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi   Mind Control
Kenji Aoi   Chinese Guqin - Tea Culture
Wilton Vought   Eastern Mist (Loop 1)
 Christmas Music  
Ron Komie   I Wonder As I Wander
Ausilio   Bossanova Wishes (30 Sec)
Alec Makinson   Merry Mayhem (30sec)
John Swanson   Joy to the World
Max DiCarlo   Happy Ride
Ron Komie   God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen Vol 5
Steve Dafoe   Lost Boy Lost Girl at Christmas
Jonathan Wright   A Perfect Christmas
DJ Amboe   This Christmas Love Me Ft Sammy Hakim
Jive Ass Sleepers   Good King Wenceslas (Gypsy Jazz Version)
 Circus Music  
Giuseppe Zanca   Piscina
Colin Willsher   Toytown Parade
David Flavin   The Clown's a Prankster
Big Sound Music   Toots Tag
E.D. Kennaway   Parade of the Clowns
Western Horizon Productions   The Man On the Flying Trapeze
AJ Pro Audio   Mini Toon Tune
Wolftooth   Freak Show
Tracey and Vance Marino   Clowning Around
Aaron Saloman   Dance of the Projectionists (Seamless Loop)
 Classical Music  
Stoyan Ganev   The Enchanted Lake By Liadov
David C. Hewitt   Dvorak Symphony 9 Mov. III 30 Sec
Mark Richard   Brazos Rising Orchestral
Tor-Arne Riksheim   The King's Arrival
Phyllis Sparks   Pachelbel Canon in D
Ryan Brady   Invention II
Cyril Baranov   Preludio [Albeniz]
David Allen Young   Chopin Prelude in D Major Op 28 No 5
Jean-Thomas Cloutier   Luxury Sedan
Nicholas Pesci   Air (Violin+Marimba)
 Comedy Music  
Christian Andersson   Tricky Adventure 10s Gleeful Oboe
Eric Waters   Flight of the Bumblebee
Alexander Khaskin   Silly Walk
Amazing Music   Suspiciously Cute
Fez Fatale   Fez Fiesta Loca
Nazarol   Cheerful Monkeys
Wolftooth   Uptown Joker
Mark Traversino   Happy Go Lucky
Ron Komie   Slip Sliding (Bassooon&Bone)
Christian Andersson   Fun With Clarinet and Tuba 1 Min Loop
 Corporate Music  
Jonathan Wright   Inspirational Ideas (15 Seconds)
SMM Productions   Strong Strategies (Reduced Mix)
Brighter Note   Lounging By the Shore
Denis Woods   Avatar
Carlos Estella   Vivificabit (Revive)
Soundroad   Positive Message (30 Sec)
Guido Negraszus   Happy Ukulele Holiday
Nicholas Pesci   Carefree Moments
Konstantinos Panagiotidis   Cool Cats (Loop 1)
D. Silverstone   Ray of Sunshine - Short Edit
 Country Music  
Rob Johnson   Trying to Catch the Time
Music Candy   Desert Dust (60 Secs)
Jennifer Hamady   I Want a Man
Craig McConnell   Stray Dog
Jeremy Bell   Country Air
AL Music   Will It Be Alright (Country Mix)
William Naughton   Call of the Coyote
Music Candy   T-Bone (60 Secs)
Jerry Brewer   Season Running
Music Candy   Desert Dust
 Dance Music  
Massimiliano Franceschin   Lean Out
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   Dancing Electrons
Jacinta   Can't Keep It a Secret (Instrumental)
Konstantinos Panagiotidis   In the Club (60 Sec)
Lilly Wolf   Nightmare
Stefano Mastronardi   Fly
Davor Devcic   Disco Olympics
Davor Devcic   Club Full of Girls 1981 - 60 Seconds Instrumen..
In House Productions   House Club Sounds Vol 9 (30 Sec)
Morris Hayes Jr   DJ Duece Sample Mix 7
 Dangerous Music  
Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis   Apres Le Deluge (Strings Solo)
Mark Krurnowski   Senor Stingray
Cliff Sarde   Crime Aftermath Scene
ElevenTwelve   Fall From Grace - Part 1
ElevenTwelve   The Beginning of the End (Loop 6)
Music House   Real Tension
ElevenTwelve   Epic Struggle (30 Sec)
John Lawrence Schick   Percussion and Effects 3
Amazing Music   Hidden
Darksparcs   Ambient Swamp Ops
 Dramatic Music  
Paint Chips   Tiffany Blue
Cafe Praga   Duplex
Anthony Alleeson   Flying Home (90 Sec)
Stanislav Spegel   Fantasy Voyage
Music Candy   Once Upon a Time (60 Secs)
Music Candy   Invocation (No Choir)
Lucas Calvino   South Rises
Kyiv Chamber Choir   Kyrie Eleison (Monody)
Brenda Elthon   Juliet at the Balcony - 60 Sec. First Movement
Liam Bradbury   Time Ticks Away
 Drum Music  
Fab Claxton   The Amazing Teds (Perc)
Storm Drums   Open Hands
Penumbrae   Canyon
Chris Hodges   Brink of Extinction (Percussion Only)
Amazing Music   No Time To Wait
Il Laboratorio del Ritmo   60 Seconds to Survive
Simon Stockhausen   Massive Beat Twister Loop
Michael Keck   Slow March
Igge Scoce   City Action - 30:Sec Attention
Paul "Sequence" Ferguson   Drum Track 1
 East European Music  
Alec Makinson   Balkan Nights (Main)
Really Free Music   Ten Horsemen
Latvian Folk Music Ensembles   Gaismena Ausa [The Light Dawns]
Alexander Khaskin   Russian Polka
Image Sounds   Belgrad-Party Bkl
Chanson World Music Library   Snoshti Sa Mi Gosti Doshli
Paul Freitas   A Gypsy Told Me
Tom Hajduk   Sa Takie Dni
Ensemble Kereoni   Megruli Nana
Marc Filmer   Tsar of the Show
 Electronic Music  
Sara Cruz   Every Song (Flore Remix)
Rolanoid   Joy Toy
Guido Negraszus   Corporate Fashion Show 4
Andy Bianco   Alarma
Davor Devcic   Funky Fuse
Aedan Sherry   Superheroes
Mike McGuill   Tunnelers
Ron Komie   Easy Money Jack (Full)
AudioQuattro   Birdie
Julian Scott   Plan of Attack Link 5
 European Music  
Really Free Music   Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)
Vintage Music Library   Deutschland Erwache
David C. Hewitt   Construe My Meaning
Mikis Theodorakis   Strose to Stroma Sou - Make Your Bed
Andy L   Dublin Rocks (Irish Jig Mix)
Lochlainn Seabrook   Cassie's Reel
Michael Levanios   Penny Whistle Pub (15 D)
Martin Sebastian Holm   Old Friends, Good Times
Andy L   Dublin Rocks (Irish Trad Mix) (0.60 Edit)
Igge Scoce   Amazing Grace - Bagpipes & Drums
 Folk Music  
The Division Men   Under the Gun
The Gravitons   So Glad I Met You (Instrumental)
Katey Laurel   It's All the Same (This and Every Time)
Julia Dowler   Strange World
Rob Johnson   Butterfly
Ori Vidislavski   Cold and Alone (Guitar Only Version)
Denis Turbide   New Heights Uke
Henrik Skanfors   Smoker's Widow
Angela Predhomme   You Matter to Me
Pedro Costa   Seasons
 Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Music  
Parish   Mururoa
Ohiro Hiro   Pehe Te Kiki (How Are You, Kiki)
Jeremy Sherman   Honolulu Honey
Chanson World Music Library   Kua Rongo Mai
Lee Jones   Alika's Journey
Ohiro Hiro   Mai Haga Roa Tai (The Walk to the Sea Makes Me..
The Music Bakery   Hawaiian Holiday :30
After in Paris   Pacifique
Hālau Hula Ka No’eau   A I Ka ’Oe Palau
Chanson World Music Library   U Tu Ae
 Hip Hop Music  
Tempero   Kung Fu Kid 60sec
Tim Byrd   High On You
Despi   Lui Et Elle
Jive Ass Sleepers   Surreal Love Instr
Large   Nigga Roll (Explicit)
Skip-Dawg   Different Places
Jean-Thomas Cloutier   Moment Of Truth (30sec)
La Cosa Nostra   The Right to Fight
Ramova   For the Community
Curt Harris   My Toys
 Horror Music  
Danny Williams   The Angels of Dystopia
Valeriy Antonyuk   Before the Attack
Christopher Fuller   The Cellar Impact 1
ElectroClash   Creeps & Freaks
Music Candy   Exorcism Gone Wrong
Justin Crosby   Portrait of a Serial Killer - Full Mix
Bjarne O.   Now You're a Vampire Too
Tom Jemmott   Dark Secrets
Scott Jones   Beyond Creepy
SoundZOID   Madness Marathon of Sin!
 Indian Music  
Arjun Sen   Common Ground (30-Secs Version 1)
Sudeshna Bhattacharya   Raga Bageshree
Carlos Estella   Lakshmi
Chris Wiseman (Alt. Project)   Bollywood Dreams
Amazing Music   Bollywood Nights
Shafa   Tribal Vibes
Nagbansi   The Indian Friend
Jasen Shawn Smith   Indian Summer (No Percussion)
Adwise Music   Night of Rasa (Mid-Tempo Bhangra Bollywood Dan..
Alec Makinson   Calcutta Sunrise
 Indie Rock Music  
Ex Box Boys   Call of Duty
Fin   So Now Why
Kevin M. Baumgard   Twisty
Will Graettinger   The Boss
DeniM   Think Back
D.C. SoulPlusMind   If You Want to (Featuring Rachael Kanute)
Pretty Mary Sunshine   Get It Together
Number One Contender   I'll Stop
Eric Bode   Out of Reach
Music Candy   Keen Shikari (60 Secs)
 Japanese Music  
Doubletime Creations   Dreamy Japanese Traditional No. 3 (15 Sec)
Markus Bravo   Japanese Flute: Shaku
Julio Kladniew   Kyoto Lounge
Wave Charge Studio   Harakiri
Paul Gelsomine   Shugo Daimyo Battle - 030
Alec Makinson   Living in Japan (60sec)
Audio Architect Music   Japanese Geisha Girl
Joji Hirota   06 Nambu kobiki uta (arr. J. Hirota)
Taka Matsuda   Samurai Style (Acoustic Ver.)
Abbas Premjee   Ming With a Ring
 Jazz Music  
Stefan Bode   Rocket Swing (Stinger 01)
Richard Freitas   Marlowe's Blues
Steve Rice Productions   Last Call (Trio)
Skip Peck   See No Evil
Skip Peck   A Simple Case of Love
Mickey Floyd   Soulfoodserenade
Steve Rice Productions   Last Call (Walking Bass)
Really Free Music   Rag and Bone (Upright)
William Naughton   My Sweetie Pie
David Tick   The Truth
 Latin Music  
Olivier Olsen   Meditation
Music Candy   Bella (15 Secs)
Brian Slusher   Mexican Restaurant
Richard Freitas   Do You Tango?
Ryan Brady   Estrellas (Guitars Only)
Pere Soto   Bolero Para Arely
Music Candy   Elena (30 Secs)
Julio Kladniew   Tango Chill
Monica da Silva   Push Me Away
Nigel Male   Dubstep Tango
 Middle East Music  
Frejlechs   Di Zilberne Khasene
Michael Keck   Jerusalem Morning Instrumental
Carlos Estella   Middle East Action
Brighter Note   Arab Spring
Yaacov Shapiro   Kinder Jorn
The Music Bakery   Hava Nagilah 3:37
Michael Keck   Mid East Sunset - Sunrise
Jean Paul Zoghbi   Desert Dance
Michael Keck   Kingdom City
The Music Bakery   Arabian Adventures 3:41
 Military Music  
MX47   Atomic Winter
Collin Scudder   Death and Glory- Cue -30 Sec
Don Garbutt   Heavy Machines in Flight
Jakaranda   Symphonic Vocal - the Galleys
Dmitri Belchenko   Trailer Madness (60-secs version)
Ron Komie   Invincible Instinct (Nodrumsbed)
Max DiCarlo   Kill Test Dark Ground
Steve Urwin   The War Division (30)
Audio Architect Music   Conan - Ancient Battle & War
Norman Wille   Battlefield - Riot
 National Anthems  
Bobby Cole   Scotland National Anthem
Hanjo Gabler   Hatikva
Robert Neary   Moldova National Anthem
FanChants   Italy National Anthem - With Music
Arthur Rong   German National Anthem House Remix
Robert Neary   Guatemala National Anthem
Antoinette Tredanary   Star Spangled Banner
Another Dave   Star Spangled Banner - Solo Sax
Dean Wagg   God Save the Queen Rock Guitar
Andy Schofield   South African National Anthem - Full
 New Age Music  
Denis Woods   Dreams
Gabriele Ciampi   The Mule (Guitars and Cello)
Gabriel   Divine Intervention
Carlos Carty   Princesa Del Sol
John Murray   Monks Chanting Anahata Sanskrit Name 4th Chakr..
Robert Windpony   Jacob's Lake
Colin Herbertson   Outback Way
Will James   Waltz for Vincent
Dmitriy Efimov   Indian Summer
Christopher Davis   Lover
 News Music  
Jay Marsman   Morse News
Mark Oates   News Channel - 39sec
Rick Bushnell   BetweenTheSea edit
The Music Bakery   Orchestra - News Segue I :14(W/ Vamp)
Stephan Lindsjo   Inspirational Success and Hope Intro: Stinger
Marco Pesci   Current Affairs
David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis   This Just In
Diamond City   News Report Short Vers2
BeepCode   Corporate Opener 2
Marco Pesci   Caffeine Loop C
 Pop Music  
Michael Wheeler   Right Here With Me
DecadeZ   Sexy Thang
Catya Mare   Tell Me Why
Syryn’s Christine Perone   Siren Song
AL Music   Party People (Starstruck Radio Edit)
Eau Claire   Diamonds and Tears
Kyle Gray Young   Rough Draft
Pierre Mineault   Let Me Go
Tim Brown   Tender Joy
Mick West   All the Good Love (Full Version)
 Reggae Music  
Curtis Maranda   Islands
Yevgen Stupka   Raggablues
Trickstar   Jamaican Streetwise Vintage Reggae
Jeremy Goldsmith   You Shot the Deputy Guitars
Jeremy Sherman   Sunday Ska (Loop 02)
Jeremy Sherman   Dance Hall Ska (Loop 01)
Dream Valley Music   Sweet Potato Ska (Loop 04)
Kevin Packard   Ska Diving
Stefan Bode   Steppas
Stefan Bode   One Stop Reggae (Loop 01)
 Reggaeton Music  
Music For TV and Games   The Party Never Stops
Add-On Music Group   Ayay (Instrumentals)
Stefan Bode   Tiempo de Sol (30-Secs Version)
MC Norman   Bam Bam
Stefan Bode   No Se (Loop 01)
Stefan Bode   Que Suenes Con Los Angelitos (Stinger 02)
Add-On Music Group   Punch Out (Reggaeton Beat)
Julio Kladniew   Moving Reggaeton - Loop A
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   En La Noche
Stefan Bode   Ser Una y Carne (Loop 03)
 RnB Music  
Image Sounds   Lets Groove 2 Is0
Adla Hannon   Slip Away
AL Music   Wrapped Up (Feat. Toni Leo)
VenueConnection   I Wanna Know
Marshall Smith   U Meant Nothing (Instr)
Lachi   Such a Fool
Stefan Bode   Right to Be Wrong (60-Secs Version)
James Branch   Come With Me
Laquita McNeal   I Need Luv
Babygrand   Jade
 Rock Music  
Crash Alley   Lonely Eyes
Stefan Bode   Last Resort (30-Secs Version)
Mick Clarke   Walking in the Dark
Zac Mac Band   Settling
Roeland Ruijsch   Beautiful Daydream
Dan Phillipson   Always There (30-Secs Version 2)
Roeland Ruijsch   How We Die Instrumental
Thomas Hoffmann   Point Zero
Pierre Langer   Four Ounces
Kenton Gilchrist   Splitzkrein (Master)
 Science Fiction Music  
Ron Komie   Alien Proximity (Stinger1)
Linwood Bell   Tender Space
Jive Ass Sleepers   Hunted
J.T. Peterson   Eclipse
Harry Morneau   A Solitary Walk
William Pearson   Tension Moments (Wp) 03 Alt2
Lionel Cohen   Exiting Everywhere
Image Sounds   Year 2045 S
Marc Teichert   Space Ace
Andrea Ravizza   Epic Celebration
 Sound-Alikes Music  
Robert Neary   Going to Live My Life
John Judd   I Love U2
Stanislav Spegel   Ocean's 14 (Theme 2)
Denis Woods   Rise
Gary Wolk   Dream It
Abbas Premjee   Gypsy Wings Alt Mix
Toomas Erm   War Stars Main Title
Eddie Caldwell   Move Like Boom
Jive Ass Sleepers   Departed
Yes Thats Great   Mild Yellow Mustard
 Spiritual Music  
Tod Demuth   Binding Ties (Blessed Be the Ties That Bind)
Greg Patmore   Celebration Voices
Bobby Cole   Abide With Me Church Organ
Rick Ariail   Be As One
Hanjo Gabler   O Gott, Sei Gelobt
Ron Komie   Without a Prayer-4
Eddie Matthews and Maz   No Provision
Loyda Hjelte   Sweet Hour of Prayer
Loyda Hjelte   Debajo de Sus Alas
Marsha Stevens-Pino   Wherever You Go
 Sports Music  
Ron Komie   Zz Is Tops (Sting2)
Evens Colas   Raceway Park
Adam Scourfield   Anthemic
Laura Sanz   Bullfight Fiesta Full
Marc Filmer   Pro Active
Christophe Espern   Ready for Olympic Games
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi   Finally 60 Sec. B
Ron Komie   Jaw Bone Grease (Sting3)
Maciej Sapinski   Get Back Your Life (Variation a - No Slowdown)
After in Paris   Bresil
 Theme Music  
Paint Chips   White Knuckle Tension
Michael Keck   Pomp and Circumstance
Kevin Reardon   Coffee Between Cigarettes
Akira Komatsu   Samurai Gozila
Laura Sanz   Ave Maria (Schubert)
Mark Allaway   Classic Clarinet
Markus Headroom   Funkatron
Sean Balli   Any Given Sundae (Jingle / Ice Cream Truck Ins..
Sultan Makende   Desert Warzone
J.T. Peterson   Piano Beauty
 Tropical Latin Music  
Eric Bode   Little Havana
Elizabeth C. Axford   Calypso Time
Funtime Ringtones   Bermuda Bounce
Amazing Music   Island Steel Drums Exhilaration
John Swanson   In My Islamorada Hammock
After in Paris   Trinidad
Wolftooth   Hot Merengue Bed
Max DiCarlo   El Ritmo
Gary Gibson   July Jump Up
Pepe el Marques   Colors
 UK Bass  
Alkemia   Feel Me (Alkemia First Dubstep)
Morceaux   Never Enough
Ant on Wax   Every Moment of the Day
Ant on Wax   Going Down
RLC Music   Dubbin' It Down
Altered Conduct   Day Break
James Barr   Grimy Dubstep
Dmitri Belchenko   Darkest Day
Dmitri Belchenko   Drive (Stinger 01)
Stefan Bode   Deep Impulses (Stinger 01)
 Vietnamese Music  
Bang Cuong   Doi Tim Yeu (Tinh Yeu Dep 2)
Giang Hong Ngoc   Khong Con Mua Thu
Ho Trung Dung   Nhung Mua Hoa Bo Lai
Ho Trung Dung   Dem Nam MO Pho
Cuong DC   Ngan Lan Khac Ten Em
Akira Phan   Am Duong Cach Biet
Duc Thinh   Dau Em Da Tinh
Hoang Hai   Ve Day Em
Akira Phan   Nguoi Hanh Phuc
Bang Cuong   Tinh Mong Manh
 World Fusion  
Image Sounds   Oriental Snake Charmer 2 IS0
William Pearson   Tanzania Sunset (Wp) 01 Mt
Ariel Kalma   Chillout India
Bruce Hathaway   Freedom
B&S   Slow Sunset
Ramazan Yuksel   Anatolia (Middle Eastern Soundtrack)
Arrow Casino   Rhythmic Voices - Stinger 7
Valencia Magic   Designer Competition Show
Stephen Booke   Garden of Maya
Nick Nicolas   It's a Beautiful World (Alternate Master 2)

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