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1 Tracks   R/T Productions   (USA)  

10 Tracks   Race For Titles Race For Titles   (USA)  

1 Tracks   Rachael Sparrow and The Screechboys Rachael Sparrow and The Screechboys   (USA)  

15 Tracks   Rachel Gaskin-Whitrod Rachel Gaskin-Whitrod   (UK)     *Exclusive Artist*

10 Tracks   Rachel Panay Rachel Panay   (USA)  

3 Tracks   Radical Ear Radical Ear   (China)  

13 Tracks   Radical Project Radical Project   (UK)   Hot New Artist!

7 Tracks   Radio France Internationale Radio France Internationale   (France)  

5 Tracks   Radioactive Beats Radioactive Beats   (USA)  

5 Tracks   Raesoulman Raesoulman   (Uganda)  

20 Tracks   Raf Urbina   (Philippines)  

16 Tracks   Rafa El Tachuela Rafa El Tachuela   (USA)  

15 Tracks   Rafael Rafael   (Ukraine)     *Exclusive Artist*

419 Tracks   Rafael Smart Rafael Smart   (France)  

1 Tracks   Rafal Borowiec Rafal Borowiec   (Poland)  

8 Tracks   Rafat Misso Rafat Misso   (Egypt)  

7 Tracks   Raga Nova Raga Nova   (India)  

13 Tracks   Ragged Redemption Ragged Redemption   (USA)  

17 Tracks   Ragtime Piano Classics   (USA)  

4 Tracks   Rahman Price Rahman Price   (USA)  

4 Tracks   Raizes do Fado Raizes do Fado   (Portugal)  

16 Tracks   Rally Days Rally Days   (USA)   Hot New Artist!

7 Tracks   Ralph Jarzombek   (USA)  

16 Tracks   Ramadu Ramadu   (Zimbabwe)  

143 Tracks   Ramazan Yuksel Ramazan Yuksel   (Turkey)  

4 Tracks   Rami Domloge Rami Domloge   (Canada)  

21 Tracks   Ramin Rahimi Ramin Rahimi   (USA)  

3 Tracks   Ramon Feans Ramos Ramon Feans Ramos   (Spain)  

35 Tracks   Ramon O. Lewis Ramon O. Lewis   (UK)  

33 Tracks   Ramova Ramova   (USA)  

32 Tracks   Randolf Smeets Randolf Smeets   (Netherlands)     *Exclusive Artist*

18 Tracks   Randy Parsons Randy Parsons   (USA)  

29 Tracks   Randy Phillips Randy Phillips   (USA)  

37 Tracks   Randy Reszka Randy Reszka   (USA)  

1 Tracks   Randy Stern Randy Stern   (USA)  

34 Tracks   Randy Vera Randy Vera   (USA)  

16 Tracks   Rangapuhar Langa Group Rangapuhar Langa Group   (USA)  

17 Tracks   Raoul Denis Jr Raoul Denis Jr   (USA)     *Exclusive Artist*

16 Tracks   Raphael Begosso Raphael Begosso   (Brazil)  

11 Tracks   Raphael Otterbein Raphael Otterbein   (Germany)  

49 Tracks   Rapster Rapster   (Switzerland)  

10 Tracks   RareForm RareForm   (UK)  

5 Tracks   Rash Behari Datta Rash Behari Datta   (USA)  

2 Tracks   Rashan Rashan   (USA)  

147 Tracks   Rashi Pilar Music Rashi Pilar Music   (USA)  

1 Tracks   Rashma Randeniye Rashma Randeniye   (Sweden)  

11 Tracks   Raul Antonio Medina Raul Antonio Medina   (USA)  

86 Tracks   Ravage the Rain Ravage the Rain   (USA)  

41 Tracks   Raven X Palmer Raven X Palmer   (USA)  

29 Tracks   Ravi - African Kora Ravi - African Kora   (UK)  

5 Tracks   Ravi’s Afro-Indian Project Ravi's Afro-Indian Project   (India)  

71 Tracks   RAW Boswin and the Gonnabees RAW Boswin and the Gonnabees   (Canada)  

14 Tracks   Ray Edenton Ray Edenton   (USA)  

214 Tracks   Ray Egan Ray Egan   (USA)  

8 Tracks   Ray Fenner Ray Fenner   (USA)  

57 Tracks   Ray Kosmick Ray Kosmick   (Germany)  

12 Tracks   RayLan RayLan   (Norway)  

1 Tracks   Raymond Simmons Raymond Simmons   (USA)  

1 Tracks   Raz Bin Sam Raz Bin Sam   (Australia)  

9 Tracks   Razia Aziz Razia Aziz   (UK)  

2,699 Tracks   Razor’s Edge Razor's Edge   (UK)   Hot New Artist!

6 Tracks   RC Project RC Project   (UK)  

387 Tracks   RCummins RCummins   (USA)  

12 Tracks   ReachingRecords ReachingRecords   (USA)  

446 Tracks   Really Free Music Really Free Music   (UK)  

6 Tracks   Reaper Mike Reaper Mike   (USA)  

18 Tracks   Rebekah Withakay Rebekah Withakay   (USA)  

1 Tracks   Rebel Science Rebel Science   (UK)  

360 Tracks   Record/Play Music Record/Play Music   (USA)  

13 Tracks   Red Lamp Audio   (USA)  

29 Tracks   Red Math Red Math   (USA)   Hot New Artist!

24 Tracks   Red River Red River   (USA)  

12 Tracks   Red Sky Lullaby Red Sky Lullaby   (USA)  

1 Tracks   Red Super Giant Red Super Giant   (USA)  

8 Tracks   Red Tempa Red Tempa   (UK)  

1 Tracks   Reed Dickinson Reed Dickinson   (USA)  

10 Tracks   Reenam Pradeep Jain Reenam Pradeep Jain   (India)     *Exclusive Artist*

10 Tracks   Reflection Reflection   (Hungary)  

7 Tracks   Refuuj Refuuj   (USA)  

6 Tracks   Regal Beagle Productions Regal Beagle Productions   (USA)  

115 Tracks   Regina Smoler Regina Smoler   (USA)  

8 Tracks   Regynna Soó Regynna Soó   (Brazil)  

7 Tracks   Reinaldo Duarte Reinaldo Duarte   (Colombia)  

13 Tracks   Rejenorst Rejenorst   (Australia)  

1 Tracks   Relampago Relampago   (USA)  

30 Tracks   Relation Sound Composing Team Relation Sound Composing Team   (Switzerland)  

10 Tracks   Remi Remi   (Greece)  

9 Tracks   Remko van der Weerd Remko van der Weerd   (Netherlands)  

7 Tracks   Rene Jenkins Rene Jenkins   (USA)  

1 Tracks   Renee Asteria Renee Asteria   (USA)  

2 Tracks   Reni Mimura Reni Mimura   (USA)  

27 Tracks   Re-Orient Re-Orient   (UK)  

7 Tracks   Repertoire Repertoire   (USA)  

4 Tracks   Research Material Research Material   (USA)  

63 Tracks   Resonance Array Resonance Array   (Australia)  

6 Tracks   Retchid Retchid   (USA)  

12 Tracks   Retrofusion Retrofusion   (UK)  

8 Tracks   Revolving Orb Revolving Orb   (USA)  

12 Tracks   Rewasese Entertainment Group Rewasese Entertainment Group   (Fiji)  

36 Tracks   Reza Safinia Reza Safinia   (USA)   Hot New Artist!

1 Tracks   Rezistencia Rezistencia   (Cuba)  

4 Tracks   Rezzonator Rezzonator   (UK)  

9 Tracks   RF RF   (USA)  

34 Tracks   RFfx RFfx   (USA)  

6 Tracks   RFMX RFMX   (USA)  

4 Tracks   r-H r-H   (Singapore)  

29 Tracks   Rhett Brewer Rhett Brewer   (UK)  

27 Tracks   Rhonda Rivera Rhonda Rivera   (USA)  

9 Tracks   Rhysing Rhysing   (USA)  

25 Tracks   Rhythm Of Mars Rhythm Of Mars   (USA)  

14 Tracks   RhythmBreaks RhythmBreaks   (UK)  

4 Tracks   Rhythmic Bliss Rhythmic Bliss   (USA)     *Exclusive Artist*

113 Tracks   Riaan Nieuwenhuis Riaan Nieuwenhuis   (South Africa)  

7 Tracks   Ric Denis Ric Denis   (Canada)  

14 Tracks   Ric Seaberg Ric Seaberg   (USA)  

55 Tracks   Rich Bozza   (USA)  

40 Tracks   Rich Harper Rich Harper   (USA)  

3 Tracks   Rich Schroder   (USA)  

7 Tracks   Richard Banks Richard Banks   (USA)  

30 Tracks   Richard Bowling Richard Bowling   (USA)  

1 Tracks   Richard Boylan Richard Boylan   (Canada)  

50 Tracks   Richard Dale Richard Dale   (UK)  

103 Tracks   Richard deCosta Richard deCosta   (USA)  

415 Tracks   Richard Freitas Richard Freitas   (USA)  

36 Tracks   Richard Gardzina Richard Gardzina   (USA)  

5 Tracks   Richard Hamersma   (USA)  

51 Tracks   Richard Heacock Richard Heacock   (UK)  

9 Tracks   Richard Hunter Richard Hunter   (USA)  

334 Tracks   Richard Jungles Richard Jungles   (UK)  

10 Tracks   Richard Nye Richard Nye   (UK)  

5 Tracks   Richard Smithson Richard Smithson   (UK)  

2 Tracks   Richard Speller Richard Speller   (UK)  

4 Tracks   Richard Stagg Richard Stagg   (USA)  

5 Tracks   Richard Whiting Richard Whiting   (USA)  

141 Tracks   Richie Milton Richie Milton   (UK)  

173 Tracks   Richy Kicklighter Richy Kicklighter   (USA)  

35 Tracks   Rick Ariail Rick Ariail   (USA)  

13 Tracks   Rick Barone Rick Barone   (USA)  

2 Tracks   Rick Brown Rick Brown   (Canada)  

139 Tracks   Rick Bushnell Rick Bushnell   (UK)  

275 Tracks   Rick DellaRatta Rick DellaRatta   (USA)   Hot New Artist!

984 Tracks   Rick Dickert Rick Dickert   (Canada)  

18 Tracks   Rick Fowler Rick Fowler   (USA)  

43 Tracks   Rick Gardner Rick Gardner   (USA)     *Exclusive Artist*

161 Tracks   Rick Hale Rick Hale   (USA)  

10 Tracks   Rick Hollander Rick Hollander   (USA)  

22 Tracks   Rick Ivanoff Rick Ivanoff   (Canada)  

15 Tracks   Rick Mays Rick Mays   (USA)  

2 Tracks   Rick Pisano   (USA)  

1 Tracks   Rick Woolgar   (UK)  

6 Tracks   Ricky Ferranti & The Rusty Miles Ricky Ferranti & The Rusty Miles   (Italy)  

11 Tracks   Ricky Garvey Ricky Garvey   (USA)  

18 Tracks   Ricky Kendall Ricky Kendall   (USA)  

88 Tracks   Ricky Schneider Ricky Schneider   (USA)  

5 Tracks   Riff Raff-N-Blue Riff Raff-N-Blue   (USA)  

166 Tracks   Right Track Right Track   (UK)  

345 Tracks   Rik Roberts Rik Roberts   (UK)     *Exclusive Artist*

143 Tracks   Rikah Rikah   (USA)  

123 Tracks   Ringtone Magnate Ringtone Magnate   (UK)  

3 Tracks   Ringtone Master Ringtone Master   (USA)     *Exclusive Artist*

545 Tracks   Ringtone Theatre Ringtone Theatre   (USA)  

543 Tracks   Ringtone Voodoo Ringtone Voodoo   (USA)  

3 Tracks   Ringzone Producer Ringzone Producer   (USA)     *Exclusive Artist*

10 Tracks   Rio Magic Rio Magic   (Spain)  

5 Tracks   River of Kings River of Kings   (Canada)  

19 Tracks   RJ Postell RJ Postell   (USA)  

2 Tracks   R-Kitech R-Kitech   (USA)  

472 Tracks   RLC Music RLC Music   (UK)  

7 Tracks   Rob Deaner Rob Deaner   (USA)  

1 Tracks   Rob Hagen Music Rob Hagen Music   (Netherlands)  

15 Tracks   Rob Haynes Rob Haynes   (UK)     *Exclusive Artist*

4 Tracks   Rob Heath   (USA)  

180 Tracks   Rob Johnson Rob Johnson   (USA)  

159 Tracks   Rob Laber Rob Laber   (USA)     *Exclusive Artist*

6 Tracks   Rob Rio Rob Rio   (USA)  

5 Tracks   Rob Shedwick Rob Shedwick   (UK)   New Artist!

30 Tracks   Rob Stroh Rob Stroh   (UK)  

7 Tracks   Rob Webster Rob Webster   (UK)  

1 Tracks   Robb Spencer Robb Spencer   (Canada)  

40 Tracks   Robert Brannan Robert Brannan   (USA)  

148 Tracks   Robert Cole Band Robert Cole Band   (USA)  

14 Tracks   Robert Cox Robert Cox   (USA)  

13 Tracks   Robert Dellaposta Robert Dellaposta   (USA)  

59 Tracks   Robert DeValentino Robert DeValentino   (USA)  

2 Tracks   Robert Douglas Robert Douglas   (USA)  

19 Tracks   Robert Farrell Robert Farrell   (Canada)  

4 Tracks   Robert Foreman Robert Foreman   (UK)  

10 Tracks   Robert Gacek Robert Gacek   (Poland)  

51 Tracks   Robert Gulya Robert Gulya   (UK)  

31 Tracks   Robert Jackson Robert Jackson   (USA)   Hot New Artist!

22 Tracks   Robert Johnson Robert Johnson   (USA)  

20 Tracks   Robert McLeod Robert McLeod   (USA)  

800 Tracks   Robert Neary Robert Neary   (UK)  

20 Tracks   Robert Nilsson Robert Nilsson   (Denmark)  

23 Tracks   Robert Piekarski Robert Piekarski   (USA)  

2 Tracks   Robert Richter Robert Richter   (USA)  

21 Tracks   Robert Shaffer Robert Shaffer   (USA)  

12 Tracks   Robert Stanley Robert Stanley   (Australia)   New Artist!

3 Tracks   Robert Stevenson Robert Stevenson   (Canada)  

8 Tracks   Robert van Driesten   (Netherlands)  

75 Tracks   Robert Windpony Robert Windpony   (USA)  

12 Tracks   Roberto Aramburu Roberto Aramburu   (USA)  

16 Tracks   Roberto Casesi & Lorenzo Giudici Roberto Casesi & Lorenzo Giudici   (Italy)  

561 Tracks   Roberto Feltracco Roberto Feltracco   (Italy)  

2 Tracks   Roberto Sallaberry Roberto Sallaberry   (Brazil)  

15 Tracks   Robin Hogarth & Sumitra Guha Robin Hogarth & Sumitra Guha   (India)  

35 Tracks   Robin Munson Robin Munson   (USA)  

8 Tracks   Robin O’Herin Robin O'Herin   (USA)  

1,701 Tracks   Robot Metro Robot Metro   (USA)     *Exclusive Artist*

12 Tracks   Robson dos Santos Robson dos Santos   (Brazil)  

2 Tracks   Robyn Lynch Robyn Lynch   (Australia)  

13 Tracks   Rocannon Rocannon   (Russia)  

22 Tracks   Rocc Nobles Rocc Nobles   (USA)  

30 Tracks   Rock Modernoff & the Jetstream Cowboys Rock Modernoff & the Jetstream Cowboys   (USA)  

1 Tracks   Rock Samplers Rock Samplers   (UK)  

24 Tracks   Rocketboat Rocketboat   (USA)  

15 Tracks   Rocking Chair Frank Rocking Chair Frank   (USA)  

3 Tracks   Roderick Allen Roderick Allen   (USA)  

12 Tracks   Rodrick Phillips Rodrick Phillips   (USA)  

31 Tracks   Rodrigo Domingos Rodrigo Domingos   (Brazil)  

5 Tracks   Rodrigo Mardones Rodrigo Mardones   (Chile)  

11 Tracks   Rodrigo Panassolo Rodrigo Panassolo   (Brazil)  

183 Tracks   Roeland Ruijsch Roeland Ruijsch   (Netherlands)     (APR 2013)

3 Tracks   Roger Alhalaby Roger Alhalaby   (Lebanon)  

105 Tracks   Roger and Ellen Bruno Roger and Ellen Bruno   (USA)  

29 Tracks   Roger Charles Roger Charles   (UK)  

8 Tracks   Roger Ebacher Roger Ebacher   (USA)  

26 Tracks   Roger Kinder Roger Kinder   (UK)  

90 Tracks   Roger Lasher Nortman Roger Lasher Nortman   (USA)   Hot New Artist!

40 Tracks   Roger Lehman Roger Lehman   (USA)  

4 Tracks   Roger Yeardley Roger Yeardley   (USA)  

11 Tracks   Rogue State Rogue State   (Mauritius)  

8 Tracks   Rohit Bhusan Rohit Bhusan   (India)  

26 Tracks   Rokuro Rokuro   (UK)  

216 Tracks   Roland Rudzitis Roland Rudzitis   (USA)  

1 Tracks   Rolando Bueno Dalmau Rolando Bueno Dalmau   (Spain)     *Exclusive Artist*

3 Tracks   Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii   (USA)  

85 Tracks   Rolanoid Rolanoid   (Australia)   Hot New Artist!

22 Tracks   Rolf Lortz Rolf Lortz   (Hong Kong)  

65 Tracks   Rolf Schnyder Rolf Schnyder   (Switzerland)  

31 Tracks   Roller Band Roller Band   (USA)     *Exclusive Artist*

8 Tracks   Roman Roman   (USA)  

6 Tracks   Roman Schoensee Roman Schoensee   (Netherlands)     *Exclusive Artist*

6 Tracks   Romeattic Romeattic   (USA)  

2 Tracks   Ron D. Rock Ron D. Rock   (Ireland)  

4 Tracks   Ron Franklin Ron Franklin   (USA)  

3,246 Tracks   Ron Komie Ron Komie   (USA)  

7 Tracks   Ron Morina Ron Morina   (Sweden)  

2 Tracks   Ron R Ron R   (USA)  

30 Tracks   Ron Sarja Ron Sarja   (USA)  

17 Tracks   Ron Short Ron Short   (USA)  

342 Tracks   Ron Verboom Ron Verboom   (Netherlands)  

30 Tracks   Ronaldo Ronaldo   (USA)  

26 Tracks   Ronan Doherty Ronan Doherty   (Ireland)  

7 Tracks   Ronna Dragon Ronna Dragon   (USA)  

12 Tracks   Ronnie Haig & Kitty Houston Ronnie Haig & Kitty Houston   (USA)  

7 Tracks   Ronnie Lee Hurst Ronnie Lee Hurst   (USA)  

1 Tracks   Ronnie Martini Ronnie Martini   (USA)     *Exclusive Artist*

57 Tracks   Ropatt Ropatt   (USA)  

29 Tracks   Rory Chenoweth Rory Chenoweth   (Australia)  

107 Tracks   Rosalind Richards Rosalind Richards   (USA)  

3 Tracks   Rosemary Morgan   (USA)  

13 Tracks   Ross Copson Ross Copson   (UK)  

3 Tracks   Ross Mandeville   (USA)  

386 Tracks   Ross Martin Ross Martin   (USA)  

327 Tracks   Ross Milligan Ross Milligan   (UK)  

10 Tracks   Roussinoff Roussinoff   (Bulgaria)  

14 Tracks   Roy Cost & Kitty Houston Roy Cost & Kitty Houston   (USA)  

66 Tracks   Roy Yarkoni Roy Yarkoni   (Israel)  

3 Tracks   Royal Audio Force Royal Audio Force   (Belgium)     *Exclusive Artist*

1 Tracks   Rubeen Khan Rubeen Khan   (India)  

3 Tracks   Ruben Font Ruben Font   (Spain)  

21 Tracks   Rubin Rubin   (USA)  

21 Tracks   Ruby Collins Ruby Collins   (USA)  

10 Tracks   Rudolf Stember Rudolf Stember   (USA)  

323 Tracks   Rudy Pusateri Rudy Pusateri   (Italy)  

22 Tracks   Russ Harris Russ Harris   (UK)   New Artist!

2 Tracks   Russ Johnson Russ Johnson   (UK)  

271 Tracks   Russell Lieblich Russell Lieblich   (USA)   Hot New Artist!

19 Tracks   Russkaya Muzyka Russkaya Muzyka   (Russia)  

66 Tracks   Rustcycle Rustcycle   (USA)   Hot New Artist!

13 Tracks   Ryan Bennett Ryan Bennett   (USA)  

107 Tracks   Ryan Brady Ryan Brady   (USA)  

6 Tracks   Ryan Chadwick Ryan Chadwick   (USA)     *Exclusive Artist*

4 Tracks   Ryan Eston Paul Ryan Eston Paul   (USA)  

1 Tracks   Ryan Hall Ryan Hall   (South Africa)  

30 Tracks   Ryan Hill Ryan Hill   (Germany)  

2 Tracks   Ryan Huff   (USA)  

505 Tracks   Ryan Rapsys Ryan Rapsys   (USA)  

2 Tracks   Ryan Smith Ryan Smith   (USA)  

13 Tracks   Ryan Thomas Ryan Thomas   (USA)     *Exclusive Artist*

2 Tracks   Ryst Media Ryst Media   (Canada)  

166 Tracks   Ryszard Osada Ryszard Osada   (Poland)     *Exclusive Artist*

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