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Music Editor's Picks

Our AudioSparx music editors have hand-selected our most exemplary beautiful, scary, tragic or whimsical music for your review, in our best-selling genres. Click the play icon below and hear the stunning compositions of over 5,128 composers from around the world, creating new tracks daily for every production under the sun. These are both seasoned Hollywood composers and hot new talent whose music is most often used by our clients, including 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Television, HBO, and others.

Here you will find up-and-coming Indie bands, sizzling hot vocals, virtuoso solo pianists, or intense, high-octane dramatic music ... plus genuine ethnic music from Tahiti, Argentina, Russia, Asia, the Middle East, etc. We present below both instrumental and vocal tracks in English and every language imaginable. You can either HotList or instantly license and download any of these exciting tracks TODAY!

NOTE: Refresh your browser page (or click here) to see new choices of tracks below. Click on the track's title to read about any track. To review any composer's Best Selling tracks, double-click the track title, and once it opens, then click on the artist's name.

 Action Music Go To  
William Pearson   Viral Conspiracy (Wp) 05 Alt4
Adwise Music   March Into the Empire (Ident -C..
Hollywood Jukebox   Ghost Riders of the Phantom Horde
Pierre Langer   Fist of Might (Rock Mix 15-Secs)
Complete Cycle   This Is Hegemony
KLM Music   Epic Battle (60 Sec)
Thomas Leypoldt   Salute the Hero
Alexander Falinski   It's Coming
Frank Pels   Sanctus Music (No Choir)
Amazing Music   Sounds of the Sixties – Secret ..
 African Music Go To  
Bjorn Lynne   Beneath Another Sky
Cultural Composer   Zebra Drum Fountain
Bobby Cole   Football World Cup African Drum..
Andy Schofield   African Hearts (No Strings) 0 15
Rudy Pusateri   Baobab Banana - Stinger A
Alec Makinson   African Sunshine (Loop 2)
Carlos Estella   Big Africa
After in Paris   Africa Ouest 4
Andy Schofield   African Pride End 0.10
George and Marguerite   In the Jungle (Version Two)
 Americana Music Go To  
Mark Snashall   Rodeo Showdown
Metal Patriots   When Johnny Comes Marching Home..
The Music Bakery   Election Campaign 3:27
Jeremy Sherman   Redwood (Music Loop 03)
The Music Bakery   Bayou Breeze :59
Masterwerk   Blues 101
Bjorn Lynne   Sirene Call (Stinger 03)
Abbas Premjee   Kickin Back
Music For TV and Games   Native American Club Mix
Ferenc Hegedus   American Frontier (Stinger 02)
 Animal Music Go To  
Adam DiTroia   Barking Jean
Steve Mark   Happiest Cat On Earth - 60 Sec
SFXsource   Crow Hip Hop
Michael Gaughan   Quirky Cat Music
Mark S. Crocker   Walking Stick
Music Boutique   Turkey in the Straw (Two Banjos)
RLC Music   Baa Baa Black Sheep (5 Sec Edit..
Music Boutique   Turkey in the Straw (Banjo Solo)
RLC Music   Dubstinger
Michael Gaughan   Quirky Cat Music (Alt Mix)
 Asian Music Go To  
Electric Chair 3000   Essential
Haene & Friedrich   Eastern Sunrise (60 Sec)
Ender Çabuker   Oriental Bombardment
Thailand Ethnic Ensemble   Soeng Kong Yao Festival
Fabrice Mogini   Bali Express
Arjun Sen   Sarod and Flute Raag Bhairav (L..
Ankakusu   Asia Legend
Ron Verboom   Serene Grace
Yabaso   River Crossing
Dominique Verdan   Chine Pipa 1
 Blues Music Go To  
DJ Amboe   Love and Other Disasters Ft Reb..
Chris Juergensen   Blood On the Streets
Jeremy Sherman   Appalachian Rainbow
Soroca and Allocca   Don't Call Me Desperate (Ins Mix)
Amazing Music   Telecaster Drive
Ori Vidislavski   Georges Blues
Andy L   Strip Club Blues (Main Edit)
Mark W. Winchester   Rooster Rock
John Swanson   Little Dreamy
Ethereal Motion   Southern Crawl
 Brazilian Music Go To  
Gary Wolk   Brazilian Breezes
Monica da Silva   Nao Moro Num Pais Tropical
Michael Hennig   Circo Voador
Synapse   Brazilian Cool
After in Paris   Happy Brazilian Dance
Ron Komie   Bossa Nova de Amor
Skip Peck   Only Time Will Tell
Alec Makinson   Road to Rio (Main)
Pollyanna Alves   Cabelo Colorido
Dynamedion GbR   Mediterranean (Stinger)
 Cartoon Music Go To  
Maxim Tyutmanov   Naked King 60's (No Drum Perc. ..
Maxim Tyutmanov   Naked King (Texture)
Linwood Bell   The Sneak
Alastair Cameron   Elephant and the Flea
John Judd   Brilliant Idea
MX47   Adventures in Wonderland
Edward Blakeley   Cartoons Unite
Maxim Tyutmanov   Naked King 30's V2 (No Drum Per..
Ron Komie   Plate Dance (Full)
Mitsch Kohn   The Choice
 Childrens Music Go To  
Carlos Rubio   Children's Pranks (15 Sec Versi..
BeepCode   Single Day
Sherry Shieh   Brahms Intermezzo Op.119 No.1
Pierre Langer   Get It Groovin' (30-Secs Version)
Greg Beattie   In the Peace of My Love (Victor..
Ernesto Martin   My Little Sheep
Ron Komie   Pitter Patter (Full)
Sherry Shieh   Oriental Bird
David Phillips   To Touch the Stars
Val Goldsack   Peter and the Wolf
 Chinese Music Go To  
Kenji Aoi   Harvest Time
Michael Andreas   The Celestial Empire - Busy Chi..
Cyril Baranov   Wind (Calm Version)
Bjorn Lynne   Hope Is Always There (60-Secs V..
Kenji Aoi   Shanghai Nightmarket
Memory from the Past   Impressions of Yu
Markus Bravo   Buddhist Evening Temple Song
Coco Zhao   Ai Qing - Love Is Like This...
OM World   Gathering White Aster for Solo ..
Guido Negraszus   Epic World 6 (China)
 Christmas Music Go To  
Jay Yerkes   Careful Christmas Mice
Big Fat Audio   Ding Dong Merrily On High
John Swanson   O Come All Ye Faithful (30sec)
Andy Schofield   See Amid the Winters Snow - Voc..
MX47   Greensleeves
Kaloyan Dimitrov   Fantasy Land
David C. Hewitt   Serenade for 13 Winds K.361 (Fr..
Rick Ariail   O Come O Come Emmanual (Male Vo..
Alec Makinson   Rocking Mrs Christmas (60sec)
Jeremy David Hiebert   Christmas Spirit
 Circus Music Go To  
Western Horizon Productions   The Skaters Waltz (Les Patineur..
Darren W. Chamberlain   Circus Ride
Stuart Ridgway   Herding the Cats After the Fight
Alexey Kaleynikov   Circus
E.D. Kennaway   The Jolly Juggler
Colin Willsher   Toytown Parade 30
Ori Vidislavski   Circus Tango
Ross Milligan   Slapstick Runner
Skip Peck   Stuck On You
Ori Vidislavski   Cabaret (30-Secs Version)
 Classical Music Go To  
Steve Margoshes   Ruins of War - 60 Sec
Emlyn Ellis Addison   When I Am Laid in Earth
Music Candy   Wolf Echoes
Jason Hogan   Loving Touch (60 Second) Jh
Valeriy Antonyuk   Frankness
Sherry Shieh   Chopin Nocturne "The Pianist"
Stoyan Ganev   Ode to Joy
Irineos Triandafillou   Frederic
Nicholas Pesci   Ave Maria By Bach/Gounod (Majes..
Ferenc Hegedus   Wedding March - Mendelssohn - S..
 Comedy Music Go To  
Christopher Fuller   Happy Silly Guys 30 Second Edit
Alandra   The Chipmunks' March Part 2
Ron Komie   Plate Dance (Full)
Music Candy   That's It Folks!!
Richard Freitas   Gumdrops
Marco Pesci   That Funny Clown (30sec)
Louise Heaney   Quirky Tune
Ron Komie   Classic Striptease (Full)
Greg Ocheduszko   Movie Theme
Al Vienneau   Stressed Out (Stinger 1)
 Corporate Music Go To  
Music Candy   Madrugada (Underscore)
Bjorn Lynne   Comfort Pulse (30-Secs Version)
Denis Woods   Hardline
Alec Makinson   Decision Time (Main Mix)
D.C. SoulPlusMind   Whistle Work
Ross Milligan   Bright and Breezy
Soundroad   Pulse (Loop C)
Music Candy   Endgame
Chris Hodges   Life Legacy
Guido Negraszus   Journey to Fairyland II 60 Sec
 Country Music Go To  
Kortney Jean   Cowgirl Up
Jeremy Bell   Country Dance
Hank Sable   Cloudy Day
Robin Munson   Somebody Other Than Me
Michael Panasuk   Rose Is Red
Soroca and Allocca   Highway 101
Eric "E-Train" Manning   Someday
Michael Panasuk   Tommy the Cat
RLC Music   Take to the Bottle (Vocal Film/..
Kortney Jean   Everybody Wants to Be Somebody
 Dance Music Go To  
Dan Phillipson   Pump'd Up (Stinger 01)
Alec Makinson   Best Disco in Town (60sec)
Dream Valley Music   Primetime Workout
Nery Bauer   Hot Night (60-Secs Version)
Adam Skorupa   Beach Life (30-Secs Version)
Irina Radosavljevic Arina   Blinded By the Sun
Wilton Vought   Dance for Joy (Loop 1)
Bartes   Funky Man 30
Stefan Bode   The Groove Is All Around (Sting..
Massimiliano Franceschin   Beat
 Dangerous Music Go To  
John Judd   Fight to the End
Joseph Rusnak   Elaborate Schemes
David C. Hewitt   Fight Club
Nelson Hinds   Jaws
StellarNull   Beyond the Stillness
Amazing Music   Follow Him
Jean Paul Zoghbi   Cinematic Suspense (30sec Versi..
Jerad Burns   False Hope
ClubFungus   Die Section187
Tony Diana   Asian Mist
 Dramatic Music Go To  
Milana Zilnik   Endless Night (2 Pianos + Clari..
Jive Ass Sleepers   My Reflection
Denis Woods   Sky Alt 1
Edward Blakeley   Celtic Fiddle - The Merry Black..
Eric Bode   A Winter's Tale
Milana Zilnik   Close to You (Instrumental)
Milana Zilnik   Rainy Thoughts
Robert Windpony   Jacob's Lake
Texas Music Forge   As You Like It 50
Music Candy   Hero's Arrival
 Drum Music Go To  
Iouri Sazonov (LP)   Far Destiny Percussion (Loop 03)
ElevenTwelve   Tribal Madness
Michael Keck   Slow March
Alan Brian Curtis   En La Calle Ocho (Congas, Bongo..
Connor Helms   Yangzte Fury - Dramaturgy
Robert Neary   Wild Africa
Cruciform   Drums of Termination
Simon Wolfe   Market Spices - Extended
Jason May   The Drum Circle #3 - 30 Sec
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi   No Escape
 East European Music Go To  
Tom Hajduk   Dzisiaj Zlapie Tecze (Feat. Anna)
Valentina Ponomareva   Shatrista (The Tent)
Tirana Folk Ensemble   E Para Eshte Nena (Mother Comes..
Tom Hajduk   Nie Masz Zadnych Szans (Radio C..
Bartok Music   Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No.2
Russkaya Muzyka   Zhil Da Byl Malchonka [There Li..
Gypsies Of Romania   Sunt Tigan Din Tiganie -- I Am ..
Tom Hajduk   Jedno Zdjecie (Feat. Anna)
Doina Timisului   Joc de doi
Doina Timisului   Hora de la inceputul jocului Me..
 Electronic Music Go To  
Giorgos Zaras   Mission
Dan Selby   Skyline (Sting)
Felipe Adorno Vassao   Breaking in (60-Secs Version)
Nikos Triantafillidis   Into the Darkness
Mike McGuill   Tomorrow Today (Full Mix)
Wesley Devine   Masta Blasta
Slip   This Sweet Garden
Tor-Arne Riksheim   High Mountains
COF   Lounge
Federico Chieli   Tokyo Doo Wop
 European Music Go To  
Sotiris Sarkavazis   Synodoiporos
Marston Smith   Dance of the Rivers
Margie Butler   Deep in My Heart
Steve Rice   Funiculi Funicula - Violin Acco..
Ron Komie   Holiday in Ireland (Nodrums Ful..
Kepha Peter Martin   French Blue Valse (Jazzy French..
Gary Wolk   Galway Days
David C. Hewitt   As Matchless Beauty
Thomas Stobierski   La Normandie (60-Secs Version)
Francesco Accardo   Meadows
 Folk Music Go To  
Kevin M. Baumgard   Pirates N' Rum - 30 Sec. A
Somnium   Acoustic Advertising
DJ Amboe   It Can Be Real Ft Len G
Paul Reece   O' Mary Don't You Weep (Vocal)
Maria Grigoryeva   Summer Music
Paul Reece   Starlett's Dance
Paul Reece   Like Butterflies (Inst)
Paul Reece   Bully of the Town
Ed Hartman   Plaza de La Marimba
Amazing Music   Card Games
 Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Music Go To  
Parish   UA Hika
Dan Gautreau   Sunny Side (Loop 01)
Alec Makinson   Bush Tucker (Underscore)
David Flavin   Beautiful Island Girl
Parish   Manihi
Pandemic   Waterfalls
Saucetone   Secret Draw
Dan Gautreau   Smile (25-Secs Guitar Version)
Dan Gautreau   Smile (60-Secs Vocal Version)
Dan Gautreau   Sunny Side (Stinger 02)
 Hip Hop Music Go To  
Nicholas Pesci   Addictive (Loop)
Chuck Henry   Dyme
The Producer   Let's Fly (Original Version)
Urban Anxiety   Got the Bomb (Instrumental)
Nicholas Pesci   Violin Beatz (Version B)
V-Dott   Danger 4 Da Block
Konstantinos Panagiotidis   Attitude
Eddie Caldwell   Deluxe Feat. Dug
Project 2020   Shady Bizness (Seamless Loop B)
Cliff Sarde   Fast Player Remix 1
 Horror Music Go To  
Peter Godfrey   Monsters and Madmen
Michael Crowther   Haunted Manor 60-Sec
Maxim Tyutmanov   Eye of Evil 60's V2 (Full Mix)
RLC Music   The Fly (Build)
Jean Pascal Vielfaure   Theme Tanker Fin
Cauchemar   Grotesque Discovery
Stefan Klein   Mothership Approaches
Alec Makinson   Haunted Mansion (Us With FX)
Sergiu Muresan   From Beneath
Mark J Smith   The Devil's Music Box
 Indian Music Go To  
Silvia Marchese   Easy Rupees (Loop 02)
Arjun Sen   Common Ground (60-Secs Version 1)
Abbas Premjee   Midnight Oil (No Melody)
Sudeshna Bhattacharya   Raga Bageshree
Wilton Vought   Dharma (Sweep - End)
Ravi - African Kora   Marble Palace
Wilton Vought   Dharma (Sweep 1)
Arjun Sen   Under the Fig Tree
Arjun Sen   Sarod and Flute Raag Bhairav (6..
The Sabri Family   Raag Adana
 Indie Rock Music Go To  
Uranium 235   Creator
Hush   Naked and Weightless
Jacques Frieden   Soft Energy
The Blessed Virgin Larry   The Demon Within
Hillbilly Hellcats   Danger
Jeremy Sherman   Slide Rules (60-Secs Version)
Robert Cole Band   I'll Be Alright
Michael Corn   Johnny Ran Away
Ron Komie   Miracle
Ron Komie   Count Your Blessings (Full)
 Japanese Music Go To  
Dimos Stathoulis   Asian Glass Doll
Rosalind Richards   Butterfly Wings
Camera Sintetica   Touring Japan
Space Taster   Night Singing Moon
Peter Godfrey   Traditional Japanese Melody (2)
Doubletime Creations   Festive Japanese Traditional (1..
Space Taster   Clouds of Fujisan
Aco Takenaka   Swimming
Doubletime Creations   Geisha Dream
Cyril Baranov   Last Battle March (Shakuhachi &..
 Jazz Music Go To  
Texas Gypsies   Nothing to Worry About
Mickey Floyd   Soulfoodserenade
Nor One   No Matter
Music Candy   Detective Joe
Alain Debaisieux   Lush Things (60sec)
The Music Bakery   Satin Seduction :15
William Naughton   Lazy Catwalkin
Freddie Ipson   A Place (instrumental)
Mike Laatz   Cape Sunset
Paul Freitas   Sugar Daddy (Bed)
 Latin Music Go To  
Amazing Music   Barcelona Night
Ernesto Martin   Our Love Is Over (Lo Nuestro Te..
Ronaldo   El Tigre
Jeremy Sherman   Lights of Santiago (Stinger 01)
Denise Rivera   Mi Fiesta
Western Horizon Productions   La Cucaracha
Eric Waters   After the Rain
Alec Makinson   La Mariachi (60sec)
Juan Pablo Zaragoza   Latin Sunshine
Alec Makinson   Road to Rio (Underscore)
 Middle East Music Go To  
Bendaly Family   El-Helwa (The Beauty)
Michael Keck   Desert Breezes
Adam Scourfield   Golgotha
Christian Andersson   Exotic Adventures of the East
Guido Negraszus   Arab Spring
The Music Bakery   Arabian Adventures :60a
Marc Filmer   Dreams of Far-Away Arabian Lands
Dan Morrissey   Uprising
Really Free Music   Sands of the Kara Kum (45s)
Simon Stockhausen   11 Chambers
 Military Music Go To  
HarpString Productions   Waking Victory
RLC Music   Lacrimosa (15 Sec Edit)
Eddie Caldwell   End of Times Jon Purdey
RLC Music   Lacrimosa (Front Edit)
Amazing Music   For Your Country
Valeriy Antonyuk   Attack and Winning
David Gosnell   We Charge at Dawn
Tom Jemmott   Rain of Fire Drums
Pierre Langer   Dangerous Ambition
Don Garbutt   Heroic Airmen
 National Anthems Go To  
Tim Brown   Star Spangled Banner - Orchestr..
Stefano Fucili   European Union Nation Anthem (O..
Hanjo Gabler   Hatikva
Doubletime Creations   Japan National Anthem
Bobby Cole   Argentina National Anthem
FanChants   Italy National Anthem - With Mu..
Bobby Cole   Russia National Anthem Harp
Robert Neary   Czech Republic National Anthem
Don Carroll   Star Spangled Banner
Bobby Cole   Italy National Anthem
 New Age Music Go To  
Pawel Blaszczak   Running for Freedom (30-Secs Ve..
Slee   Asian Magic (Extended)
Anthony Davilio   Ancient Clues
David Phillips   The Awakening
Joey Curtin   Wampanoag (People of the First ..
Jon Cooper   Spaces 2
Brenda Elthon   Quiet Strength: Aaron Copland P..
Maxim Tyutmanov   Stardust (Full Mix)
Christophe Espern   ANGELS OF MARS
Robert Windpony   Santa Fe Trail
 News Music Go To  
Vess Ray   Daily Overview 1
Darko Saric   Media Magazine Stinger 4
Masterwerks R&B   Ecstacy (15sec)
Colin Willsher   Off Road
Alec Makinson   Excellence (40" Closing Theme)
Kenneth W. Lovell Jr   News Tonight at 10
Marco Pesci   Hectic Chase No Lead A
Erwin Steijlen   Voices in the Wind
SMM Productions   News Ticker (Extended Version)
Dream Valley Music   Election Special (60-Secs Versi..
 Pop Music Go To  
Amazing Music   Sounds of the Sixties – Let You..
James Bennett   Freedom in the Modern World
Marcello Appignani   Preludium Memorabilia Virgem D’..
Roeland Ruijsch   Scar On My Heart
Loyda Hjelte   Under His Wings
Roeland Ruijsch   Msqrd
Dan Phillipson   Early Sunlight (60-Secs Version..
Marla Sgro   Okay Acoustic
Gus Caveda   Bright Lights
Wolftooth   American Ladies
 Reggae Music Go To  
Art Munson   Ska Party - 15 Second
Big Sound Music   Skatown
Studio 1   Space Jam Loop C
Luko Adjaffi   Tough Time Lovers
Pollyanna Alves   Deixa Amanhecer
Storm Drums   Dancehall
Nicodrum   Reggae Is My Jazz
Studio 1   Space Jam Loop D
David Flavin   Carefree Island 30
Stefan Bode   Baby Rock Steady (Loop 04)
 Reggaeton Music Go To  
Stefan Bode   La Chica (Loop 03)
Stefan Bode   Dame Un Beso (60-Secs Version)
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   Puerto Rico Noche
Stefan Bode   Tiempo de Sol (Loop 01)
Ariel Polenta   Reggaeton Song 1
Stefan Bode   Dame Un Beso
CyClone   Instintos Despiertos
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   Vistazo a Esta (Stinger 02)
Stefan Bode   Vamonos (Stinger 01)
Add-On Music Group   Stormy Nites
 RnB Music Go To  
Marcus Olgers   Late Night Shuffle
Music Candy   Horns Blow (30 Secs)
Jack Dazey   Fantasy (Super Hot! !! Ny Radio..
Jive Ass Sleepers   Bless My Soul
Kendra Legare   Love's Back in Control
Red Sky Lullaby   We'll See the Day (Instrumental)
Project 2020   Kiss of a Lifetime (Seamless Lo..
Paul "Sequence" Ferguson   Amazingly Amazing (Featuring Na..
Dot Matrix   Booji Cats
Julio Kladniew   Mellow Yellow - 60 sec
 Rock Music Go To  
Dan Phillipson   Nothing Stopping Us Now
Robert Neary   Fire in the Sky
Johnny Breton   50s Retro Space Pop
David Gustafson   La Fiesta
Roeland Ruijsch   Sweet Temptation
Jennifer Matthews   The Wheel
C.J. Masters   Oh Suzanna
Ron Komie   Brawny As A Bulldog (Full)
Smokey Fingers   Ride of Love
Ed Napoli   Somehow
 Science Fiction Music Go To  
Lionel Cohen   Rare Flowers
Visions of the Dark   Dream Worlds
David Phillips   The Shuttered House
Dan Morrissey   Death of a Spaceman
Anatoly Shestopalov   The Rhythms of Retro Computers
Entropik   Emerging
Johnny Breton   Action Anger Confrontation
Ron Komie   Rising Temptation (Nohistrings)
The Colors of the Dark   Quiet the Devil Whispers
Sam Clunie   Outer Space 1950's and 60's
 Singer/Songwriter Go To  
Jens Larsson   In Love - Piano Guitar Version
Evan Zappa & the Necessity   American Wars
Lachi   Make Some Noise - Live Acoustic
Dean Graham Wolfe   Routine
Cold Manicotti   Hands Off
Chris Michols   Lost
Michael Panasuk   Halfway Back to Texas - Unplugg..
Evan Zappa & the Necessity   Father of My Dreams (Vocal Vers..
Warren Hein   I Want to Make It You and Me
Anne Garner   Haunt Me (Instrumental)
 Sound-Alikes Music Go To  
Case In Point   A Moment Blue
Eddie Caldwell   Dance the Night Away
Brian Thomas Curtin   Bounty Hunter Bumper 1
Joseph Rusnak   May Flowers
Paul Freitas   Nelson's Riddle
The Death Beats   Backdraft
Eddie Caldwell   I'll Be With You
LeM   Dancing With the Stars (Chic-Da..
Eddie Caldwell   Dragoneye Feat. Dug
Sixteenth Moon   Wild West
 Spiritual Music Go To  
DJ Skillmaster   Mysterious Ways
David Phillips   At Break of Day
David Phillips   Rock of Ages
Thomas Beckner   Holy God We Praise Thy Name
Ori Vidislavski   Hosanna in Hebrew (30-Secs Vers..
Michael Crowther   Silent Night
Kyiv Chamber Choir   Blessed Is the Man (Monody)
The Tune Mill   Fallen Angels (Full Vocal)
Mark S. Crocker   Good Christian Men Rejoice
Bartok Music   Gregorian Chant 12
 Sports Music Go To  
Christophe Espern   Ready Set Go! 1'00
Stefan Bode   Stomp (30-Secs Version)
Guido Negraszus   Sailing Forever
Matt Foster   On Our Way
Dan Morrissey   Molotov
Max Brodie   No Time to Waste
Julian Scott   Olympic Opening
David Banks   Grand Entrance (Alt)
Linwood Bell   Emergency
TJ Kross   Goal!!!
 Theme Music Go To  
Stan Erbrink   Imagine a Happy Whistle Tune (6..
Ivan Pantarelli   El Ceibalito (Theme Loop)
Jennifer Hamady   Mother's Day
John Francis Jorgensen   Alaska in the Glass
Justin Crosby   Justin Crosby - Rising Titans 3..
Stefan Klein   A Mental Breakdown-60 Seconds
Davinia Leonne   entering the temple -vocalmix
Tunes Are Me   Irish National Anthem (Amhrán N..
Eric Waters   We Wish You a Merry Christmas -..