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Music by Instrument

Here you will find an amazing library of music featuring specific instruments. Need a music track featuring a flute, oboe, funky percussion instrument, or some ethnic stringed instrument from China? You've come to the right place! AudioSparx has thousands of music tracks with the exact instrumentation you require.

12-String Guitar Music
Accordion Music
Agogo Bells Music
Alphorn Music
Alto Clarinet Music
Alto Flute Music
Alto Horn Music
Alto Recorder Music
Alto Saxophone Music
Alto Voice Music
Archlute Music
Autoharp Music
Baglama (Saz) Music
Bagpipes Music
Balalaika Music
Bamboo Flute Music
Bandoneon Music
Banjo Music
Baritone Horn Music
Baritone Saxophone Music
Baritone Voice Music
Baroque Flute Music
Bass Music
Bass Baritone Music
Bass Clarinet Music
Bass Drum Music
Bass Flute Music
Bass Guitar Music
Bass Oboe Music
Bass Recorder Music
Bass Saxophone Music
Bass Trombone Music
Bass Voice Music
Basset Horn Music
Bassoon Music
Bells Music
Berimbau Music
Big Toms Music
Bladder Pipe Music
Bodhrán Music
Bongos Music
Bouzouki Music
Boy Soprano Music
Brass section Music
Bugle Music
Cabasa Music
Cajon Music
Calliope Music
Carillon Music
Castanets Music
Celesta Music
Cello Music
Celtic Harp Music
Chanting Music
Chapman Stick Music
Charango Music
Chimes Music
Chinese Gongs Music
Choir Music
Church bells Music
Cimbalom Music
Citern Music
Clapper Music
Clarinet Music
Classical Guitar Music
Classical Harp Music
Claves Music
Clavichord Music
Clavinet Music
Computer Music
Concertina Music
Congas Music
Contra-bass Music
Contrabass Clarinet Music
Contrabassoon Music
Contralto Clarinet Music
Contralto Voice Music
Cornet Music
Countertenor Voice Music
Cow Bell Music
Cuica Music
Cymbals Music
Daf Music
Darbuka Music
Didgeridoo Music
Dizi / D'Tzu Music
Djembe Music
Dobro Music
Double Bass Music
Doumbek Music
Drum Music
Drum Kit Music
Drum Machine Music
Drums Music
Dulcimer Music
Dunun Music
E-Flat Clarinet Music
Electic Piano Music
Electric Guitar Music
Electronics Music
English Horn Music
Erhu Music
Esraj Music
Euphonium Music
EWI Music
Field Drum Music
Finger snaps Music
Flageolet Music
Flexatone Music
Flugelhorn Music
Flute Music
Flute Music
Folk Fiddle Music
Folk Harp Music
French Horn Music
Glass Harmonica Music
Glass Harp Music
Glockenspiel Music
Gong Music
Guiro Music
Guitar Music
Guitarron Music
Guqin Music
Guzheng Music
Guzheng Music
Hammered Dulcimer Music
Handbells Music
Hapi Drum Music
Harmonica Music
Harmonium Music
Harp Music
Harpsichord Music
Heckelphone Music
Horn Music
Horns Music
Hurdy Gurdy Music
Indigenous Drums Music
Indigenous Percussion Music
Indigenous Strings Music
Indigenous Wind Music
Jews Harp Music
Kalimba Music
Kazoo Music
Keyboard Music
Klavier Music
Koto Music
Lute Music
Lyre Music
Mandolin Music
Maracas Music
Marimba Music
Mbira Music
Mellotron Music
Melodica Music
Metallophone Music
Mezzo Soprano Voice Music
Music Box Music
Native American Flute Music
Natural Horn Music
Nickelodeon Music
Oboe Music
Oboe d'Amore Music
Ocarina Music
Ondes Martenot Music
Organ Music
Oud Music
Pan Flute Music
Pandeiro Music
Percussion Music
Piano Music
Piccolo Music
Piccolo Trumpet Music
Pipa Music
Pipe Organ Music
Prepared Piano Music
Psaltery Music
Rain Stick Music
Rap Music
Rattle Music
Recorder Music
Ruan Music
Sampler Music
Santoor Music
Sarangi Music
Sarod Music
Saxophone Music
Shaker Music
Shaking Bells Music
Shakuhachi Music
Shamisen Music
Shawm Music
Sho Music
Sitar Music
Sleigh Bells Music
Slide Guitar Music
Snare drum Music
Sopranino Recorder Music
Sopranino Saxophone Music
Soprano Recorder Music
Soprano Saxophone Music
Soprano Voice Music
Sousaphone Music
Spoken Word Music
Spoons Music
Steel drums Music
Steel Guitar Music
Strings Music
Synthesized Vocals Music
Synthesizer Music
Tabla Music
Taiko Drums Music
Talking Drum Music
Tambour Music
Tambourine Music
Tamburica Music
Tamtam Music
Tar Music
Temple Blocks Music
Tenor Horn Music
Tenor Recorder Music
Tenor Saxophone Music
Tenor Voice Music
Theorbo Music
Theremin Music
Timbales Music
Timpani Music
Tin Whistle Music
Toy Piano Music
Triangle Music
Trombone Music
Trumpet Music
Tuba Music
Turntable Music
Ukulele Music
Veena Music
Vibraphone Music
Vielle Music
Viol Music
Viola Music
Violin Music
Violoncello Music
Vocalese Music
Vocals Music
Wagner Tuba Music
Washboard Music
Whistle Music
Wind Chime Music
Wood block Music
Woodwinds Music
Xylophone Music
Yang Qin Music
Zheng Music
Zither Music
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