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Christmas holiday music including both instrumental and vocal and various differing instrumentations and treatments. Vocal music includes choral, a capella, carols, soloists, large church choirs and more. Instrumentals include everything from large orchestras down to individual soloists on piano, guitar, bells and more. Need Christmas music? You've come to the right place!!


  10  Christmas & Holiday Music (categorization pending)
  338  Christmas Acoustic
  30  Christmas and Holiday MusicPacks
  356  Christmas Bells
  281  Christmas Carols
  97  Christmas Country
  220  Christmas Dance, Club and Remix
  213  Christmas Electronic
  676  Christmas Ensemble
  46  Christmas Experimental Music
  240  Christmas Guitar
  17  Christmas Harp
  12  Christmas Harpsichord
  81  Christmas Hip Hop and Rap
  43  Christmas Horror Music
  50  Christmas Jazz Big Band
  26  Christmas Jazz Big Band Vocals
  305  Christmas Jazz Ensemble
  32  Christmas Jazz Vocals
  27  Christmas Latin
  263  Christmas Music Boxes
  171  Christmas New Age
  1,298  Christmas Orchestral
  94  Christmas Orchestral & Vocal
  22  Christmas Organ
  421  Christmas Piano
  452  Christmas Pop
  32  Christmas Reggae
  49  Christmas RnB Instrumental
  46  Christmas RnB Vocals
  374  Christmas Rock
  160  Christmas Solo Instrumentals
  157  Christmas Vocals
  39  Christmas Vocals Acapella
  84  Christmas Vocals Choral
  34  Christmas Vocals for Children
  22  Christmas Vocals Soloists
  320  Christmas Whimsical Music
  71  Christmas World Music
  8  Contrary Anti-Christmas Music
7,217 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

Andy Schofield

Studio 1

The Underdogs

Alexey Kaleynikov

Suchitra Lata

Ron Komie

Kepha Peter Martin

John Swanson

Bree Noble

Chris Hodges

Gary Wolk

Denis Woods

Western Horizon Productions

Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi

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