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Kids Productions Are a Mega Bucks Biz
Kids Just Want to Have Fun, and Music Makes Their World Go 'Round!

Kids today are brighter, more visually oriented, and more computer-savvy than ever -- resulting in bigger movies, flashier animation, shinier products, pricier clothes, faster games, funnier toys – and Humongous Profits! Kids’ movies are a multi billion dollar business that drives profits up for the entire industry. More popcorn and soft drink sales, movie tie-ins, product plugs, Soundtrack and DVD sales, movie rentals and downloads, and stunning overseas profits! Warner Bros. raked in $475.6 million worldwide during opening weekend of the new Harry Potter flick, and Mattel’s Q2 profits jumped 56% on sales tied to Disney/Pixar’s Cars 2 and related sales for Toy Story 3, plus hot sales for Barbie.
Listen, License, and Download Now for Immediate Commercial Use!

Top Kids Artists

KLM Music KLM Music
Frenetic Sound Frenetic Sound
Thomas Beckner Thomas Beckner
AJ Pro Audio AJ Pro Audio
David Flavin David Flavin
Kevin M. Baumgard Kevin M. Baumgard
Ernesto Martin Ernesto Martin
Darren W. Chamberlain Darren W. Chamberlain
Richard Freitas Richard Freitas
Dan Gautreau Dan Gautreau

New Kids Tracks

Greg Patmore Twinkle Twinkle Litt..
Kate Carpenter Flow Power Flow
Kate Carpenter Passport to Power
Alexey Kaleynikov Clown Jokes. Short F..
Eric Waters Sneaky Stuff
Travis Lohmann Magical Ride
Mike Kinzie Mr. Big
KLM Music Cheerful Day
Greg Brimson All About Cats
Mike Kinzie Make Believe


Top Kids Tracks

John Murray Happy Ukulele Fun
Dan Gautreau Spirit
KLM Music Happy Summer Days
Eric Bode The Old Sweet Shop
Dan Gautreau Shine a Light
KLM Music Sunny Mood
Tracey and Vance Marino Carnival Lights
Kevin M. Baumgard Quirky Capers
Western Horizon Productions The Man On the Flyin..
Ernesto Martin Happy Baby Summer
Dan Gautreau Scrumpy Jack
James Bennett Ukulele Star of the..
DVolution Secret Kids Dream
Colin Willsher Down to the Woods
Annie McGee Hush Little Baby
KLM Music Happy Summer Days
John and Angela Taylor Singing a Song - Vocal
A-P-M Productions Cartoon Elephant
Stern Muzik Flowers
Mark Allaway Moment of Wonder
Richard Freitas Lullaby for Bunny
Frenetic Sound Feelin' Happy
Bobby Cole Three Blind Mice Harp
Paint Chips Primary Yellow
J.T. Peterson Sun Is Shining
Edouard Andre Reny Children
Marco Pesci Silly World
Dream Valley Music Mr Poopy Pants
Frenetic Sound Rainbow Umbrella
Frenetic Sound Let's Have a Good Time
David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis Winter Holiday
Alexander Tobias Orest Tree Tops
Jaksanapong Tilapornputt A Little Monster
MX47 Adventures in Wonder..
Erik Haddad Fun Time
Colin Willsher Old Macdonald Had a..
Richard Freitas Sleepy Time
David Flavin The Clown's a Pranks..
Jeff Iantorno Skip to My Lou
Dan Gautreau Spirit
Darren W. Chamberlain Carnival
Joseph Rusnak Rise and Shine
Music For TV and Games Pixie Sundance
Elizabeth C. Axford The Alphabet Song
KLM Music Favorite Toy
Thomas Beckner On Your Mark, Get Se..
Dream Valley Music Showtime
Erik Haddad Simple Fun
Music Boutique Brahms Lullaby
Markus Bravo Brahms' Lullaby
Music For TV and Games Big Top Circus
Music for Media Wacky Adventure
Michael Wheeler Brush My Teeth
Bjorn Lynne Nighty Night
Joe Bergsieker Sneaking Up!
Adam Skorupa Hide and Seek
Dan Gautreau Shine a Light
Michael Huang Wonderland
Suzannah Doyle Merry Go Round - Ins..
JL Noiseless The Squirrel
TJ Kross Angry Frogs
Peter Godfrey Kids Funtime
Marc Filmer Mad Fun
David Flavin Circus March Gladiat..
Dynamite Chick Publishing Circus Summer
Erik Haddad Nice and Good
Suzannah Doyle Toon Town Tango
Harry Standing Old Macdonald Had a..
Paint Chips Quirky Purple Pogo S..
Paint Chips Second Banana
Michael Crowther Funny Walk
David Flavin Whistlers Mother 30
Paint Chips Green Froggy Shuffle
Annie McGee Lullaby
Thomas Beckner Country Carnival Car..
Frenetic Sound Wah-Wah
Eddie Matthews and Maz Dogs Singing Yankee..
Art Munson Rock a Bye Baby
Richard Freitas Tooth Fairy Lullaby
Colin Willsher Toytown Parade
Music Boutique Turkey in the Straw
Aaron J Curtis Soviet Circus
KLM Music Happy Summer Days
Anton Atom Quirky Comedy Kids
Aaron Saloman Dance of the Project..
Music Candy Let's Go Explore
Music Boutique Mary Had a Little Lamb
David Phillips The Little Sandman
Mark Giblin Trumping Along Nicely
Annie McGee Pollywolly Doodle Al..
Christian Andersson Mrs Jolly and Mr Fun
BeepCode I Like the Stars
Anthony Davilio Circus City
Markus Bravo Silver Moon - Carous..
Ross Milligan The Music Box Orches..
David Flavin Clowning Around
Dan Gautreau Spirit
Christian Krauss Funny Show Theme
Kate Carpenter Give Me a Smile - In..
Suzannah Doyle Game Show Theme 2

Genre List


Disney Magic
Our Secret Force is The Max -- Max DiCarlo, that is, the in-demand Hollywood Composer who scores films for Disney, Lionsgate, and other major studios. As a role model for our younger artists, his inspiration has been wildly successful! With orchestral magnificence, and visions of romance, fantasy and fairy tales swirling at full tilt, each track conjures up cinematic opulence and the true Magic of Movies!

Max DiCarlo Quixotic Fool - Max DiCarlo
Max DiCarlo Fantasyland - Max DiCarlo
Music Candy The Flight of the Phoenix - Music Candy
Caneline Concept Firefly - Caneline Concept
Max DiCarlo Lollipop - Max DiCarlo
Jimmy Reid Magical - Jimmy Reid
Kaloyan Dimitrov Fantasy Land - Kaloyan Dimitrov
MX47 Of Dwarfs and Rabbits - MX47
Max DiCarlo Frame - Max DiCarlo
Christian Andersson Bard in the Valley - Christian Andersson
Sam Clunie A Magical Sentiment - Sam Clunie
Jean Paul Zoghbi Snowing at Last - Jean Paul Zoghbi
Tom Rae Adventures Grimm - Tom Rae
Sam Clunie That Hollywood Sound - Sam Clunie
Max DiCarlo The Magician - Max DiCarlo
Carlos Rubio Children's Pranks - Carlos Rubio
Jean Paul Zoghbi The Magic Toy - Jean Paul Zoghbi
Max DiCarlo The Grasshopper's Story - Max DiCarlo
Jean Paul Zoghbi Spitfire - Jean Paul Zoghbi
Sam Clunie A Whimsical Journey - Sam Clunie

Fairytales, Fantasy and Harry Potter Music
Wintery tales of dark mysteries, black magic, diabolical witches and sorcerers -- or a Cinderella tale of romance, it's all here! Game music for your Playstation or epic adventure tale, all to amuse and challenge teens and tweens as they enter Medieval worlds where Voodoo is more common than a cold and deadlier, too! The Ice Queen's here, Gremlins are everywhere, and the forest is verrry dark...

Eric Bode Curse of the Ice Queen - Eric Bode
Paint Chips Mystery of the Rainbow - Paint Chips
Joel Steudler Gremlin Choir - Joel Steudler
TJ Kross The Mystery of the Forest - TJ Kross
Eric Bode Goosebumps - Eric Bode
Music Candy Mixing the Spell - Music Candy
Paint Chips Crystal Ball White - Paint Chips
Jeff Broadbent Depths of Space - Jeff Broadbent
Joel Steudler Witching Hour - Joel Steudler
Eric Bode The Old Sweet Shop - Eric Bode
K.O. Star Productions Slither - K.O. Star Productions
Christian Andersson Whimsical Winter Story - Christian Andersson
Big Fat Audio Dream Time - Big Fat Audio
David C. Hewitt Aquarium - David C. Hewitt
Justin Crosby In Dreams - Justin Crosby
Music Candy Magic Can Do No More - Music Candy
Audio Architect Music Fireflies - Audio Architect Music
Nery Bauer The Menacing Factory - Nery Bauer
Erik Haddad Vengeful Wrath - Erik Haddad
Eric Bode A Winter's Tale - Eric Bode

Fun Time Play Time
Jumping jacks, skipping rope, or blowing spitballs -- our AudioSparx Composers (who were young once!) have cranked up some playful tracks that are quirkier than Quacking Ducks and antsier than Anteaters. An Irish Dancer, a Hound Doggy, a Paris Lullaby, Salsa and Bossa for Kids, and enough Skiddle Skaddle and Bla Bla to make for jumpy commercials and tuneful cartoons, comedies and movies...

Nicholas Pesci Feeling Happy - Nicholas Pesci
Markus Bravo Pop Goes the Weasel - Markus Bravo
Paint Chips Candy Stripe Red - Paint Chips
Alexander Khaskin Visit to the Zoo - Alexander Khaskin
Art Munson Irish Dancer - Art Munson
Alec Makinson Bon Vivante - Alec Makinson
Music For TV and Games Jolly Jump - Music For TV and Games
David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis Cartwheels and Somersaults - David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis
Colin Willsher Big Bass Drum - Colin Willsher
Bobby Cole Three Blind Mice Harp - Bobby Cole
Sergei Shell Bossa for Kids - Sergei Shell
Francesco Accardo Balkan Stile - Francesco Accardo
Music For TV and Games Happy Magic Forever - Music For TV and Games
Colin Willsher Kid Salsa - Colin Willsher
Erik Haddad Knucklehead - Erik Haddad
Adagio Music Hound Doggy - Adagio Music
Mark Knox Hopscotch - Mark Knox
Alexander Khaskin Comedy Central 3 - Alexander Khaskin
Alan Fagan We Fit Wanabe - Alan Fagan
A-P-M Productions Cartoon Elephant - A-P-M Productions

Fun Children's Vocals
Riding a cock horse to Banbury Cross, sneaky spies, peck-peck turkeys, and pirates galore -- Yo Ho Ho... Fun kids or adults singing their hearts out, showing children how to dream big, brush their teeth, save the Earth, or deal with bullies. Lively, trendy educational music makes learning fun and memorable. Perfect for Back-to-School promos, toons, comedies, cereal adverts, or rainy day projects.

Louise Heaney Let the Sun Shine - Louise Heaney
Kate Carpenter Give Me a Smile - Kate Carpenter
Max DiCarlo Up and Down - Max DiCarlo
Frenetic Sound Feelin' Happy - Frenetic Sound
Marc David Decker Animals Dance in the Springtime - Marc David Decker
Michael Wheeler Time Machine - Michael Wheeler
Really Free Music I Asked My Mother for 50 Cents - Really Free Music
Danny Jones Hand Wash at the Car Wash - Danny Jones
Kate Carpenter Teamwork - Kate Carpenter
Dave Rudolf Big Bad Bully - Dave Rudolf
Jerry Time The Peck-Peck Song - Jerry Time
Annie McGee Culture and Diversity - Annie McGee
Navarr Month Song Harmony - Navarr
Christian Andersson Buccaneer's Song - Christian Andersson
Dave Rudolf The Pessimist's Song - Dave Rudolf
Jessica Harper I'm Already There-Shoo Fly - Jessica Harper
Verona Music Some Things Take Time - Verona Music
Danny Jones Wonder Song - Danny Jones
Disquiet Music Earthsaverz - Disquiet Music
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Pombi y Pimbo 01 - Juan Pablo Zaragoza

Spanish Kids Music
Fun kids music with Spanish vocals. Great for learning projects to help kids start learning basic Spanish vocabulary and concepts.

Juan Pablo Zaragoza Pimbo y Pombi 02 - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
Suzannah Doyle De Colores - Suzannah Doyle
Suzannah Doyle Cuente Los Numeros - Suzannah Doyle
Suzannah Doyle Que Cantan Feliz - Suzannah Doyle
Suzannah Doyle Los Días de La Semana/ The Days of.. - Suzannah Doyle
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Pombi y Pimbo 01 - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
Ernesto Martin Singing Do - Ernesto Martin

Orchestral Mischief
There's some dirty, sneaky, low-down mischief afoot here -- sneaking up behind you and playing mind games and aggressive little tricks! Some orchestral surprises may be hiding behind the door on the left, then POW! -- they jump out and get'cha! Between the Squirrels, a Bad Kitty and the funny Honey Bee, little birds chirp as a Tinkly Fairy walks by.

Ferenc Hegedus Secrets of My Family - Ferenc Hegedus
Max DiCarlo Pink Panther Meets Jessica Rabbit - Max DiCarlo
Michael Crowther Kids Recess - Michael Crowther
JL Noiseless The Squirrel - JL Noiseless
Lukasz Stasinski Detective Tales - Case 2 - Lukasz Stasinski
Erik Haddad Bad Kitty - Erik Haddad
Paint Chips Mischievous Mauve - Paint Chips
Suzannah Doyle Tinkly Fairy Walking Music - Suzannah Doyle
Joel Steudler Detectives and Donuts - Joel Steudler
Tony Diana Building Up Steam - Tony Diana
Richard Freitas Sneaky Shenanigans - Richard Freitas
Rudy Pusateri Circensis - Rudy Pusateri
Sam Clunie Home From School - Sam Clunie
Paint Chips Pink Prankster - Paint Chips
Pawel Betley Forest Dwarves - Pawel Betley
Frantz Widmaier Honey Bee - Frantz Widmaier
Sam Clunie Mischievous Magic - Sam Clunie
Adwise Music Dance of the Bees - Adwise Music
Ross Milligan The Music Box Orchestra - Ross Milligan
Mark Braga The Walk - Mark Braga

Cartoons, Comedy and Storytime Music
Whether it's those playful and mischievous Italians, the Crazy Swedes, or the Desperate Housecats from America, you're in for lots of giggles, sweet innocence and quirkiness. Big brass hits, tipsy tubas, ticklish marimbas, and whimsical whistles. From Detective Tales to a Duck Battalion or Chasing Pigs, kids around the world will develop a welcoming kinship with music from AudioSparx!

Max DiCarlo Crazy Chase - Max DiCarlo
Sam Clunie Retro Cartoon Jingle - Sam Clunie
Don Julin 4th Annual Unicycle Juggler's Conv.. - Don Julin
Music for Media Wacky Adventure - Music for Media
Robert Neary Daft Funk - Robert Neary
Erik Haddad Not So Fast - Erik Haddad
Colin Willsher Crazy Swedes - Colin Willsher
Erik Haddad Fun Time - Erik Haddad
Francesco Accardo Ratatouille - Francesco Accardo
SMM Productions Mrs Tinkle - SMM Productions
Paint Chips Sneaky Raspberry Red - Paint Chips
Max DiCarlo Clock Click - Max DiCarlo
Richard Freitas Gumdrops - Richard Freitas
Denis Woods Oinky Boinky - Denis Woods
Paint Chips Busy Yellow Taxi - Paint Chips
Blazznet Productions Trudy Dont Like Me - Mix1 - Blazznet Productions
Michael Crowther Elfie Elfie Irvin - Michael Crowther
Pawel Betley Fun On the Snow - Pawel Betley
Bryan Fusilier Look, Up in the Sky - Bryan Fusilier
Colin Willsher Plodding Along - Colin Willsher

Lullabies for Babies and Toddlers
Twinkling stars, delicate bells and chimes, and restful and serene melodies -- perfect for Films, TV shows and Radio productions depicting new babies with warmth and tenderness. Elegant layette and nursery product promos, Pampers and Wipes, baby food adverts, toy embeds, branding campaigns, and website theme songs -- all for tiny, lovable infants and their Moms and Dads around the world.

Mark Knox Rock-A-Bye - Mark Knox
Colin Willsher Sweet Dreams - Colin Willsher
Erwin Steijlen Bo's Lullaby - Erwin Steijlen
Richard Freitas Lullaby for Bunny - Richard Freitas
Harry Standing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Harry Standing
Michael Crowther Music Box - Michael Crowther
Suzannah Doyle Simple Gifts - Suzannah Doyle
Annie McGee Hush Little Baby - Annie McGee
Tracey and Vance Marino La-La-Bye - Tracey and Vance Marino
Al Vienneau Arya's Lullaby - Al Vienneau
Richard Freitas Baby Bunny Dance - Richard Freitas
Nery Bauer Thais Waltz - Nery Bauer
Ivan Paunovic Little Angel - Ivan Paunovic
Michael Keck Child's Play A - Michael Keck
Jay Marsman Little Music Box - Jay Marsman
D. Silverstone Delicate Childhood - D. Silverstone
Art Munson Brahm's Lullaby - Art Munson
SaitoSphere The Sweetest Girl - SaitoSphere
Paint Chips Nursery Story Yellow - Paint Chips
Jeremy David Hiebert Innocent - Jeremy David Hiebert

Elegant and Sweet Music Box Tunes
Is that an ice cream truck rolling through the neighborhood? Or maybe it's just Mom or Dad cranking up sweet tunes for Baby... The brilliant artists at AudioSparx have created Music Box melodies to help babies and toddlers enjoy a play date, a restful nap, or go beddy-bye to fall asleep. All nestled in bed and dreaming of sugarplums, tooth fairies, ladybugs, or a warm and soothing milk baba.

Big Fat Audio Music Box 1 - Big Fat Audio
Music Box Magic Music Box Bell Chimes - Music Box Magic
Richard Freitas Tooth Fairy Lullaby - Richard Freitas
Erik Haddad Music Box for Peanut - Erik Haddad
Caneline Concept Music Box - Caneline Concept
Markus Bravo Music Box Melody - Markus Bravo
Quarterstep Productions Twinkle Time - Quarterstep Productions
Ori Vidislavski Ice Cream - Ori Vidislavski
Music Box Magic Music Box Lullaby Melody - Music Box Magic
Paint Chips Baby Pink - Paint Chips
Jean Pascal Vielfaure Dors Bien Bebe - Jean Pascal Vielfaure
Mark Knox Ice Cream Truck - Mark Knox
Richard Freitas Sleepy Time - Richard Freitas
Bjorn Lynne Nighty Night - Bjorn Lynne
Big Fat Audio Sweet Dream - Big Fat Audio
Dynamite Chick Publishing Turkey in the Straw - Dynamite Chick Publishing
Michael Keck Pop Goes the Weasel Waltz - Michael Keck
Richard Freitas Sleepy Time - Richard Freitas
Music For TV and Games Magic Wish Music Box - Music For TV and Games
Sean Balli Any Given Sundae - Sean Balli

Country Music for Kids Productions
Saddle up your painted pony and do the Delta Stroll or toss your dog a Boneo, as them thar fidgety fiddles and strumming banjos tickle your funny bone. Opie and Aunt Bea would adore this music! A Little Whistling Tune, Kids Reggae, and the Schoolyard Stomp make for happy movies, toe-tapping intros, frisky film credits, folksy comedies, and down-home, small-town commercials for Fun Kids Stuff...

Pete Bax Polly Wolly Doodle - Pete Bax
Skip Peck The Playground - Skip Peck
Alec Makinson Boneo - Alec Makinson
Music For TV and Games Delta Stroll - Music For TV and Games
Really Free Music Michael Finnegan - Really Free Music
Music Boutique Oh! Susanna - Music Boutique
Sergei Shell Walking Happy - Sergei Shell
Valencia Magic Long Way From Home - Valencia Magic
Dan Gautreau Hickabilly - Dan Gautreau
Ivan Paunovic Country Dance - Ivan Paunovic
Garry Cribb Spaghetti Stetson - Garry Cribb
Marshall Smith Kids Reggae - Marshall Smith
Geoff Harvey & Chris Martyn Comical Caper - Geoff Harvey & Chris Martyn
Davor Devcic A Little Whistling Song - Davor Devcic
Johnny Breton Down Home Folks Blues Harp Jam - Johnny Breton
Riaan Nieuwenhuis Glider 1 - Riaan Nieuwenhuis
Craig McConnell Stray Dog - Craig McConnell
Right Track Zumbody Toll My Bell - Right Track
David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis Lazy Dog - David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis

Circus, Carnival and Amusement Park Theme Music
The Big Top is coming to town! In the center ring are clowns, dancing bears, trapeze artists, and tigers leaping through rings of fire! With both contemporary and vintage circus music and a few diabolical tracks, we have fun-time calliopes, organs, bouncy marches, intros for the elephants, and wacky music for Tilt-a-Whirls and Ferris Wheels -- all for splendid Fairs and Amusement Park themes.

Dynamite Chick Publishing Over the Waves - Dynamite Chick Publishing
Marc Filmer Circus Marionette - Marc Filmer
Music For TV and Games Silly Circus - Music For TV and Games
Music For TV and Games Big Top Circus - Music For TV and Games
Darren W. Chamberlain Liberty Bell March - Darren W. Chamberlain
Tracey and Vance Marino Carnival Lights - Tracey and Vance Marino
Nery Bauer Circus Lounge - Nery Bauer
Ed Hartman Circus of the Mind - Ed Hartman
Music For TV and Games Circus Funtime Ring - Music For TV and Games
Mark Snashall My Lady's Favour - Mark Snashall
Ivan Paunovic Cheerful March - Ivan Paunovic
Markus Bravo Silver Moon - Carousel Waltz - Markus Bravo
Dynamite Chick Publishing Circus Summer - Dynamite Chick Publishing
Thomas Beckner Country Carnival Carousel - Thomas Beckner
Ori Vidislavski Cabaret - Ori Vidislavski
Ed Hartman Circus of the Mind - Ed Hartman
Andy Schofield Mexicana Wave - Andy Schofield
Elizabeth C. Axford Rebikov the Clown - Elizabeth C. Axford
Tracey and Vance Marino Clowning Around - Tracey and Vance Marino
John Henry Gates Headstone Circus - John Henry Gates

Sound Effects for Kids' Movies, Toons, Comedies and Toys
Need giggling girls, bawling babies, or boing-boing springs, annoying squeaks, and arcade madness? Or long ambience tracks of kids at the beach or playing in a city park with honking horns in the background? AudioSparx has it all, plus fingernails scraping on blackboards and ridiculous splats and squirts, and check out our extensive and prideful "Fart Collection" (that sells with amazing regularity!).

John Lundsten 683 Beach Happy Children Play in S.. - John Lundsten
Big Fat Audio * Carousel / Merry-Go-Round 2 - Big Fat Audio
HardDrivin’ Studios Merry-Go-Round Ringtone 4 - HardDrivin' Studios
Ultimate Sound Mocking Effect - Ultimate Sound
Ian Hubball Cartoon Group Laugh - Ian Hubball
Ultimate Sound Silly Sprung Clock With Bells and .. - Ultimate Sound
John M. Peters Cartoon Funny Sound-02 - John M. Peters
John Leonard Group of Small Boys Noisily Up Stairs - John Leonard
Soundtrack Tools & SFX The Fart Collection - Soundtrack Tools & SFX
Ultimate Sound Cartoon Splat, Squirt - Ultimate Sound
Domino Sound Effects Video Arcade Background 2 - Domino Sound Effects
Domino Sound Effects Giggling Girls - Domino Sound Effects
Ultimate Sound Kids Giggle and Laugh - Ultimate Sound
Ultimate Sound Kids Playing in Schoolyard - Ultimate Sound
Hollywood Post Insane Baby Crying - Hollywood Post
Ultimate Sound Finger Nails On Blackboard - Ultimate Sound
Steve Cook Baby Laughing - Steve Cook
The Producers Cartoon SFX 026 - The Producers
The Producers Cartoon SFX 015 - The Producers


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kids music

childrens music,
music for kids,
music for childrens productions,
childrens music songs,
childrens songs music,
download childrens music,
childrens music downloads,
childrens music online,
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