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So often, Hollywood, NYC, London, Dubai, Toronto, Madrid, Mumbai, and other major film and commercial centers select their music and SFX from AudioSparx. We have been featured recently in Sons of Anarchy, The Good Wife, NCIS, CSI, National Geo, and provided the Theme Song for Nickelodeon's NickMom Night Out, and networks like CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, HBO, BBC, SKY -- and we’re in more movies than we can count. New fashion-forward clients include Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, GLAM.com, and Elle.UK. Our work with the mega ad agencies around the world is also notable -- assisting with their uber trendy commercials, radio spots, and branding campaigns. Additionally, we provide music to corporations like Viacom, Intel, Delta, Apple, IBM, etc. For siizzling sounds or hot beats for your next project, AudioSparx has you covered…

Featured Licensing Deals

  Track Title Project Artist Genre
Japanese Tea House Fun Mom Dinner (Motion Picture) Amazing Music Japanese Music
Corporate Walgreens Corporate Story BeepCode Corporate and Motivational Music
Time Travel Raiders of the Universe (Game) Andrea Ravizza Science Fiction Music
Fireworks Coca-Cola Ad Campaign in Africa Jacco Willems Sound-Alikes Music
Ruler of All Things CBS Late Show With David Letterman Dean Wagg Corporate and Motivational Music
Feeling Strong Now Plastic Cup Boys - Stand-Up Comedy Show On Comedy Central Alan Fagan Action and Crime Music
Stand Tall The Visit (Blinding Edge) Motion Picture By M. Night Shyamalan WarChild Hip Hop Music
Motown 01 Bombs Away (PBS Documentary) Martijn de Man Rhythm and Blues Music
Koolsville Bombs Away (PBS Documentary) Rob Johnson Indie Rock Music
Rumba Flamenca - Gipsy (Integral Version) Johnny Suede (Miramax - Motion Picture) Alessandro D'Aloia Latin Music
Cha Cha Cha Johnny Suede (Miramax - Motion Picture) Alexander Khaskin Tropical Latin Music
Abide With Me Church Organ 911 Museum in NYC Bobby Cole Spiritual Music
Burn the Trail The Knight Squad (Movie) Wesley Devine Sports Music
Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001: A Space Odyssey) Jeopardy Promo Campaign Keith Merrill Sound-Alikes Music
Arcus Clouds Credit Karma (TV and Internet Commercials, Promotional Materials) Shadrick Beechem Indie Rock Music
Deck the Halls The Great Christmas Light Fight (TV Series) Jeremy Luzier Christmas Music
Apple Magicjack TV/Radio/Internet Campaign Benny Hawes Corporate and Motivational Music
Step Into the Ring The Knight Squad (Movie) Jean-Thomas Cloutier Corporate and Motivational Music
Supernova - Electro Mix The Knight Squad (Movie) Justin Crosby Electronic Music
Feeling Happy 30sec Dealdash.Com TV Commercial Nicholas Pesci Corporate and Motivational Music
Max Brodie Rock Sitcom Idents (Ident 1) Dancing With the Stars Max Brodie Rock Music
Gregorian Chant Sons of Anarchy (Episode 6wab01) Bartok Music Spiritual Music
Aerodynamics Vista Print (TV Commercials in Us and Europe) Nicholas Pesci Corporate and Motivational Music
Dark March Mythbusters (TV Show) Toomas Erm Sound-Alikes Music
Festival of Joy McPlay (McDonald's App) Jacco Willems Sound-Alikes Music
Move Your Body Nickelodeon's Nickmom Night Out - Theme Song Erwin Steijlen Dance Music
The Look of Glove (No Melody) 80's - the Decade That Made Us (National Geographic Promo) Alan Brian Curtis Sound-Alikes Music
The Fight for Crystalmoor Credit Karma (TV and Internet Commercials) Music Candy Classical Music
Reverence and Prayers at Westminster Abbey Christopher Titus Epic Fail (TV Program) Brenda Elthon Spiritual Music
In the Hall of the Mountain King It's a Disaster - Movie Trailer Score Moscow Symphony Orchestra Classical Music
Clever Concept (30 Seconds) Credit Karma (TV and Internet Commercials) SMM Productions Dramatic Music
Pink Prankster Out of Time (Motion Picture) Paint Chips Dramatic Music
Glad Tidings! Disney Vacation Club Holidays (TV/Radio Commercial) Jason Bradley Livesay Christmas Music
African Bush 1 02 Doctor Zaitseva's Diary (TV Show) Andy Schofield African Music
Die Wacht Am Rhein Marsch The Untold History of the United States (Showtime Series By Oliver Stone) Vintage Music Library European Music
Die Fahne Hoch (Horst Wessel Lied) -N02 The Untold History of the United States (Showtime Series By Oliver Stone) Vintage Music Library European Music
Bomben Auf England -N22 The Untold History of the United States (Showtime Series By Oliver Stone) Vintage Music Library European Music
Balloon Animals What's Your Id? Worldwide Ad Campaign for International Delights Skip Peck Jazz Music
Hospital Woes Tim Burton Internet Video Paul Curtis Dangerous Music
Dreams With Tears Jewtopia (Movie) Shuly Yossef Middle East Music
Don River Ruckus Jewtopia (Movie) Elite Sync Lab Hip Hop Music
Final Question Music - Jeopardy Like - Game Show Watch What Happens Live (TV Show) Music And SFX Dramatic Music
Primere Children's Ballet Victoria's Secret 2011 Fashion Show Ballet Dance Company Dramatic Music
Fabulous Sights Project X - Warner Bros. Feature Film Chris Worth Pop Music
Redemption (15 Pb) Tavis Smiley (TV Show) Wilton Vought Dramatic Music
Somethin' Bic Flamedisk Video Projects Shelley Jacobson Country Music
In Slow Motion 2011 Nhl Awards Colin Willsher Dramatic Music
I Believe in Something The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Misfits and Thieves Pop Music
Golden Joy Connexió Men-Cat Sintonia (TV Show, Spain) Paint Chips Dramatic Music
I Like You Enjoy Infinity - Theatrical Film/DVD SJ Pop Music
Tribal Drums King Kong 2m30s P.F. Changs China Bistro (TV Commercial) Steve E. Williams African Music
Swedish Rhapsody Family Brainsurge (Nickelodeon Game Show) Kepha Peter Martin European Music
Eco Pop Jeopardy Ad Campaign (CBS TV Commercial) Erwin Steijlen Rock Music
Angels & Demons Fire Watch (TV Series) Music Candy Action and Crime Music
Ghosts in the Twilight (60sec) Discovery Channel - Monsters Inside Me (TV Ad) Michael Crowther Dangerous Music
Raw CSI Vegas Season 10 TV Commercials Denis Woods Action and Crime Music
Life's Price Cost of a Soul (Motion Picture) TJ Kross Dramatic Music
Olympic Runners 2 Lyoness Image Video Best of 2010 Julian Scott Sports Music
Skater Punk - 30 Edit Street Scooter Infomercial (TV Infomercial in UK) Summer Witch Music Indie Rock Music
Sassparilla for Two Festival Del Cinema Di Roma (TV Commercial) Richard Freitas Dramatic Music
The Optimist Billboard Teletop Matin (TV Commercial in Switzerland) A-P-M Productions Pop Music
Quietude Everything Must Go (Movie Starring Will Ferrell) Erik Haddad Japanese Music
Pencil Pushin Blues Reds and Blues: The Ballad of Dixie and Kenny (Motion Picture) Don Julin Blues Music
Spies On the Run Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2011 for Wii Phil Evans Action and Crime Music
Finish Line The River Is Life (Motion Picture) Tracey and Vance Marino Dramatic Music
The Choleric (30sec) The Good Wife Season 1 On TV and DVD Henrik Skanfors Dangerous Music
Adios Nina NCIS Season 7 On TV and DVD Enea Saccozza Action and Crime Music
Skater Punk - Flash Loop NCIS La Season 1 On TV and DVD Summer Witch Music Indie Rock Music
Mischievous Mauve School of Fear Trailer Paint Chips Sound-Alikes Music
Debussy: Nuages Rising Tide (Motion Picture) Bartok Music Classical Music
A Better Tomorrow Crest Cadillac and Infiniti (TV Commercial) Tom Jemmott Rock Music
An Assassin's Tale - 60 Second Version CSI Miami Season 7 (TV Commercial) Justin Crosby Dangerous Music
The Last Walk (60sec No Drums) The Whispers (Motion Picture) Henrik Skanfors Dramatic Music
Onward and Upward The Girl in Centerfield (Feature Film) Tracey and Vance Marino Dramatic Music
A Better Tomorrow Atlanta Commercial (Motion Picture) Tom Jemmott Rock Music
Vengeful Delusion Careful What You Wish for (Motion Picture) Jason Bradley Livesay Dangerous Music
TV Tension Little Blossom (TV Show) Erwin Steijlen Dangerous Music
Give Me a Smile I Am Bad (Feature Film) Kate Carpenter Childrens Music
Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001: A Space Odyssey) Intel's Core 2010 Launch Video Markus Bravo Classical Music
Merry Christmas Elvis The Traveler (Motion Picture) Jerry Brewer Christmas Music
Jingle Bells The Traveler (Feature Film Starring Val Kilmer) Stephen Booke Christmas Music
Buenos Aries 21 Playground of Dreams (Feature Film) Rob Laber Latin Music
Red Stallion Tango Playground of Dreams (Motion Picture) Paint Chips Latin Music
Ominous The Way (Feature Film) Music And SFX Military Music
Crystal Ball White Disney Precious Collections (TV Commercial) Paint Chips Sound-Alikes Music
Ass, Gas Or Grass Hard Breakers (Feature Film - Comedy) Steve Gracy Rock Music
Bouncy Positive Feel Good Country Pop Rock Instrumental Music Bed Made In China "Label" TV Commercials Misfits and Thieves Rock Music
Vertigo Jeffie Was Here (Blue Yonder Films - Feature Film) Robert Neary Sound-Alikes Music
Goosebumps Skull Island Scream Park (Radio Commercial) Eric Bode Dramatic Music
Sidewalks of New York, The World Party! (TV Show) Suzannah Doyle Comedy Music
Limbo Calypso Motion Picture Trailer Colin Willsher Tropical Latin Music
Carol of the Bells Battlefield Mysteries (TV Documentary) Darren W. Chamberlain Christmas Music
Vaya Caramba (Remix) The Border (Motion Picture) Denise Rivera Latin Music
Venetian Dance Italian Country (Television Series) A-P-M Productions European Music
Aloha Oe The Wrestler (Oscar-Nominated Motion Picture) Robert Neary Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Music

Other Recent Deals

  Track Title Project Artist Genre
Pendulum of Doom Livescifi.TV RLC Music Horror Music
Also Sprach Zarathustra - Sunrise Fanfare Abracadabra (Film) Carles Piles Classical Music
Dark March Saru Toomas Erm Sound-Alikes Music
Flowers Sen Benim Herseyimsin (Turkish Feature Film) Stern Muzik Childrens Music
How to Funk (26secs) Lyrics Guru: Family Fun (TV/Radio Commercials) Colette Jonas Theme Music
Lacrimosa Shintiara Roleplay Game RLC Music Military Music
Odyssey in Space (With Choir) M-Net 30th Birthday Documentary Jason Bradley Livesay Sound-Alikes Music
Vietnam Market Dead Set On Life (Viceland TV Documentary Series) Kenji Aoi Vietnamese Music
I Find You Probiogen - Brand Introduction TV Commercial Nicola Donchev Corporate and Motivational Music
Remember the Time (Piano Solo) Un Lugar En El Caribe (Motion Picture) Marco Pesci Dramatic Music
Remember the Time Un Lugar En El Caribe (Motion Picture) Marco Pesci Dramatic Music
Thomas Newman Sound Alike - Full Brothers in Arms (Independent Film) Steve E. Williams Dramatic Music
Stranger Things Wolfman Baby (Credit Karma TV Commercial) Gary Wolk Horror Music
Mischievous Monkey Business Wolfman Baby (Credit Karma TV Commercial) Jonathan Wright Comedy Music
Feeling Happy Instrumental 60sec Babbel (TV Commercials) Nicholas Pesci Corporate and Motivational Music
Lift Up (30 Sec) Toyota USA Social Media Promo Video Konstantinos Panagiotidis Dance Music
Uplifting Pop (15 Sec) Bed Bath and Beyond (New Zealand TVC) KLM Music Pop Music
African Heart - Variation Sauti (Documentary) Lindy Botha African Music
Celebrate Life Panoxyl (TV/Radio Commercials) Jacco Willems Sound-Alikes Music
The Foxy March (15 Sec Edit) Realma RLC Music Comedy Music
Culmination of Events Snapsafe TV Commercial Scott Jones Action and Crime Music
Directions Experience Etsu (TV Commercial) Michael Floreale Corporate and Motivational Music
Flowers (No Melody) Simon Says Parachute (Talking Toy) Stern Muzik Dramatic Music
Easy Breeze Farm Promise Recipe Videos Joseph Rusnak Dramatic Music
Living in Japan (60sec) Slingo Adventure (Ios/Facebook/Android Game) Alec Makinson Japanese Music
Tough Breakz - 30 Sec Ors Olive Oil "No Stereotypes" TV Advertising Campaign Music Candy Rhythm and Blues Music
Nimrod [Elgar] Mamaboy (Feature Film) David C. Hewitt Dramatic Music
Partying All the Time Extortion (Independent Film) Konstantinos Panagiotidis Dance Music
Maui Wow Domino Master (Multi-Platform Game) David M Brown Pop Music
Sexy Heist Domino Master (Multi-Platform Game) Nicolas Arnaud Tropical Latin Music
Church of Nowhere Porsche/The Enduring Bond Pre-Game Internet Video Dean Wagg Corporate and Motivational Music
Shake It Up (Male Vocals) Peelers (Indie Feature Film) Fred Gross Rock Music
2 Little 2 Late Hajo Amsterdam Fashion Video Roeland Ruijsch Electronic Music
Retro Funk Groove Virgin Media Inclusives Tim Brown Jazz Music
Rebellion Love's Labours Lost Michael Wheeler Sound-Alikes Music
Boys Can Get Lost 100 Yrs of Manicures Mish O'Neill Pop Music
Hip Ville (30sec) Arabia Motors Show Nigel Male Corporate and Motivational Music
My Hong Kong Honey Sys - Newspaper Production Game Carl Miles Chinese Music
Victory American Kennel Club (Internet Ad) Music Candy Dramatic Music
Floor Shaker Jeff Koons: The Whitney Retrospective (1978-2014) Rob Johnson Indie Rock Music
The Middle Jeff Koons: The Whitney Retrospective (1978-2014) Medina Folk Music
Raindrops and Waterfalls Perfect Lineup (Documentary) Nicholas Pesci Corporate and Motivational Music
Europa Bosch Corporate Video Denis Woods Dramatic Music
Gas Guzzler Cub Cadet Core Video Michael Wheeler Sound-Alikes Music
Puppy Dog Tails (60 Secs) Brain Games (Mobile App) Music Candy Dramatic Music
Moving On Nescafe Cappuccino (TV Commercial) Linda Horwatt Rock Music
Lacrimosa League of Angels Fire Raider Commercial Video RLC Music Military Music
Prowler Hornady Iron Press 2016 TV Commercial Doubletime Creations Drum Music
Love Makes Me Happy 100 Years Rings Michael Wheeler Rock Music
Off Road Total Robor Russia (TV Commercial) Colin Willsher News Music
Take Me Out to the Ball Game National Pork Board - Opening Day Baseball Video Darren Lucas Sports Music
Street Swagger Saints and Sinners (TV Program) Craig Dodge Hip Hop Music
All My Friends Blue Dolphin Tapes (TV Commercial in Poland) Nicola Donchev Corporate and Motivational Music
Glittery Girl (Instrumental Version) Perri: Madame Minnie Comes to Town Michael Wheeler Rock Music
Hush Lil Baby - Music Box Muller Night Light Annie McGee Childrens Music
Fresh News Loop B Kensapuu Marco Pesci Electronic Music
You Rock My World Rollercoaster Love (Feature Film) Stan Tristan Pop Music
Old Mexico Pushing Dead (Movie) Jason Savell Latin Music
Feeling It Good Silicon Cowboys (Documentary) Ron Komie Pop Music
Fine Fine Day Magellan International School Gala Video Kevin M. Baumgard Dramatic Music
Gagabyte (60 A) Hair Studios (Internet) RLC Music Pop Music
War Stars Main Title Mode Media / 100 Yrs of Film Toomas Erm Sound-Alikes Music
I Wish Healing With the Masters Documentary Michael Allen Sound-Alikes Music
Feeling Hip 30 Puzzle Adventure (Ios Mobile App) Nicholas Pesci Corporate and Motivational Music
Unravels the Truth World Wild Life Foundation Peru (Video) Carlos Estella Action and Crime Music
Come Back La Chasse Au Collet Michael Wheeler Sound-Alikes Music
Corporate Theme Industrial Prestige Msc Cruises Seaside Promotional Video MX47 Sports Music
War Stars Main Title Meeting Closer Toomas Erm Sound-Alikes Music
Dark March Dsm Toomas Erm Dramatic Music
Chinese New Year Version2 Jetstar Asia Lunar New Year Campaign 2016 Kenji Aoi Chinese Music
Positive Waypoint Cabinets Company Video Carlos Estella Dramatic Music
War Stars Main Title Cogeco Presentation Toomas Erm Sound-Alikes Music
Improbable Mission 60 Sec. Flu Awareness Campaign in Bulgaria Western Horizon Productions Sound-Alikes Music
Power of Creativity Rthk TV Programme Commissioning RLC Music Classical Music
Urban Wisdom Pure Barre Dvds Roeland Ruijsch Hip Hop Music
Another Night Pure Barre Dvds Konstantinos Panagiotidis Pop Music
Disco Loco Mode Media / 100 Years of Fashion Nye Style - Macy's Somatiq Audio Dance Music
Surfin' Beach City Mode Media / 100 Years of Fashion Nye Style - Macy's Jeff Beers Corporate and Motivational Music
Smiles for Miles Hear.Com App RLC Music Corporate and Motivational Music
War Stars Main Title Powfilms-Migros MC Star Wars Commercial Toomas Erm Sound-Alikes Music
Casa Bossa La Rivière Carl Miles Brazilian Music
War Stars Main Title Superlotti Toomas Erm Sound-Alikes Music
A Ride Through Winter Holiday E-Card Really Free Music Christmas Music
Dark March O'Brien Chrysler Christmas Toomas Erm Dramatic Music
Dark March Pixel Gun 3d Game Toomas Erm Sound-Alikes Music
Let's Go (60 Sec) Icracked --"Lots of Ways" (TV Commercial) Kaloyan Dimitrov Pop Music
Bikini a Go Go Groovy 1960s-Themed CD for Scholastic Book Fairs Michael Wheeler Rock Music
It Looks a Lot Like Christmas (Main) Christmas-Themed CD for Scholastic Book Fair Alec Makinson Christmas Music
Orchestral Winter Magic Christmas-Themed CD for Scholastic Book Fair Matthew Reid Christmas Music
Houndogs & Hogs Mia, A Dancer's Journey (TV Program) Music Candy Country Music
Just Like the Movies Oetker Collection (Website Video) David Van Walker Jazz Music
War Stars Main Title Cipr Awards Toomas Erm Sound-Alikes Music
Dark March Gavekortkampanje 2015 Toomas Erm Sound-Alikes Music
Casque de Vilo 30 Elite Branding Video Ross Milligan Corporate and Motivational Music
Italian Christmas Song Buitoni - Piccolinis Tentazione (Web Commercial) Texas Gypsies Christmas Music
Oasis Boeing Music Somatiq Audio World Fusion
Rock Your Socks Off Jingle Bed The Characters (Netflix Series) Shelley Jacobson Rock Music
Hearts On Fire Hornady New Products Video 2016 Martin Sebastian Holm Dramatic Music
Bottle That Feeling Lucky for Life BFF (Kentucky Lottery TV Commercial) RLC Music Singer/Songwriter
Let's Have Fun La Marzocco Clip Michael Wheeler Rock Music
All My Friends Aerogarden (TV Commercial) Nicola Donchev Corporate and Motivational Music
Rhythm's Still a Dancer (15 Sec Edit) Promotional Video RLC Music Sound-Alikes Music
Apple Wahl Clipper Corp. : Wahl Pets (Video) Benny Hawes Corporate and Motivational Music
Battlefield 30sec Maserati YouTube Campaign - Ghibli Erwin Steijlen Military Music
Rebellion Fxo Internal Video Michael Wheeler Sound-Alikes Music
Monster Mash Dance Parody! Pizza Hut Hallowinning SoundZOID Horror Music
Bottle That Feeling (Instrumental) Music On Hold (School App) RLC Music Pop Music
Push It Hornady New Products Video 2016 Jon Lawson Corporate and Motivational Music
To the End Hornady New Products Video 2016 Music Candy Rock Music
Matrix Rock Dell Xps 15 Commercial (China) Robert Neary Sound-Alikes Music
Happy Ukulele Fun Talking About Money (Sxsw) John Murray Corporate and Motivational Music
Aerodynamics Innovia Corporate Video Nicholas Pesci Corporate and Motivational Music
Business Growth The Edge (Documentary Trailer) John Judd Dramatic Music
Acoustic Promotion (No Lead) Crock-Pot Testimonials Jeremy Bell Corporate and Motivational Music
Dubbin' Dream of a Shadow (Film) Ivan Z. Jevtic Electronic Music
Feeling Happy Instrumental Vita Coco (TV Commercial in China) Nicholas Pesci Corporate and Motivational Music
Gregorian Monastery Chanting Monks 7 Adam's Testament (Indie Film) Val Goldsack Spiritual Music
Summer Afternoon Visual Calculation Editor (App) Riaan Nieuwenhuis New Age Music
Battle Hymn of the Republic C Street (Independent Film) Matt Wilcox Military Music
On Hold "Hold Music"/Time Warner Cable Ross Martin Rock Music
On Hold "Hold Music" - Time Warner Cable TV Commercial Ross Martin Rock Music
Clever Concept Eh+ SMM Productions Dramatic Music
Don't Give Up On Me (Instrumental) Chuito Triple Pack Michael Wheeler Sound-Alikes Music
Ride Timeless (Feature Film) Steve "Daddy-O" Byers Rock Music
The Neighbors Credit Karma "Credit Stories" Video Justin Crosby News Music
Raindrops and Waterfalls Desentum Product Video Nicholas Pesci Corporate and Motivational Music
Back in Track Drive Medical Odyssey Scooter (YouTube Video) John Murray Sound-Alikes Music
United We Stand Whirlpool Tutorial Videos Simon Wolfe Rock Music
Mexican Hat Dancing Fun Reel Amigos (Web/Mobile Game) Ron Komie Latin Music
My Corporation Tiger Wheel - Every Day Is Match Day (TVC in South Africa) John Judd Sound-Alikes Music
Victory Alt Mix Samsung (TV/Radio Commercial in China) Music Candy Dramatic Music
Tribal Drums Epic Movie - 30 Wei Odor Control TV Spot Steve E. Williams Japanese Music
Star Spangled Banner Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience Bree Noble National Anthems
New Ground Audi R8 Experience 2015 (Online Video) The Story Changes Indie Rock Music
Power of Creativity Olay Regenerist - P&G RLC Music Classical Music
Happy Feelings 30 Nesquik (TV Commercial in Russia) Andy Schofield Dramatic Music
Wistful Thinking Mondopad 2.0 (Radio Commercial) Music Candy Rock Music
Sunday Afternoon Rag Aeon Bank (Internet Promotion) Rob Laber Comedy Music
Rise of the Supermen D-Day Memorial Parade Chris Howes Military Music
Portrait of a Serial Killer - Sting Ring Burglar (TV Commercial) Justin Crosby Horror Music
Old Western Fire M and M Rustic Ranch and Leather (TV/Radio Commercials) Sean John Clark Action and Crime Music
A Hero Is Born Wichita Furniture (TV/Radio Commercials) Jonathan Wright Dramatic Music
Heater Ique (Robot Toy Commercial) Richard Freitas Electronic Music
Get Me Out Paleyfest Previews 2015 Music Candy Indie Rock Music
Rebellion Rebellion Michael Wheeler Sound-Alikes Music
Hootie and a Blowfish Hamilton Hustles Harder Watt Generated Benjamins Dramatic Music
Luck Ain't Got Nothin' To Do With It (Instr) Street Level (Independent Film) John Swanson Jazz Music
Slow Cruising (Instrumental Version) Street Level Michael Wheeler Sound-Alikes Music
Elgar Land of Hope and Glory Best of British Cooking Show Jonathan Slatter Classical Music
Native American Suite Native American Short Film Alexander Khaskin Americana Music
All My Friends Uw Health "Back On His Feet" (0:30 TV Commercial) Nicola Donchev Corporate and Motivational Music
Rock Orchestra Positive Eos (Company Promotional Video) Alexander Khaskin Spiritual Music
I See Dead People (5 Sec Edit) Ring Inventor (TV Commercial) RLC Music Dangerous Music
Pacific Coast Highway Hidesign Sunglasses Promo Video MX47 Jazz Music
Spring Awakening Chefs Chow You How - Smuckers Jam (TV Commercial) Darren Lucas Pop Music
Western Taranta Septwolves (TV Commercial) Nicola Giunta European Music
Endless Horror Disappearance (Film) Max DiCarlo Dangerous Music
Fine Fine Day - 60 Sec. Luv N Learn (TV Commercial) Kevin M. Baumgard Dramatic Music
Feeling Quirky Yes Card (TV Commercial) Nicholas Pesci Corporate and Motivational Music
Amazonia Amazon Tunnel (Newport Aquarium Exhibit) Nigel Male Tropical Latin Music
Lets Go 60 Second Com Length Edit at Intro-Verse Sava Pinecone Milk (TV Commercial in Russia) Kenny Mac Rock Music
Halfback of Notre Dame Paydirt (Electronic Game) Thomas Beckner Military Music
Island Girl Destination Cme Grand Cayman Carl Miles Tropical Latin Music
Lingering Dance #Free2live PSA Roeland Ruijsch Pop Music
Heart of Moheza Agra Pass Documentary Really Free Music African Music
African Landscape Agra Pass Documentary Florian Zenker World Fusion
Cool Digital Logo A Itália Como Você Nunca Viu Gustavo Coutinho Electronic Music
Fly Blind Instrumental #Free2live PSA Roeland Ruijsch Pop Music
Late 60' Ball of Confusion (Documentary) Aleksander Arsov Pop Music
Blood and Smoke Ball of Confusion (Documentary) Beaten Hands Down Dramatic Music
Sounds of the Sixties – Psychedelica – No Vox Ball of Confusion (Documentary) Amazing Music Action and Crime Music
Military Base Camp Attack Bombs Away (PBS Documentary) Michael Keck Military Music
Pompous Magnificus 33s Mighty Horns Call of War TV Spot in Germany Christian Andersson Action and Crime Music
Kid Salsa Ravensburger Puzzle for Kids (Ios App) Colin Willsher Childrens Music
Children of Africa Dubai Cares Jive Ass Sleepers World Fusion
Sunshine All Day 60 Promo Spot for Healthslate Program David Flavin Corporate and Motivational Music
Get On Our Bus Westbeach Scooters Promotional Launch Twisterbait Rock Music
Tough Time Lovers Westbeach Scooters Promotional Launch Luko Adjaffi Reggae Music
Feeling Quirky Instrumental 30sec Floor Now Save Today (TV Spots) Nicholas Pesci Corporate and Motivational Music
Path to Innovation (Remix) Panolin Shuttle Nicholas Pesci Corporate and Motivational Music
Comedy Chase Music Purina Monthly Video Content Sixteenth Moon Sound-Alikes Music
How Beautiful You Are Maalgudi Days (Film in India) Stoyan Ganev Eastern European Music
Coldplay Magic La Quinta Resort & Spa Site Presentation Franco Barroso Sound-Alikes Music
Catchy Upbeat Acoustic Folk Pop: Bright Background Pure Barre Dvds Stephan Lindsjo Pop Music
Ride With Flow Pure Barre Dvds Storm Drums Drum Music
Raindrops and Waterfalls (Light Version) Dove White Rooms (Online Ad) Nicholas Pesci Corporate and Motivational Music
Air On a G String - Bach Study'n'Joy (App) Clive Lukover Classical Music
Aerodynamics Think Jerky Kickstarter Video Nicholas Pesci Corporate and Motivational Music
Starbucking Honey Wb- 50 Years of Going Beyond Michael Wheeler Rock Music
Action Percussion - Dojo Invasion Martial Arts Demo Video Jacco Willems Action and Crime Music
Funky Delight Chrysties Anniversary (TV Commercial in UK) Jive Ass Sleepers Sound-Alikes Music
Wars Between the Stars Theme Pepblast Jacco Willems Dramatic Music
Feeling Hip Activia Flower Carpet Video Nicholas Pesci Corporate and Motivational Music
High Tea Shuffle Making Dad. A Comedy Podcast About Fatherhood. Music Candy Jazz Music
Percussion Fight The Bucks of Tecomate (TV Show, Internet) Seth Littlefield Drum Music
Set the Sky Alight Van Aarsen International Company Video Erwin Steijlen Rock Music
Beach Patrol Voyo Promotional Campaign Gary Wolk Rock Music
Enjoy the Show Young Auditorium Radio Commercial Marco Pesci Dramatic Music
Brave and Victorious GM Media Promo Jonathan Wright Action and Crime Music
Child's Play Full Petaboo Game Steve Mark Corporate and Motivational Music
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