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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Carol Hahn Let Me Go (Wesley King Club Mix) - Carol Hahn
Richie Milton Tip of My Tongue - Richie Milton
Nicole-Marie A Song for Peace - Nicole-Marie
Purple Mountain I'd Just Got Used to You - Purple Mountain
Johnny Murray Lori - Mind Power - Johnny Murray
Georges Padey Thenilavo - Georges Padey
Michele Rene Take My Love - Michele Rene
Paul Stirk Rich - Paul Stirk
Davor Devcic Nothing Can Hurt You 60s - Davor Devcic
David Harper Delectable Delicious Bliss 15 - David Harper
Nicki Kris Gone Too Soon - Nicki Kris
Fernando Diez Soulsiss Instrumental - Fernando Diez
Jim Chappell Comin On to You Now (W/Vocals) - Jim Chappell
Sara Laine Busy In Love - Sara Laine
Kenton Gilchrist Splitzkrein (Master) - Kenton Gilchrist
DJ Skillmaster Summertime (Steely M House Rmx Edit) 15 Seconds - DJ Skillmaster
Rik Roberts Anasheed Spiritual - Rik Roberts
Duc Thinh Mat Het Tinh Nghia - Duc Thinh
Alexander John Ericson Midnight Lake (Stinger 01) - Alexander John Ericson
Project 2020 21st Century Valentino (Vocal Version) - Project 2020
Jo Masino It's Gonna Get Better - Jo Masino
Hillbilly Hellcats Train to Nowhere - Hillbilly Hellcats
Opt The Game Hustler Poppin - Opt The Game Hustler
The Vow Someone to Talk To - The Vow
Hellenic Band Tsifteteli - Hellenic Band
Al Cohen Check It Out (60 Sec) - Al Cohen
The Valery Trails In the Sun - The Valery Trails
Ariel Kalma Teyate Om Muni - Ariel Kalma
Insingizi Ngizobambelela - Insingizi
Alex Cen No (Vuol Dire No) - Alex Cen
Lorenzo Piani Viola -Viola - Lorenzo Piani
Thailand Ethnic Ensemble Mor Lam Ratri Srivali - Thailand Ethnic Ensemble
Richard Jungles African Song - Richard Jungles
Gracer Telephone Lines - Gracer
Cao Thien Tu Con Tim That Tha - Cao Thien Tu
Amagugu Akwazulu Yeyi Wemnunzane - Amagugu Akwazulu
Torfi Olafsson Me and the Nation (þjóðin Og ég) - Torfi Olafsson
Benny Lava Sneeuw - Benny Lava
Georges Padey Thenilavo - Georges Padey
Davinia Leonne African Native Party - Sanadousso - Davinia Leonne
Doan Trang De Anh Chay Cung Em - Doan Trang
Big Prod Sounds Si Tu Restes - Big Prod Sounds
Dream Valley Music Like a Bird (Flying High Remix) (30-secs version) - Dream Valley Music
The Music Bakery Childhood Christmas 4:00 - The Music Bakery
Philip Curran Brothers - Philip Curran
Travis Scharn Avazila - Travis Scharn
Esther Garcia The Hidden Star - Esther Garcia
Michael Wheeler Make a Big Splash - Michael Wheeler
Annie McGee Silent Night - Eerie Boys Choir - Annie McGee
HarpString Productions Jingle Bells - HarpString Productions
Side FX and Kim Cameron Butterfly Rock - Side FX and Kim Cameron
Jive Ass Sleepers Creepy Kid - Jive Ass Sleepers
Sergiu Muresan Children of Verdun - Full Mix Loop - Sergiu Muresan
Christophe Espern La Ferme En Folie - Christophe Espern
David C. Hewitt The Horror #7 (Nursery) - David C. Hewitt
Charlie Mac Count to 20 - Charlie Mac

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Featured Artist


With Tamalaneh, you will find a taste of lush RnB Uniqueness. Both Old School and New School songs on her site include funk, soul, dance, hip hop and pop RnB music to help provide an authenticity to your Film, TV and various media sound productions.

The Ride of Life
"Love is like a merry go round, up and down... Scary, Baby, but I know that it's right..." Beautiful female vocals and elegant harmonies. Sensual music and lyrics offering soothing words ...

If I Could I Would
A beautiful, heartfelt song about a person who wants to do things with and for the person she loves, but because they are so far apart from each other,she can only wish she could do certa...

You Didn't Come Through
Lying and cheating, Oh My! What's a girl to do? Song about the guy who didn't do his woman right... "Hey Baby, you know it's over 'cause you didn't come through!" The girl got tired of fa...

You're Really Gonna Like This
Beautiful, sexy love-making music with sensual vocals by the Diva Tamalaneh. Great for romance, thirtysomething action, clubs, slow dancing, hanging out. Catchy, swinging melody, cool for...

At Christmas Time
This is a love ballad Christmas song about two people reminiscing over the Christmas time they first met. This song has beautiful strings, sweet vemale and background harmonies, and a smo...

I Still Cherish You
A beautiful, heartbreaking song about two people very much in love who break up anyway over their differences about life's issues, vowing to always love and cherish each other no matter w...

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Moontripper Firefly Shower 1min20sec - Moontripper
Sebastien Pan Night in the Desert (Anasheed Music) - Sebastien Pan
Point One A Trip Like That - Point One
Mark Dorricott Lost in the Night - Waiting for You - Mark Dorricott
Dream Valley Music Sacred Aura (60-Secs Version) - Dream Valley Music
Steve Dafoe Best of Your Love - Steve Dafoe
Nora Berg House Transfusion - Vocal Club Mix - Nora Berg
Alex Lucien Moaca Hit Edgy Rock - Sometime, Feeling Cold (Originaltrack ) - Alex Lucien Moaca
John Swanson Silent Night (Vocal Var 1) - John Swanson
Doug Laurent The Rainmaker (Original Album Mix) Loop - Doug Laurent
Soren Lemmike The Galaxy Express - Soren Lemmike
Felipe Adorno Vassao Love Beast (Vocal version) - Felipe Adorno Vassao
Michael Panasuk Coming Home to You - Michael Panasuk
John Bert Taylor Where You're At - John Bert Taylor
David Keats Long Island City - David Keats
Francesco Giovannangelo Free Spirit - Francesco Giovannangelo
Stan Tristan Hold On to This Feeling Vox Bml - Stan Tristan
Fern Galactic Hop Bob - Fern
Mike Stein The Aftermath - Mike Stein
Rio Magic Elemento #5 (Remix Edit) - Rio Magic
Masterwerks R&B When Love Takes Possession of Your Soul - Masterwerks R&B
Right Track Goodbye Babylon - Right Track
Denis Delcroix Winter-Cue-03-The Message (No Drums) - Denis Delcroix
Lochlainn Seabrook Love Makes You Beautiful - Lochlainn Seabrook
Mirza Sounds Global Corporate Expansion - 30secs - Mirza Sounds
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