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The Changing Face and Music of Africa
African Music and Sound Effects That Resonate With the Times

Scary Times in Africa -- The Dark Continent offers a rich and evolving history. From the 1918 silent films and 1930s-1940s movies about Tarzan living among the apes, to today’s uncontrolled turmoil with genocide, looting, piracy and pervasive crime in far too many countries. As a result, there are over 4 million people displaced and Africa is imploding.

The High Cost of Independence -- With UN Peacekeepers in the Congo, Liberia and Cote d’Ivoire, as South Sudan just became the newest nation, Africa’s 54th state -- films, documentaries and world news shows bring us tales of triumph and disaster. Independence is a fairly new concept in Africa: By 1950, only four of 53 countries were independent – and today, the desire for democracy and a political voice in the future of many nations remains strong. The world is rooting for safety and a better life for all African nations.

Top African Artists

Really Free Music Really Free Music
Lindy Botha Lindy Botha
Music And SFX Music And SFX
Guido Negraszus Guido Negraszus
Andy Schofield Andy Schofield
Colin Willsher Colin Willsher
Alec Makinson Alec Makinson
Rik Roberts Rik Roberts
Music Candy Music Candy
Michael Keck Michael Keck

New African Tracks

Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi African Safari
Penumbrae Latin Beat 1
Eric Bolvin Watusi West
Eric Bolvin Watusi West sting
Carl Miles Zulu Warrior
Chanson World Music Library Sadamenabaka
Ausilio Afro Ambience
Carl Miles Safari Nights
Connor Helms Chee_Zee African Dru..
Connor Helms Manjani Improv


Top African Tracks

Andy Schofield African Pride
Joe Bergsieker Sunrise in Africa
Andy Schofield African Savannah
Michael Keck Gambia Dreams
Joe Pignato Global Celebration
Andy Schofield African Bush
Rik Roberts West African Guitar..
Guido Negraszus I Dream of Africa
Alexander Khaskin Pride of Africa
Alec Makinson Soweto Pride
Lindy Botha African Heart
Really Free Music Heart of Moheza
Jason Corder I Could Be Something
Really Free Music Lomhlabathi
Dan Morrissey Sticks and Stones
Big Ben Tokujenda
Igge Scoce Out of Africa - Cine..
Really Free Music Across Kossanto
Alec Makinson African Heartland
Music And SFX Destination Africa
Deep Forest Percussion Full Track African P..
Michael Keck Sigalagala Holiday
Bjorn Lynne African Fields
Rudy Pusateri Baobab Banana
Guido Negraszus Massai Massai
Music Candy Afrikaan
Dream Valley Music The Word Is Africa
Solfeggio Shaman Senegal
Colin Willsher Party Afrikah - Full..
Andy L Africana
Parish Youruba
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi West African Territory
Alexander Tobias Orest African Night
Yinguica Moda Xicavalo
Music Candy Motherland
Andy L Africa Calling
Carlos Estella The African Witch
Andy Schofield African Savannah 2 00
David Banks Breezy Bongos
Colin Willsher Cape Town Welcome
Music Candy Motherland No Vocals
Anthony Davilio African Rhythms
Guido Negraszus I Dream of Africa
Michael Keck Sweet Village Jambo..
Bjorn Lynne Earthchild
Alec Makinson Feel Good for Africa
Carlos Estella Big Africa
Garry Cribb Township Carnival
Bjorn Lynne Beneath Another Sky
Michael Kobayashi Kahala 60
WarChild The Way She Moves It
Rik Roberts The Senegalese Guita..
Dream Valley Music The Word Is Africa
Andy L Africa Calling
Really Free Music Kipo Kubula
Piotr Pacyna The Jungle Totem
Alec Makinson African Sunshine
Bobby Cole Energetic Madagascan..
Adagio Music Kum-Ba-Yah
Igge Scoce Into Africa - Strong..
Max DiCarlo Africana
Brighter Note African Drum Circle
Guido Negraszus African Dreamers 3
Carlos Rubio Nairobi
Blessings Nqo Sabela
Guido Negraszus Voices of Africa
Jive Ass Sleepers Song of Life
Colin Willsher One Nation
Gary Wolk Jacaranda
Greg Patmore Africa
Joe Pignato Ancient Man
Owen Phillips Zee
Funoon Sha’abiya Aljinzeer Fi Alnujum
The Tswana People Botswana
Nigel Male Shuka
Big Sound Music Ghana Made
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi African Mid West
Andy Schofield African Pride 0.50
Music Candy Tribal Dance
Keyboard Wizard African Kora Djembe..
After in Paris African Joy
Chanson World Music Library Tselane
Space Taster Kalahari Sunrise
Julian Scott Africa Original Mix
Owen Phillips Zee
Alec Makinson African Sunshine
Parish African Spirit
Javier Pitera Kalimba and Marimba
Papafrog African Ghost
Larry Salzman Drums of Nigeria
Insingizi Ibele Lendlela
Music And SFX Destination Africa
Music Candy The Attack Begins
Funoon Sha’abiya Hilel Musa
Really Free Music Coffee for Beans
Music And SFX Africa Calling
Martin Kittappa African Singing 1 -..
Andy Schofield African Bush 1 02
Music Candy World Tribe
Junhak Lee Tuna Fishing

Genre List

African Contemporary
African Dramatic
African Drums
African Hip Hop
African Pop
African Traditional
African World Fusion
Afro Sal Soul
Burkina Faso
Cape Verde
Central African Republic
Cote d'Ivoire
Mauritian Music
South Africa

Safari, Action Adventure, Into the Wilds
Tomb Raider, turmoil and chaos in the jungle -- Ethnic drumming, tribal dancers, bush beaters, big game hunters, fighters, and warriors – Dust off your Safari jacket and hat, grow a little chin stubble, and jump in your trusty British Land Rover and let’s be off on a big adventure to Africa. Exotic birds, elephants, hefty rhinos, thundering zebras…

Alexander Khaskin Pride of Africa - Alexander Khaskin
David van Rensburg African Drain Forest - David van Rensburg
Nikolay Krivin Allah Akbar - Nikolay Krivin
ElevenTwelve African Adventure Part 4 - ElevenTwelve
Ori Vidislavski Africa - Ori Vidislavski
Michael Keck Umoja - the Children Sing for Unity - Michael Keck
Audio Architect Music Restless Natives - Audio Architect Music
Stoyan Ganev The Voyage - Stoyan Ganev
Jason Greenberg World in Motion - Jason Greenberg
Adzido Xigubo - Adzido
Music And SFX Destination Africa - Music And SFX
Bjarne O. Dreamworld Dance - Bjarne O.
Really Free Music Heart of Moheza - Really Free Music
Really Free Music Tribes of Mzuzu - Really Free Music
Nigel Male Fou Fou - Nigel Male
Nigel Male Gondwana Trail - Nigel Male
David van Rensburg Fearsome Tribe - David van Rensburg
William Pearson Tanzania Sunset - William Pearson
Alec Makinson Tribal Trail - Alec Makinson
Greg Clarkson & Michael Oliphant Congo Du Celebration - Greg Clarkson & Michael Oliphant

Romance, Friendships and Bravery a la “Out of Africa”
Remember the African Queen (1951), with the drunken river-boat captain Humphrey Bogart and Kate Hepburn, the hard-headed missionary spinster? Or Out of Africa (1985), with land baroness Meryl Streep and the handsome big game hunter, Robert Redford? Our composers have written a boatload of African tracks for your romantic dramas…

Adam DiTroia African Sunset - Adam DiTroia
Erik Haddad Simpler Way - Erik Haddad
Leland Thomas Faegre Serengeti Serenade - Leland Thomas Faegre
Michael Keck Floating Bells - Michael Keck
SonicLab Pro Desert Princess - SonicLab Pro
Guido Negraszus Kilimanjaro - Guido Negraszus
Andy Schofield African Dream - Andy Schofield
Davide Levi The Mystic Arab - Davide Levi
Luigi Saracino Africa Awakening - Luigi Saracino
Greg Clarkson & Michael Oliphant Chillin' In the Savanna - Greg Clarkson & Michael Oliphant
Really Free Music Dreams of Africa - Really Free Music
Michael Keck Hanna Goddess of Life - Michael Keck
Parish Voices - Parish
Peter Godfrey Marimbaland - Peter Godfrey
Parish African Spirit - Parish
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi African Terrain - Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi
Richard Bowling Desert Shadows - Richard Bowling
Julian Blackmore Lion's Share - Julian Blackmore
Carlos Estella Discovering Africa - Carlos Estella

Village Scenes, Celebrations with Natives Chanting
African village rituals celebrate new births, coming of age, marriage, a good harvest, rainfall or a family death. They may chant to welcome a visiting king or to criticize a neighbor for stealing chickens. AudioSparx artists have composed music perfect for your uplifting and lively stories, travel montages, films, and commercials.

Insingizi Ibele Lendlela - Insingizi
Andy L Africa Calling - Andy L
Alec Makinson Soweto Pride - Alec Makinson
Salma Al Assal Al Ajiko - Salma Al Assal
Blessings Nqo Busi's Umoya Wami - Blessings Nqo
Andy L Africana - Andy L
Amagugu Akwazulu Izintombi - Amagugu Akwazulu
Martin Kittappa African Singing 1 - a Capella - Martin Kittappa
Carlos Rubio Nairobi - Carlos Rubio
Garry Cribb Tribal Festival - Garry Cribb
Really Free Music Lomhlabathi - Really Free Music
Really Free Music Kipo Kubula - Really Free Music
Really Free Music Ihubo Lentokozo - Really Free Music
Really Free Music Jesulithemba - Really Free Music
Michael Keck Sigalagala Holiday - Michael Keck
Michael Keck Samburu Holiday - Michael Keck
Garry Cribb Serengeti People - Garry Cribb
Bjorn Lynne Earthchild - Bjorn Lynne
ElevenTwelve African Adventure Part 2 - ElevenTwelve
Michael Keck Sweet Village Jambo 2min - Michael Keck

Edgy African Drumming and Percussion
Traditional African rhythms add filmic authenticity! Our AudioSparx composers have created a jungle full of polyrhythmic textures that will add a pounding punctuation to your adventure film, news story, travel documentary or video game -- Shaman supernatural powers, rites of passage, chasing lions and tigers, or dodging poison darts…

Tempero Percussive Adventure - Tempero
Michael Keck March of the Ravaged Brides - Michael Keck
Michael Keck African Koma - Michael Keck
Robert Neary Wild Africa - Robert Neary
Jono Booth The Magic of the African Battle Drum - Jono Booth
George and Marguerite Wild Adventures - George and Marguerite
David van Rensburg Wraiths of Wrath - David van Rensburg
Steve Urwin The Tribes - Steve Urwin
Gary Wolk African Mist - Gary Wolk
Greg Patmore Africa - Greg Patmore
Really Free Music Ilunga - Really Free Music
Really Free Music Lualaba - Really Free Music
Michael Keck Djembe Dance - Michael Keck
Tony Diana Jungle Expedition - Tony Diana
Chanson World Music Library Ngungu - Chanson World Music Library
Simon Stockhausen African Percussion Loop - Simon Stockhausen
Eric Bode Kyma - Eric Bode
Graham Pagano Fossils - Graham Pagano
Johnny Breton Martial Mystique - Johnny Breton
Rudy Pusateri Trailer Tribal Fear - Rudy Pusateri

Uplifting, Heartwarming Music Filled with Hope
Joyful and playful melodies provide uplifting audio for movie trailers, opening credits, television specials, and documentaries relating to hope and progress in Africa.

Stoyan Ganev Africa - Stoyan Ganev
Parish Remember - Parish
Colin Willsher One Nation - Colin Willsher
Julian Scott Africa Original Mix - Julian Scott
Rudy Pusateri Baobab Banana - Rudy Pusateri
Equinox Sounds Africa - Equinox Sounds
African Gospel Rhythms Africa Arise - African Gospel Rhythms
Parish Tramonto Africano - Parish
Music Candy Table Mountain - Music Candy
Andy Schofield African Pride - Andy Schofield
Tom Rae Rainbow Nations - Tom Rae
Bjarne O. End Credits - Comba Li La - Bjarne O.
Really Free Music Across Kossanto - Really Free Music
Really Free Music Coffee for Beans - Really Free Music
Really Free Music Kuru Ma Weze - Really Free Music
Really Free Music Tsavo - Really Free Music
Geoff Harvey & Chris Martyn African Shores - Geoff Harvey & Chris Martyn
David Waugh Emakhosini - David Waugh
Max DiCarlo Africana - Max DiCarlo
Parish African Union - Parish

Corporate, Travel, & Documentary Themes
Whether your client’s into African fashions or mines diamonds or gold, refines sugar cane, or flies EgyptAir, AudioSparx music will spell success to your branding campaigns or documentary.

Reinaldo Duarte Dance of the Trees - Reinaldo Duarte
Luigi Saracino Africa Love - Luigi Saracino
Colin Willsher Cape Town Welcome - Colin Willsher
Really Free Music Africana - Really Free Music
Dmytro Krasiuk Red Rock Spirit - Dmytro Krasiuk
Davor Devcic A Piece of Africa - Davor Devcic
Vess Ray Afro Corporate - Vess Ray
Music For TV and Games African Diamonds - Music For TV and Games
Music For TV and Games Celebration of Success - Music For TV and Games
Music And SFX Africa Calling - Music And SFX
Andy Schofield African Village - Andy Schofield
Garry Cribb Serengeti People - Garry Cribb
Gary Wolk Jacaranda - Gary Wolk
Really Free Music Dreams of Africa - Really Free Music
Guido Negraszus I Dream of Africa - Guido Negraszus
Sergey Firsov Africana - Sergey Firsov
Alexander Tobias Orest African Night - Alexander Tobias Orest
Tom Green Africa Drone - Tom Green
Bjarne O. 700 People - Bjarne O.
Wayne Numan Safari - Wayne Numan

Sorrow, Aftermath of Wars and Dislocation of People
From the early slave trade to the 1987 Sierra Leone documentary, Cry Freedom, civil war, murder, ethnic cleansing, starvation, and displacement have been a constant in Africa. The stunning 2004 Academy Award-nominated “Hotel Rwanda” depicted genocide that left 1 million people brutally murdered. Other stories cover war orphans, child soldiers, and the devastation of HIV/AIDS.

Michael Keck Global Mist - Michael Keck
David Waugh African Valley of Sorrow - David Waugh
Jonathan Carlile Before the Night - Jonathan Carlile
Ori Vidislavski Mother Cry - Ori Vidislavski
Jason Greenberg Poverty - Jason Greenberg
Jono Booth Affect of the Motherland - Jono Booth
Entropik Music Breathe - Entropik Music
Peter Godfrey The Sadness - Peter Godfrey
Lionel Cohen 08 Du Monde Et de La Lumière - Lionel Cohen
Justin Crosby Tears in Eden - Justin Crosby

Lively Contemporary Club Music
Amidst turmoil and chaos, what is life worth if you can’t sing and dance and enjoy friends at late night clubs? We’re game, and offer numerous hot contemporary tracks for your urban scenes.

Nigel Male Afrolectic - Nigel Male
Big Ben Tokujenda - Big Ben
Electric Chair 3000 Welcome to Africa - Electric Chair 3000
Ermias T. Kebede Soca Soca - Ermias T. Kebede
Bamford Stevens Couleur Café - Bamford Stevens
Mark Knox Log Rhythms - Mark Knox
Bobby Cole Big Tribal Beat - Bobby Cole
Toniks I'll Be There - Toniks
Davinia Leonne African Lounge Club - Davinia Leonne
Tunes Are Me African Adventure - Tunes Are Me
Music Candy Tugela Flows - Music Candy
Rik Roberts West African Guitar Jive - Rik Roberts
Carl Miles Mr Masekela - Carl Miles
Bloc Unite in Africa - Bloc
Hanitra Misy Voalohanytara - Hanitra
Rik Roberts The Senegalese Guitar Player - Rik Roberts

African Hip Hop and Rap
Popular in Africa since the early 1980s due to widespread American influence, Hip Hop and Rap have escalated all over Africa and each region has developed a unique style of Hip Hop. Rap elements are found in Kwaito, a new genre based on House music which developed in South Africa in the 1990s, and Mbalax, a type of West African Pop music.

Jason Corder I Could Be Something - Jason Corder
Jason Corder Crazytown - Jason Corder
Jason Corder On This Train - Jason Corder
Steve E. Williams African Street Dance - Steve E. Williams

African Sound Effects
Featuring ambient sound effects of safaris, animals, rainforests, and more. Take a listen to a wide assortment of African animals that reside on the plains, in the jungles, on the savannah, in the rivers and rainforests, our African sound effects are both authentic and captivating!

Navarr Female African War Call - Navarr
Ultimate Sound Jungle Ambience - Ultimate Sound
Special Effects and Sounds Gorilla Excited Snorts - Special Effects and Sounds
Ultimate Sound Lion Roar - Ultimate Sound
Domino Sound Effects Morning in Africa - Domino Sound Effects
The Producers Elephant - The Producers
Ultimate Sound African Honey Bee Swarm - Ultimate Sound
The Producers Inside Africa - Morocco's Market A.. - The Producers
Ultimate Sound Stampeding Herd - Ultimate Sound
Domino Sound Effects Zambian Dawn - Domino Sound Effects
Valencia Magic Dangerous Animals - Valencia Magic
Indigo Sound LLC African Natives Singing - Indigo Sound LLC
The Producers Africa Wildlife-Tree Frogs - The Producers
Special Effects and Sounds African Night Crickets - Special Effects and Sounds
The Producers Africa Wildlife - Flamingos Ambience - The Producers
The Producers Africa Wildlife-Cheetah Low Key Growl - The Producers
The Producers Africa Wildlife - Hippo in a Mud W.. - The Producers
Hollywood Post Forest Animals - Hollywood Post
CMMP Sound FX African Owl - CMMP Sound FX
Ultimate Sound Roar of Large Cat - Ultimate Sound


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about african music

what is african music,
music african,
african music songs,
black african music,
south african music,
african music download,
african music,
african music licensing,
african sound effects,
african stock music,
african stock sound effects,
african royalty free music,
african royalty free sound effects,
african music library,
african audio clips,
african dramatic music,
african safari music,
traditional african music,
african jungle music,

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