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Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the AudioSparx label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Ardit Cuni (Albania)
Ardit Cuni is a 19-year-old singer from Albania who also hosts his own TV show called Shine, where famous singers perform acoustic versions of their most famous songs. This TV show has been ranked as the third most viewed show in Albania. As a performing artist, Ardit was a semi-finalist on X Factor, and he has built an exciting career via famous singles, music videos, festival awards, and collaborations with other artists. In 2012, he performed at a concert with Rita Ora as one of the opening acts for the Albanian Independence event.

Madfish (South Korea)
Madfish is a professional team of composers, producers, arrangers, and engineers based in Seoul, South Korea and San Francisco, US. Working in genres ranging from Jazz and K-Pop to Rock, Classical, and Dramatic, their high quality music is often recorded with orchestras and live musicians. From the charming piano and violin interplay of "Life is Beautiful," to action-packed cues like "Epic Cinema," the Madfish catalog is perfect for many types of film, TV, and multimedia projects.

Mirza Sounds (UK)
Born in Karachi and now settled in the UK, Mirza Sounds started his career in A&R at leading publishing company Warner/Chappell Music. He is a talented singer, songwriter, composer, arranger, and guitarist in his own right, with a musical career that has taken him around the world over the past five years. Mirza Sounds has had numerous works play-listed on local and national radio, and he was music editor and soundtrack composer for short films including Shakespeare's Macbeth and Victim.

Carlos Carty (Brazil)
Carlos Carty (b. 1976) is a composer, performer, and instrument maker who has recorded 10 albums with renowned World music artists such as Adriana Mezzadri, Roberto Leal, and Toquinho. His instrumental music explores new sonic textures by fusing ancient instruments with contemporary elements, and his most important Andean Fusion albums are Flautas Inkas, Lavrador do Vento, Santuario Sur, and Machupicchu o Segredo dos Incas. In 2013, Carlos performed on TV Globlo Brazil's with a unique PVC instrument.

Stuart Mee (UK)
Based in the UK, Stuart Mee is a talented and highly experienced producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. His output is extremely varied and reflective of his eclectic taste in music, which includes genres like Rock, Blues, Jazz, Electro, Brit Funk, Reggae, Latin, Pop, and Experimental/Avant Garde. With an innovative approach to writing and production quality of a very high standard, Stuart's catalog is well suited for a variety of Film, TV, and Commercial projects.

Peter Calandra (USA)
Peter Calandra is a New York-based prolific composer and keyboard player who has been immersed in music for most of his life, scoring over 70 films, writing 2,000 compositions for television broadcast including over 40 theme packages for national sports shows. Peter has released seven albums of original Contemporary instrumental music, is a Yamaha Endorsed Artist, and has created original music along with television scores and sports anthems for FOX Sports: FIFA World Cup Theme, ESPN Special Olympics World Games Theme, and many others.

Panjoma (USA)
Formed in 2006 in Austin, Texas, Panjoma is Mary Panjoma on vox, Patrik Nilsson on bass, and Ritchard Napierkowski on synth/ drum machines (The Nimbus). Contributing Studio members include John Ousley (Construction Paper Records), Richard Evans (Guild), Christian Alvarez (past tours include Saul Williams and John Spencer Blues Explosion), and Melissa Riotgurl (The Future Process). They use a large array of drum machines, samplers, keyboards, software programs, and synthesizers to create Electronic soundscapes and EDM beats.

Thomas Naszalyi (France)
A France native, Thomas has spent many years devoted to writing an effective and graceful counterpoint, creating orchestral works to look like communicative polyphonies that integrate into the modern world of media. When he was young, he studied the piano and learned how to make a piece sound stunning. In 2003, his Prelude in A was performed by a full orchestra, a success that encouraged him to continue writing. His productions are a combination of Film and Classical music that are almost always tonal and, of course, open to everyone.

Joseph Iacano (USA)
The music of guitarist-songwriter Joseph Iacano is performed by the studio band The Rhythm Fysh. Hailing from Ohio, Joe's musical styles range from 70's and 80's Rock and Hard Rock to Country Rock and a blend of Cross-Country music. Enjoying real instrumentation for his music, check out his originality and fun sounds with electric guitar, acoustic guitar, fiddle, mandolin, piano, organ, keyboards, drums, often played by various studio musicians.

Alex Ciani (UK)
Based in London, Italian composer Alex Ciani started his career in an Indie-Rock band as a teenager, and since then never stopped writing and producing. Aside from his band's experience, he gained a lot of practice working as a composer in advertising for almost ten years. He is at ease with very different genres, from Rock (his first love) to Electronica, and from Dance to Ambient. Enjoying mixing and blending different genres, Alex's credits include commercials for brands like Jeep, Fiat, and Yamaha, and is featured on various MTV shows.

IV the Polymath (USA)
IV the Polymath is an innovative, versatile and prolific music composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. From Indiana, IV combines innovative production techniques with his live instrumentation (guitar, bass, piano, synthesizer, organ, percussion and others) to produce tracks of uncommon originality. He has released 14 albums to date in addition to composing music for television commercials, films, and various major video projects. His work is acclaimed for combining old-school sounds with fresh, contemporary compositions.

Michelle Lockey (USA)
Michelle Lockey is an accomplished singer-songwriter from Maryland who writes endearing songs in the Indie, Pop, Rock, Folk, and Country genres. From the introspective mood of "Am I Invisible," to the fun and uplifting "Just Who I Am," her music has received great reviews from acclaimed songwriter Jason Blume, as well as widespread radio play. Michelle's work has also been featured in Good Girls Revolt, Longmire, Reign, The Path, a La Senza ad and much more. Michelle gives back to the community by holding workshops to help others reach their goals.

Spiros Bakos (Greece)
From Greece, Spiros Bakos is a composer and producer of musical content with specialization in Ethnic, Ambient, Electronica, and House music. Graduating from IEK AKMI where he studied Music Technology, Spiros plays the Keyboards, Piano, Acoustic guitar and some percussive instruments. Having approximately ten years of experience in music production, he enjoys blending Ethnic Instruments with Electronic sounds inspired by Hans Zimmer, Mahmut Orhan, Parov Stelar, and HAEVN. His music is often used for Commercials, Games, and Film Making.

MotionGo Music (USA)
Based in Oregon, MotionGo Music is a cross-genre group led by main composer Dennis Hitchcox, who is an accomplished and versatile guitar player. He has been composing and performing in the Jazz, Rock, and Blues genres for over 20 years, and his award-winning compositions often incorporate such disparate elements as Country, Gypsy Swing, Classical, Latin, Dance, and Folk styles. A featured performer at the Portland Jazz Festival, Dennis received a BA in Jazz Compositon from the Ohio State University, and was awarded the Ruth Friscoe Prize in Jazz Composition in 2000.

Gordon Hammond (USA)
Gordon Hammond is a producer and recording engineer from Tennessee who has made records with artists like Colin Hay, Buddy Miller, Don Henley, Dawes, Trisha Yearwood, and Don Williams along with producing music for several Indie bands. A powerful artist, Gordon also composes for film and television with an impressive credit that includes the prestigious CMT in Nashville. His music is like a continental breakfast of champions, full of flavor and grit while also offering a warm feeling that draws on the influences of a cosmic outlaw.

Rukq Man (Nigeria)
Rising above and overcoming challenges comes the impressive artist, songwriter, composer, and producer Rukq Man. From Nigeria, he produces and writes songs with a unique style, which have featured in short films and local TV shows. Rukq Man's distinguished style of music and voice has teamed up with producer and DJ El Colombia from the USA making great hits in genres of RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, and House. His music carries great emotions delivering touching lyrics that balance tempo or slow rhythms for a great lyrical experience.

Vincent Tellier (France)
Based in France, Vincent Tellier is a truly versatile composer and musician. As a performer, he has been playing drums, guitar, bass, and keyboards in many Indie Rock and Electro-Pop bands in Paris. As a composer, Vincent writes everything from cinematic Orchestral scores to upbeat Pop/Rock tracks, light Electronic underscores, and moody Ambient pieces. Seeking to tell stories through sound, the common thread in his compositions is a very personal sense of melody.

Daniel Ottini (Canada)
Daniel Ottini is an Electronic Musician, Sound Designer and Field Recorder whose work explores the intersection between sound art and music. His work has won competitions and has been featured on college/internet radio, podcasts, film and video, video games, the Web, compilations, and as demonstration audio for music hardware and software companies. Daniel has made significant contributions to compilations "Haunted Garden," Vol. 2 and "Narrow Escape," Vol. 4, including the tracks "Nightcrawler" and "Room 1501."

Abby Mettry (USA)
Abby Mettry is a classically trained concert pianist (B. M., M. M., Piano Performance), producing original compositions as well as traditional classical works. Her piano playing has been recorded in Nashville studios, and her music has been used in films and projects across all types of media. She has studied and performed with the world-wide renowned Toradze Piano Studio, led by acclaimed concert pianist Alexander Toradze. She specializes in creating emotional piano underscores, as well as upbeat and whimsical piano tracks.

Lloyd Richmond (USA)
Lloyd Richmond is an extremely talented California composer, arranger, producer, and multi-instrumentalist originally from the record side of the industry. He has nicely transitioned into arranging and producing with over 600 placements. Lloyd is a recording, mix, and mastering engineer whose recent clients include Keyshia Cole, America's Most Wanted, Cognito, Club Nouveau, Sean "Nutso" Cole of Tupac and The Outlaws, and Bill Ortiz of Carlos Santana's Band. He's been featured on FOX, ABC, A&E, BRAVO, MTV, BET, and many other networks.

Nicola Quagliato (Italy)
Italian Composer Nicola Quagliato has vast experience producing music for Radio Commercials, Television, Film, and Multimedia. He writes in many Electronic styles, such as Lounge, Chill Out, Techno, and Dance, as well as many other genres like Rock, Pop, and New Age. Nicola has been part of numerous projects, frequently collaborating with other musicians, guitarists, bassists, and keyboardists.

Ezzycam (USA)
Ezzycam is a producer, engineer, and composer from Los Angeles who specializes in track production and creating. A pianist and graduate from Musician's Institute, his love for music are deeply rooted in a great feel and intuition for sound design and sculpting. He mainly creates within the Urban-Pop, Hip-Hop, EDM, Dancehall, Electro-Pop and other Electronic based music genres. Ezzycam's work has been featured around the world by various companies for media usage, and some of his influences are Calvin Harris, Dr. Dre, J Dilla and Deadmau5.

Voluptas Mors (Spain)
Voluptas Mors is a Barcelona-based recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer whose supporting vocalists were formed at the beginning of 2017. The dynamic group emerges into the entrancing world of Electronic music, with their own unique and exclusive project. Voluptas Mors' innovative musical style combines elements of Trip-Hop, Down Tempo, Chill Lounge, and Nu-Jazz, with a small Pop music influence.

David Tick (USA)
David Tick’s grooves in the Key of Jazz, with a laidback vibe, are perfect for film theme songs, trailers, road trips, romance and other dramatizations. David composed “Luna Tick” for use as an elegant but hot workout track. You could easily work up a sweat pumping iron or doing Pilates to this sweet track. And "Song For Jackie" is a mellow Latin Jazz composition that would enhance your travel or voiceover projects.

Scott Milligen (Canada)
Scott Milligen is a very creative musician and composer from Toronto, with a strong foundation as a drummer. He has music currently on MTV's "Catfish" and on HBO shows "Vice." Scott's diverse writing ability manages to connect the right emotion to the visual content, whether it be a tension-filled chase or a heartfelt kiss. His compositions can range from complex Orchestral (Hans Zimmer) to Chillwave underscore cues (Washed Out). Scott stays current with his sound design as one must in an industry in constant reinvention.

Leo Badinella (Chile)
Leo Badinella is a talented Italian-Chilean multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and arranger with an impressive background. He has scored TV commercials for brands such as Colgate, Maybelline, Axion, Texaco, Speed Stick, LG, Ajax, and Palmolive, as well as video games like "The Nameless Mod" and "Expeditions: Conquistador." Leo writes in styles ranging from Dramatic and Orchestral-Rock hybrids to Techno, Jazz, and mood Electronica. He also has experience working with independent artists as an Engineer, Mixer, and Producer.

Dan Phillipson (UK)
Since starting out in 2008, Dan Phillipson has quickly established himself as a top production music composer, working with many music libraries and production companies across the world. Dan's music has featured on Film, TV, Radio and many more platforms across the globe on such networks as Discovery, BBC Radio, ITV (UK), Channel 4 (UK), Sky Sports (UK) and more.

Artur Bayramgalin (Russia)
From the Russian Federation comes Artur Bayramgalin who offers an incredible richness of musical ideas in the region of New Age, Jazz World Music, and Electronica. In 2009 Artur recorded his debut album "Interro Island," a combination of local music with Smooth Jazz style, making it unique and unforgettable, a real enrichment for the music world. His recent album released in 2017, "Let’s Talk," is a combination of Contemporary Jazz with catchy melodies, cool grooves, some Electronic elements and an overall positive spirit.

Victoria Gibson (UK)
Victoria Gibson brings an incredible track record of working with some of the finest, most pioneering Electronic bands of the time. She now seeks to provide inspiring world-class music to help you execute your strategic business goals, enhance your brand image, and meet the diverse tastes of your customers. Victoria's vocal House, Indie, Chillout, World, and Lounge music will compete strongly against cliched and heavily branded Pop. Her clients have included McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Pure Barre, and numerous hotels, resorts, and lobbies.

MacTilla (USA)
MacTilla comes to us from Chicago with some hot, thumpin' Hip Hop and Rap that'll make you wanna shake yo thing. You'll also find some hardcore beats that can put you in a banged-up trance. MacTilla and his crew have nailed one sweet cool batch of tracks perfect for party scenes, protests, chaos, beefin' and other urban themes that require an inner city edge. Credits include NBC's Friday Night Lights.

Lars Christian Lundholm (Denmark)
Composer Lars Chistian Lundholm has a degree from Berklee College of Music in Classical Composition, and 15 years of experience writing original New Age, romantic, and chillout music. He has spent much of his time as a performing artist, which has taken him around the world to all 7 continents, including the Antarctic. As a published arranger and composer, Lars has had the chance to work with James Galway, Chick Corea, and other legendary music icons. He has also scored numerous documentaries and video games, and has released several independent albums.

Christian Wirtz (Germany)
Christian Wirtz is a young composer from Germany who has an outstanding portfolio. As a founder of Sonic Edge, he has worked on many video game projects including "Call of Combat," "The Reminiscence," and "Deep Rest." With Dynamedion, whom we also represent, he has worked on orchestral productions for bigger games like "The Elder Scrolls Online" and "Guild Wars," while his commercial sample libraries have made their way around the world and into epic Hollywood blockbusters. Christian is infectious and one not to be overlooked!

Marcin Przybylowicz (Poland)
Polish Composer, Arranger and Audio Producer Marcin Przybylowicz found an inexhaustible source of inspiration in Western music, from Jazz and Pop to Soul, but his tastes also include dramatic, epic and classical film scores, trailer music, and tense video games compositions that thrill audiences around the world. His credits include Duke Nukem Trilogy: Critical Mass, Afterfall, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and others. Marcin's harmonic compositions, creative instincts and imagination all bring a vibrant power and authenticity to film, television, and other new media apps.

Ken Gregory (USA)
Georgia Composer Ken Gregory's innovative compositions combine elements of Jazz, Swing, Latin, Funk, and Bebop with a contemporary approach to rhythm. He has scored projects for a wide range of clients, including Warner Brothers Films, CNN, CNN International, CNN en Espanol, and The Weather Channel, as well as many Radio and TV advertisers. Ken's band Solid State performs his original compositions at Jazz festivals and clubs throughout the US, and has been featured on WRFG, WBCX, and WCLK FM radio stations, PBS Television's "Jazz Atlanta," and at The Atlanta Arts Festival.

John Lee Sanders (USA)
John Lee Sanders, a talented multiple award-winning US composer, singer, lyricist, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist won a 2007 Emmy nomination, German Music Critics Award, 2014 Best Blues Recording, and 2014 San Francisco Drama Critics Award, among others. Credits include 20th Century Fox, Toyota, Nissan, Walmart, Apple, HBO, CBS, PBS, BBC Radio, and CBC Radio. He has also worked with icons like Stevie Wonder, Willie Nelson, Chuck Berry, Hal David, and Oscar-winning composers Paul Williams, Randy Newman, and Alan and Marilyn Bergman.

F.C Works (Spain)
F. C Works (Francisco "Fran" Cifuentes) is a Spanish composer with a DJ background who studied music theory and percussion in Albal, Valencia. At Yamaha Music School, he studied with well-known composers Ben Beiny, Ricardo Curto, and J. M. Aboga. F. C Works is drawn to Electronic music with his first compositions using synthesizers in a style combining tradition with modernity. His Electronic tracks are well suited for Trailers, Scores, and Soundtracks and his first track called HYBRID EVOLUTION III was created with Ben Beiny.

Jason Jaxx (Switzerland)
Electro House DJ and Producer Jason Jaxx is one of Switzerland's top 50 greatest DJs of all time! His singles "Outta Control," "Cube," and many more have peaked in the top 5 on the official Swiss Dance Charts and have also been featured on countless major Dance compilations worldwide. As a remixer, Jason has also produced remixes for Brooklyn Bounce, DJ Analyzer vs Cary August, Jerry Ropero, the Swiss Star DJ Sir Colin, Monophon, and for the Swedish Rock band Shallow Sense.

The Vow (UK)
UK Pop/Rock band The Vow is the brainchild of talented singer-songwriter Graham Trust. The Vow debuted in 2012 with the release of their "For a Dreamer," album, which established them as one of Liverpool's leading unsigned bands. They've since issued three more albums of classic sing-along tunes - "Bluer Than You," "You Are?," "Ghost Writer" and in 2017 the release of the wonderful "Immortal" EP. The Vow's inspiration includes The Beatles along with David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead and the church music that Graham sang as a boy soprano.

Majik (USA)
New York Producer Juan "Majik" Peters co-produced and worked with Olivia (of G-Unit) on J-Records, and also produced the hits Bizounce, R U Capable, Bring Da Roof Down, Lower to My Heart, and Under New Conditions. He co-wrote "For You," by Stephanie Mills for her Born For This LP, and the song "Boy Is Not a Man" from Jon B's Pleasures You Like album. Majik has also done demo work with Melissa Morgan, Anthony Hamilton and Joe Thomas, Co-Write/Production work with Rob Fusari, producer of Destiny's Child, Lady Gaga, and Will Smith.

Sangho Lee (South Korea)
Sangho Lee is a professional composer with more than ten years of industry experience. Since earning his degree in 2004 from the London College of Music in the U. K, he has composed songs for top Korean singers like 'Yoon Do Hyun' and 'Gilme' and his music has been featured in TV, film, commercials and video games. Sangho's passion for music has led him to explore many different styles and genres in his compositions, including Pop, Rock, Orchestral and EDM. He is also a keen sound engineer having achieved an SAE Institute Certificate.
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