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Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the AudioSparx label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Jean-Pierre Lantieri (Malaysia)
Jean-Pierre Lantieri is a unique French artist with an Asian heart who fell in love with the mysterious wonders of South-East Asia. Finding his muse in this part of the world where sunshine and beautiful smiles greet you, he enjoys the enigmatic beliefs, ceremonies and religious happenings of local people from all of Asia. Gathering here and there new ideas while experiencing first-hand the music and culture, Jean-Pierre inspires the people around him with his refreshingly universal music.

Peter Cole (USA)
Peter Cole is a TV, film, and multimedia composer and producer from California who studied music composition at Berklee and UC Santa Cruz and has over 20 years of music creation experience. Peter enjoys composing for many genres of music, with specialties in Dramatic Tension and Suspense; Ambient, Cinematic Underscore; and hybrid mixes of Orchestral, World, and EDM. He has worked with a wide variety of artists including members of Counting Crows, Third Eye Blind, Exodus and even once shared the stage with Billy Joe Armstrong!

Stephen Spender (UK)
Stephen Spender is a highly regarded Canadian/British Singer-Songwriter. His last three albums are reminiscent of David Gray, Paul Simon, and Ray LaMontagne. His melodic and catchy songs are moving, soothing and cool while also being playful as in Moon “Don’t get me wrong I love this earth, I’ve been here since my birth." His heartfelt songs have been used in several festival shorts with his most recent credits to include the acclaimed documentary Chasing Evil (Robbie Knievel story) where his song "Baby Blue" was featured.

John Barron (USA)
Based in Detroit, Michigan, Canadian-born composer/bassist John Barron composes in a variety of musical genres. His works have been recorded by Jazz, Blues and Pop artists. As a performer he has worked Bettye Lavette, Motown legends, such as The Contours and Martha Reeves, Wayne Kramer (MC5), Odessa Harris, Jill Jack, Dennis Coffey and Latin Jazz group Tumbao Bravo. John is also the founder of the progressive Jazz group Trio Reenactment, with an ever-growing fan base in Detroit.

Joe McGowan (USA)
Joe McGowan is an American singer, songwriter, and keyboardist whose music draws from many genres including Country, Pop, Americana, Indie Rock, and Roots Revival. He began playing piano at age four, formal lessons at age six and attended the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts in piano performance during high school. McGowan may have begun writing music at a very young age, but most of his early works were based heavily on piano improvisation. Lyrically Joe McGowan is an old soul, writing words that run the emotional gamut.

DJ Amboe (USA)
Representing local, national, and international independent artists, the DJ Amboe catalog covers everything from trendy Pop and Rock to Dance, Hip Hop, Electronica, Easy Listening, Jazz, and more. Notables include the song "Talkin 2 U" by Fil-Am group Devotion, included in the soundtrack for the Columbia Motion Pictures release "The Debut," as well as "Krontjong Moresko" by the Indisch Muzikanten Collectief (IMC Krontjong Ensemble) included in the international feature film "PolisEvo" from Astro Shaw.

Nicholas Anthony (USA)
Nicholas Anthony is a composer who specializes in writing memorable, high quality music that isn't disposable or generic, but rather something that clients come back to again and again. Working mainly in the Orchestral and Dramatic genres, his work covers styles ranging from drama to comedy, action, suspense, and everything in between. Nicholas' music has been used in ad campaigns for Monster Energy Drinks and the NCAA, and has also been featured in TV shows on ABC, TBS, History, Discovery, TLC, Bravo, A&E, Syfy, Animal Planet, and Oxygen.

Petar Milinkovic (Serbia)
Based in Serbia, Petar Milinkovic is a composer who has written music for TV shows, radio jingles, animated films, video games, and local artists. Showing tremendous diversity, he creates everything from Cinematic Orchestral and Dramatic cues to Contemporary Electronic, Pop, and Rock music. Petar studied music theory and composition, and he plays piano, guitar, bass, drums, and other percussion instruments.

SongsofHD (Sweden)
Based in Sweden, SongsofHD's mission is to "create real music for everyone." From contemporary Pop, Dance, and House tracks with awesome vocals, to cinematic Orchestral and Dramatic cues perfect for trailers and commercials, this duo shows tremendous diversity. SongsofHD are gaining more and more traction on YouTube, and they are also doing collaborations with many other YouTube channels worldwide. Their first three EDM tracks have also reached over 168,000 plays on Spotify in just the first few months.

Pere Soto (Spain)
Pere Soto, hailing from Spain, has demonstrated a tremendous interest in all musical genres, starting in the world of Rock and Blues and moving to Jazz. He is featured in the recent book 'Uncommon Sound', the definitive book about the left-handed guitarists that changed music, along with such artists as Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, and Paul McCartney. Since 1984 he has led the Catalan International gypsy jazz band "Django's Castle".

Wicked Ear Candy (USA)
Wicked Ear Candy is a creative and daring group of artists set to deconstruct the administrative state of your brain with their hot and saucy writing and production skills. Feeling wicked? You've come to the right place!

Starcats Project (Australia)
The Starcats Project was formed in 2014 by Dean Jones (Australia) and Roman Shk (Russia) through a chance encounter online. Since then, the duo has established a label, WE Music Unlimited, an Ambient/Electronic Duo called Ambientronic, and are collaborating on production music for their Starcats Project. They deliver a world-class catalog with the expertise necessary to create the perfect soundtrack for your next project. With recent credits to include writing, arranging and producing, this duo is the perfect fit for any music need!

Mr. Walker (USA)
Mr. Walker is a U.S. artist who strives to deliver tracks that will entertain any audience from start to finish. His productions will inspire, uplift, and keep the listener focused, creating an atmosphere perfect for unity among constituents, clients, friends, family, and corporate functions. Useful in creating stress-free work environments and boosting production, Mr. Walker's mixed genre tracks will satisfy the taste of every listener. Each track is specific in its design, showcasing its original glory! It's Music You Can Roll With!

Jesus Calderon (Spain)
Jesús Calderón is a talented film music composer from Spain who has written over 100 soundtracks for short films, animation, documentaries, movies, theatre, advertising, etc. Over the years he has worked with filmmakers and producers from many countries, winning several awards for his music in international festivals, like the "Hollywood Music in Media Award" (Los Angeles) in 2012. Classical trained, but influenced by electronic music and movie soundtracks, Jesús's compositions are unique and full of sonic mixtures.

Adam Bennett (USA)
Adam Bennett, professionally known as Snazzy Phade, is an American Electronic Music Producer and DJ from California. Based out of the Bay Area, Adam specializes in Electronic Dance music (EDM), Progressive House, Future Bass, and Hip Hop. Currently attending SAE Expression College for Audio Engineering/Music Production, Adam is currently working on finding his own sound and building a reliable brand to release his art.

Gary Queen (USA)
Gary Queen's musical life began in Ohio learning to play Blues and Rock and performing in local clubs. He later developed an interest in Jazz and began a serious study of Jazz, Classical, and other styles at the Cleveland Institute of Music and Berklee College of Music. Gary played in many star policy venues, did Broadway Shows, and toured with the International Co. of A Chorus Line. He moved to Nevada in 1983 and his since played thousands of gigs, from dancing seals to Luciano Pavarotti, costumed shows, Jazz concerts, and Italian music.

Tommy Hynes (Australia)
Tommy Hynes has been involved in music from a young age, and following an eclectic path of instruments and genres he is now most commonly found performing as a Pop/Rock covers musician in South East Queensland. With numerous recording credits to his name and countless hours on stage as a performer, Tommy first dabbled in creative sound design for theater in 2011, developing a real passion for the use of music and sound to create emotion and augment the art of storytelling. Let his inspiration and talents enhance your next project.

Big Brown (Thailand)
'Big Brown' is a musical creation that delivers great sounds in the genres of Thai, Contemporary, Acoustic, and Pop. A real Thai composer, this eclectic artist creates beautiful Contemporary music with a traditional violin ambiance. Combining the sounds from Ranat (Thai Xylophone), Khong Wong, Pin (Thai dulcimer), and including acoustic guitar, piano, and strings, Big Brown builds orchestral sounds that are infectious and pleasing to any listening ear!

Paul Jupe (UK)
Based in the UK, Paul Jupe is a Guitarist, Composer, and Musician with over 25 years experience. From live performances to writing and recording, he works within many different genres and has contributed his playing to many artists and solo projects, including music for TV and Film with Grammy nominated producer Rick Hale. Paul is the founding member of Rock band ACHILLEA, an international band bringing musicians together from around the world and country rock band AGD .

Alberto Fuentes (El Salvador)
Based in El Salvador, Alberto Fuentes is a musician, composer, and NatGeo voiceover talent who blends different styles to create intense and powerful music. His Dramatic works often mix Heavy Metal, Orchestral, Asian, and World elements to create a unique sound that is both cinematic and contemporary. Alberto draws influence from the passion and intensity of Brahms and Shostakovich, the romantic and melancholic feeling of Tchaikovsky, and the bizarre notes of Metal bands like Paradise Lost, Lacrimas Profundere, At the Gates, and Haggard.

Mays & Corn (USA)
Mays & Corn are the songwriting duo of Clifford Mays and Michael Corn. The two have co-written a large body of critically acclaimed songs, recording/performing them with their bands "Heydevils," and "The Great Red Shark." Their style includes Pop Acoustic Folk to heavier Post-Modern Rock and many genres in between. Mays & Corn also compose music for film/TV and are currently composing for the Emmy winning series "Leah Remini: Scientology & The Aftermath," and the Emmy nominated "Intervention" & "Wahlburgers," all on A&E.

Ronald Nelson (USA)
Based in Oregon, Ronald Nelson is an artist who loves to express himself through unique musical compositions. His eclectic works range from Rock and Experimental music to Dramatic, Bluegrass, Christian, Techno, and even Science Fiction themes. Ron has a liberal arts education with both philosophical and theological studies which aid him in creatively writing both songs and instrumentals.

Manuka Music Productions (New Zealand)
Welcome to Manuka Music Productions. You will find a wide range of instrumental music for different production purposes: from Classical music to Rock/Pop, from short acoustic Blues themes to powerful Band arrangements.

Ryan Stunkel (USA)
Based in Florida, Ryan Stunkel is a composer who writes music for movies, video games, and broadcast TV. Working in a wide range of genres, he writes everything from cinematic Orchestral and Dramatic cues to Rock, Pop, Electronic, and Corporate tracks. Ryan's passion for creating emotional impact shines through in everything he creates, whether it's music, sound design, visual art, or speech. With a combination of his Bachelors in Recording Arts and years of experience composing, Ryan excels at creating a beautiful and immersive experience.

Nicoco (France)
Based in France, Nicoco is a composer, percussionist, and pianist with over 20 years experience. His catalog of music ranges from explosive Classical and Dramatic pieces to contemporary Jazz, Electronica, Soul, Pop, Ambient, RnB, Hip Hop, and Disco tracks. A critic recently described Nicoco's work as "... a rich world of sound, seasoned with peppery-sweet rhythms, brightened juicy and sparkling melodies with real pieces of bubbles in it. Yum yum! We always feel a blue chord behind it..."

Steve Curry (USA)
Texas Composer Steve Curry plays nearly 200 shows a year with the award-winning band The Texas Gypsies, cooking up a hot blend of Gypsy Jazz and Western Swing. He began touring full time at age 19, and a year later found himself studying guitar at the Musicians Institute in LA. Steve has toured and recorded with such diverse artists as The Jacksons, Boney James, and Jeff Buckley, and he has also played on many TV and Film soundtracks. A versatile writer, Steve brings us stellar music in the Rock, Pop, Ethnic, and Dramatic genres.

Steven Harris (Australia)
Steven Harris is a composer, songwriter and music producer from Melbourne, Australia, focusing on music production for film, TV, and advertising. Steven has an active network of contributing singers and musicians. With an ear for what's new and an understanding of the retro, Steven blends the two to create appealing music with a solid commercial quality. Steven's impressive credits include "I Want Her" in Scary Movie 5, the soundtrack for Jimmy (an independent short Australian film), Mercedes TV advertising, and three published musicals.

Soulful Cafe (Spain)
Coming to us from Girona, in the Catalonia region of Spain, Ted Peters, the brainchild of Soulful Café, has spent over 15 years in his studio composing and producing music for various hot DJs in the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, South America, and under his own various artist brand names. Working with the best musicians, Soulful Café has an amazing catalog of almost 200 hot tracks. Tune in and turn on to this artist's fun, fashionable genres, including Chillout, House, Dub, Lounge, Dance, and more!

Gordon Smith (USA)
From Michigan, Gordon Smith has composed, produced, and toured for over a decade. His music as a producer and artist (The Kickstand Band) has been featured in worldwide commercials, ad campaigns, and TV shows with clients including Chevy, GM, Harmon Kardon and MTV. His penchant for hooks, memorable melodies, and unique sound palates make for exciting, versatile music fitting for any project. Gordon's credits include Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas - Secret Evil - Guitar, and The Kickstand Band - Baby Pictures (MTV Teen Mom 2).

James Patrick Bowers (Canada)
James Patrick Bowers has been writing music for television since 1986. From Canada, he is fresh, unique, and easy to work alongside. James has won numerous awards including ProMax and SOCAN. He has had the pleasure of creating the music brand for many Global Television Network Canada properties since 2001 and his music is heard in millions of homes across Canada every day. James has performed with many top Canadian bands including Prism and Chilliwack, playing for up to 30,000 people. His experience is impressive and something not to miss.

Craig Robart (USA)
Craig Robart creates unique instrumental music and underscores with the freshest sounds. From California, he co-writes Rock and Pop with a small team of singers and instrumentalists whose music appears on a popular Reality TV show. Recently, Craig was the Music Director for two tribute bands creating all the backing tracks and performing on keyboards for 90-minute shows around the country. As a career musician who writes great music that sounds fresh and feels good, Craig's catalog also covers Dramatic, Electronic, and various World genres.

Eric Michael Fisher (USA)
Eric Michael Fisher is a professional composer, programmer and SFX creator from Los Angeles. He attended the University of Illinois for music composition where he won the prestigious Morton Gould Award in 2011, competing with 750 scores. After college, he became a ghostwriter for a famous Hollywood composer, making SFX and music for TV shows. Recently, Eric started a mobile app company specializing in camera and audio mobile apps which compliments his love for programming and music, equally combining the two art forms to make unique sounds.

Erick Anderson (USA)
Minnesota artist Erick Anderson has been a part of the Hip Hop group "Atmosphere" since 2004, and he's appeared on David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, and Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk shows. He has been heavily involved in writing and recording since 2008, receiving endorsements from the likes of Hammond Organ, Moog Music, and Novation. Erick started learning music by ear, then trained for years in Classical, Urban, Gospel, Jazz, Funk, RnB, Hip Hop, and Reggae genres, and now he uses all of these styles in his compositions.

Tyler Hulett (USA)
Oregonian scientist and part-time filmmaker Tyler Hulett has a Ph. D. in immunology from Oregon Health & Science University. His passion is getting outdoors and capturing film and audio recordings of America's few remaining wild places - locations where he can capture long nature soundscapes without any human noise such as plane flyovers or distant cars. Tyler focuses on Oregon's forests and wild west desert region. His credits include 'Dawn of Fire,' a Vimeo Staff Pick featured by National Geographic, Outside Online, and Business Insider.

Marco Randria (Czech Republic)
Former IT Manager, Marco Randria is a full-time multi-instrumentalist and music composer from Prague specializing in Film, TV, and Video Games. A skilled artist, he has been professionally composing and performing for ten years for various genres, bands, and media. Recently certified by Berklee College of Music as a Film, TV and Video Game Composer; Marco produces music themes for TV and short films delivering professionalism and creativity. He is open-minded about any genre and is proficient in Classical, Modern, and Ethnic music.

Alan Lennon (Ireland)
Alan Lennon is an Irish Composer/Guitarist with a penchant for strong and passionate melodies. Influenced by artists like Hans Zimmer, Enya, Two Steps From Hell, Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, and Gary Moore, he has released two albums of instrumental guitar music, "Heavens Call" and "Tempus." Both have received rave reviews like "That eerie, majestic sense of atmosphere coupled with divine melody" and "These songs are so original and with such a giant statue of beauty." Alan's music is cinematic and dramatic and perfect for all media projects.

Lennart Brugman (Netherlands)
Lennart Brugman is a songwriter and producer for artists, bands, and media from the Netherlands, and works with artists all over the world, including some from major record labels like Sony Music. One of his most recent projects is his collaboration with (Dutch) X-factor finalist, Mae Fox (Maaike Vos). Lennart also developed many of his skills for music creation from multi-platinum record producer, composer and musician Warren Huart (Aerosmith, James Blunt, The Fray) at Spitfire Studio in Los Angeles.

Color Theory (USA)
1980's Synthpop is in Brian Hazard's blood, but he makes a rule of only listening to music less than two years old. His Color Theory project's distinctive brand of literary Dance Pop strikes a healthy balance, fleshed out with rich piano voicings. Anyone who took music lessons as a kid calls themselves "classically trained," but Hazard went the distance, earning a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance. Immediately after graduation, he left Beethoven and Brahms behind to pursue his first musical inspiration, Depeche Mode.

Vadim Chelnokov (Russia)
Based in Moscow, Vadim Chelnokov is an experienced composer and producer who has been active in the music business for over 20 years. His music has been featured on worldwide commercials, ad campaigns, movie trailers, and radio jingles, with clients including Microsoft, McDonald's, Sony, Audi, Reebok, Acer, Levi's, and Swatch, among many others. If you want THAT sound you hear on network TV or at the movies, Vadim's high-end catalog is what you are looking for. Genres include Orchestral, Pop, Jazz, New Age, Christmas, Kids, and Corporate.

Nelson Hinds (USA)
Pennsylvania-born composer and arranger Nelson Hinds creates music in the Dramatic, Rock, Jazz, and Classical genres. Now living in Colorado, he scores music for several symphony orchestras as well as a number of local programs, including the Rocky Mountain Holiday Series and Colorado Historical Society. Nelson's music has also appeared on TV shows such as Breed All About It, Unwrapped, Mings Quest, Busted, Rocky Mountain Holiday Series, Ireland, Disney Weddings, a Parade Magazine TV Special, and many more.
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