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Dramatic music for military intrigue, planning, deployment, battle, war, aftermath, ceremonies, training and similar combat and military themes. Includes excellent military battle action music, patriotic music (both traditional and contemporary), as well as brass music (reveille, taps, etc.). Plus you can find the perfect music track for the Civil War, submarine warfare, nuclear holocaust, and even vintage music from Nazi Germany's Third Reich.


  41  Battle Action | Electronica and Rocktronica Music
  171  Battle Action | Electro-Orchestral Music
  58  Battle Action | Gothic Music
  15  Battle Action | Middle-East Music
  160  Battle Action | Orchestral Intense Music
  51  Battle Action | Rock and Metal
  30  Battle Action | Tribal Music
  12  Battle Action | World War II Soundscape Music
  112  Battle Aftermath | Defeat Music
  111  Battle Aftermath | Victory Music
  76  Battle Commencing | Electronic
  64  Battle Commencing | Electro-Orchestral Music
  7  Battle Commencing | Ethnic Music
  18  Battle Commencing | Gothic
  131  Battle Commencing | Orchestral Music
  10  Battle Commencing | Rock and Metal
  14  Battle Preparation | Celtic Music
  101  Battle Preparation | Electronic and Electro-Orchestral Music
  17  Battle Preparation | Gothic Music
  160  Battle Preparation | Marching to War Music
  243  Battle Preparation | Orchestral Epic Music
  29  Battle Preparation | Rock Music
  18  Battle Preparation | Urban Contemporary Music
  1  Military (pending categorization)
  22  Military Ambient Soundscape Music
  98  Military Brass (Charge, Reveille, Taps, etc.)
  54  Military Ceremony Music
419  Military Chase, Hunting, Stalking Music
  225  Military Dramatic Heroic Epic Music
  68  Military Dramatic Intrigue Music
  37  Military March | Civil War March
  32  Military March | Fife and Drum Blues
  130  Military March | March and Parade music
  8  Military MusicPacks
  17  Nuclear Holocaust Music
  31  Patriotic Contemporary Music
  92  Patriotic Orchestral Music
380  Patriotic Traditional Music
  14  Submarine Music
33  Vintage | German Third Reich
3,310 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

Mark S. Crocker

Amazing Music

Bryan Fusilier

Dewey Dellay

Michael Keck

Amazing Music

Mark Hewer

Jon Purdey

Erwin Steijlen

Bjorn Lynne

Gennadiy Alekseevich

Igge Scoce

Kevin Webster

Filmmusic Group

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