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Music for dramatic productions, including film, television, theatrical, and all production arts. Some of the leading production companies in the world have used our digital audio tracks in the production of award-winning motion pictures, television shows, commercials and more.

Please note that, in general, all music on this site can be used for commercial/production purposes, however the music in this category is especially well-suited for production use and does not necessarily fit well in other traditional popular music genres.


  126  Band, orchestra warm-ups
  230  Broadway and Theatrical music
  974  Calm, quiet, edgy with tension music
  319  Calm, quiet, hypnotic, repetitious music
  4,690  Calm, quiet, mellow, serene music
  298  Clock and Time Themes music
  4,509  Contemplative, considering, evaluating music
  456  Dramatic Music (pending categorization)
  119  Dramatic MusicPacks (multiple genres)
  89  Dramatic Operatic
  69  Dramatic Risers
  1,453  Dramatic Solo Piano
  2,528  Electronic, synthetic music
  6,501  Energizing, inspiring, positive music
  5,121  Ethereal, dreamy and beautiful music
215  Ethereal, dreamy and beautiful music (Chinese)
  2,425  Happy, elated, joyful music
98  Happy, Springtime, harvest, joyful (Chinese)
  2,814  Heartwarming uplifting music
  998  Hectic, fast, intense music
431  Hollywood orchestral action music (wild and intense)
  503  Hollywood orchestral epic music (lush and beautiful)
  2,066  Magical and wondrous music
  177  Mechanical, Industrial and Machine-Like music
  521  Patriotic, proud music
62  Regal Chinese
  75  Regal Electro-Orchestral
  1,899  Regal Orchestral
  3,528  Romantic, passionate music
42  Sad, somber, sorrowful, longing, lost, defeated (Chinese)
  4,506  Sad, somber, sorrowful, longing, lost, defeated music
  835  Smooth, entertaining music
  1,784  Tender, innocent, wholesome music
  3,049  Whimsical and playful music
53,510 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

J.T. Peterson

Clive Lukover

Milana Zilnik


Fab Claxton

David Johanns

Stephan Lindsjo

Emmett Cooke


David C. Hewitt

Tom Jemmott

Nicholas Pesci

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