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Below are just some of the great commercial music tracks on our site, perfect for commercial advertising on TV, Radio and Internet, news show themes, corporate branding, video or website presentations and other business uses.

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Carl Miles Wall Street - Carl Miles
Soundroad Wind of Hope - Soundroad
Robert Neary Bright Future - Robert Neary
Roeland Ruijsch Tangerine Sundown Full - Roeland Ruijsch
Somnium Inspire Imagination - Somnium
Marc Filmer Visualization - Marc Filmer
Mikael Manvelyan Universe 2 - Mikael Manvelyan
Alec Makinson Decision Time (Main Mix) - Alec Makinson
Nicholas Pesci Aerodynamics - Nicholas Pesci
Jonathan Wright Wake Up, It's a New Day - Jonathan Wright
Jive Ass Sleepers American in Paris - Jive Ass Sleepers
KLM Music Inspirational Piano - KLM Music
Peter Godfrey Joy - Peter Godfrey
Denis Woods Saurus - Denis Woods
Ross Milligan Counting the Hours - Ross Milligan
Oscar Salguero Chariots of Victory - Oscar Salguero
Dan Phillipson Its All Around (60-Secs Version) - Dan Phillipson
Chris Hodges Inspiration Station (60 Second) - Chris Hodges
Benny Hawes Upbeat Piano Commercial (1min) - Benny Hawes
Kevin M. Baumgard Bright - Kevin M. Baumgard
Jim Pearce Shine Like the Sun - Jim Pearce
Wolftooth Chasing Time - Wolftooth
Rikah Everything Is Changing (Matthew & Salguero Ins) - Rikah
Jonas Bateman Above White Clouds (60-Secs Version) - Jonas Bateman
Bjorn Lynne Just Diddle (60-secs version) - Bjorn Lynne
Dean Wagg Soaring Through the Clouds 60 Sec - Dean Wagg
Max Brodie Feeling Great (60-Secs Version) - Max Brodie
Chuck Mott Snow Day - Chuck Mott
Rikah Everything Is Changing (Verano Instrumental Rmx) - Rikah
Soundroad Brand New Element - Soundroad
Joel Hunger Throwing Off the Bowlines - Joel Hunger
Alexander John Ericson Big City Nights (60 - Secs Version) - Alexander John Ericson
Botabateau Great Vision (15 Sec Ver.) - Botabateau
Marco Pesci Together We Will Succeed (30sec B) - Marco Pesci
Dan Gautreau Heartbeat (30-Secs Version) - Dan Gautreau
Kyle Booth Upbeat Guitar With Percussion Cue - Kyle Booth
Bjorn Lynne You And Yourself (30-secs Version) - Bjorn Lynne
Platinum Dreams We Are Happy - Platinum Dreams
John Judd Locks 30 Seconds - John Judd
Music Candy The Endless Summer (30 secs) - Music Candy
Vess Ray It's a New Day 30sec - Vess Ray
Ross Milligan One for Django 30 Sec - Ross Milligan
Evens Colas Mediaone - Evens Colas
Denis Woods Dragon 30 Sec - Denis Woods
Masterwerks R&B All of Creation - Masterwerks R&B
Steve E. Williams Motivational Impact - 30 Sec - Steve E. Williams
Patrick Best News and Technology - Patrick Best
Jim Cook Achievement - Corporate - Uplifting - Jim Cook
Anton Atom city time motion (15s) - Anton Atom
Andy Schofield Epistle of Shadows 0.15 - Andy Schofield
Alandra Far Away Logo - Alandra
Dan Phillipson Say What You Mean (Stinger 02) - Dan Phillipson
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic Inspired Heights (Stinger 02) - Aleksandar Dimitrijevic
Denis Woods Ahyaya 15 Sec - Denis Woods
Nicholas Pesci Picture of You (Verse) - Nicholas Pesci
DJ Myde Changes (Original Mix) loop - DJ Myde
Sangho Lee Bright Vision - Stinger - Sangho Lee
Shadrick Beechem Salvation Stinger - Shadrick Beechem
Soundroad Pulse (15 Sec) - Soundroad
Craig McConnell Appalachian Stream Loop - Craig McConnell
John Judd Imagine Mandolins - John Judd
Serge Ozeryan Mint Syrup - Serge Ozeryan
Thomas Hogan (LP) Soaring Orchestral Logo - Thomas Hogan (LP)
Nery Bauer Time Zone (Stinger 01) - Nery Bauer

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Action 60-Sec
African 60-Sec
Americana 60-Sec
Animal 60-Sec
Asian 60-Sec
Blues 60-Sec
Brazilian 60-Sec
Cartoon 60-Sec
Childrens 60-Sec
Chinese 60-Sec
Christmas 60-Sec
Circus 60-Sec
Classical 60-Sec
Comedy 60-Sec
Corporate 60-Sec
Country 60-Sec
Dance 60-Sec
Dangerous 60-Sec
Dramatic 60-Sec
Drums 60-Sec
East European 60-Sec
Electronic 60-Sec
European 60-Sec
Folk 60-Sec
Hawaiian 60-Sec
Hip Hop 60-Sec
Horror 60-Sec
Indian 60-Sec
Indie Rock 60-Sec
Japanese 60-Sec
Jazz 60-Sec
Latin 60-Sec
Middle East 60-Sec
Military 60-Sec
National Anthem 60-Sec
New Age 60-Sec
News 60-Sec
Pop 60-Sec
Reggae 60-Sec
Reggaeton 60-Sec
RnB 60-Sec
Rock 60-Sec
Science Fiction 60-Sec
Singer/Songwriter 60-Sec
Soundalikes 60-Sec
Spiritual 60-Sec
Sports 60-Sec
Themes 60-Sec
Tropical 60-Sec
UK Bass 60-Sec
Vietnamese 60-Sec
World Fusion 60-Sec

Action 30-Sec
African 30-Sec
Americana 30-Sec
Animal 30-Sec
Asian 30-Sec
Blues 30-Sec
Brazilian 30-Sec
Cartoon 30-Sec
Childrens 30-Sec
Chinese 30-Sec
Christmas 30-Sec
Circus 30-Sec
Classical 30-Sec
Comedy 30-Sec
Corporate 30-Sec
Country 30-Sec
Dance 30-Sec
Dangerous 30-Sec
Dramatic 30-Sec
Drums 30-Sec
East European 30-Sec
Electronic 30-Sec
European 30-Sec
Folk 30-Sec
Hawaiian 30-Sec
Hip Hop 30-Sec
Horror 30-Sec
Indian 30-Sec
Indie Rock 30-Sec
Japanese 30-Sec
Jazz 30-Sec
Latin 30-Sec
Middle East 30-Sec
Military 30-Sec
National Anthem 30-Sec
New Age 30-Sec
News 30-Sec
Pop 30-Sec
Reggae 30-Sec
Reggaeton 30-Sec
RnB 30-Sec
Rock 30-Sec
Science Fiction 30-Sec
Singer/Songwriter 30-Sec
Soundalikes 30-Sec
Spiritual 30-Sec
Sports 30-Sec
Themes 30-Sec
Tropical 30-Sec
UK Bass 30-Sec
Vietnamese 30-Sec
World Fusion 30-Sec

Action 15-Sec
African 15-Sec
Americana 15-Sec
Animal 15-Sec
Asian 15-Sec
Blues 15-Sec
Brazilian 15-Sec
Cartoon 15-Sec
Childrens 15-Sec
Chinese 15-Sec
Christmas 15-Sec
Circus 15-Sec
Classical 15-Sec
Comedy 15-Sec
Corporate 15-Sec
Country 15-Sec
Dance 15-Sec
Dangerous 15-Sec
Dramatic 15-Sec
Drums 15-Sec
East European 15-Sec
Electronic 15-Sec
European 15-Sec
Folk 15-Sec
Hawaiian 15-Sec
Hip Hop 15-Sec
Horror 15-Sec
Indian 15-Sec
Indie Rock 15-Sec
Japanese 15-Sec
Jazz 15-Sec
Latin 15-Sec
Middle East 15-Sec
Military 15-Sec
National Anthem 15-Sec
New Age 15-Sec
News 15-Sec
Pop 15-Sec
Reggae 15-Sec
Reggaeton 15-Sec
RnB 15-Sec
Rock 15-Sec
Science Fiction 15-Sec
Singer/Songwriter 15-Sec
Soundalikes 15-Sec
Spiritual 15-Sec
Sports 15-Sec
Themes 15-Sec
Tropical 15-Sec
UK Bass 15-Sec
Vietnamese 15-Sec
World Fusion 15-Sec


Definitive Commercial Music

With tens of thousands of hot commercial music tracks at your fingertips, why go anywhere else? We make it so easy for you to find the perfect edit, in the perfect genre, mood or style. Take your productions to a whole new level today with music from!

Today's Featured Artist

Brian Thomas Curtin

Brian Thomas Curtin is a composer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist whose music can be heard on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, MTV, VH1, Discovery, History, Bravo, TLC, TNT, Comcast, E!, G4 Tech TV, Logo TV, Oxygen, TBS, Versus, and many other networks. His music has also been featured in documentaries, trailers, cartoons, web videos, and other projects. Combining his love of thematic Orchestral music and Electronica into one unique voice, Brian's dramatic and provocative scores bring a contemporary edge to today's media world.

A Heroic Quest
Written in the style of epic heroic action films and recorded with a live orchestra. The main themes are played and restated as the music builds through the use of varied orchestral color...

We Wish You a Merry Christmas
An upbeat, bright and cheery orchestral arrangement of a timeless holiday classic. Dating back to Merry Olde England, this festive Christmas carol captures the joy and spirit of the Yulet...

Chances Are Good
Hopeful and optimistic, this elevating light-rock instrumental has a dreamy hypnotic groove with a steady slow buildup to a positive and inspiring uplifting chorus. Features melodic keybo...

Back in the Game
Atmospheric and mysterious, this haunting soundtrack has an undercurrent of bittersweet, emotional tension. A tender, solitary piano melody with subtle morphing pads quietly starts the tr...

Will to Win
Epic orchestral soundtrack with a powerful driving groove that relentlessly pushes forward creating a feeling of extreme intensity and urgency. Featuring cinematic trailer-esque style pro...

Carol of the Bells | Shchedryk
Dynamic and exciting instrumental version of a popular Christmas classic that features dramatic orchestral colors with a slow and steady, escalating explosive buildup. With its pulsating ...

New Commercial Music on Site
D. Silverstone Final Round (30 Sec) - D. Silverstone
Dragan Matic Way Up - Dragan Matic
Klaus Gyordy Flying Machine (House Music)- Vara D&B - Klaus Gyordy
Ryan Stunkel Jimmy Jam Jangle - Ryan Stunkel
Deep Taking Me Higher - Deep
Leon Ayers, Jr. Finding You - Leon Ayers, Jr.
Zev Weinstein Indie Strut - Zev Weinstein
Klaus Gyordy Flying Machine (House Music) - 60sec - Klaus Gyordy
Dan Gautreau Rock My World - Dan Gautreau
Aaron Saloman NewSeason Glockenspiel - Aaron Saloman
Petar Milinkovic Emotional Piano and Strings - Petar Milinkovic
Carl Miles Little Cat - Carl Miles
Dragan Matic Universe - Dragan Matic
Steven Messuri Warm Kool Frost - Steven Messuri
Denis Woods Winning Momentum - Denis Woods
Yes Thats Great Road Tinted - Yes Thats Great
Watt Generated Benjamins Decepticons - Watt Generated Benjamins
Dan Foster Sweet Apple - Dan Foster
Dan Foster Tomorow Will Shine - Dan Foster
David Flavin Hidden Intrigue - David Flavin
Craig Robart Industrial Strength - Craig Robart
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic Vitality - Aleksandar Dimitrijevic
David Flavin Sky High - David Flavin
Bobby Cole (LP) Power Pop Goes Bang - Bobby Cole (LP)
Alexander John Ericson Early Flight - Alexander John Ericson
Walter Mmari Until We Meet Again - Walter Mmari
Marco Randria Upbeat Corporate Rock - Marco Randria
Gennadiy Alekseevich Upbeat Uplifting - 1 - Gennadiy Alekseevich
Gustavo Coutinho Deep Breaths - Gustavo Coutinho
Steve Curry Hero Quest - Steve Curry
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