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Audio Architect Music   
This handy pack is great for Japanese flavoured projects as well as most generally Asian oriented (pun intended) ventures. 5 minimalist tracks, from loopable ambient to very organic traditional. Perfect for TV travel show, documentary, cooking, advertising, Iron Chef, Geisha house, culture.
Audio Architect Music   
This is big Hollywood blockbuster cinematic trailer style stuff so strap in! Don't be fooled by the quiet beginning. It builds to high energy percussive orchestra and synth, climaxing with a gigantic percussive ending hit! Pack contains separated section edits, also 2 minute full version, GO!

Audio Architect Music   
Anyone remember the 80's Japanese band Loudness? You don't? What?! Ok, well this sounds like an instrumental version of Judas Priest, U2, Iron Maiden & more. Suits corporate advert, branding, sports show, surfing, teenager themes. Good energy, fast, uplifting, motivational, dynamic, powerful & fun
Audio Architect Music   
High-end Hollywood orchestral trailer style with dramatic choir. Marching to war, revenge, superhero action! This is a 5 piece soundpack. Hear how it builds into a full blown epic. Think Gladiator, battle, 300, heroic, epic action. Blockbuster! Percussive, choral, big, cinematic and bombastic.

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