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Country Music Artists

Here you will discover the top Country Music artists at AudioSparx!

Most Prolific Artists
2,255 Tracks   Dan Gautreau Dan Gautreau

116 Tracks   Herrick Herrick

603 Tracks   Amazing Music Amazing Music

111 Tracks   Sean John Clark Sean John Clark

127 Tracks   Code Switcher Code Switcher

76 Tracks   Lochlainn Seabrook Lochlainn Seabrook

98 Tracks   Regina Smoler Regina Smoler

139 Tracks   David Harper David Harper

58 Tracks   Kally O'Mally Kally O'Mally

22 Tracks   Kortney Jean Kortney Jean
(APR 2014)

4,253 Tracks   Music Candy Music Candy   *Exclusive Artist*
(JAN 2014)

1,089 Tracks   Eddie Caldwell Eddie Caldwell

83 Tracks   Jerry Brewer Jerry Brewer   *Exclusive Artist*

208 Tracks   Space Taster Space Taster

1,023 Tracks   Francesco Biondi Francesco Biondi

157 Tracks   Mark Fitchett Mark Fitchett

332 Tracks   Jeff Eden Jeff Eden

455 Tracks   Tim Brown Tim Brown

1,248 Tracks   Joey Stebanuk Joey Stebanuk
(AUG 2014)

69 Tracks   Frank Zaruba Frank Zaruba

40 Tracks   Derek McCorkell Derek McCorkell

76 Tracks   Nashville Session Players Nashville Session Players

1,751 Tracks   Jeremy Sherman Jeremy Sherman

681 Tracks   Torfi Olafsson Torfi Olafsson

654 Tracks   Chuck Mott Chuck Mott

185 Tracks   Larry Warren Larry Warren

182 Tracks   David Van Walker David Van Walker

1,031 Tracks   J Goldfinger J Goldfinger

535 Tracks   William Naughton William Naughton

149 Tracks   C.J. Masters C.J. Masters

13 Tracks   The Coydogs The Coydogs Hot New Artist!

291 Tracks   Kenny Mac Kenny Mac

1,401 Tracks   Aaron Saloman Aaron Saloman

108 Tracks   Dan Robinson Dan Robinson

382 Tracks   Ross Martin Ross Martin

133 Tracks   Paul Reece Paul Reece

837 Tracks   Chris Bernard Chris Bernard

1,921 Tracks   The Music Bakery The Music Bakery

53 Tracks   Dean Anthony Caputo Dean Anthony Caputo

72 Tracks   Angel Ruiz Angel Ruiz

5,055 Tracks   Ron Komie Ron Komie

347 Tracks   Ideascapes Music Ideascapes Music

1,466 Tracks   Michael Panasuk Michael Panasuk

128 Tracks   Adrian Haene Adrian Haene

1,759 Tracks   Gary Wolk Gary Wolk   *Exclusive Artist*
(DEC 2014)

1,182 Tracks   Pete Bax Pete Bax

115 Tracks   KGMP Music Machine KGMP Music Machine

192 Tracks   Kevin Reardon Kevin Reardon

312 Tracks   Michael Warner Michael Warner

518 Tracks   Evan Zappa & the Necessity Evan Zappa & the Necessity

1,643 Tracks   Above Envy Above Envy

394 Tracks   Purple Mountain Purple Mountain

865 Tracks   Wilton Vought Wilton Vought

371 Tracks   Elizabeth C. Axford Elizabeth C. Axford

225 Tracks   David J. Smith David J. Smith

558 Tracks   Brenda Elthon Brenda Elthon

588 Tracks   Robert Dellaposta Robert Dellaposta

161 Tracks   Peter Prince Peter Prince

138 Tracks   Haene & Midnite Haene & Midnite

483 Tracks   Verona Music Verona Music

7,893 Tracks   Bjorn Lynne Bjorn Lynne

413 Tracks   Al Cohen Al Cohen

837 Tracks   Patrick Best Patrick Best

1,589 Tracks   Inod Inod

560 Tracks   Bob Blake Bob Blake

2,563 Tracks   GarsuMene GarsuMene Hot New Artist!

305 Tracks   Ben Haber Ben Haber

262 Tracks   The Tune Mill The Tune Mill

39 Tracks   Annie & King Annie & King Hot New Artist!

16 Tracks   Jeff Pedigo Jeff Pedigo

75 Tracks   Colin Ward Colin Ward

74 Tracks   Clark Ford Clark Ford

114 Tracks   David SweetLow David SweetLow

945 Tracks   SoundTrove SoundTrove

1,471 Tracks   Eaglestone Music Eaglestone Music

78 Tracks   Sara Laine Sara Laine

2,724 Tracks   Western Horizon Productions Western Horizon Productions

277 Tracks   Martin Haene Martin Haene

130 Tracks   Paul McLinden (LP) Paul McLinden (LP)

481 Tracks   Doug Kidder Doug Kidder

2,065 Tracks   Steve Urwin Steve Urwin

3,500 Tracks   Shockwave-Sound Royalty Free Shockwave-Sound Royalty Free

155 Tracks   Benn Cutarelli Benn Cutarelli

427 Tracks   Stephen Buzzell Stephen Buzzell

64 Tracks   Case In Point Case In Point

1,649 Tracks   Rick Dickert Rick Dickert

70 Tracks   Tom Horner Tom Horner

1,273 Tracks   Liam Killen Liam Killen

233 Tracks   The Schmidt Brothers The Schmidt Brothers

1,322 Tracks   David Phillips David Phillips

1,085 Tracks   Abbas Premjee (LP) Abbas Premjee (LP)

881 Tracks   Dustin Taylor Phillips Dustin Taylor Phillips

457 Tracks   Steve Dafoe Steve Dafoe

1,737 Tracks   Wicked Ear Candy Wicked Ear Candy

39 Tracks   Mountain Rio Mountain Rio

94 Tracks   RAW Boswin and the Gonnabees RAW Boswin and the Gonnabees

885 Tracks   Alan Fagan Alan Fagan

1,753 Tracks   Image Sounds Image Sounds

5,211 Tracks   John Starcluster (LP) John Starcluster (LP)

844 Tracks   Ori Vidislavski Ori Vidislavski
(MAY 2012)

48 Tracks   Christy Angeletti Christy Angeletti

1,252 Tracks   J. A. Ericson J. A. Ericson

1,326 Tracks   Island Letter Island Letter

525 Tracks   Geoffrey Wilson Geoffrey Wilson

43 Tracks   Randy Phillips Randy Phillips

1,038 Tracks   Larry Castle Larry Castle

218 Tracks   Kent Goodson Kent Goodson

54 Tracks   Hank Sable Hank Sable

20 Tracks   Peggy Lou Peggy Lou

264 Tracks   Evens Colas Evens Colas

611 Tracks   Richard Hughes Richard Hughes

503 Tracks   Mark S. Crocker Mark S. Crocker   *Exclusive Artist*

2,213 Tracks   Julio Kladniew Julio Kladniew

1,350 Tracks   Evan Oxhorn Evan Oxhorn

369 Tracks   United Sonic Alliance United Sonic Alliance

23 Tracks   Small Fish Small Fish Hot New Artist!

37 Tracks   The Smiling Strangers The Smiling Strangers

96 Tracks   Steve Willoughby Steve Willoughby

2,343 Tracks   Alec Makinson Alec Makinson
(DEC 2015)

11 Tracks   Bradley West Bradley West

10 Tracks   Valerie DeLaCruz Valerie DeLaCruz

131 Tracks   AlexPaul AlexPaul

271 Tracks   One To 7 Music One To 7 Music

458 Tracks   Aaron Cook Aaron Cook

2,453 Tracks   Billy Ziogas Billy Ziogas

893 Tracks   Carl Miles Carl Miles

49 Tracks   DC Sayner DC Sayner

423 Tracks   Mike Kinzie Mike Kinzie

896 Tracks   Michael Nickolas Michael Nickolas

517 Tracks   Phil Panton Phil Panton

194 Tracks   Right Track Right Track

618 Tracks   Winthrop Brookhouse Winthrop Brookhouse   *Exclusive Artist*

54 Tracks   Anthony Proveaux Anthony Proveaux   *Exclusive Artist*
(NOV 2021)

306 Tracks   Tunes Are Me Tunes Are Me

2,042 Tracks   D. Silverstone D. Silverstone

29 Tracks   Marvin Adcock Marvin Adcock

1,934 Tracks   Suzy E Suzy E Hot New Artist!

411 Tracks   Max Brodie Max Brodie

65 Tracks   Larry Folk Larry Folk

85 Tracks   Mike Eaves Mike Eaves

537 Tracks   Isha Erskine Project (LP) Isha Erskine Project (LP)

681 Tracks   Joop van der Knaap Joop van der Knaap

3,160 Tracks   Scott Ross Scott Ross

46 Tracks   Joe McGowan Joe McGowan

96 Tracks   Mockingbird Hill Mockingbird Hill

10,789 Tracks   Bobby Cole Bobby Cole

552 Tracks   Andy L Andy L

1,181 Tracks   Marchese Marchese

375 Tracks   Jo Masino Jo Masino

132 Tracks   Tony Tee Tony Tee

161 Tracks   Bamtone Bamtone
(MAY 2022)

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