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Hip Hop Music Artists

Here you will discover the top Hip Hop Music artists at AudioSparx!

Most Prolific Artists
323 Tracks   The Crossing The Crossing

23 Tracks   Skip-Dawg Skip-Dawg

37 Tracks   WarChild WarChild

1,464 Tracks   Jeff Whitcher Jeff Whitcher

1,346 Tracks   Art Munson Art Munson

62 Tracks   Selector Selector

273 Tracks   Nigel Male Nigel Male

385 Tracks   Brighter Note Brighter Note

137 Tracks   Project 2020 Project 2020

1,150 Tracks   Eddie Caldwell Eddie Caldwell

1,440 Tracks   Felipe Adorno Vassao Felipe Adorno Vassao

74 Tracks   Henry Gil Henry Gil

524 Tracks   Joseph Rusnak Joseph Rusnak

33 Tracks   Chuck Henry Chuck Henry

4,048 Tracks   Music Candy Music Candy   *Exclusive Artist*
(JAN 2014)

193 Tracks   Nicholas Pesci Nicholas Pesci

2,255 Tracks   Dan Gautreau Dan Gautreau

265 Tracks   Prizm Prime Prizm Prime

24 Tracks   Urban Anxiety Urban Anxiety   *Exclusive Artist*

42 Tracks   Kinship Kinship

79 Tracks   KCentric KCentric

347 Tracks   Big Prod Sounds Big Prod Sounds

152 Tracks   Daniel Bijan Daniel Bijan

1,704 Tracks   Jive Ass Sleepers Jive Ass Sleepers
(NOV 2015)

96 Tracks   Gordon Nance Gordon Nance Hot New Artist!

587 Tracks   Big Sound Music Big Sound Music

495 Tracks   A-P-M Productions A-P-M Productions

34 Tracks   Boostylz Boostylz   *Exclusive Artist*

91 Tracks   Alex Morch Alex Morch

87 Tracks   Casey Burnett Casey Burnett   *Exclusive Artist*

532 Tracks   Dewey Dellay Dewey Dellay

1,752 Tracks   Image Sounds Image Sounds

475 Tracks   Music For TV and Games Music For TV and Games   *Exclusive Artist*

260 Tracks   Jean-Thomas Cloutier Jean-Thomas Cloutier

207 Tracks   Masterwerks R&B Masterwerks R&B

504 Tracks   D.C. SoulPlusMind D.C. SoulPlusMind

463 Tracks   Chris Hodges Chris Hodges

327 Tracks   Charlie Mac Charlie Mac

638 Tracks   Chuck Mott Chuck Mott

339 Tracks   Add-On Music Group Add-On Music Group

42 Tracks   Gerard Bauer Gerard Bauer

24 Tracks   Curt Harris Curt Harris

215 Tracks   Cary Kanno Cary Kanno

17 Tracks   Tee Double Tee Double

2,214 Tracks   Julio Kladniew Julio Kladniew

20 Tracks   Keldamuzik Keldamuzik

21 Tracks   Melle Mel Melle Mel

203 Tracks   Babygrand Babygrand

695 Tracks   Roeland Ruijsch Roeland Ruijsch
(APR 2013)

2,246 Tracks   Ferenc Hegedus Ferenc Hegedus

382 Tracks   Vasyl Tkach Vasyl Tkach

990 Tracks   Dream Valley Music Dream Valley Music

34 Tracks   Dee Nasty Dee Nasty

125 Tracks   Nick Smith Nick Smith

44 Tracks   Prime Prime

333 Tracks   Anthony Davilio Anthony Davilio

33 Tracks   Arthur Richardson Arthur Richardson

651 Tracks   Leon Ayers, Jr. Leon Ayers, Jr.

33 Tracks   Urbanic Project Urbanic Project

333 Tracks   Sean Balli Sean Balli

136 Tracks   CinE-Music Studios CinE-Music Studios

78 Tracks   Ellis Dews Ellis Dews

815 Tracks   Erik Haddad Erik Haddad

1,249 Tracks   Michael Panasuk Michael Panasuk

25 Tracks   DJ Lantan DJ Lantan

311 Tracks   Watt Generated Benjamins Watt Generated Benjamins   *Exclusive Artist*

44 Tracks   Minister Kaine Minister Kaine

396 Tracks   Gus Caveda Gus Caveda

2,538 Tracks   Wesley Devine Wesley Devine

917 Tracks   Konstantinos Panagiotidis Konstantinos Panagiotidis

48 Tracks   Dot Matrix Dot Matrix

623 Tracks   Roberto Feltracco Roberto Feltracco

297 Tracks   Michael Corn Michael Corn

2,040 Tracks   Aleksandar Dimitrijevic Aleksandar Dimitrijevic

94 Tracks   Rashi Pilar Music Rashi Pilar Music

264 Tracks   Evens Colas Evens Colas

31 Tracks   EarKandi EarKandi

824 Tracks   Patrick Best Patrick Best

7,562 Tracks   Bobby Cole Bobby Cole

261 Tracks   Storm Drums Storm Drums

241 Tracks   Valencia Magic Valencia Magic

301 Tracks   Frequencee Frequencee

42 Tracks   Large Large

11,453 Tracks   Bjorn Lynne Bjorn Lynne

43 Tracks   Joey Cutless Joey Cutless

297 Tracks   RCummins RCummins

830 Tracks   Dean Wagg Dean Wagg

157 Tracks   Danny Rules Danny Rules

468 Tracks   David Banks David Banks

277 Tracks   Martin Haene Martin Haene

457 Tracks   Andy Potterton Andy Potterton

1,969 Tracks   D. Silverstone D. Silverstone

492 Tracks   Verona Music Verona Music

3,747 Tracks   Arpad Zsolt Domahidi Arpad Zsolt Domahidi

183 Tracks   O-Face Productions O-Face Productions

225 Tracks   David J. Smith David J. Smith

593 Tracks   J Goldfinger J Goldfinger

1,401 Tracks   Aaron Saloman Aaron Saloman

140 Tracks   Chester Yourczek Chester Yourczek

168 Tracks   King Daddy Dee King Daddy Dee   *Exclusive Artist*

3,757 Tracks   Fab Claxton Fab Claxton

220 Tracks   Steve Cornish Steve Cornish

424 Tracks   Chris Liberti Chris Liberti

227 Tracks   MacTilla Beats MacTilla Beats

121 Tracks   Jimmy Aurora Jimmy Aurora

69 Tracks   DecadeZ DecadeZ

48 Tracks   Rukq Man Rukq Man

304 Tracks   Wave Dweller Wave Dweller

152 Tracks   Richard Hughes Richard Hughes Hot New Artist!

366 Tracks   Nils Bergholz (LP) Nils Bergholz (LP)

358 Tracks   Vess Ray Vess Ray

354 Tracks   Dmitry Efimov Dmitry Efimov

143 Tracks   Abeats Abeats   *Exclusive Artist*

559 Tracks   Evan Oxhorn Evan Oxhorn

492 Tracks   Damian Martin Turnbull Damian Martin Turnbull

90 Tracks   Ross McLean Ross McLean

267 Tracks   Wayne Dawkins Wayne Dawkins

1,028 Tracks   SoundDotCom SoundDotCom

206 Tracks   Erik Jacobsen Erik Jacobsen

502 Tracks   Geoffrey Wilson Geoffrey Wilson

91 Tracks   Young Tibay Young Tibay   *Exclusive Artist*

90 Tracks   Benny Lava Benny Lava

424 Tracks   Guido Gavazzi Guido Gavazzi

171 Tracks   AltoSync AltoSync

491 Tracks   John Judd John Judd

282 Tracks   Mario Pompetti Mario Pompetti

377 Tracks   Liam Bradbury Liam Bradbury

989 Tracks   Eric Bolvin Eric Bolvin

247 Tracks   Matthew Mirron Matthew Mirron   *Exclusive Artist*

474 Tracks   Chameleon Music Chameleon Music

112 Tracks   The Hands of Stone The Hands of Stone

405 Tracks   Jacco Willems Jacco Willems

36 Tracks   Reza Safinia Reza Safinia

197 Tracks   Brian Kopelke Brian Kopelke   *Exclusive Artist*

162 Tracks   Sonic Moon Sonic Moon

674 Tracks   Barry Gilbey Barry Gilbey

120 Tracks   Tony Tee Tony Tee

259 Tracks   Fab Claxton (LP) Fab Claxton (LP)

86 Tracks   Seven Seven

57 Tracks   Herm Albany Herm Albany

650 Tracks   Michael Musco Michael Musco

367 Tracks   Ronan McQuillan Ronan McQuillan

2,364 Tracks   Ethereal Motion Ethereal Motion

207 Tracks   Nikolay Krivin Nikolay Krivin   *Exclusive Artist*

149 Tracks   Jon Purdey Jon Purdey

261 Tracks   Michael Floreale Michael Floreale   *Exclusive Artist*

65 Tracks   Jack Dazey Jack Dazey

369 Tracks   Martin Laflamme Martin Laflamme

335 Tracks   Adwise Music Adwise Music

205 Tracks   CueHits CueHits

612 Tracks   Nery Bauer Nery Bauer
(OCT 2018)

825 Tracks   Wilton Vought Wilton Vought

592 Tracks   Wicked Ear Candy Wicked Ear Candy

3,683 Tracks   Ron Komie Ron Komie

590 Tracks   The Hi Freqs The Hi Freqs
(JUN 2017)

152 Tracks   Jason Pfaff Jason Pfaff

9,280 Tracks   The Producers The Producers

153 Tracks   Richy Kicklighter Richy Kicklighter

1,258 Tracks   Gary Wolk Gary Wolk
(DEC 2014)

885 Tracks   Alan Fagan Alan Fagan

145 Tracks   Ant on Wax Ant on Wax

89 Tracks   DJ Trigger DJ Trigger

100 Tracks   Majik Majik   *Exclusive Artist*

443 Tracks   Homemadesoul Homemadesoul   *Exclusive Artist*

168 Tracks   Lorenzo Johnson Lorenzo Johnson

31 Tracks   Lloyd Richmond Lloyd Richmond

87 Tracks   Walter Mmari Walter Mmari

143 Tracks   Deep Sister Deep Sister

209 Tracks   Carlo Gargioni Carlo Gargioni

2,004 Tracks   Western Horizon Productions Western Horizon Productions

39 Tracks   Ramon O. Lewis Ramon O. Lewis

54 Tracks   S DuB S DuB

1,326 Tracks   Deep Deep

109 Tracks   Julian Angel Julian Angel

1,037 Tracks   Adam Bennett Adam Bennett

500 Tracks   Julian Scott Julian Scott

121 Tracks   Tim Byrd Tim Byrd

108 Tracks   Ian Mathews Ian Mathews

243 Tracks   Logwood Productions Logwood Productions

524 Tracks   Owen Phillips Owen Phillips

1,781 Tracks   Above Envy Above Envy

412 Tracks   Al Cohen Al Cohen

1,453 Tracks   Wolftooth Wolftooth

452 Tracks   Sideway Sideway


53 Tracks   Sonny King Sonny King

210 Tracks   Montel Broadway Montel Broadway

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