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Childrens Music Artists

Here you will discover the top Childrens Music artists at AudioSparx!

Most Prolific Artists
495 Tracks   A-P-M Productions A-P-M Productions

307 Tracks   David Flavin David Flavin

379 Tracks   Kevin M. Baumgard Kevin M. Baumgard

215 Tracks   Richard Freitas Richard Freitas

2,255 Tracks   Dan Gautreau Dan Gautreau

175 Tracks   David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis

250 Tracks   Markus Bravo Markus Bravo   *Exclusive Artist*

475 Tracks   Music For TV and Games Music For TV and Games   *Exclusive Artist*

280 Tracks   Paint Chips Paint Chips

298 Tracks   Michael Wheeler Michael Wheeler   *Exclusive Artist*

494 Tracks   Colin Willsher Colin Willsher

463 Tracks   Chris Hodges Chris Hodges

459 Tracks   Annie McGee Annie McGee

105 Tracks   Kate Carpenter Kate Carpenter
(AUG 2013)

1,513 Tracks   KLM Music KLM Music

1,362 Tracks   Art Munson Art Munson

366 Tracks   Elizabeth C. Axford Elizabeth C. Axford

48 Tracks   Michael Huang Michael Huang

1,551 Tracks   Anthony Alleeson Anthony Alleeson

90 Tracks   Michael Crowther Michael Crowther

110 Tracks   Petr Kiselev Petr Kiselev

216 Tracks   Tom Hajduk Tom Hajduk

503 Tracks   Peter Godfrey Peter Godfrey

180 Tracks   Music Boutique Music Boutique

1,440 Tracks   Felipe Adorno Vassao Felipe Adorno Vassao

202 Tracks   Laura Sanz Laura Sanz

524 Tracks   Joseph Rusnak Joseph Rusnak

156 Tracks   Ivan Paunovic Ivan Paunovic

815 Tracks   Erik Haddad Erik Haddad

547 Tracks   Alexander Khaskin Alexander Khaskin

2,134 Tracks   Alec Makinson Alec Makinson
(DEC 2015)

350 Tracks   David C. Hewitt David C. Hewitt
(NOV 2012)

2,246 Tracks   Ferenc Hegedus Ferenc Hegedus

679 Tracks   Hanjo Gabler Hanjo Gabler

165 Tracks   Christophe Espern Christophe Espern

284 Tracks   Suzannah Doyle Suzannah Doyle

557 Tracks   ElevenTwelve ElevenTwelve

94 Tracks   Joey Curtin Joey Curtin

773 Tracks   MF MF   *Exclusive Artist*

217 Tracks   Jeff Iantorno Jeff Iantorno

172 Tracks   JL Noiseless JL Noiseless

2,995 Tracks   Dan Phillipson Dan Phillipson

612 Tracks   Nery Bauer Nery Bauer
(OCT 2018)

4,048 Tracks   Music Candy Music Candy   *Exclusive Artist*
(JAN 2014)

484 Tracks   Marco Pesci Marco Pesci

1,581 Tracks   William Pearson William Pearson

721 Tracks   Christian Andersson Christian Andersson

9,242 Tracks   Andrew GCN Fleming Andrew GCN Fleming

169 Tracks   Golden Mean Golden Mean

411 Tracks   Max Brodie Max Brodie

132 Tracks   Kyle Kniceley Kyle Kniceley   *Exclusive Artist*

269 Tracks   Side FX and Kim Cameron Side FX and Kim Cameron

174 Tracks   Ideascapes Music Ideascapes Music

52 Tracks   Navarr Navarr   *Exclusive Artist*

990 Tracks   Dream Valley Music Dream Valley Music

615 Tracks   Robert Neary Robert Neary

841 Tracks   BeepCode BeepCode

388 Tracks   Juan Pablo Zaragoza Juan Pablo Zaragoza

11,453 Tracks   Bjorn Lynne Bjorn Lynne

81 Tracks   Matthew Anderson Matthew Anderson

412 Tracks   Al Cohen Al Cohen

304 Tracks   Mark Allaway Mark Allaway

303 Tracks   RLC Music RLC Music
(MAR 2018)

1,045 Tracks   Edouard Andre Reny Edouard Andre Reny
(JUL 2014)

75 Tracks   Kenneth W. Lovell Jr Kenneth W. Lovell Jr

366 Tracks   Really Free Music Really Free Music

660 Tracks   Keith Holden Keith Holden

860 Tracks   Adagio Music Adagio Music

885 Tracks   Alan Fagan Alan Fagan

345 Tracks   Stephan Lindsjo Stephan Lindsjo

912 Tracks   Alexander John Ericson Alexander John Ericson

4,437 Tracks   Skip Peck Skip Peck

338 Tracks   Richard Jungles Richard Jungles

279 Tracks   Nigel Male Nigel Male

342 Tracks   Mark Knox Mark Knox

1,972 Tracks   D. Silverstone D. Silverstone

382 Tracks   Vasyl Tkach Vasyl Tkach

12 Tracks   Christopher Beal Christopher Beal

1,182 Tracks   Pete Bax Pete Bax

107 Tracks   Fern Fern

997 Tracks   David Phillips David Phillips

788 Tracks   Carl Miles Carl Miles

378 Tracks   Liam Bradbury Liam Bradbury

7,562 Tracks   Bobby Cole Bobby Cole

292 Tracks   Adam Skorupa Adam Skorupa

737 Tracks   Thomas Stobierski Thomas Stobierski

629 Tracks   Kepha Peter Martin Kepha Peter Martin

866 Tracks   Andy Schofield Andy Schofield
(JAN 2016)

231 Tracks   Music Box Magic Music Box Magic   *Exclusive Artist*

449 Tracks   Ben Harris Ben Harris

1,921 Tracks   The Music Bakery The Music Bakery

149 Tracks   C.J. Masters C.J. Masters

128 Tracks   Josh Wynter Josh Wynter

844 Tracks   Ori Vidislavski Ori Vidislavski
(MAY 2012)

139 Tracks   Il Laboratorio del Ritmo Il Laboratorio del Ritmo   *Exclusive Artist*

206 Tracks   Joseph Gianono Joseph Gianono

332 Tracks   Rudy Pusateri Rudy Pusateri

783 Tracks   Jens Larsson Jens Larsson   *Exclusive Artist*

2,642 Tracks   Stefan Bode Stefan Bode

730 Tracks   Jean Pascal Vielfaure Jean Pascal Vielfaure

2,214 Tracks   Julio Kladniew Julio Kladniew

78 Tracks   Dimitris Fritzalas Dimitris Fritzalas

152 Tracks   Danny Jones Danny Jones

446 Tracks   Serge Ozeryan Serge Ozeryan

66 Tracks   Jessica Harper Jessica Harper

276 Tracks   erdin erdin

52 Tracks   Juan Maria Solare Juan Maria Solare

48 Tracks   Sherry Shieh Sherry Shieh

675 Tracks   Emmett Cooke Emmett Cooke

139 Tracks   Collin Scudder Collin Scudder

130 Tracks   Maris Lasmanis Maris Lasmanis

487 Tracks   Alexey Kaleynikov Alexey Kaleynikov

441 Tracks   Mark S. Crocker Mark S. Crocker   *Exclusive Artist*

474 Tracks   Chameleon Music Chameleon Music

3,708 Tracks   Ron Komie Ron Komie

511 Tracks   Junhak Lee Junhak Lee   *Exclusive Artist*

423 Tracks   Mike Kinzie Mike Kinzie

492 Tracks   Damian Martin Turnbull Damian Martin Turnbull

171 Tracks   Brian Kim Brian Kim

15 Tracks   Celtic Lullabies Celtic Lullabies

2,434 Tracks   Ethereal Motion Ethereal Motion

3,968 Tracks   Arpad Zsolt Domahidi Arpad Zsolt Domahidi

552 Tracks   Brenda Elthon Brenda Elthon

161 Tracks   Maarit Korhonen Maarit Korhonen   *Exclusive Artist*

1,752 Tracks   Image Sounds Image Sounds

305 Tracks   Lindy Botha Lindy Botha

247 Tracks   Aleksander Arsov Aleksander Arsov

474 Tracks   Al Vienneau Al Vienneau
(APR 2016)

669 Tracks   The Hi Freqs The Hi Freqs
(JUN 2017)

1,370 Tracks   Rick Dickert Rick Dickert

298 Tracks   Leland Thomas Faegre Leland Thomas Faegre

706 Tracks   Eric Waters Eric Waters

104 Tracks   Phyllis Sparks Phyllis Sparks

1,780 Tracks   Steve Urwin Steve Urwin

2,038 Tracks   Western Horizon Productions Western Horizon Productions

64 Tracks   Musica & Benessere Musica & Benessere   *Exclusive Artist*

810 Tracks   Dan Foster Dan Foster

340 Tracks   Media Music Pro Media Music Pro

650 Tracks   Piotr Pacyna Piotr Pacyna

500 Tracks   Julian Scott Julian Scott

215 Tracks   Cary Kanno Cary Kanno

299 Tracks   RCummins RCummins

725 Tracks   Francesco Biondi Francesco Biondi

574 Tracks   Michael Keck Michael Keck   *Exclusive Artist*
(APR 2012)

2,058 Tracks   John Francis Jorgensen John Francis Jorgensen

53 Tracks   Jerome Lamasset Project Jerome Lamasset Project

1,039 Tracks   Abbas Premjee (LP) Abbas Premjee (LP)

207 Tracks   Thomas Hogan (LP) Thomas Hogan (LP)

523 Tracks   Inod Inod

236 Tracks   Leran Wang Leran Wang

820 Tracks   Botabateau Botabateau

385 Tracks   Rafael Krux Rafael Krux

90 Tracks   Ross McLean Ross McLean

614 Tracks   Michael Nickolas Michael Nickolas

681 Tracks   Reil Brothers Reil Brothers

404 Tracks   Sangho Lee Sangho Lee

140 Tracks   Thomas VanOosting Thomas VanOosting

51 Tracks   Richard James Richard James

381 Tracks   Brian McGravey Brian McGravey

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