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Indie Rock Music Artists

Here you will discover the top Indie Rock Music artists at AudioSparx!

Most Prolific Artists
194 Tracks   Rob Johnson Rob Johnson

335 Tracks   Adwise Music Adwise Music

346 Tracks   Justin Crosby Justin Crosby
(JUL 2017)

226 Tracks   Eric Bode Eric Bode

463 Tracks   Chris Hodges Chris Hodges

298 Tracks   Michael Wheeler Michael Wheeler   *Exclusive Artist*

297 Tracks   Michael Corn Michael Corn

757 Tracks   Roeland Ruijsch Roeland Ruijsch
(APR 2013)

411 Tracks   Max Brodie Max Brodie

2,018 Tracks   Pierre Langer Pierre Langer

71 Tracks   Secret Babies Secret Babies

115 Tracks   The Labrets The Labrets

379 Tracks   Kevin M. Baumgard Kevin M. Baumgard

1,751 Tracks   Jeremy Sherman Jeremy Sherman

145 Tracks   Stefano Mastronardi Stefano Mastronardi

4,253 Tracks   Music Candy Music Candy   *Exclusive Artist*
(JAN 2014)

128 Tracks   Josh Wynter Josh Wynter

407 Tracks   Michele Vanni Michele Vanni

72 Tracks   Hillbilly Hellcats Hillbilly Hellcats

2,255 Tracks   Dan Gautreau Dan Gautreau

625 Tracks   Robert Neary Robert Neary

357 Tracks   Nick Nicolas Nick Nicolas

265 Tracks   Martijn de Man Martijn de Man

505 Tracks   D.C. SoulPlusMind D.C. SoulPlusMind

22 Tracks   Hello Dragon Hello Dragon

28 Tracks   X: THC X: THC

2,995 Tracks   Dan Phillipson Dan Phillipson

330 Tracks   Ian Kirton Ian Kirton

124 Tracks   Misfits and Thieves Misfits and Thieves

96 Tracks   Charlie DeYoung Charlie DeYoung

484 Tracks   Marco Pesci Marco Pesci

347 Tracks   The Rockin' Cinders The Rockin' Cinders

2,005 Tracks   Jive Ass Sleepers Jive Ass Sleepers
(NOV 2015)

1,375 Tracks   Michael Panasuk Michael Panasuk

1,611 Tracks   Felipe Adorno Vassao Felipe Adorno Vassao

41 Tracks   Matt Rank Matt Rank

69 Tracks   The Ambient Society The Ambient Society

1,564 Tracks   KLM Music KLM Music

134 Tracks   MJ12 MJ12

682 Tracks   Michael Musco Michael Musco

297 Tracks   United Sonic Alliance United Sonic Alliance

57 Tracks   Disquiet Music Disquiet Music

125 Tracks   Will Graettinger Will Graettinger

128 Tracks   Yurikud Yurikud

832 Tracks   Dean Wagg Dean Wagg

96 Tracks   Zander Sekhri Zander Sekhri

7,136 Tracks   Bjorn Lynne Bjorn Lynne

2,538 Tracks   Wesley Devine Wesley Devine

155 Tracks   The Whole Bolivian Army The Whole Bolivian Army

7,561 Tracks   Bobby Cole Bobby Cole

119 Tracks   Mays & Corn Mays & Corn

86 Tracks   Three Against Four Three Against Four

1,453 Tracks   Wolftooth Wolftooth

37 Tracks   Jason Corder Jason Corder   *Exclusive Artist*
(JAN 2017)

236 Tracks   Chris Hodges (LP) Chris Hodges (LP)

1,150 Tracks   Eddie Caldwell Eddie Caldwell

117 Tracks   Neil Dawson Neil Dawson

475 Tracks   Doug Kidder Doug Kidder

5,056 Tracks   Ron Komie Ron Komie

223 Tracks   Bryan Steele Bryan Steele

1,401 Tracks   Aaron Saloman Aaron Saloman

305 Tracks   Jason Michael Moore Jason Michael Moore

338 Tracks   Richard Jungles Richard Jungles

3,757 Tracks   Fab Claxton Fab Claxton

240 Tracks   Fresh Body Shop Fresh Body Shop
(MAY 2017)

323 Tracks   The Crossing The Crossing

523 Tracks   Shadrick Beechem Shadrick Beechem

2,213 Tracks   Julio Kladniew Julio Kladniew

107 Tracks   Indie-Go Blue Indie-Go Blue

388 Tracks   Soundroad Soundroad

430 Tracks   Vagabond Beach Vagabond Beach

1,921 Tracks   The Music Bakery The Music Bakery

315 Tracks   Alexey Maximov Alexey Maximov

93 Tracks   Bent USA Bent USA

1,171 Tracks   Darko Saric Darko Saric

51 Tracks   Robert Cole Band Robert Cole Band

102 Tracks   Cruciform Cruciform

5,422 Tracks   Arpad Zsolt Domahidi Arpad Zsolt Domahidi

264 Tracks   Evens Colas Evens Colas

133 Tracks   Connor B. Fitzgerald Connor B. Fitzgerald

43 Tracks   PJ Tobin PJ Tobin

611 Tracks   Richard Hughes Richard Hughes

366 Tracks   Nils B LP Nils B LP

881 Tracks   Adagio Music Adagio Music

227 Tracks   George Pauley George Pauley

42 Tracks   Assai Assai

1,107 Tracks   Evan Oxhorn Evan Oxhorn

41 Tracks   Guiye Frayo Guiye Frayo

33 Tracks   The Valery Trails The Valery Trails

97 Tracks   Pandemic Pandemic

23 Tracks   Uranium 235 Uranium 235

111 Tracks   Leandro Achinelli Leandro Achinelli

65 Tracks   Gabriel Godwin Gabriel Godwin   *Exclusive Artist*

62 Tracks   Idledaze Idledaze

74 Tracks   Brandon Lew Brandon Lew

270 Tracks   Dave Blomberg Dave Blomberg

299 Tracks   Jared Chance Taylor Jared Chance Taylor

441 Tracks   Gus Caveda Gus Caveda

269 Tracks   John Christopher Thomas John Christopher Thomas

317 Tracks   AL Music AL Music

524 Tracks   Geoffrey Wilson Geoffrey Wilson

1,086 Tracks   Island Letter Island Letter

51 Tracks   Ace Of Space Ace Of Space Hot New Artist!

517 Tracks   Phil Panton Phil Panton

37 Tracks   Brian McKeever Brian McKeever

32 Tracks   William Schrul William Schrul

517 Tracks   Evan Zappa & the Necessity Evan Zappa & the Necessity

58 Tracks   Barry Gilbey Barry Gilbey

349 Tracks   John Gallagher John Gallagher   *Exclusive Artist*

37 Tracks   Daren Rauer Daren Rauer

193 Tracks   Tex Glitter Tex Glitter

866 Tracks   Andy Schofield Andy Schofield
(JAN 2016)

247 Tracks   Matthew Mirron Matthew Mirron   *Exclusive Artist*

84 Tracks   Lone Passenger Lone Passenger

28 Tracks   Paul Bergren Paul Bergren

22 Tracks   The Mispent The Mispent

77 Tracks   Juniper Juniper

66 Tracks   Wade Mosher Wade Mosher

101 Tracks   James Richie James Richie

300 Tracks   Record/Play Music Record/Play Music

807 Tracks   Jens Larsson Jens Larsson   *Exclusive Artist*

564 Tracks   Arthur Schlenger Arthur Schlenger

9 Tracks   Jason Garofano Jason Garofano

537 Tracks   Isha Erskine Project (LP) Isha Erskine Project (LP)

26 Tracks   The Red Book Standard The Red Book Standard

168 Tracks   Marc Beasley Marc Beasley

186 Tracks   Jack Wyles Jack Wyles

485 Tracks   Serge Ozeryan Serge Ozeryan

589 Tracks   Matthew Reid Matthew Reid

193 Tracks   Dan LaCob Dan LaCob

215 Tracks   Cary Kanno Cary Kanno
(JUN 2020)

1,991 Tracks   D. Silverstone D. Silverstone

94 Tracks   Blow Up Hollywood Blow Up Hollywood

15 Tracks   Hush Hush

42 Tracks   Paul Ammendola Paul Ammendola

473 Tracks   Ben Harris Ben Harris

99 Tracks   Crash Alley Crash Alley

2,930 Tracks   Scott Ross Scott Ross

46 Tracks   Patrick Joseph Patrick Joseph

62 Tracks   Michelle Lockey Michelle Lockey

61 Tracks   Torq/Eoin Delaney Torq/Eoin Delaney

25 Tracks   Dave McLeod Dave McLeod

54 Tracks   Gavin Villarreal Gavin Villarreal

101 Tracks   Carl Schonbeck Carl Schonbeck

235 Tracks   Dean Graham Wolfe Dean Graham Wolfe

259 Tracks   Fab Claxton (LP) Fab Claxton (LP)

171 Tracks   Major 7 Major 7

104 Tracks   Lore Lore

52 Tracks   Talking To Sophie Talking To Sophie

80 Tracks   The Cucumbers The Cucumbers

64 Tracks   TinGods TinGods

4,770 Tracks   John Starcluster (LP) John Starcluster (LP)

195 Tracks   Bobby Cole (LP) Bobby Cole (LP)

153 Tracks   Jason Pfaff Jason Pfaff

382 Tracks   Chris Rivedal Chris Rivedal

24 Tracks   Billy Wears Dresses Billy Wears Dresses Hot New Artist!

27 Tracks   Orko Orko

45 Tracks   Paige 23 Paige 23

234 Tracks   Anton Atom Anton Atom

14 Tracks   False Profit False Profit

358 Tracks   Martin Sebastian Holm Martin Sebastian Holm

881 Tracks   Dustin Taylor Phillips Dustin Taylor Phillips

835 Tracks   Chris Bernard Chris Bernard

1,124 Tracks   Wicked Ear Candy Wicked Ear Candy

23 Tracks   Thirsty Curses Thirsty Curses

162 Tracks   Frank Wolf Frank Wolf

233 Tracks   The Schmidt Brothers The Schmidt Brothers

15 Tracks   Doofer Doofer

151 Tracks   Shanghai Lily Dublin Shanghai Lily Dublin

14 Tracks   Nyki Lindsay King Nyki Lindsay King

123 Tracks   Fredrick John Pugsley Fredrick John Pugsley

24 Tracks   This Devastated Fan This Devastated Fan Hot New Artist!

782 Tracks   MF MF   *Exclusive Artist*

25 Tracks   Thee Eviltones Thee Eviltones Hot New Artist!

42 Tracks   Pierre Mineault Pierre Mineault   *Exclusive Artist*

1,273 Tracks   Liam Killen Liam Killen

717 Tracks   Masterwerk Masterwerk

18 Tracks   Leisur Hive Leisur Hive

1,580 Tracks   Above Envy Above Envy

492 Tracks   Verona Music Verona Music

226 Tracks   Matt Kjeldsen Matt Kjeldsen

95 Tracks   The Vow The Vow

145 Tracks   Brian David Watson Brian David Watson

60 Tracks   Jennifer Matthews Jennifer Matthews

31 Tracks   Stiff Kittens Stiff Kittens

467 Tracks   Sideway Sideway

836 Tracks   Inod Inod

412 Tracks   Al Cohen Al Cohen

262 Tracks   The Tune Mill The Tune Mill

207 Tracks   Thomas Hogan (LP) Thomas Hogan (LP)

2,366 Tracks   Western Horizon Productions Western Horizon Productions

482 Tracks   Hijack The Harmony Hijack The Harmony

140 Tracks   Michael Onofrio Michael Onofrio

130 Tracks   Paul McLinden (LP) Paul McLinden (LP)

254 Tracks   Frank Enea Frank Enea

73 Tracks   Joe Vercillo Joe Vercillo
(JUN 2013)

649 Tracks   Chuck Mott Chuck Mott

1,160 Tracks   Joey Stebanuk Joey Stebanuk
(AUG 2014)

22 Tracks   Think Tank Think Tank

1,201 Tracks   Stan Tristan Stan Tristan

2,040 Tracks   Aleksandar Dimitrijevic Aleksandar Dimitrijevic

381 Tracks   Dan Morrissey (LP) Dan Morrissey (LP)

109 Tracks   Julian Angel Julian Angel

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