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Strings / other (violins, cellos, banjos, mandolin, ethnic and more)

All non-guitar stringed instruments, including violins, mandolins, and much more


  7  Balalaikas
  11  Banjo sounds
  12  Bouzouki sounds
  197  Cello sounds
  152  Harp sounds
  112  Mandolin sounds
  31  Miscellaneous strings
  9  Sarod or Sharod
  40  Saz
  20  Sereni
  28  Sitar sounds
  274  String ensembles
  95  Strings / miscellaneous strings
  11  Tumbi
  40  Tzouras
  9  Ukelele sounds
  50  Viola sounds
  213  Violin sounds
1,311 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

Kalder Kolider

The Cradle

Suzannah Doyle

Ian Hubball

Colette Jonas

D. Silverstone

Pete Bax

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