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Topic: Content Provider (Vendor) Issues
Title: The Relationship between AudioSparx and Our Vendors
Last Reviewed: Nov 08, 2016
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The Relationship Between AudioSparx and Our Vendors

First and foremost, by joining AudioSparx, you actually have the opportunity to be represented on several websites we developed to enhance your earnings. In between commercial licenses, we offer additional revenue opportunities via residual income deals in the form or commercial background music service, Internet royalties, digital downloads, ringtone sales, streaming in-store music in 72 countries on https://www.radiosparx.com/Internet royalties, and other new and emerging opportunities. 

Our affiliated sites to date include these four:

  • AudioSparx - Sync and mechanical licensing, limited license and buyout license options for clients
  • Stock Music Site - Sync and mechanical licensing, buyout licensing (e.g. all media/worldwide/perpetual license)
  • RadioSparx - Commercial background music service for in-store streaming music, etc.
  • Music Cult - For-pay sync licensing (identical to AudioSparx pricing) and gratis blanket licenses to major USA studios and national broadcasters

Here at AudioSparx we have on-going relationships with many different types of vendors. Some are individual artists, some are small groups or bands, some are producers, some are small or large orchestras, and some are record labels or publishers of varying sizes.  Sometimes a new or existing vendor here will ask: "What exactly does AudioSparx do to earn its share of the licensing revenue?" Occasionally, a new vendor coming online tells us that since they've invested so much personal time composing or producing their music, that if AudioSparx really wants to earn its share of the sales income, we should step up and take the time to upload, describe, keyword, and configure all of their tracks. 

This is an inaccurate perception of the relationship between AudioSparx and our artists. Below we've laid out what AudioSparx does for our vendors, and conversely, what we hope our vendors selling here will do to get their music or sound effects in order to enhance their chances for sales.

The business we operate is essentially a marketplace, or in reality, multiple marketplaces. We are entering our 20th year in managing and providing these venues for you -- the vendor (artist, band, producer, publisher, label, etc) -- to present your music or sound effects to the clients we draw to our sites. In our marketplaces, you are a vendor along with over 5,200 other comparably talented vendors. With such varied content, each vendor must be responsible for managing their own products (i.e. music or sound effects tracks). We rely on you to bring to the marketplaces your very best products, a great photo or graphic for your artist profile(s), updated biographical notes and recent credits, and creative and accurate track descriptions, configurations, targeted keywords, etc.  

We put the tools in your hands so that you can administer your artist record(s) and tracks in various ways to enhance your sales. Additionally, we provide substantial advice, updates, industry trends, and numerous reports and control systems -- all to help you study your results and make changes to improve your earning power. In addition, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we post composer tips and client videos showing the type and styles of music genres our clients license each day for their Films, TV Commercials, Fashion Films, Book Trailers, etc. As trends come and go, it's important to stay on top of your game by producing music that is relevant to changing mores in the broadcast and film industry.

AudioSparx is responsible for the management, operation, development, marketing and support of our multiple marketplaces. And unless there is some agreement in place with a particular vendor for AudioSparx to do some kind of special promotion or offer other assistance, each vendor is responsible for managing their artist(s) and tracks.  This means you are responsible for uploading new tracks, configuring and managing your tracks, and as desired, adding new artists and all of their tracks. We handle all of the various other things that the vendors cannot handle. At AudioSparx, we stay plenty busy! Below is a partial list of work we do to provide you with successful marketplaces that continue growing and attracting new clients:

  • Provide timely customer and artist support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in numerous foreign languages
  • Network in multiple industries to engage new clients
  • Network in multiple industries to develop new business opportunities for our artists
  • Manage multiple-media marketing campaigns (Print, Internet, Social Media, Client Outreach, Email, etc.)
  • Operate a complex set of cluster-hosted servers
  • Develop new software features for clients and artists, and for internal control, for multiple web sites
  • Manage data security to keep out hackers and thieves
  • Manage multiple distribution relationships for exporting content to monetize it around the world via digital downloads, ringtones, etc.
  • Administer publishing for those artists who designate AudioSparx as their publishing administrator
  • Assist and guide new artists joining the site by responding timely to their technical and marketing questions
  • Support and guide all artists in resolving any issues they may have and offer advice about how to enhance sales, etc.
  • Continual quality control review of artists and clean-up of track configuration errors
  • Site operations to enhance featuring your content, adding timely news articles, etc. to make shopping fun and fresh for our clients
  • Daily posts on Facebook and Twitter of clients' TV commercials, videos, film trailers, travel promos, fashion photo shoots, short films, etc.
  • Daily featuring and updating of client videos, book trailers, sizzle reels, travel promos, etc. on our websites to build client loyalty and attract new clients
  • Intense Playlist development of our best music to provide curated choices for our commercial clients and for streaming on RadioSparx.com

The cost of doing all of these things is not trivial, and the human talent it takes to successfully keep AudioSparx purring along is not cheap. With the operational costs, and staff salaries we incur from running the business, the 60/40 split of licensing revenue between AudioSparx and our artist vendors is necessary for us to sustain the vibrant marketplace we've created for your content. It's the only model that will allow us to grow the business for the sake of trying to increase everyone's earning power.  Some other music libraries pay less than 40% -- see additional info here.  Other background music service providers generally pay 10% to 15% max to their content providers, while we pay 40% to our artists.

Our goal is to provide the best possible marketplace so our clients can quickly find and purchase what they need. And for our artists, we provide growing sales revenue from on-site commercial music licensing sales, external album distribution, and sales; digital downloads, ringtone sales, and streaming background music on http://www.radiosparx.com/and other new and emerging opportunities.  

While we understand that you may prefer that we configure your tracks for you, our business model requires each artist to step up and manage their own product development and presentation, which frees us up to manage and promote the marketplaces themselves and constantly bring in new clients and deals to help sell your product. Our strongest, best-selling vendors self-manage in a competent and professional manner and are continually coming up with new and great music (or sound effects, ringtones, etc.).  The time they spend getting their "product" in top order repeatedly pays off through good sales results. Many of these top vendors are creative in numerous genres, including using clever and catchy titles, and are NOT simply recycling earlier career compositions. Click here and look at our Top 20 Sellers in the right-hand column: http://www.audiosparx.com/sa/artist/list.cfm

When it comes to "product development" in the commercial music industry, composing and recording music is just Step One in the process. The other steps of uploading, describing, keywording, and configuring your music, are equally as important as your composition and production work. Otherwise, your blockbuster trailer music may never come up in the proper client searches and you will earn zero $$$. There is huge competition from other artists here at AudioSparx. With over 420,000 music tracks online in over 51 genres (including over 43,600 vocal tracks), it is paramount that you configure your tracks properly and creatively so clients will first and foremost find them in the right genres and subgenres as they search and browse around the site, and then listen to them as they read your track descriptions. Our most successful vendors take the time to create excellent new content, upload, describe, keyword, and configure each track properly, treating each song as if you're selling a shiny Rolls Royce. With trendy titles, compelling descriptions, keywords, and great music, clients want to test drive (i.e. listen to) that Rolls and see if it could work for their movie, TV show, documentary, commercial, video or website, etc.

Additionally, it is very important to upload ONLY YOUR VERY BEST tracks and consider NOT uploading tracks that are not stellar. Otherwise, your weaker tracks take away from your best ones -- and this can turn a client off. Great content improves your artist "brand" and enhances your reputation. If a client likes your music, they will return often to check out your "Recently Added" tracks when they have future productions. Our business model will be as successful as the music, ringtones, SFX, etc. that you bring to our marketplace, so we must rely on each vendor to develop their best product or Rolls Royce. We want our clients always to discover new and original content, described in a manner to whet their appetite. That way, they will listen enthusiastically, return often to AudioSparx and our other sites, and purchase frequently! That's what we're talkin' about!

At AudioSparx, we highly value our vendors and hope to maintain professional relationships built on mutual respect and open, honest communications. Understanding the role each party plays in this business hopefully will alleviate any misconceptions about who's responsible for what. We always remain open to new ideas and suggestions and look forward to working with each of you to help us all achieve success in this highly competitive music business we are in together. 

If you have questions or concerns, please click the CONTACT link at the very top of this page, and send us a link to your music page along with your message, question or concern.

In our relationship together, let's ROCK the WEB!!

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