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37,000+ Beats & Loops Online
An amazing resource for composers, producers and sound editors, the royalty-free beats, loops and instruments effects you will find here will give your next song or project major sizzle!  Whether you're composing a new song or working on a production or web site that needs an instrument effect or loop, with tens of thousands of instrument effects and loops online and ready to roll you can't beat AudioSparx for diversity and affordability.

6,754 Drum Loops Popup Drum Loops
4,695 Drum Sounds Popup Drum sounds (kicks, snares, rolls, fills, crashes, ride cymbals and more)
73 Free Reed Aerophones Popup Free Reed aerophone sounds (harmonica, accordian, melodica, bandoneón)
2,331 Instruments Pending Categorization Popup Instrument Sounds Pending Categorization
1,321 Synth Loops Popup Keyboard Loops
7,589 Keyboard Sounds Popup Keyboard sounds (synthesizers, pianos, organs, pads, effects and more)
1,362 Music Multi-Samples Popup Music multi-sample loops (fully-instrumented composition foundation loops)
2,399 Percussion Achromatic Popup Percussion / achromatic (bongos, congas, timbales, metallic, ethnic and more)
599 Percussion Chromatic Popup Percussion / chromatic (xylophones, marimbas, vibraphones, glockenspiels, etc.)
1,079 Percussion Loops Popup Percussion loops (bongo loops, conga loops, timbale loops, tamborine loops, etc.)
1,824 Bass Popup Strings / bass (electric bass, upright bass, contra-bass, etc.)
3,358 Guitar Popup Strings / guitar (electric, acoustic, classical, distortion, wah, phased, etc.)
1,311 Strings Popup Strings / other (violins, cellos, banjos, mandolin, ethnic and more)
321 Turntable Popup Turntable sound effects (scratches, loops, jams, classic record players and more)
1,627 Vocals Popup Vocals (singing, choirs, solo vocals, a capella, chanting and more)
359 Brass Popup Wind instruments, brass (brass sections, trumpets, trombones, french horns, tubas, etc.)
840 Woodwinds Popup Wind instruments, woodwinds (saxophones, clarinets, flutes, ethnic and more)

Into composing?  AudioSparx features beats, drum and synth loops, music loops and all kinds of SICK audio content for composers looking for new off-the-chain loops and samples for new song composition and production.   We have entire subcategories of sounds for each instrument, with phat club bass drums, wicked snare sounds, rocking guitar and bass parts, amazing vocal effects and an unbelievable assortment of sound effects to suit any possible situation you are working or playing with.  Also check out our multi-samples, which contain various different instrument tracks within one musical loop file, perfect for composers to mix and match the specific instrument parts they want to use to build a new original song composition.

Light a fire under your music productions with our huge selection of loops and sounds for composing. Experience the heat of AudioSparx today with a subscription that lets you download all the sounds you want for one low price!

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