Wave Dweller
Wave Dweller is an Electronic Dance music producer, remixer, and DJ from the UK. His styles range from downtempo Hip-Hop to fast-paced Disco-fueled Deep House. His work draws inspiration from Classical and Opera of the 1920's to 1950's Jazz and Soul, 1970's Disco, right up to 1980's Rock and Pop. When composing his music, these sounds are manipulated, rearranged and woven together to create a nostalgic musical collage reinvented for chill-out bars and dance floors. Wave Dweller's music has appeared on Channel 4, E4 and the BBC.
Track Title Genre BPM Duration License
Streets Anthem (Dr Dre Style Piano Hip ... Hip-Hop 90 BPM 2:15
Rattlesnake (J Dilla Style Guitar Hip H... Hip-Hop 97 BPM 1:26
Samurai Stance (Oriental Style Hip Hop ... Hip-Hop 93 BPM 1:53
Bling Bling (Dr Dre Style Head Nod Hip ... Hip-Hop 92 BPM 2:02
Chopsticks (Bright Sun Crisp Synth Hip ... Hip-Hop 86 BPM 2:09
Contemplate (Bass and Strings Cool Hip ... Hip-Hop 93 BPM 1:40
Dark of Night (Dark Synth String Hip Ho... Hip-Hop 85 BPM 2:22
Gangsta Lean (Dr Dre Style Piano Hip Ho... Hip-Hop 94 BPM 1:54
Fuzzy Journey (Epic Powerful Synth Hip ... Hip-Hop 88 BPM 2:04
Get Funky (Old School Funky Bassy Hip H... Hip-Hop 66 BPM 1:26
Golden Years (Vintage String Romance Hi... Hip-Hop 78 BPM 1:50
Got Soul (Smooth Soulful Guitar RNB Hip... Hip-Hop 98 BPM 1:36
Heartbreaker (J Dilla Style Piano Hip H... Hip-Hop 87 BPM 1:51
Magical Twist (Magical String Keys Hip ... Hip-Hop 96 BPM 1:25
Lurks Like Trouble (Slow Mood Keys Hip ... Hip-Hop 91 BPM 2:12
On the Creep (Creeping String Keys Hip ... Hip-Hop 89 BPM 2:15
Predator (Powerful Epic Warm Synth Hip ... Hip-Hop 60 BPM 1:33
Psychedelia (Funky Guitar Trippy Hip Ho... Hip-Hop 96 BPM 1:27
Razor Wire (Powerful Rugged Synth Hip H... Hip-Hop 85 BPM 2:22
Sail Away (Relaxed and Funky Piano Hip ... Hip-Hop 94 BPM 1:43
Spring in Your Step (Bouncy Bass Hip Ho... Hip-Hop 71 BPM 1:15
Spectre (Scary Halloween Spooky Hip Hop... Hip-Hop 88 BPM 1:54
Spectre Returns (Scary Halloween Hip Ho... Hip-Hop 88 BPM 1:33
Arctic Wolves (Wintry Cool Bassy Hip Ho... Hip-Hop 94 BPM 1:31
Bold As Brass (Jazzy Brass Piano Hip Ho... Hip-Hop 97 BPM 1:33
Catwalk Talk (Confident Grow Synth Hip ... Hip-Hop 95 BPM 2:09
Centipede (Dark Pulsing Synth Hip Hop B... Hip-Hop 87 BPM 2:16
Clear Skies (Cool Smooth Piano Hip Hop ... Hip-Hop 97 BPM 1:27
Country Ride (Cool Western Style Hip Ho... Hip-Hop 96 BPM 1:31
Dreamland (Dreamy Strings Jazzy Hip Hop... Hip-Hop 92 BPM 1:32
High Praise (Church Choir Vocal Hip Hop... Hip-Hop 92 BPM 1:38
Memories (Thoughtful Smooth Piano Hip H... Hip-Hop 93 BPM 1:31
On Target (Fire Power Bass Synth Hip Ho... Hip-Hop 86 BPM 2:10
On the Run (Bass Strings Escaping Hip H... Hip-Hop 66 BPM 1:46
Quiet Walk (Cool Casual Jazz Horns Hip ... Hip-Hop 83 BPM 1:41
Sail Back (Relaxed and Funky Piano Hip ... Hip-Hop 94 BPM 1:57
Shishe Nights (Arab Style Club Dub Hip ... Hip-Hop 98 BPM 1:46
Sick Day (Vintage Violin Jazz Bass Hip ... Hip-Hop 93 BPM 1:41
Smoky Bar (Cool Smoky Jazz Blues Hip Ho... Hip-Hop 78 BPM 1:56
Space Walk (Intergalactic Chilled Hip H... Hip-Hop 64 BPM 2:14
Street Strut (Cool Chilled Funky Hip Ho... Hip-Hop 66 BPM 1:39
Teardrops (Sad Cry Emotional Piano Hip ... Hip-Hop 96 BPM 1:28
The Awakening (Dark Magical Keys Hip Ho... Hip-Hop 86 BPM 2:22
The Next Mission (Dramatic Intense Hip ... Hip-Hop 88 BPM 1:56
The Voices (Haunting Female Vocal Hip H... Hip-Hop 94 BPM 1:39
Time to Reflect (Smooth Light Keys Hip ... Hip-Hop 86 BPM 1:53
Tip Toe (Orchestral Style Magical Hip H... Hip-Hop 93 BPM 1:33
Triumph (Cinematic Epic Strings Bold Hi... Hip-Hop 101 BPM 1:47