King Daddy Dee
King Daddy Dee is a talented pianist, guitarist, composer, and producer who has worked with many accomplished artists, including Pure Breed, Zion, Way, Keyonda Reed, Bobby Eli, and William Hart of the Delfonics. Working in the RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, and Worship genres, one of his most notable contributions was on Vivian Green's sophomore album, "Vivian." A committed Christian, Dee does his best to spread the word of God by encouraging long-term and new believers alike to declare that Jesus is Lord of their life, and great things will follow!

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The Continuum 3:20
The Continuum - the Promise 2:27
Miracle Healing Power 7:28
Roar (Jesus Is Lord) 5:31
Fast and Slow 4:08
Do You Love Him (Jesus) 4:51
Just Breathe and Believe 5:37
Secret Discovery 1:07
The Continuum - the Great Awakening 26:08
I Can See the Light 4:46
The Clash of the Titans 1:40
Worship in the Spirit 5:32
Glorious Star Spangled Banner 3:40
Deeply Rooted 3:42
Getting Stronger 1:16
Eternal Joy 3:15
Give Me More Retro 5:19
Bass I Like It 3:54
Out of This World 4:40
A Never Ending Love Story 5:23
I Do 4:29
Quantum Love Music 6:00
007 3:17
Never Ending Heights 6:49
Restoration 6:23
Glorious Turn Around 2:31
One in the Spirit 3:32
All Eyes On You 5:55
Open Heaven Dream 3:01
Isaiah 54 4:00
I Believe I Receive 0:45
Let the Weak Say I Am Strong 5:11
Jump Up 4:36
Entrance to the Kingdom 3:22
Fear Not Believe Only 4:13
Your Unfailing Love 4:08
Overtaking Blessings 4:37
All Things Are Possible 5:32
The Glory Wave 4:19
Rest & Listen to Your Inner Peace Calli... 23:09
Cyber Revival 8:26
A Rose Petal Heaven for Lovers/Wedding ... 7:22
Attention 4:01
The Breath of Life 3:56
Repentance 2:49
Everything Is Going to Be Alright 5:36
Use the Name Above All Names (Jesus) 0:47
No Fear Here 4:21
Soaking Worship 7:38
Winding Down 4:48
The Resurrection Power of Jesus 3:57
Jesus Is Lord 3:29
Club Victory 4:17
The Kingdom of Power 4:50
The Garden of Gethsemane 4:12
We Got Da' Victory Over Da' Enemy 1:06
Back to Work 4:33
Galactic Jubilee Dance 5:04
Heavenly Strings 1:33
Crazy Bout' Jesus 4:32
Jesus You're Da' Supa' Star 3:39
Ministry of Love 4:01
Jesus Freak 4:46
You Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made 6:04
Heavens Glory On Earth 3:55
Relax Your Mind 4:49
Did You Know You're Loved 4:59
Electro Jam'n 5:51
Child Like Faith 8:26
A New Beginning 2:10
One Man One Woman 4:27
Lazy for An Hour 0:59
This Right Here Is Funky 3:58
It's Automatic 4:20
Honeymoon Night 4:25
Honeymoon Night Remix 6:40
Don't Ever Quit 4:02
The Break Up 6:20
Asian Love 4:17
Spot Light Ringtone Alert 1:05
Smooth Jazz Ending 2:25
Got No Time to Waste 4:14
You Are More Than Welcome 3:37
Starlight 3:59
Great Feast 1:23
Living It Up 3:27
One Form of Worship - Ringtone Alert 2:20
There's Only One Way Home 4:53
Progress 2:22
Redeemed From the Curse 2:19
Dance With Me Tonight 4:19
Dancing On the Waters of Love (U Got Th... 4:31
I Love the Way You Love 4:27
Taking It By Force 1:21
Bending Sound 3:40
Peace Is Upon Us 4:39
Live Your Life Now 5:44
I Am Whole 4:57
You Are the Light to My Path 7:13
Sudden Change of Events 1:03
Cyber Battles 3:02
Fun Kid Show Theme 2:02
I Love You 4:01
Star 3:57
Touchdown Dance/Victory Dance 4:26
"Together" 4:12
Anointed 4:36
Love Those Oldies 5:42
God Is Good 2:44
Check Me Out Girl 4:03
Alpha Rhythm 7:01
Humorous O You're at Work, Oooooooooo 0:32
Super Hot 4:07
An Angel By My Side 4:19
Race Car Driver 5:00
Heaven On Earth 4:12
Arabian Flow 1:29
Talking Computer 4:17
Promotion 0:40
Electric Bliss 3:54
Surfing the Net 4:19
The King Has Arrived 3:34
Look'n Round 5:54
The Movement 4:22
Humorous Busy Studio Rats Keeping Busy 1:30
A Joyful Happy Day 5:46