Richard Dale
Richard Dale is a musician with more than 30 years of writing, producing and performing experience. He is lead guitarist with UK's premier rock/punk band "Phil Murray and the Boys From Bury" and also produces solo material under the banner of Centascope. Richard is a genious -- writing, producing and performing all the music himself. Richard is bringing us his significantly hot music from across the Pond, so you'd better add him to your audio mix and get this super talented guy on board for your next film or media project.

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Track List (Click Speaker to Play) Time Price Purchase
Absentfriends 2:23
Bond Theme 2:00
Calm Before the Storm 2:14
Calypso Smile 1:36
CarnabyMuse 1:49
Chase the Spy 1:47
ColdBlood 2:24
ConfidentOne 3:53
CoolgillyAndTheFreakshow 4:06
CoolSighs 3:03
Current Affairs 1:15
Current Affairs Business 0:27
Current Affairs Closing Theme 1:08
Current Affairs Mood Change 0:48
DjangoandStephan 1:25
EmptyHead 3:06
Fantasy Into Battle (Loop) 1:00
Fantasy Lost (Loop) 0:58
Fantasy Searching (Loop) 1:00
Gothic Horror 1:10
Gothic Horror Climax 0:46
Gothic Horror Interlude 2:09
Gothic Horror Tension 1:37
Gothic Horror Theme 1:44
JoinTheDots 3:03
MajesticPlains 2:16
Metamorph 4:23
MiddleGround 2:49
News Fanfare 0:19
Pastoral Strings 1:37
Pastoral Waltz 1:33
Sci-Fi Dance 0:38
The Spy 1:00
You Can Run 2:30