Lindsay Popple
Each summer, Lindsay Popple travels to isolated parts of the Australian outback to capture the sounds of its insects and birds. He specializes in obtaining recordings of unique and previously unknown species of cicadas and making these sounds available to the modern world in the form of sound effects and ring tones. Having previously studied guitar through Trinity College (London), Lindsay is also an accomplished classical guitarist and composer. He weaves his own unique style through a platform of improvisation.

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Track List (Click Speaker to Play) Time Price Purchase
Golden Emperor Cicada 1:22
Fiji Whistler Bird 30 Sec 0:29
Drysdale Rattler Cicada (30 Sec) 0:30
Darwin Whiner Cicada 2:40
Crop Duster Cicada 0:38
Tiger Cherrynose Cicada (60 Sec) 1:00
Wallum Sedge-Clicker Cicada 30 Sec 0:30
Granite Squeaker Cicada (60 Sec) 0:59
Chanting Bladder Cicada 0:33
Smoky Sage Cicada (60 Sec) 1:01
Southern Mountain Squeaker Cicada 0:59
West Plains Eremophila Cicada 0:54
Kettledrum Cicada 60 Sec 1:00
Yellowbelly (Purring) Cicada 0:35
Green Baron and Red Roarer Cicada Chorus 1:58
Smoky Buzzer Cicada Chorus 2:07
Murray Acacia Cicada 0:34
Cherrynose Cicada 1:46
Thin-Striped Wattle Cicada 1:51
Fishing Reel Buzzer Cicada (60 Sec) 1:00
Eastern Ticker Ultrasonic Cicada 0:48
Exuberance (Guitar Solo) 2:11
March of the Tyrants 4:06
Through Quartz Veins 6:15
Treadmill 3:19
Black Prince Cicada (60 Sec) 1:01
Razor Grinder Cicada 1:45
Razor Grinder Cicada (30 Sec) 0:31
Razor Grinder Cicada (60 Sec) 1:01