Misha Komarov
Misha Komarov is an artist who writes beautiful, melodic music for your creative projects. From soulful Russian melodies to rhythmic, fun, positive, and romantic compositions, he works in a wide range of genres and styles. Misha often uses bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitars, and a variety of interesting synth sounds in his tracks. His music can be heard on many Russian radio, internet, and TV outlets.

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Track List (Click Speaker to Play) Time Price Purchase
Ursa Major 3:37
Crossroad (Instrumental) 3:22
The Wind of Wanderings 3:13
South Coast 3:10
Sky Italian 2:52
Somewhere Out There 2:44
Virtual Feeling 3:24
Warm Rain 3:28
Sister From Hollywood 3:05
Megapolis 4:11
Crossroad 3:22
All You Will Succeed 1:59
Here and Now 3:17
Here and Now (Version 1) 0:42
Here and Now (Version 2) 0:42
It Was in a Dream 2:06
One Friend 2:35
Shopping 2:54
Showcase With Toys 2:05
Smile for Me 2:46
Someone Is Always Near 3:19
Someone Is Always Near (Version 1) 0:49
A Sign of Happiness 2:46
Summer Night 2:16
The First Tram 0:56
The Story of Hope 2:59
The Story of Hope (30sec) 0:33
All You Will Succeed (Music Box) 0:50
Crossroad (Guitar Version) 0:30
Virtual Feeling (Version Piano) 0:35
Virtual Feeling (Version Synth) 0:35
What Are You Dreaming 3:03
What Are You Dreaming (Version 1) 0:37
What Are You Dreaming (Version 2) 0:38
Easy Gait 2:57
Eight Minutes On Foot 3:18
Grey Dog 2:44
Let's Meet 2:16
Make a Wish 3:27
Office Number Two 1:29
One Spring 2:20
Somewhere in the Internet 3:00
Tale Number One 2:51
The Colors of Autumn 3:11
The Rich and the Poor 3:14
Today Is Your Day! 3:14
Until Tomorrow 2:55
Your Photo 3:26
Your Photo (49 Sec) 0:49