Paul Jupe
Based in the UK, Paul Jupe is a Guitarist, Composer, and Musician with over 25 years experience. From live performances to writing and recording, he works within many different genres and has contributed his playing to many artists and solo projects, including music for TV and Film with Grammy nominated producer Rick Hale. Paul is the founding member of Rock band ACHILLEA, an international band bringing musicians together from around the world and country rock band AGD .
Track Title Genre BPM Duration License
All Funked Up Action 100 BPM 2:29
Peace of Mind New-Age 70 BPM 3:46
Lakeside Pop 120 BPM 3:55
Detective Work Rock 120 BPM 1:36
Sounds Like Christmas Christmas 100 BPM 2:25
Just Chilling Rock 124 BPM 3:53
Acoustic Moment New-Age 60 BPM 2:05
Cool Beans Rock 122 BPM 2:01
Inside Out Country 150 BPM 3:19
Sweet Song New-Age 72 BPM 2:34
Emily's Song New-Age 65 BPM 4:56
Rock It Up Rock 120 BPM 2:15
Latin Swing Latin 120 BPM 2:53
Dont Blame Me Country 120 BPM 4:17
Strange World Science-Fiction 89 BPM 2:56
Tonite Rock 120 BPM 6:15