Mason Maphey Project
Mason Maphey Project is a collaboration between Steve Mason of Two PM Junction, and Phil Maphey of "The Macy's". The duo composes and produces music for film, TV, Sports themes, Video Games, and many other projects. Phil is a Berklee-trained musician who has been playing professionally for nearly forty years. His focus while in school was Jazz, but his interests covered the musical spectrum. Steve Mason is a songwriter, publisher, and producer who studied with Virginia guitarist Lewis McGehee.

Track Title Genre BPM Duration License
Islander Breeze Off the Mix Jazz 127 BPM 4:18
1229 Bluez Ave Jazz 118 BPM 4:20
224 East Bay Rose Jazz 136 BPM 4:15
Shrimp and Grits Rock 120 BPM 3:20
Isla Fernandina Tiempos Rock 130 BPM 4:40
After the Storm Dramatic 115 BPM 4:31
After the Storm - Epilogue Jazz 115 BPM 4:40
Angels Calling Indie-Rock 70 BPM 4:26
Tuesday Morning Groove Rock 105 BPM 1:51
Hill of Triple Guild Rock 90 BPM 4:33
Spooky Hill Drive Horror 90 BPM 3:14
Jeudi Apr├Ęs-Midi Electronic 116 BPM 3:13
126 North Beet Street Pop 120 BPM 3:36
Thirsty Themes 129 BPM 3:51
1229 Bluez Ave Piccolo Bass Jazz 118 BPM 4:16
Danny Boy Folk 75 BPM 3:54