Lewis Smith
Based in the UK, Lewis Smith has performed at many Jazz and contemporary music festivals in Europe for over 20 years, including the Glastonbury Festival on its Jazz/World stage. He has also performed on numerous television and radio productions. After performing in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, Lewis traveled back to Kazakhstan to research Kazakh traditional music for influence in some of his compositions. Though he's a Classical musician by training, Lewis is still a regular in the Jazz circuit and enjoys exploring many different styles.
Track Title Genre BPM Duration License
Elegy for a Renaissance Man Dramatic 128 BPM 3:14
Rise From That Sweet Abyss Dramatic 80 BPM 3:00
Melodious Murmur of Spring Dramatic 120 BPM 2:51
Continuum Dramatic 56 BPM 2:26
Augmented Reality Dramatic 110 BPM 3:11
A Picture of Dorian Dramatic 120 BPM 3:13
Lydian Rising Dramatic 60 BPM 3:24
Non in Nomen Nostrum Dramatic 48 BPM 4:35
Seven to Eight Action 111 BPM 2:41
Escape to Alban Action 150 BPM 2:55
Deirdre's Dance Dramatic 128 BPM 3:02
Tuar (Prophecy) - Romantic Orchestral S... Dramatic 64 BPM 2:35
Augmented Reality Underscore Dramatic 110 BPM 3:11
Augmented Reality Stinger # 1 Dramatic 110 BPM 0:15
Augmented Reality Stinger #2 Dramatic 110 BPM 0:06
Turn the Ballygally Head European 50 BPM 2:03
Suspension of This Belief Dangerous 110 BPM 2:54
Unconquered Action 140 BPM 3:11
A Peculiar Step Dramatic 150 BPM 3:32