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License and Digitally Distribute Your Music or SFX for B2B and B2C Uses
The AudioSparx music library is a world-class resource for TV/Film, Commercials, Internet, Corporate, and all other types of production and project uses.

With a massive catalog from some of the world's leading composers, artists, and labels, we're the go-to source for the hottest music and sound effects for both Hollywood and Madison Avenue to amp their productions up to a hot new level. With our powerful HyperSearch feature, clients can quickly find very specific tracks that have a certain genre, subgenre, mood, style, instrument, vocal type, vocal language, tempo, duration, price, and more.

For content providers, by uploading and configuring your tracks with high-quality metadata information, your tracks will come up more frequently while our clients are searching and browsing in our websites -- this improves your chances of getting heard and getting placed in our client's productions. Create high-quality music and configure your tracks with quality metadata after uploading here and you will be well on your way to making sales.

Advantages of AudioSparx

Why sell at AudioSparx?  We’re glad you asked....

Comprehensive Business Services for Artists, Labels, and Composers

In business for 26 years now, AudioSparx provides a comprehensive set of B2B and B2C services for thousands of world-class music artists and composers around the world. Here is what we do specifically:

B2B services include ....

   Music Licensing services, including synch and mechanical licensing for film, tv, corporate, internet, software/apps/games, etc. - this earns you money for the commercial use of your music in all different types of commercial projects and productions.

   Publishing administration for the commercial and creative placements we obtain - this earns you residual performance royalties for the use of your music in broadcast productions.

   Commercial background music service provider for thousands of business clients around the world - this earns you residual, recurring money for the subscription-based playback of your music in businesses (stores, restaurants, chains, gyms, hotels, etc.)

   Internet monetization on Content ID - this earns you residual money for the use of your music in videos on YouTube.

B2C services include....

   Digital distribution of ringtones to over 100 telcos around the world

   Creation and digital distribution to all the leading retail decks of both singles and compilation albums for retail sales and consumer music streaming around the world.

Look Inside....

MAKE MONEY - Get your music and/or sound effects licensed for commercial uses in TV shows and commercials, feature-length films, documentaries, software apps, Internet projects, multimedia projects and all different kinds of commercial project and production uses.

HIGH TRAFFIC - Our sites get over a million visitors each month due to our sites' popularity, our large and growing client base, plus lots of marketing and advertising. We license to everybody from individual developers and producers all the way up to the very top movie production studios and ad agencies around the world. The bottom line is that we get your music and sound effects heard and licensed! Some of our marquee clients include:

  • Major Studios: Viacom, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. Movies, Walt Disney Studios, Sony Pictures, Imageworks, NBC Universal, Pixar, Blue Sky Films, and others
  • Major TV Networks: BBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX
  • Top Ad Agencies: Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, and thousands more
  • Corporate Clients: Microsoft, Intel, Reebok, Google, Apple, Amazon, and many more
FREE STORAGE - By selling your tracks at AudioSparx, you'll get free storage for all of your precious audio files.  As you may well know, master track .wav files can easily take up hundreds of megabytes or even gigabytes.  We store your files for free and perform rolling real-time off-site backups for maximum security of your files. Please make sure to keep your own copies of your music files, AudioSparx is simply an additional backup resource -- we reserve the right to delete any tracks that you may upload here which we do not feel are appropriate, or which violate our Terms of Use or reasonable service utilization considerations.
YOU'RE IN CONTROL - You retain full ownership of your content. Configure your tracks with title, description, keywords, etc.  You can sell your tracks individually or in multi-track "soundpacks" (like production music albums or mini-libraries). You can upload multiple related track edits (e.g. full track, 15/30/60 sec edits) and group them together to appear as a unit on the site. You can configure one or more artists under your account if you have content from multiple different sources. We make it easy with batch upload and batch edit capabilities, a pricing wizard, and other helpful tools to maximize your control to configure your tracks to maximize searchability.
REAL-TIME MONITORING - You can run reports at any time to see how many plays and sales you have. We provide many different reports and helpful information to help maximize your sales.
GET PAID - We pay commissions on a quarterly basis religiously. In general, we use PayPal to disburse payment, however, for artists living in any country where PayPal is not an option, we can pay you via a bank-to-bank wire transfer payment.
PERFORMANCE ROYALTIES - For musicians, we provide an optional publishing administration service. This saves you from having to chase clients for cue sheet information, filing cue sheets, etc. Our publishing administration service is entirely optional -- if you have your own publishing company and prefer to do the work yourself, that's 100% fine. AudioSparx has an experienced and dedicated publishing administration group who has access to various information systems and tools that individual artists and composers don't have access to. We can maximize your performance royalty earnings and help to ensure you get paid in situations where otherwise you might not. Therefore, we highly recommend that you let us handle it for you.
MULTIPLE WEBSITES - We operate multiple audio-related web sites, so for the time it takes you to upload and configure your content once, you can participate in all of the following web sites: - The mothership of digital audio provides a fantastic venue for clients in all production industries to license content here for their projects. Licensing at AudioSparx is "needle-drop", with a single-project buyout license option for clients who need an "all media, worldwide, perpetual" license for the project or production they are working on. - The next-gen Internet music service! RadioSparx was created specifically for businesses to use for background music in shops, restaurants, hotels, chains and more. Businesses can subscribe for a month or longer to gain access to high-quality background music with over 476 music stations online ready for immediate streaming or store-and-forward service. - An excellent resource specializing in licensing royalty-free music and sound effects perfect for DIY and small-project clients. We have many independent film and TV producers, music supervisors, sound editors, ad agencies and other professional clients licensing content from this site.

RINGTONE DISTRIBUTION - AudioSparx distributes ringtone content to several hundred telcos around the world. Let us distribute your music and sound effects as ringtones to maximize your sales opportunities and leverage your valuable audio content.

OTHER COMMERCIAL MUSIC DEALS IN U.S. AND AROUND THE WORLD - AudioSparx also licenses music to multiple different external companies for use as commercial background music. The music is played in stores, restaurants, malls, and many other types of commercial venues, as well as on-hold music for telephone systems.

Details to Consider
20 Tracks Preferred - For new vendors selling music, we prefer a minimum of 20 music tracks. For others selling sound effects, ringtones or beats and loops, we prefer a minimum of 50 tracks to participate here. However, please note that you can submit an artist application with only three (3) tracks and then grow your catalog over time. We always consider quality before quantity, and we realize that creating great tracks takes time. Don't rush the process, focus on quality, and bring us finished, ready-to-play tracks that will inspire our professional clients.
Revenue-Sharing - AudioSparx will market your music, sound effects, loops and/or ringtones on our web sites and in industry channels. As money is earned from your content, you make money on a revenue-share basis.
Perpetual Commitment Required - At all times, you retain all copyright ownership to all of your tracks. However, to participate as a vendor at AudioSparx, we do require a perpetual license term commitment for each and every track you upload.

Why a Perpetual License? - The primary reason we require a perpetual license for participation at AudioSparx is to provide our clients with a stable shopping platform where tracks do not suddenly and unexpectedly disappear due to a track takedown. It is not uncommon for ad agencies and TV/Film production companies to take several months to make decisions about tracks they are considering licensing for a big ad campaign or TV/Film production, hence, we can't have tracks suddenly becoming unavailable -- it makes us look bad and creates a big problem for our professional clients. There are other reasons as well -- to learn more, see this article.
Non-Exclusive License - Your license to AudioSparx is a non-exclusive license, meaning that you can license your music to any third parties at any time and without negatively impacting your license to AudioSparx.
Upload and Configure Your Tracks - It's FREE to participate here! It just requires a bit of your time to upload and configure your track settings. Fortunately, that is a one-time upload and configuration process and then the tracks will be online available for licensing for the rest of your life! You are in control of, and in charge of managing your catalog here, and our staff handles literally everything else including marketing, licensing, development, operations, support, publishing administration, and distribution of your audio content. To learn more, see this article.
Prohibited Monetization Services - The programs listed below fingerprint audio tracks and attempt to monetize any detected uses of the tracks on YouTube and elsewhere in some cases. This causes problems for our clients because our clients often want to monetize their own videos which incorporate music they have licensed from our websites. Therefore any tracks you wish to sell at AudioSparx CANNOT participate in the following (or similar) programs:

  • AdRev
  • GoDigital Media Group's AdShare program
  • CD Baby's Content ID monetization
  • Any similar "fingerprint-based" music monetization systems at YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, FaceBook, MySpace, Imeem and other social media sites

Note: It's absolutely fine for your to post your own content on YouTube, etc. as desired. Such posting of your own music to YouTube under your own account does NOT cause tracking and monetization of your music in ALL YouTube videos.

How to Participate at AudioSparx

If you are a music artist, composer, producer, label, publisher, band, orchestra, etc. and wish to sell your music or sound effects at AudioSparx, you can become a Vendor on our website by following these simple steps:
Read Licensing Agreement - To see the specific terms of our license, please take a minute to review our AudioSparx Content Licensing Agreement to make sure you are in agreement with our required vendor participation terms before continuing further. Click Here to Review Our License.
Register Online to Create Your Account - Take a minute to register online for free by clicking here (opens in new browser tab). After you complete the registration, click the link in the email address verification email you will receive after registering, and then you can sign in to your new account at AudioSparx. Please note that your account will work for all of our websites -- you don't have to register on each of the sites just to sign in to them if you wish to do so.
Submit One or More Artist Applications - After you sign in to the AudioSparx website, you will be at the "My Account Menu". At the bottom of that screen, click on the "Submit New Artist Application" link. There you will see an option to continue with the AudioSparx license or the RadioSparx-Only license. To participate at AudioSparx fully, naturally select the AudioSparx license option and proceed through that to submit an artist application including three (3) MP3 tracks for our review. After you submit your application, we will generally review the application within 24 hours and will email you our decision about whether we agree to represent the artist you submit. You can submit multiple artist applications if you are a label or represent music from multiple different artists, and for each application you can choose either the AudioSparx option or the RadioSparx-only participation option.
Upload Artist Graphic & Configure Artist Profile - After being accepted here, you will need to upload a high-quality graphic or photo to your artist profile(s) and also configure the basic participation options for the artist(s). This means you need to opt in or out of the various services we provide to ensure that we include or exclude your music from various optionas as you desire. Please note that our staff must review and approve the uploaded photo/graphic and once it has been approved, then you will be able to commence uploading and configuring your tracks.
Upload Tracks - After the application and acceptance process is fully completed, then you would proced to upload your tracks in high-resolution uncompressed format (i.e. WAV or AIFF). Once you get the hang of uploading individual tracks, then you can use our powerful batch upload and batch edit features to upload dozens or even hundreds of tracks at once (although we don't recommend uploading more tracks than you can configure within a 24-hour period, to avoid having unconfigured tracks in your account, which can tend to be forgotten or overlooked.) After uploading, for each track write a dynamic description, add lots of relevant keywords, select moods, styles, price, and all suggested information, so clients can quickly find and license your tracks. With the huge library that we represent here, your attention to detail in your descriptions and keyword configurations will pay off in better results for your catalog.
Run Reports - You can run real time reports for any time period to see how many plays and sales your tracks are getting.
Get Paid - After the end of each calendar quarter we will email you a commission report that details all sales for the previous quarter, and then 45 days after the end of each quarter we send payment if your earned commissions are $25 or more for PayPal payments or $400 or more for wire transfer payments.

Let's Rock the Web ... Together!

So make the most of your intellectual property assets!  Start participating today as a vendor and start to enjoy sales of your music and/or SFX content now. If you have any questions at all please click on the CONTACT option at the top of the site or give us a call and let us know what's on your mind. We're always happy to discuss any questions you may have.
Get Started Today at AudioSparx -- Put Our 26 Years of Experience to Work For You Now!

NOTE: After registering online, sign in and submit an artist application and choose either the AudioSparx or the RadioSparx-Only participation option for each artist application you submit.

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