Jazz Playlists

Everything from Cool Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, and Bebop to Electro-Swing and more…
Smooth Jazz
Instrumentals that favor slick production, soulful melodies, and groovy rhythms, this station is a blend of Soul Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Hip-Bop, as well as traditional Smooth Jazz styles. Superb musicianship and masterful production finesse offer up an avant-garde Jazz station built to impress!

Genres: Smooth Jazz, Nu-Jazz, Soul Jazz, Pop-Jazz, Jazz-Funk     Format: Instrumentals
Acid Jazz
Acid Jazz combines Funk, Jazz and Hip Hop with additional influences from Soul, House, and Disco. Perfect for trendy bars, art galleries, dance clubs, wine bars, and after-hours fun. Mellow moods and sensual rhythms set the perfect tone for a laid-back urban vibe.

Genres: Acid Jazz, Neo-Soul, Funk, Electronic     Format: Instrumentals
This is NOT your Granddad's Jazz! Welcome to the hottest new avant-garde Jazz styles emerging from the US and around the world. Departing from traditional Jazz, Nu-Jazz fuses Funk, Electronica, Soul, and other new music styles to create a lively flow of improvisational and entertaining sounds.

Genres: Jazz Music, Nu-Jazz Jazz-Funk, Acid Jazz, Chillout Jazz, Jazz Fusion     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Lounge Jazz
Mellow and sublime Jazz that's perfect for the late-night scene and cocktail time in wine bars, restaurants, country clubs, hotel lobbies, vintage shops, and more. Finesse the moment and charm your clients with these sophisticated, romantic instrumentals and vocals.

Genres: Lounge Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Swing, Jazz Waltz, Cool Jazz     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Electro Swing
Crazy-hot Swing styles fused with House, Jazz, Hip Hop, and EDM show a global cult revival of interest in dances like New York City's popular '30s and '40s Lindy Hop. "Electro Swing" is a new twist on vintage fashion, culture, style, and music a la "Boardwalk Empire" and "The Great Gatsby.

Genres: Jazz Music, Nu Jazz, Electro Swing     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Kings of Swing
Rousing Swing Jazz instrumentals in various formats, including Big Band and smaller ensembles. Why not hop out on the dance floor and get your sweet feet moving to the frenzied groove of this fun station? From mellow trios to powerhouse bands, this is an extremely lively mix of Swing Jazz.

Genres: Swing Jazz, Big Band, Lounge Jazz, Boogie Woogie     Format: Instrumentals
Bebop Jazz
For true Jazz aficionados, this cool mix of 40's Bebop and 50's Hard Bop blends Jazz, RnB, and Blues. This is music straight out of the Golden Age of Jazz featuring Jazz virtuosos and improvisations like when cats like Bird (Charlie Parker) and Dizzy Gillespie reigned supreme.

Genres: Bebop, Hard Bop, Modern Jazz, Swing Jazz     Format: Instrumentals
Cabaret Jazz
Calm and chilled, and first introduced in avant-garde Paris, Cabaret Jazz is perfect for restaurants, cafés, nightclubs, and venues entertaining clients who enjoy dining and late-night drinking. A mix of light, often romantic, instrumentals and vocals, divine music for relaxing after an all-too-busy day.

Genres: Jazz Cabaret, Lounge Jazz, Smooth Jazz     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Jazz Vocals
Swinging-hot Jazz vocals, featuring some of your timeless favorite Jazz standards as well as all-new compositions by new and emerging artists. Check out our singers from around the world and enjoy a vocal twist on Jazz!

Genres: Jazz, Lounge Jazz, Big Band, Swing, Smooth Jazz, Boogie Woogie     Format: Vocals
Modern Jazz   NEW  
Modern Jazz includes various styles that have evolved since the 1940s and is marked generally by harmonic and rhythmic complexity, emphasizing chord progressions rather than melody, with a tendency to draw on classical forms and styles, along with eclectic, allusive melodic improvisation.

Genres: Modern Jazz, Swing Ensembles, Jazz Waltz, Jazz Fusion, Cool Jazz, Chillout Jazz     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Gypsy Jazz
Gypsy Jazz (also called Manouche Jazz, Gypsy Swing, and Hot Club Jazz) is a lively music style attributed to guitarist Jean "Django" Reinhardt in the 1930s and '40s, originating in France. Cool and bouncy, summery fun for creating a swinging mood for retro fashion, cool clubs, diners, ice cream shops...

Genres: Jazz Music, Gypsy Jazz, European Music, Comedy Jazz     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Boogie Woogie   NEW  
Jumping, Jiving Swing and Boogie Woogie from the 1930's-'40's era and the World War II culture. Fun for dance clubs, retro shops, diners, with a mix of Swing, Boogie, Stride, Jump, and Continental Jazz in the style of The Andrews Sisters, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, and Gene Krupa.

Genres: Boogie-Woogie, Big Band, Swing Ensembles, Lounge Jazz, Piano Blues     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Latin Jazz
Sultry, soulful, Latin Jazz is great for clubs, trendy restaurants, ballroom dancing, or lively entertainment. Hot percussion includes congas, bongos, timbales, and maracas, plus tasty brass and occasional strings and woodwinds -- a spicy combo of Jazz and Latin themes.

Genres: Brazilian Music, Bossa Nova Jazz, Latin Jazz, Latin Waltz, Samba, Afro-Cuban Jazz     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Jazz Fusion   NEW  
In the late 1960s and early '70s, electronic effects and synthesizers hit the music world, and musicians began fusing Jazz harmonies with Rock, Funk, RnB, and Latin Jazz, improvising along the way. Enjoyed today all around the globe, Jazz Fusion derived from these earlier musical trailblazers.

Genres: Jazz Fusion, Jazz Funk, Latin Jazz, Jazz Rock     Format: Instrumentals
Ragtime Jazz
Our rousing big-city Jazz features piano, syncopation, and challenging rhythms. Fun and flowing, Ragtime peaked in Europe and America in the '20s but regained popularity in the '70s, thanks to a revival of Scott Joplin's music. Great for a late lunch, art shows, vintage shops, and laid-back Jazz clubs.

Genres: Jazz Music, Ragtime, Boogie Woogie, Dramatic Music     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Jazz Piano
Let the Jazz Piano flow like a breeze in summer, as cool caresses linger into the night, intertwining sweetness as the notes breathe life with sentimental melodies that manifestly matter. Perfect for hotels, lounges, casual dining, service centers, and general retail.

Genres: Jazz Music, Lounge Jazz , Jazz Piano, Swing     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Jazz Chillout
Perfect Jazz music for chilling out at a posh club, coffee house, bistro, or a laidback hotel bar. A cool mix of Lounge, Progressive, Acid, New Age, and various other Jazz forms -- all to create a warm, sophisticated ambience for enjoying cocktails or perhaps a charmed, chilled-out Sunday brunch.

Genres: Smooth Jazz Music, Lounge Jazz, Chillout Jazz, Acid Jazz, Nu Jazz     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
World Jazz   NEW  
World Jazz offers elements of Asian, Afro-Cuban, Ethnic, European, Jazz Exotica, and Latin music, creating a lavish mix of sophisticated, avant-garde musical fusion -- especially featuring the iconic Omar Sosa. For laidback adventurous boutiques, clubs, bars, niche hotels, and travel venues.

Genres: World Jazz, Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban, Ethno, Jazz Exotica     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

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