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Our clients at AudioSparx.com continue to find amazing and creative ways to use the world-class music they find here. This includes in commercial advertising, travel promos, sizzle reels, photo shoots, feature-length motion pictures, short films, trailers and much more. Check out the great videos below and, if desired, you can also immediately license any of the tracks used in any of these videos!

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   FrogBox Marketing
St. Nics Spring Summer 2023 Animation Final | Music by Aaron Saloman - Questfunk
   Date Posted: Sep 4, 2023
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The latest and coolest #Fashions are always #InStyle at #StNics #LifestyleCenter in #Sutton Whether you're looking for Fresh, Bright, Cargo, Floral, Tailored, Holiday wear and accessories or any combination, you'll find a delightful and exciting shopping experience.

Our client #FrogboxMarketing chose #AaronSaloman providing #MotownSound in a bass line with retro drums, spring reverb guitar, horn swells and more to create a lively swaggering and funky sound with Questfunk 60sec

Check out how much fun it is to shop at St. Nics:


   FrogBox Marketing
"RamsWalk Spring Summer 2023 Animation" | Music by Wez Divine - "Sunshine 101"
   Date Posted: Aug 24, 2023
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For #RamsWalk in #Petersfield our client #FrogboxMarketing produced this delightful animated ad. Shades of Afro-Cuban fusion and a sprinkle of funk create a groovy, cheerful and fun summertime sound in Wez Divine's Sunshine 101 Sunshine 101 (60-Secs Version)

Bold and beautiful colors and fashions for the summer of your life can be found at RamsWalk:


   FrogBox Marketing
"Cannon Park Spring Summer 23 Animation" | Music by David Waugh - "68 Ford Torino"
   Date Posted: Aug 17, 2023
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For #CannonPark in #Coventry our client #FrogboxMarketing produced this delightful animated ad. In true #BritishInvasion style #DavidWaugh supplies the music putting together a lively track with catchy guitar hooks, funky drums and a sweet organ solo: 68 Ford Torino (60 Sec)

Check out all the cool stuff you'll find for fun in the sun at Cannon Park:


   Markt+Technik Verlag - Games
"Labyrinth. Game for Switch, PS4 & PS5. Official English trailer." | Music by Pawel Blaszczak
   Date Posted: Jul 27, 2023
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Experience the magical world of the classic board game Labyrinth for Switch and PlayStation 4 and 5. Make your way to the Goblin City to rescue Toby from Jareth the Goblin King (famously played by iconic rock star David Bowie in the movie) as you travel through the labyrinth in this game filled with mythical creatures, suspense and adventure!

Pawel Blaszczak's melodic, slowly soaring "Calm Spaces" adds to the magic with a feeling of vast mountains and open fields in this majestically beautiful track, reminiscent of the sound of Vangelis ("Chariots of Fire").


   AudioSparx.com -- Artist's Epic Orchestral Classical Music Video
"Symphonia Americana" + Music by Max DiCarlo
   Date Posted: Jul 3, 2023
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As we celebrate America's Independence on JULY 4TH, we are delighted to feature this brilliant, epic symphonic track created by famous Los Angeles-based Italian composer, arranger, and producer Max DiCarlo. As America goes through its ups and downs politically, Max's love for this country is always at the forefront with his awesome music catalog here at AudioSparx and RadioSparx. And here's Max's description of "Symphonia Americana," which makes our hearts sing, and note that it is also featured on Spotify and other streaming platforms today:

"Blockbuster Epic Soundtrack for Feature Film about Hope & Promise! Great Full Symphony Orchestra, Fast & Happy, NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Great Theme, Tribute to all that's great and exciting about America, hopes & dreams..."

And here's the track with everyone abuzz over its beauty and magnificence. This cue is perfect for a Hollywood feature film, trailer music, documentary, or branding campaign. The music would also be exciting for a Christmas movie, with Santa magically flying through the skies... So many lovely possibilities! Symphonia Americana

Click this link to hear more of Max's music and to read his impressive bio, which includes scoring movies for Disney and Lionsgate, with placements in films and corporate commercials, plus he composed, arranged, and produced numerous Pop hits for many iconic music stars around the world: https://www.AudioSparx.com/MaxDiCarlo.


   AudioSparx -- Artists RnB Music / RnB Pop track
"You Know & I Know" + Music by Bishop Wayne
   Date Posted: Jun 28, 2023
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Soulful male vocals about love in a complicated relationship. Easy dance rhythm Don't be influenced about what others say about your relationship. Not so-well meaning friends can mess up your groove. Romantic movie during dating scene. Commercial ad for Reese's P'Nut Butter Cup or Kit Kat Candy Bar

Based in Florida, Singer-Songwriter Bishop Wayne’s Alternative style of Rock, new Blues, and natural Caribbean lilt creates music with no limits or boundaries. In 2008, he received R&B Artist of the Year by Creative Loafing. With influences from Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley, his compositions about life and relationships excite a common interest for his audience. Working with renowned Producer Preston Glass who has produced Platinum hits for Earth, Wind & Fire, Kenny G, and others, Bishop’s new music will delight and inspire his listeners.

Check out more of Bishop Wayne's music at AudioSparx here: https://www.audiosparx.com/BishopWayne

   ​Dream Team Films, Sofia, Bulgaria
"We Die Young " | Official Trailer #01 | Jean-Claude Van Damme + Music by Ariel Kelly and Various AudioSparx Composers
   Date Posted: Jun 17, 2023
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Released in 2019, Deam Team Films presents "WE DIE YOUNG," a Lionsgate film, starring Action Movie hero Jean-Claude Van Damme with ​​David Castañeda​ and ​​Elijah Rodriguez ​(​both known for ​Sicario: Day of the Soldado!) ​Written and Directed by Lior Geller, ​​this gritty ​drama tells the story of Lucas, a 14-year-old boy who is caught up in​ ​gang life, running drugs ​​in the dangerous neighborhoods of Washington, D.C., -- places tourists never see! Lucas is determined to save his 10-year brother from the same fate. ​Jean-Claude Van Damme delivers a powerful performance as ​Daniel, an Afghanistan war veteran​ who is the boys' only hope to escape to a better life.

​Nine tracks from seven talented AudioSparx Composers were licensed for this explosive, ​action-packed ​film, including three tracks by HOT Dominican Hip Hop Artist Ariel Kelly, whose Latin Rap track "Violencia" can also be heard in the Official Film Trailer from ​​​0:24 to 0:46 and again at the very end.

KUDOS to all of our Composers! Here are the tracks that were licensed:

Ariel Kelly​'s​ ​ ​powerful Spanish language​ Hip​ ​Hop ​track​​ "Violencia​​" is street smart and energetic​, with a mysterious feel​ and a ​funky uptempo 90's early 2000's style​​:​​​ ​​Violencia

​Ariel Kelly's "Suceso" is another Spanish language Hip​ ​Hop ​track along the lines of hard Hip Hop artists such as A Tribe Called Quest​:​ ​Suceso

Ariel Kelly​'s ​Latin Hip​ ​Hop ​track ​"Vamo a Hacelo​​" has a gritty, down and dirty slow-grind beat​ with a real "street" vibe: ​Vamo a Hacelo

Darren W. Chamberlain​ provides a superb orchestral performance of ​​"Swan Lake - Act II (14 - Scene)​"​, ​Tchaikovsky​'s famous ballet that weaves a fateful tale of tragedy and romance: ​Swan Lake - Act II (14 - Scene)

Jive Ass Sleepers' Cumbia track ​"Dance With Me" brings a fiery passion to South American and Latin-themed projects with percussion, brass, accordion, guitar, and piano: Dance With Me

Julio Kladniew​'s ​"Colombia Cumbia"​ is a ​classic Colombian ​Cumbia​, featuring Latin percussion, brass section, and piano​​, ​​perfectly capturing the essence of Colombia​'s people​ and its culture: Colombia Cumbia

Lokixximo​'s Latin Rap track​ ​"​Rapeo Falso​" ​brings an aggressive urban vibe that's sculpted with sensual beats and sexy male Rap vocals:​ ​Rapeo Falso

Luke Gartner Brereton's ​Dramatic Latin Instrumental "Desert Shadows​"​ ​features Spanish guitars, orchestral percussion, and soulful melodies​, in a highly-emotive track that conveys feelings of sorrow, loss, and soul searching: Desert Shadows

Origen​'s​ "Crusifixus ​A 8 Voci​"​ ​​blends ominous Classical choirs with modern beats and elements ​to create an edgy, tense, even apocalyptic​ mood:​ ​Crusifixus a 8 Voci

Distributed by Lionsgate, this ​gritty action-packed thriller is AVAILABLE NOW on Blue Ray, DVD, and all Digital Platforms.

​Don't miss Jean-Claude Van Damme in "We Die Young" -- because "EVERY LIFE IS WORTH SAVING"​!!!


   Malibu Road Pictures LLC, Los Angeles, CA
Malibu Road (2019) Opening Credits | Music by Bartok Music feat. Curtis Ware and The Four Do Matics
   Date Posted: Jun 14, 2023
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Based on a true story and set in 'paradise' -- Hollywood in the 1960s, "Malibu Road" is an exciting feature film released a few years ago; it was produced by Emilia Bogdanova, and written by, directed, and starring the handsome Montgomery Markland. And this Suspense/Thriller HAS IT ALL ... sex, drugs, murder, and covert C.I.A. operations. The film also stars Jessica Andres, Michael Angels, Lillian Solange, Steven Shaw, Emilia Bogdanova, Robert Evans, Ryan Caldwell, and Daniel Gendelman.

We're honored and over the moon because fifty tracks by thirty-four talented AudioSparx composers were licensed for the film. The Opening Credits, seen in this video clip, feature Bartok Music's classic 1950's doo-wop style vocal ballad, "The Flame in My Heart," performed by Curtis Ware and The Four Do Matics: The Flame in My Heart

Additional AudioSparx music licensed for the film includes multiple tracks by David C. Hewitt, David Johanns, Jive Ass Sleepers, Leran Wang, Philip Curran, Richard Freitas, and Stefano Fucili. Other composers whose music is heard in the film include:

Amy Ip
Aunt Nelly
Christian Andersson
Continental Productions
Craig McConnell
Dewey Dellay
Donna Marie
Doug Michael
Giulio Fazio
Ian Hubball
Jack Wyles
Jeff Whitcher
Matthew Reid
Max Brodie
MFMick West
Music Candy
Ori Vidislavski
Sid Szydelko
Steve Rice
Steve E. Williams
Tim Williams
Underwater Music
Western Horizon Productions

Enjoy this short glimpse of "Malibu Road." It's gonna be a WILD RIDE!!!


   Eric Chasanoff, Greenbrae, California
"Faces of Bhutan" | Eric Chasanoff + Music by Akela Sun, Konstantinos Panagiotidis, Ron Verboom, The Chanson World Music Library
   Date Posted: Jun 11, 2023
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Another beautiful travel montage tinged with mystery and allure, filmed by world traveler Eric Chasanoff... Today we visit the mountains, valleys, and marketplaces of the exotic, landlocked sovereign state of Bhutan, officially called "The Kingdom of Bhutan." Located in the Eastern Himalayas in South Asia, armchair travelers will enjoy Eric's photos of several Buddhists, and watch happy, playful children along with epic landscapes and landmarks in these four places: Paro, Thimphu, Punakha Valley, and Phobjikha.

And we loved Eric's accompanying note about his adventure: "A photo montage of our trip to Bhutan. We were hiking in the mountains away from reliable internet or electricity at times, so we missed the election. Bhutan is famous for the concept of "Gross National Happiness" which the government has adopted to measure the effectiveness of the services citizens enjoy. I explained to our Bhutanese friends that we will be reluctantly returning to [the] land of "Gross National Greatness" or "Great National Grossness". Enjoy the video."

We start our photographic journey through Bhutan with Akela Sun’s “Himalaya,” a mysterious and exotic mixture of nature sounds, singing bells, indigenous brass, and Shamanic Montra chanting: Himalaya

At 1:34, enjoy a mix of native Indian instruments mixed with a Hip-Hop beat in Konstantinos Panagiotidis's “Indian Girl”: Indian Girl (No Vocals)

Ron Verboom’s “A Better Tomorrow” enters at 2:13 with its emotional piano and strings, building consistently with electronic instruments, great for instilling a sense of rebuilding: A Better Tomorrow

Wrapping things up at 3:33 is The Chanson World Music Library with “Morning Ceremony of the Drugpa-Ka-Gyu Sect," offering chanting and a sense of foreboding mystery: Morning Ceremony of the Drugpa-Ka-Gyu Sect Extract 2

Enjoy Bhutan, a world high above the clouds...


   AudioSparx.com -- Artist's Sensual African Pop + African Fusion Songs
"Mulongo" | Music by Jean de Aguiar
   Date Posted: May 29, 2023
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French composer Jean de Aguiar is a GENIUS!! The musical magic he weaves in this video is sexy, sensual, and memorable. The beauty and mystery are undeniable as various dancers move their bodies to the rhythms.

His track, "MULONGO," features the uber-talented French singer and composer VIVI KOUM, with lyrics by SPIRIT ENOUMEDI, and draws you into an irresistible world that holds your attention to the last note. Here Jean de Aguiar describes his African Pop song, which you will find at this link: Mulongo

"Love, Hope & Destiny is a concept album driving the listeners through the fields of journey and escape. All the tracks are mainly influenced by African music, jazz fusion, and electronic music, for a few."

And for a sweet SURPRISE, at 1.07 min, we have an excerpt of "Paris Orange," an instrumental composed by Jean de Aguiar, which you can play at this link: Paris Orange

And at 2.20 min, we have a grand finale with the charming track, "Inon o Bepumuedi," with music by Jean -- and once again, mesmerizing vocals by Cameroon singer SPIRIT ENOUMEDI, at this link: Inon O Bepumwedi

As a part of his new album, "Une vie brisée," here's the link to his magically captivating video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_agrHJ1lkg

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