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Our clients at AudioSparx.com continue to find amazing and creative ways to use the world-class music they find here. This includes in commercial advertising, travel promos, sizzle reels, photo shoots, feature-length motion pictures, short films, trailers and much more. Check out the great videos below and, if desired, you can also immediately license any of the tracks used in any of these videos!

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   Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, Australia
"Hidden Stories of the Queen Victoria Market - Family Connections" | Music by Jo Masino
   Date Posted: May 28, 2019
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Founded in 1878, Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market is the city's "premier marketplace," the largest of its remaining "great 19th century markets." Some of the traders represent multi-generational family businesses that have been passed from one generation to the next during the Market's "colorful" 140-year history.

Composer Jo Masino's Country Music track "Heart of the Country" creates a heartwarming sense of place and tradition in this uplifting video produced by Richmond Vic's Moonshine Agency. Featuring a "gentle, delicate acoustic arrangement.," this track is ideal for homey, heartfelt, and peaceful projects of all kinds: Heart of the Country

Celebrate the "Hidden Stories" and family connections that make the Queen Vic Market special... a place where "Life's More Authentic"!


   Clarendon Shopping Centre, Oxford, UK
Clarendon SS19 Advert + Music by Michael Nickola​s
   Date Posted: May 24, 2019
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​​​Where can you find EVERYTHING YOU NEED for Spring and Summer FUN?!? At the Clarendon Oxford, of course, offering "great shopping in the heart of Oxford," with your favorite shops including Zara, Gap, The Body Shop, French Connection, Currys Digital, Costa Coffee, and many more...oh, and don't forget the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! YUM!

​US Composer ​Michael Nickola​s's​ ​super-catchy track ​"​Naturally Funky" brings loads of funky fun with bass, guitar, and drums to this great 30-second spot produced by FrogBox Marketing​: Naturally Funky 30 Seconds

Find out why they say "There's More to Oxford" at Clarendon Oxford!


   April James, The Viking Theater Company, Patchogue, NY
"Contract Removals," by Alan Barkley + Music by E.D. Kennaway
   Date Posted: May 17, 2019
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Pure, unadulterated theater at its finest: An uppity woman wants something odious removed from her Upper East Side apartment in this delicious Film Noir mystery tale with a murderous plot twist. The film stars talented actors Sharon Talbot and John F. Sarno, with a last-minute appearance by John Edward Kelley. Directed by our savvy New York client, April James-Hooper of The Viking Theater Company, and written by Alan Barkley, the short film features a tantalizing Tango by London Composer E.D. Kennaway. Take a walk on the dark side with an equal mix of humor, wit, and irony, in a story that’ll keep you guessing…

But first, a word about the talented E.D. Kennaway: A Classical pianist trained at the Royal College of Music in London, where he gained an ARCM Performer's Diploma. Among E.D.'s numerous credits, his music is featured on American Idol Rewind, Clinically Wild Alaska, Clean House Comes Clean, and other special TV and Film projects.

And here’s E.D.’s Argentine “Tango,” perfect for steamy documentaries, films, and romantic dramas: Tango

"Contract Removals" is now available for viewing with on Wiper, here: https://gowiper.com/v/wj5id78

Lies, mystery, murder, and romance in a New York City setting, “Contract Removals” hits all the right notes.


   Skullmapping, Leuven, Belgium, Belgium
"Gallery Invasion" + Music by Jacco Willems
   Date Posted: May 16, 2019
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Wow, Skullmapping's "Gallery Invasion" may be one of the wildest and out-of-this-world videos you'll see... Directed and animated by Filip Sterckx, who shared the concept with Antoon Verbeeck, you can learn more about these experimental projects with dynamic projection mapping at the client's amazing website, at this link: http://www.skullmapping.com

The musical action begins around the 54-second mark... To back the chase scene, our Belgium client licensed Jacco Willems unique, exciting and intense Japanese percussion track centered around the big sound of Taiko drums -- a cue that's perfect for adventurous commercials, kids' promos, game shows, sports gear, or jungle scenes and Ninja action: Action Percussion - Dojo Invasion

FYI, to check out yet ANOTHER FUN SKULLMAPPING video featuring AudioSparx music, check out "Le Petit Chef" with a fun Caribbean flair, at this link: http://www.audiosparx.com/sa/module/socialmedia/socvid/videos/detail.cfm/socvid_iid.1810

And now, catch this fun gallery event and share it with your ultra-creative kids -- and to spur artistic creativity, it's fun for classrooms, too!!!


   Fremlin Walk. Maidstone, Kent, UK
"Fremlin Walk SS19 TV Advert" + Music by Dmytro Krasiuk
   Date Posted: May 7, 2019
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SEXY, FLIRTY, and GLAMOROUS!! ​Fashionistas, the HOTTEST LOOKS for Spring/Summer 2019 are in at Fremlin​ ​Walk, and it looks like this season's going to be a Hot One! Located in Maidstone, Kent, with over 50 stores, plus coffee shops and restaurants, Fremlin walk is The Place to find all the latest fashions and accessories!

Ukraine-based composer, Dmytro Krasiuk's "Bombshell" delivers a flirtatious, urban vibe to this superbly edited fashion spot produced by FrogBox Marketing. With its deep, booming 808 sub-kick, trashy underground percussive synth, and sexy provocative melody, this pumping Hip Hop track is ideal for urban scenes, nightlife, club scenes, gangstas, and trendy fashion-oriented projects: Bombshell (30sec)

Savvy UK Fashionistas know that "Fashion leads the way at Fremlin Walk"!


   Melinda Maria Jewelry, Los Angeles
"Melinda Maria Icons - Learn about our Story Spacers" + Music by Music Candy
   Date Posted: May 3, 2019
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Celebrity Jewelry Designer Melinda Maria of Melinda Maria Jewelry has come up with something that's, in a word, CHARMING! Melinda's new Icons Charms and Story Spacers are designed to help you tell your story, your way. Create one-of-a-kind bangles and necklaces with Melinda's dazzling Icon charms that "tell your story with your zodiac, letters, numbers and meaningful, cool shapes."

Music Candy's Smooth Soul track "Spanking the Gimp" communicates luxury and style, in the spot produced by LA-based creative Agency 7ATE9 Entertainment. Its dramatic down-tempo beats, strings, and pizzicato plucks create a unique, surreal and sexy atmosphere: Spanking the Gimp

"Show off your story, exactly the way you want", with cool, modern and meaningful Icons Charms and Story Spacers from Melinda Maria Jewelry...


   The ​Panorama Resort & Spa, Feusisberg, Switzerland
Restaurant Loy Fah + Music by Big Brown
   Date Posted: Apr 30, 2019
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​Whether you're planning a ​relaxing ​spa vacation​ or a working vacation​, the Hotel Panorama Resort & Spa​ in Feusisberg, Switzerland offers uncompromising accommodations, with 102 ​luxurious rooms and suites, and a professional business center.​ The "generous" Akari Spa caters to guests' wellbeing with numerous baths, whirlpools, saunas, steam baths, massage, and cosmetic treatments​. ​After being pampered at the Spa, guests will enjoy ​the stylish Mangomoon Sky Bar at the top of the resort​, and ​world-class cuisine at the gourmet restaurant Collina, and ​the Contemporary Thai Restaurant Loy Fah​, ​all in a spectacular setting with beautiful views of Lake Zürich.

Thai composer Big Brown's Asian Music/Thai Pop track "Simple Life" provides the warm, uplifting score for this inviting travel video: Simple Life

The Contemporary Thai Restaurant Loy Fah is a "gastronomic adventure world dedicated to Thailand's modern cuisine in an unexpected and sensual way"​ -- just one of the many delights that make The Panorama Resort & Spa ​"​a unique place to unwind and relax​"...


   ​Dream Team Films, Sofia, Bulgaria
"We Die Young " | Official Trailer #01 | Jean-Claude Van Damme + Music by Ariel Kelly and Various AudioSparx Composers
   Date Posted: Apr 14, 2019
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Deam Team Films presents "WE DIE YOUNG", starring Action Movie hero Jean-Claude Van Damme with ​​David Castañeda​ and ​​Elijah Rodriguez ​(​both known for ​Sicario: Day of the Soldado!) ​Written and Directed by Lior Geller, ​​this gritty ​drama tells the story of Lucas, a 14-year old boy who is caught up in​ ​the gang life, running drugs ​​in the dangerous neighborhoods of Washington, D.C., -- places tourists never see! Lucas is determined to save his 10-year brother from the same fate. ​Jean-Claude Van Damme delivers a powerful performance as ​Daniel, an Afghanistan war veteran​ who is the boys' only hope to escape to a better life.

​Nine tracks from seven talented AudioSparx Composers were licensed for this explosive, ​action-packed ​film, including three tracks by HOT Dominican Hip Hop Artist Ariel Kelly, whose Latin Rap track "Violencia" can also be heard in the Official Film Trailer from ​​​0:24 to 0:46 and again at the very end.

KUDOS to all of our Composers! Here are the tracks that were licensed:

Ariel Kelly​'s​ ​ ​powerful Spanish language​ Hip​ ​Hop ​track​​ "Violencia​​" is street smart and energetic​, with a mysterious feel​ and a ​funky uptempo 90's early 2000's style​​:​​​ ​​Violencia

​Ariel Kelly's "Suceso" is another Spanish language Hip​ ​Hop ​track along the lines of hard Hip Hop artists such as A Tribe Called Quest​:​ ​Suceso

Ariel Kelly​'s ​Latin Hip​ ​Hop ​track ​"Vamo a Hacelo​​" has a gritty, down and dirty slow-grind beat​ with a real "street" vibe: ​Vamo a Hacelo

Darren W. Chamberlain​ provides a superb orchestral performance of ​​"Swan Lake - Act II (14 - Scene)​"​, ​Tchaikovsky​'s famous ballet that weaves a fateful tale of tragedy and romance: ​Swan Lake - Act II (14 - Scene)

Jive Ass Sleepers' Cumbia track ​"Dance With Me" brings fiery passion to South American and Latin-themed projects with percussion, brass, accordion, guitar, and piano: Dance With Me

Julio Kladniew​'s ​"Colombia Cumbia"​ is a ​classic Colombian ​Cumbia​, featuring Latin percussion, brass section, and piano​​, ​​perfectly capturing the essence of Colombia​'s people​ and its culture: Colombia Cumbia

Lokixximo​'s Latin Rap track​ ​"​Rapeo Falso​" ​brings an aggressive urban vibe that's sculpted with sensual beats and sexy male Rap vocals:​ ​Rapeo Falso

Luke Gartner-Brereton​'s ​Dramatic Latin Instrumental "Desert Shadows​"​ ​features Spanish guitars, orchestral percussion, and soulful melodies​, in a highly-emotive track that conveys feelings sorrow, loss, and soul searching: Desert Shadows

Origen​'s​ "Crusifixus ​A 8 Voci​"​ ​​blends ominous Classical choirs with modern beats and elements ​to create an edgy, tense, even apocalyptic​ mood:​ ​Crusifixus a 8 Voci

Distributed by Lionsgate, this ​gritty action-packed thriller is AVAILABLE NOW on Blue Ray, DVD, and all Digital Platforms.

​Don't miss Jean-Claude Van Damme in "We Die Young" -- because "EVERY LIFE IS WORTH SAVING"​!!!


   Eric Chasanoff, Greenbrae, California
"Faces of Bhutan" | Eric Chasanoff + Music by Akela Sun, Konstantinos Panagiotidis, Ron Verboom, The Chanson World Music Library
   Date Posted: Apr 12, 2019
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Another beautiful travel montage tinged with mystery and allure, filmed by world traveler Eric Chasanoff... Today we visit the mountains, valleys, and marketplaces of the exotic, landlocked sovereign state of Bhutan, officially called "The Kingdom of Bhutan." Located in the Eastern Himalayas in South Asia, armchair travelers will enjoy Eric's photos of several Buddhists, and watch happy, playful children along with epic landscapes and landmarks in these four places: Paro, Thimphu, Punakha Valley, and Phobjikha.

And we loved Eric's accompanying note about his adventure: "A photo montage of our trip to Bhutan. We were hiking in the mountains away from reliable internet or electricity at times, so we missed the election. Bhutan is famous for the concept of "Gross National Happiness" which the government has adopted to measure the effectiveness of the services citizens enjoy. I explained to our Bhutanese friends that we will be reluctantly returning to [the] land of "Gross National Greatness" or "Great National Grossness". Enjoy the video."

We start our photographic journey through Bhutan with Akela Sun’s “Himalaya,” a mysterious and exotic mixture of nature sounds, singing bells, indigenous brass, and Shamanic Montra chanting: Himalaya

At 1:34, enjoy a mix of native Indian instruments mixed with a Hip-Hop beat in Konstantinos Panagiotidis's “Indian Girl”: Indian Girl (No Vocals)

Ron Verboom’s “A Better Tomorrow” enters at 2:13 with its emotional piano and strings, building consistently with electronic instruments, great for instilling a sense of rebuilding: A Better Tomorrow

Wrapping things up at 3:33 is The Chanson World Music Library with “Morning Ceremony of the Drugpa-Ka-Gyu Sect," offering chanting and a sense of foreboding mystery: Morning Ceremony of the Drugpa-Ka-Gyu Sect Extract 2

Enjoy Bhutan, a world high above the clouds...


   Pouchi, Amsterdam
"Seduced by Pouchi" + Music by Joey Stebanuk
   Date Posted: Apr 5, 2019
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Amsterdam client Pouchi @PouchiOfficial created this sexy TV Commercial -- all for a little red clutch bag... In 2011, Veronica Jibodh began her business to create a small zippered pouch for today's busy gals in all walks of life -- it functions beautifully as a fanny pack, a cross-body, shoulder bag, and wallet in one. Pouchi's little clutch is now available in black and is as popular as ever... Today Pouchi has grown to offer totes, backpacks and a brand-new gorgeous yellow python bag, and the beat goes on!!

For double-sexy, the promo features Joey Stebanuk’s Action Thriller / Rock Metal “Dark Seduction,” one of our favorite cues out of over 800,000 online. This track has so much sizzle and attitude, clients can't resist tossing it in their Shopping Cart for lively commercials and branding videos: Dark Seduction [No Female Voice 2:06]

We love Pouchi's statement about their cute merch, “...a must-have for anyone who wants to stand out in an elegant way.” Celebrating their fifth year in biz, check out their website where they feature the video and Joey’s music, and to see their latest bags and other new arrivals... http://www.pouchi.com/


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