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Our clients at AudioSparx.com continue to find amazing and creative ways to use the world-class music they find here. This includes in commercial advertising, travel promos, sizzle reels, photo shoots, feature-length motion pictures, short films, trailers and much more. Check out the great videos below and, if desired, you can also immediately license any of the tracks used in any of these videos!

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   AudioSparx -- Artist's Electro Ambient Music Video
"A Poem Without Words" + Music by Ntinos Tselis
   Date Posted: May 15, 2020
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Ntinos Tselis's new Electro Ambient track, "Poem Without Words," offers more questions than answers, but Nintos and filmmaker Christos Pitharas give us some clues in this edgy, dramatic music video. Together, Ntinos and Christos form the creative team, Ception of Ty.

Ntinos describes his track this way:

"A contemplative instrumental and a very personal one. Combining classical music with modern New Age electronic instruments, creating unique feelings and a rising of the soul. Smooth, delicate tunes are mixed in a wonderful manner. Ideal for drama, crime scene music, mystery, film noir soundtracks."

Joining us in 2014, Ntinos has 223+ tracks online in various genres, perfect for a wide variety of projects. "Based in Athens, Greece, Ntinos Tselis is an award-winning composer and producer specializing in music for film soundtracks, trailers, promos, artistic videos, ads, and theater. His original scores for films have been selected and awarded by many well-established festivals around the globe, and he has also gained international exposure through his various collaborations. Working in the Dramatic, Orchestral, World, Rock, Ambient, and Jazz genres, Ntinos' biggest influences include Vangelis, Massive Attack, and Peter Gabriel."

Explore all of Ntinos Tselis's great music here: https://www.audiosparx.com/NtinosTselis

After you enjoy watching the video, you can listen to "Poem Without Words" again on our "MYSTERY MUSIC" and "CRIME SCENE" stations on RadioSparx: https://www.radiosparx.com/music/archive/Electronic/Electro-Ambient/A-Poem-Without-Words/970517

Filmmakers, Ad Agencies, and Videographers can license this mysterious atmospheric track here: A Poem Without Words

Dark, Dramatic, and Compelling, maybe you can solve the MYSTERY of the "Poem Without Words"...


   Börseplatz 1, Vienna, Austria
Börseplatz 1 Animation | Music by David C. Hewitt
   Date Posted: Apr 21, 2020
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First featured in September 2019, check out these posh, stylish Austrian apartments...

Patrick Vorraber and Bernhard Warnecke are the brilliant creative team behind Freedimensions, of Eggersdorf, Austria, who produced this amazing animated rendering of the fabulous new Börseplatz 1 residences in Vienna. Offering Luxury Apartment, Imperial Lofts, and Skyview Penthouses that combine the historic architecture of Vienna's Imperial past, "industrial coolness and cutting-edge sophistication."

David C. Hewitt's orchestral realization of "Voices of Spring Waltz [Strauss Op. 410]" provides an elegant and appropriately Viennese score for a tour of this breathtaking property: Voices of Spring Waltz [Strauss Op. 410]

Enjoy a glimpse of "Imperial Living at Vienna's First Address" and dare to "Live Different - Be Different"...


   AudioSparx -- Artist's Lively, Sensuous Tropical Pop Vocal
"Just Come Home Feat Chelsea Nicole" | Music by Cosher
   Date Posted: Apr 14, 2020
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Cosher is a popular, in-demand Cape Town artist and DJ, and today he brings us a fun, entertaining vocal track featuring the talented singer, Chelsea Nicole, as described here:

"A song about the problems of couples in a long-distance relationship. In a last-ditch attempt to make the relationship survive, the song is a 'begging' for the partner to come home, regardless of what is keeping them apart..."

Here's Cosher's biography and you can discover over 85 of his sizzling music tracks in numerous genres for your next urban film, fashion commercial, documentary, dance scene, travel film or reality TV show, at this link: https://www.audiosparx.com/Cosher

"Joining us from Cape Town, DJ, producer, songwriter, Cosher (Colin Sher) studied sound engineering with the main focus on music production. After freelancing for a few years today he's busy creating hot music that's enjoying radio play around the clock in Africa. Since 2015, he has been signed as a solo DJ/Producer for Rude World Records and has remixes and features with big names like Jimmy Nevis, Ryan Kidwell, Amy Tjasink, Mathew Gold and Mark Haze. Today, our clients are loving his sexy, vibrant Tropical Pop and Deep House cues..."

And here's today's featured track, "Just Come Home..." Check it out for almost 4.0 minutes of lively Dance Pop music that could add a pop of energy to your next production: Just Come Home Feat. Chelsea Nicole

And here's the lively, high-energy video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhxtJ9EcEs4

   Advantch, Taipei, Taiwan,
"AMiS-50E: Reliability Combined With Mobility" | Music by Inod
   Date Posted: Apr 12, 2020
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Today, hospitals are on the frontline fighting COVID-19. Advanced medical carts are an indispensable part of a hospital's resources for providing complete patient care. Offering reliability and mobility, Advantech's AMIS-50E computerized medical cart is "flexible and customizable with an intelligent upgrade path, making it an attractive long-term solution for hospitals and clinics."

Ukrainian composer Inod's "Motivational and Inspiring Corporate Pop 60 Sec," gives this animated corporate video an uplifting, positive vibe that communicates innovative design and reliability: Motivational and Inspiring Corporate Pop 60 Sec

Flexible, reliable and mobile, the AMIS-50E medical cart is an "Intelligent Healthcare" solution from Advantech!


   Roman Teufel, Aichhalden, Germany
Muraka Diving, Maldive Island of Keyodhoo + Music by Patrick Best and Anthony Davilio
   Date Posted: Apr 8, 2020
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Ah, today we are dreaming of the beautiful MALDIVES! So why not pack up your diving gear, and join us for an Exciting Adventure, and our talented composers Patrick Best and Anthony Davilio will be with you all the way…

Our German-based client Roman Teufel, a Director, Writer, and Cinematographer, selected their music for his “Muraka Diving” TV Documentary, filmed in the sparkling Maldives, a small island nation made up of 26 atolls just 250 miles off the southwest coast of India.

While the Maldivians enjoy the day-to-day activities living in a Tropical Paradise, the magical underwater beauty is breathtaking, very Cousteau-worthy filmmaking. Please share this with your kids, or nieces and nephews, so they can experience a new cinematic adventure, and see all the marvelous and colorful creatures living in our oceans…

-- Pat Best’s lively, playful Pop, Techno Corporate Music cue, “Fish Dance,” welcomes us to the island: Fish Dance

-- At 3:10, Anthony Davilio’s dreamy, exotic masterpiece, “Ancient Clues,” adds allure and mystery to the underwater scenes: Ancient Clues

Better wear two pairs of shades, or you'll be blinded by the beauty and charm of this special documentary.


   Etihad Etisalat (Mobily), Saudi Arabia
Mobily Esports | Music by Keith Merrill
   Date Posted: Apr 6, 2020
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Parents not understanding their kids' imagination is an age-old story, as depicted perfectly in this great spot for Mobily, the leading telecommunications company in the Middle East and North Africa.

Keith Merrill's excellent rendition of "Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001: A Space Odyssey)" captures the spirit of innovation and the dawn of new ideas in this fun commercial: Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001: A Space Odyssey)

The moral of the story: Video games may appear to be just a hobby but "with the support and encouragement of the family" kids can accomplish great things!


   Ken Stewart, Beverly Hills, CA
"The Richmond Rosies" + Music by Alexander Khaskin and Steve E. Williams
   Date Posted: Apr 3, 2020
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In perilous times like today, here is a little American History in this Documentary Trailer a la Rosie The Riveter: Ken Stewart’s Sierra Hotel Productions’ “The Richmond Rosies” features five WW2 female heroes who built US ships during the war years at Kaiser Shipyards, in Richmond, California, the largest shipyard in the world at the time. And AudioSparx is honored that two of our composers' music is featured in this poignant film: Russian Composer Alexander Khaskin (3 MusicPacks) and L.A. Composer Steve E. Williams (4 tracks).

Featured in the trailer here is Alexander Khaskin’s beautiful, dreamy “Image in the Mirror”: Image in the Mirror

While Steve E. Williams' elegant "American Beauty"-inspired music does not appear in the trailer here but does play in the documentary, the filmmaker wanted to share this beautiful, nostalgic track with his fans and music lovers everywhere: Thomas Newman Sound Alike - Full

During the war, after 1941, six million women went to work in America to take up the slack of our men off at war. Of those, 50% went straight into defense efforts. Among them were these five dedicated women, who found new careers as welders and electricians, and helped build 747 ships, launching almost one ship a day!!!

In April 2014, these five women were honored at the White House by President Obama and Joe Biden -- so delighted for these five "America Strong" stars!

Click here to read more about the story, see these Rosies' photos, and read about their wartime careers, and learn more about Ken Stewart’s story of their heroism. You can also order the DVD here to enjoy their exciting story: http://www.therichmondrosies.com/products/the-richmond-rosies-dvd

Further shining a spotlight on the uber-talented Ken Stewart (who is a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Directors Guild of America, the Screen Actors Guild, and the Publicist Guild), his ingenious, award-winning Polar Bear campaign for Coca-Cola recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary. Click here to learn more about Ken's 1993 state-of-the-art computer graphics ads for Coca-Cola: http://www.coca-colacompany.com/stories/coca-cola-polar-bears-turn-20

Back to Ken's documentary, these five women were such an important part of American history -- they helped this country WIN THE WAR and bring our soldiers home! Enjoy a quick peek at these five brave and determined Richmond Rosies, then grab the DVD on Amazon to see their tales of heroism during a tough time in America.


   Grecotel, Athens and Crete
Grecotel - Best Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Greece + Music by Edouard Andre Reny
   Date Posted: Apr 2, 2020
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Our beautiful Greek Tourism client Grecotel has so many 5-Star Hotels that we lose track! Here’s a sweet 30-sec fly-by promo depicting several hotels -- from the Pallas Athena in Athens to the Amirandes on Crete, to Mykonos Blu, and many more… The Grecotel welcomes families and offers pampering, elegant dining experiences, and all-day play on beautiful sandy beaches. Backing the video is Netherlands-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Edouard Andre Reny’s dramatic and mischievous Psybient cue: Sanctus

After watching the video, click here to enjoy the chic and playful interiors at Grecotel's Pallas Athena: http://www.grecotelpallasathena.com/photo-gallery/index.html


   Galfar Al Misnad Engineering & Contracting W.L.L., Doha
Galfar Al Misnad Sizzle Reel + Music by Rodrigo Domingos
   Date Posted: Mar 20, 2020
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What if you lived in a small desert city with construction and noise going almost 24/7 -- day in and day out? The growing population of #Qatar now reaches over 2 million, which is good news for our client...

Galfar Al Misnad has been a leader in engineering and contracting in Doha since 1995. For their 60-sec Corporate Video, they feature Rodrigo Domingos’ inspiring Corporate Electronic cue to highlight the engineering and contracting company’s positive growth record -- building bridges, roads, and mechanical and engineering segments, plus civil structures across Qatar.

Our Calcutta client Rajesh Ravi licensed Rodrigo’s exquisite composition, “The Expected Result…” as the perfect backdrop for Galfar Al Misnad's narrative: The Expected Result (Long-Version)

This exciting Demo Reel allows you to appreciate the awesome challenges in Qatar... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6u0H2zd_UOY

   AudioSparx.com -- Artist's Dramatic, Heartwarming Music Video
"Grandpa Joe's Ireland" | Music by Joey Curtin
   Date Posted: Mar 16, 2020
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Just in time for Saint Patrick's Day, this beautiful, nostalgic video and music were created by Joey Curtin to honor her Irish Grandfather, Joe… A perfect cue for Travel or History Channel films, or for documentaries depicting warm family stories about growing up in Ireland. Our ancestors' stories often help us understand why we have our present beliefs and personality traits, so kudos to Joey for honoring her memories of her Grandfather. Her music would also add authenticity to any nostalgic story about leaving behind what you love and immigrating to a new land.

For epic, open, and spacious productions, rolling green fields, blue skies, misty days, and a sentimental feeling of coming home. Joey Curtin’s track is available for your next production, so you can listen, license and download it today, just click this link to learn more: Grandpa Joe's Ireland

You may want to book a trip after enjoying this sweet, sentimental journey to an Ireland whose beauty and mystery are still revered today...


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