AudioSparx Spotlight - September 2010 - Got a Sweet Tooth? You Need Music Candy!!

AudioSparx Spotlight - September 2010
September 2010
Got a Sweet Tooth?  You Need Music Candy!!

Welcome to the latest edition of the AudioSparx Spotlight!  In this issue we go behind the scenes at one of the hottest music production houses in the industry:  Music Candy.  In the music production industry, it’s usually the big corporate names that tend to dominate the market. It took a lot of talent, hard work and determination for a small company like Music Candy to rise above the competition. Their secret lies behind their ability to recognize and sign up those topnotch composers who are at the top of their game – the top trendsetters and tastemakers that are driving Hollywood to sprinkle their productions with Music Candy’s hot new Vocal and Instrumental songs.

So how do they do it?
Music Candy's philosophy from the start has been to take small but solid steps, by focusing on the quality of the finished product rather than producing a large catalogue and sacrificing quality for quantity.

They search high and low to discover untapped songwriting talent. Music Candy’s team members can often be found at Gigs, Dance and Jazz clubs, Music Stores, you name it. Their intention? To unearth genuine raw talent and utilize it by playing to the composers' strengths. This concept has so far succeeded in abundance. They have composers that are utterly unique in their approach; they have the edge in their field of expertise due to their passion for it and are inspirational in their arrangements as a result.

Taste the Music Candy Now - Exclusively at AudioSparx!


The Sweetest Music Candy
Music Candy settles for nothing less than the highest quality. You can hear it in their albums and tracks here at AudioSparx. Their International team of award-winning composers lives and breathes the music they write -- giving it the authenticity and assuredness that has led to Music Candy’s stunning success. The crunching Hip-Hop and Breaks and majestic orchestral pieces, plus their classy, polished Rock and exquisite Jazz, places Music Candy at the top of their game. Dark evocative Trip-Hop or bright kitsch Cartoon and Comedy music – you can expect all this and much more in their audacious next-gen catalogue.

One Kick-Ass Candy Factory!
Companies such as MTV, BBC & Virgin Media and many more regularly send Music Candy the visuals for their project. Having acquired the concept of the project, this allows Music Candy to choose and provide their clients with accomplished and comprehensive music options for the project. Of course, their clients also like choosing the music themselves straight from AudioSparx:

 “I went to AudioSparx and the first track I listened to...I used it! Their Tunes Rock! Plus they had edits available for most tracks. I highly recommend Music Candy”

                                                 Niki Anastasi, MTV Creative.

The Confectioner Behind The Curtain
It was a testament to Music Candy’s work ethic and quality that a giant such as Mercedes Benz trusted Music Candy with the music for their acclaimed documentary “The Best or Nothing - History of Mercedes Benz” that was produced by Immediate Network Productions and released worldwide.

“The competition was strong for this project and it was interesting to go through the process realizing that actually at the end it’s all about the music and less about whose name is behind it!”
                                                                     Anthony James, CEO

Music Candy’s list of high profile clients also includes Audi, Samsung, American Apparel, CBS, NBC, BBC, MTV, Bravo, E-Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Virgin Media, Brit Awards and many more.

AudioSparx + Music Candy:  A Sonic Tour-De-Force
Within ten years of operation, Music Candy established two bases, one in London and one in New York, monitoring its daily activities 24/7 around the world.  Music Candy’s entire catalogue is now available exclusively at AudioSparx following the two companies joining forces to make a formidable partnership. With AudioSparx’s worldwide client database and a web site that translates real time into in 52 languages, our clients have driven Music Candy’s hot music through the roof with licensing activity. Take a tour of  Music Candy’s stunning catalogue below.  Click on any MusicPack to listen to the music!

Devour all the Music Candy you want ...
without putting on a pound!
You'll feel like a kid in a Candy store!

Take a Listen to Music Candy's Production MusicPacks
101-track MusicPack of the sweetest sexiest sweeps, beds, ramps, impacts and logos, perfect for corporate branding, promos, radio and TV spots. The delightful flavor of this Music Candy MusicPack will leave you begging for more! Satisfy that sonic sweet tooth now with Production Control.
41-track MusicPack of fierce hard-edged power-driven metal. Forget about precious metal, this is furnace-blasted HOT steel forged in the brains of the masters of Music Candy. Only recently poured from the molten vats of their creative genius, this pack will rock your productions to the very core!
31-track MusicPack of pure pumping pop music made to set your production on edge. Why settle for less than the best when you can have this delectable pack of tracks from the masters at Music Candy for, well, a song!
36-track MusicPack of fusion-hot news themes, jingles and stings. Hook your news productions up with this delicious MusicPack from Music Candy to give yourself an audible edge!
24-track MusicPack of dark evocative twisted Trip-Hop dramatic tracks. This new spine-tingling music will set your productions apart from the standard fare and leave the audience gasping for more! Music Candy continues to please with this latest addition to their hot catalog.
26-track MusicPack of the jazziest cocktail music, cabaret, exotica, swing, Jazz and even rockabilly shuffle. Throw out your pain and slip into the sublime with this sweet confection from the masters at Music Candy.
13-track MusicPack of wickedly delicious Hip House tracks, perfect for high-fashion productions, catwalks and commercially edgy TV and radio spots. Feel the sexy heat that Music Candy delivers here with these trend-setting tracks!
Slammin' 50-track MusicPack of sinful high energy club tracks, perfect for commercial trend-setting productions, rich and luxurious finesse, sexy legs outrageousness.
50-track MusicPack of stings, hits and jingle tags that are totally off the chain. These delicious tracks from the masters at Music Candy will give your production a yummy sonic edge that will be the envy of the industry!
57-track MusicPack with stings and atmospheres for promos, trailers, films and commercials. An AMAZING mix of dramatic, corporate, Jingles, Idents, dance and electronic music tracks for cutting edge audio production. Let this MusicPack amp your productions up with state-of-the-art music cuts.
52-track MusicPack with hot music effects and atmospheres for production. Juice up your latest projects with these smoking hot effects, stingers, sweeps, beds, logos and impacts.
22-track MusicPack, more big themes, beds and stings with BIG personality! Perfect for dramatic TV, film and video game projects. A powerful mix of contemporary big brassy/orchestral sounds, sublime soundscapes and hard-driving edgy rock and electronica.
24-track MusicPack, BIG themes, beds and stings with BIG personality! Perfect for dramatic TV, film, Radio and video game projects. Also includes Idents & Logos. Includes Immaculate production and instrumentation with a flair. Your productions will never be the 'same' again.
70-track SoundPack of the hottest impacts, sweepers, hits, drones and other production elements perfect for radio, Internet, TV and multimedia production. Set your productions on fire with Zing It!
68-track SoundPack of the hottest impacts, sweepers, hits, drones and other production elements perfect for radio, Internet, TV and multimedia production. Set your productions on fire with Zing It!
90-track MusicPack of the whackiest, zaniest most insane cartoon music on the planet. This is the creme-de-la-wheat of cartoon music, featuring the mad production skills of Music Candy!
82-track MusicPack of the HOTTEST sickest acid lounge, ambient, and progressive electronic music tracks available anywhere on this side of Mars. Why settle for less? With music by Music Candy, you're second to none, and your audio production work will be the envy of Hollywood!
70-track SoundPack of the hottest impacts, sweepers, hits, drones and other production elements perfect for radio, Internet, TV and multimedia production. Set your productions on fire with Zing It!
21-track MusicPack of the hottest, funkiest, grooviest retro funk tracks straight from the days when R&B used to mean RHYTHM and BLUES! These choice Music Candy cuts, with head-spinning brass, driving bass and drum grooves and the most functified keyboard chops will set your productions apart.
18-track MusicPack of blazing hot R&B grooves, Hip House and Hip Hop tracks for promos and talkovers. Lay these tracks down to give your productions a phat and edgy feel with an energetic and rhythmic vibe. Music Candy has done it again with this spicy MusicPack!
42-track MusicPack of abstract ambient moods, soundscapes, acid lounge and more. With a New Age yet contemporary edgy feel, this MusicPack sets the perfect tone for scenes needing a serene, sublime tone.
36-track MusicPack with a cool fusion of cutting edge Big Beats and raw sounds. With a powerfully edgy and raw vibe, this MusicPack will jack up your production with attention-getting audio like a gun to the head.
32-track MusicPack of electronic and organic themes, abstract soundscapes and avant garde art music. Perfect for sophisticated productions looking for music far away from the standard fare, this MusicPack is primarily electronica in nature, fueled by synthesizers and drum machines.
48-track MusicPack of the darkest, most disturbing, psychotically-inspired music of brooding fear, terror and abject horror. This music is not for the faint of heart or those with sensitive dispositions. Bring your productions up to a whole new level of dementia with this pack from Music Candy.
54-track MusicPack with an intense mix of Rock, Dramatic, Electronica, Dance, Corporate and Urban music. This pack has a little sump'n sump'n for just about any type of commercial promo. Inject some life into your next production with this delicious music from Music Candy!
33-track MusicPack of magical and contemporary Christmas tracks! Traditional holiday music with an innovative and exciting flair, perfect to set your productions apart from the rest with a brilliant twist on timeless musical Christmas traditions.
This 61-track MusicPack of Hollywood big film themes, cues and impacts is what you've been looking for to give your next production a high-dollar sound without blowing your music budget. Orchestral dramatic tracks with a fierce and inspiring edge by the world-class producers at Music Candy.
69-track MusicPack of dynamic dramatic music for action and adventure productions. Great for movies and TV shows needing a strong dramatic edge. With a world-music flair, this is a strong orchestrally-driven set of tracks to set your international crime, thriller or espionage production on edge.
50-track MusicPack of dark brooding dramatic orchestral tracks, perfect for cinematic and commercial uses. With a dangerous blend of edgy, dark, suspenseful and tension-building tracks, this pack from Music Candy is Academy Award-worthy in its scope and breathtaking audacity.
38-track MusicPack of the most magical and mystical film score tracks! Imagine fairies in the woods, mischievous elves, pixie dust and a wizard's magical touch - that's what Music Candy brings with this enchanting MusicPack. Cast a spell on your latest film or tv show with this mesmerizing music
34-track MusicPack of the sickest, phattest beefed-up beats and other cut-up treats. An electifying mix of Hip Hop and Hip House, Dirty South, East Coast and Old School, this MusicPack from Music Candy will crunk up your productions with a street-smart vibe!
21-track MusicPack of spicy club dance tracks with a heavy percussive edge, Latin influence, big bold brass and driving house beats. This is the energy-injected production music you've been looking for to set your productions apart with a driving contemporary international club fever.
43-track MusicPack of deadly high-intensity heavy metal music tracks for action, reality TV, adventure, movies and extreme sports productions. Feel the raw driving energy in this explosive MusicPack from Music Candy and turn your productions up to 11 with this sonic tour-de-force.
59-track MusicPack with uplifting epic pop rock tracks. From sublime to raw-edged power, from the melodic to gut-wrenching emotive tracks, this rock MusicPack from Music Candy will fuel the rock and Indie rock needs for all of your upcoming projects.

Studio Download Privileges For Select Clients

If you would like to consider using some of Music Candy's masterpieces for your next film production or commercial project, we offer Studio Download Privileges for our Hollywood, Ad Agency and Corporate clients.  With Studio Download Privileges you have the capability to download high-resolution non-watermarked music tracks to try out in your productions. To request this capability, click here. Perfect for busy sound editors, music supervisors, media developers and broadcast producers!


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