AudioSparx Newsletter - October 2010 - Hear The Fear in the Music That Powers Hollywood

AudioSparx Newsletter - October 2010
October 2010
Hear The Fear in the Music That Powers Hollywood
Scary Horror Thriller Music and Sound Effects For Production Uses

Fall season is rocking here at AudioSparx and Halloween is fast creeping up on us!  The composers at AudioSparx are masters at creating spine-tingling Hollywood music that chills and thrills.  We've got a huge library of scary and spooky sound effects and Halloween Horror music for your creepy productions, haunted houses, psychological thrillers, sci-fi and similar projects.
But Don’t Take Our Word for It....
Watch the Frightening Horror Video Now!
So get your Freddy Kruger freak on by taking a listen to some of the wild Halloween and Horror music, and our artists shown below.  And for those of you already looking ahead to Christmas, keep AudioSparx in mind for all your Holiday, New Years, Chinese New Years and Hanukkah music, and SFX needs.  Below we highlight our top Halloween music tracks, new MusicPacks, as well as our Top Artists and many of the 56 new artists that signed to AudioSparx last month alone!   ...The Revolution Continues...

Top Music Artists
Erwin Steijlen
Jon Lawson
Pierre Langer
Music Candy
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Bjorn Lynne
SMM Productions
Dan Gautreau
Dan Radlauer
Really Free Music
Top Exclusive Artists
Music Candy
Markus Bravo
Music For TV and Games
Michael Wheeler
Christmas Music Boutique
Hollywood Post
Kenji Aoi
Michael Keck
Tod Demuth
Curtis Macdonald
Top Vocal Artists
Erwin Steijlen
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Really Free Music
Adam Scourfield
Richie Milton
Antoinette Tredanary
ARC Music Productions
Julian Scott
Disquiet Music
Michael Huang
Top Classical Composers
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ludwig van Beethoven
George Frideric Handel
Johann Sebastian Bach
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Antonio Vivaldi
John Philip Sousa
Giacomo Puccini
Julius Fucik
Richard Wagner
Editor's Choice Award
**Best Halloween Horror Track**
Frightmare - by MX47

Top 10 Halloween Music Tracks
1. Answer The Door - by David Lopeti
2. Goosebumps - by Eric Bode
3. Sycamore Avenue - by Eric Bode
4. There's Something Out There - by Stan Tristan
5. Gremlin Choir - by Joel Steudler
6. Theremin Vitaman - by Dewey Dellay
7. Nightmare - by Tom Jemmott
8. Quiet Storm - by Adam DiTroia
9. Ghosts in the Twilight - by Michael Crowther
10. Twinkle Van Winkle - by Harpstring Productions
Christmas Music & SFX
We've got a magical library of Christmas and New Years tracks perfect for your every need, including: Religious Christmas and Hanukkah music, secular music for the Holidays, Jazzy Christmas & Holiday tracks, Punk Rock Holiday Music, Roaring Fireplace SFX, Horse and Carriage SFX, Sleigh Bells Ringing, Jingle Bells Jangling, Champagne Corks Flying, New Year's Eve Countdowns, Party, Pub, Club & Bar Ambience, plus 75 versions of Auld Lang Syne! 

We have thousands of heartwarming and whimsical music tracks for your TV and Film productions, commercials, ad campaigns, games, toy embedding, etc. From Jingle Bells and Sugar Plum Groove, to Ava Maria and Deck the Halls – AudioSparx has you covered!  Make your 2010 Winter Season bright with warm Holiday Music and Sound Effects from around the world. 

Visit Santa's Studio For a Sneak Peek!

Spotlight On Our Artists
Fear Productions and Big Fat Audio are two veteran composer groups in great demand for their Halloween and Horror music, and sound effects. With numerous Film, TV and commercial credits to their names in numerous genres, they are exceptionally talented and innovative -- and perfect examples of the world-class talent at AudioSparx.

Fear Productions
Fear Productions specialises in dark and disturbing music that chills your spine and quivers you in fright. Terrifying and horrific sounds -- music perfect for use in all manner of Horror and Halloween productions and settings. For haunted houses, scary films, deadly games, get Fear Productions music right here, right now! Be verrry afraid as you click on these chilling tracks!

Big Fat Audio
Big Fat Audio is a UK company specializing in sound effects and production music. This award-winning team produces high quality cutting-edge audio content for all areas of the media. Performed by London's best session musicians, and carefully edited for optimum use, Big Fat Audio's content is trusted the world over and has been featured in Motion Pictures, TV shows, Websites, DVDs, Theatrical Productions, Ringtones and just about anywhere that requires hot new sounds.

Studio Privileges at AudioSparx - The Critical Difference!
Our Hollywood, Ad Agency and Corporate clients have shown a phenomenal response to our studio download privileges offer. AudioSparx provides select clients with the privilege to download high-resolution non-watermarked music tracks to try out in your productions. To request this capability, click here. Perfect for busy sound editors, music supervisors, media developers and broadcast producers that need to "try before you buy".
New MusicPacks & SoundPack
32 exceptional Sci-Fi textures exploring Future worlds and unknown locations in the Universe. From abstract textures to evil machines to robotic sounds and starting Spaceships to creepy alien ambiences this SoundPack will provide you with a great variety of sounds for Sci-Fi and Horror movies.
Confidence starts off with an arpeggiated guitar line before orchestral strings and a full rock ensemble kicks in. Very positive and inspiring. Pack includes several variations on the same theme. Great for sports, victory, motivation, inspiration, winning, and much more!
Take a journey to magical lands, strange worlds and fantasy realms, with our "Fantasy Worlds" music collection series. From grand, sweeping, epic melodies, to sneaky, strange musical backdrops, this collection features 15 tracks of amazement, discovery, strange worlds and mystical atmospheres. The m
A brilliant collection of 10 high-quality tracks with varying lengths perfect for horror, Halloween, suspense, mystery, drama and science fiction projects. Edit friendly and loopable, these tracks are deeply disturbing and horrific. You've been warned!
Romantic ballads, latin, pop music, bright, energetic, sensuous, cheerful songs with a touch of Mediterranean jazz, bossa, and flamenco. Performed with vocals, guitars, orchestration and much rhythm. Catchy melodies, to dance and sing, let's party.
A collection of music drawing on the history and cultural heritage of Europe. This collection contains 38 audio tracks (from 12 different compositions) and 29 seamless music loops. Hot blooded Tango, softly swaying waltzes, Greek party music and piano compositions with a historical, pre-war feel, t
39 tracks of blood-curdling crazed "Witch Laughter" and dialogue including Haunted House foley sounds for horror scenes & halloween. Warped effects, creepy demonic laughter, scary dialogue (dry track mix's included). Dialogue includes: Come Here My Pretty, Eat Drink & Be Scary, and much more..
Fantastic Real foot sounds that can be used with any project, be it an action film that includes a fight sequence where there are lots of foot scuffles. Or maybe a hard chase? This sound pack contains a whole variety of foot sounds ranging from dry mud, to dirty water, concrete and wood.
Looking For car sounds that are Real? This great set comes with the highest of quality car sound effects that envolve doors opening and closing, vehicle drivebys. Making a project with lots happening inside a vehicle, this set would be great hosting sounds from all areas of a cars interior.
The music in this collection lies somewhere in the post apocalyptic borderlands between Rock, Ambient/Horror, Hip-Hop/Urban and Industrial Techno. "Big Beat" style drums often combine with "Big Bite" style guitar riffs, chopped, processed and mean. It's edgy, gritty and post apocalyptic, with a dark
Another collection of gritty, aggressive, dirty and downright nasty junk. Combining elements of hardcore breakbeat, heavy metal, industrial doom, punk and post-apocalyptic electronic mayhem, here's another selection of hellish and destructive tracks by Wez Devine. This music will go well with scenes
This is big Hollywood blockbuster cinematic trailer style stuff so strap in! Don't be fooled by the quiet beginning. It builds to full throttle percussive orchestra and synth, climaxing with a gigantic percussive ending hit! Pack contains separated section edits, also 2 minute full version, GO!
This Ambient Website Background Pack contain 4 full exciting tracks and many different instruments and emotions–from acoustic guitar to soft synths…This tracks can be used like music, background for websites, in news, corporate videos, flash presentations, slideshows, telecasts, podcast, TV, radio..
Enchanting, ethereal original music for winter and the Christmas / New Year season. Hushed and reverent, celebratory and uplifting, the selections in this atmospheric music pack have been chosen to lend breathing space to the busy holidays and help you and your clients unwind. Guitar, piano. Other.
From grand, sweeping, epic melodies, to sneaky, strange musical backdrops, this collection features 15 tracks of amazement, discovery, strange worlds and mystical atmospheres. These tracks are highly useful in adventure, fantasy, travel and exploration, discovery, culture, history and mythology.
A wonderful collection of peaceful melodies and smooth rhythms for therapy and relaxation. Beautiful piano helps to relieve tension and stress. Perfect for spas, doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists and more.
Want To See More? Check Them All Out!
MusicPacks      SoundPacks      ComposerPacks
Hot New, Exclusive & World Music Artists at AudioSparx

This Halloween season brings us an amazing Trick-or-Treat candy bag full of highly seasoned composers and veteran music artists from literally all corners of the earth.   Here below we feature 6 new exclusive artists as well as 16 hot new artists.  In addition to these, 34 other artists signed with AudioSparx last month including 23 World Music artists from such faraway and exotic places as French Polynesia, Uganda, Ireland, Solomon Islands, Finland, Spain, Russia, Israel, Greece, France, Denmark, India and more - far too many to list below.  To see all of the artists at AudioSparx, visit the AudioSparx Artist Directory online. 

New Exclusive Artists

Catherine Redfern (UK)   (Exclusive Artist!)
Catherine Redfern is an innovative and versatile composer, performer and producer from the north of England. After graduating with BA hons in Music Technology specializing in composing for film and television, Catherine spent several years touring and recording all over the UK with rock band Mantra. This talented composer has worked with many top producers in the music industry, and gained a wealth of acclaimed reviews and airplay internationally. Catherine's work as a composer ranges from chilled urban beats to warm tender melodies and dramatic, tension-fueled soundscapes.

Michael Bishop (UK)   (Exclusive Artist!)
Michael Bishop's rich, eclectic musical background ensures he is equally at home writing a quiet nocturne for piano and strings as he is a full on, teeth shattering, volume eleven rock monsterpiece. After studying guitar and classical piano, he misspent his youth in a diverse spectrum of bands whose musical styles ranged from jazz, rock and hip hop, to Spaghetti Western themes. The latter, inspired by the music of Morricone, Hefti Barry and the Giallo composers sparked his passion for film music and a desire to compose. Check out Michael's rich beats!

Scott Robinson (UK)   (Exclusive Artist!)
UK composer Scott Robinson is working on everything he's confronted with, and delivering! Scott released his long-awaited-for collective album in 2007, and has been working close to home and across the world mixing and producing an array of tracks for labels and artists directly. Constantly at work even when on the move, Scott now brings his unique and alluring music to our site, all perfect for film, TV, documentary and a host of other media productions.

Crank (UK)   (Exclusive Artist!)
UK artist Charles Thorley is the brainchild behind "Crank" and has been playing guitar for over 20 years with a preference for Rock. Charles is now recording his own brand of high energy rock music, displaying his originality in tracks that express upbeat, melodic, feel-good tunes or heavy, riff-driven monsters that take no prisoners, with influences that include such diverse icons as Joe Satriani, Frank Zappa, Queen and Rush. More recently he has been exploring other styles of music from high energy breakbeat to ambient electronica, and is constantly adding to his portfolio.
George McFarlane (UK)   (Exclusive Artist!)
UK Composer George McFarlane's great music from around the world -- 12 countries to be exact -- is the perfect accompaniment for film scores, video games, TV or radio commercials, and other ventures. He combines all the sounds of ethnic, tribal or ethereal colours that have captured his imagination, but with a hard-edged twist. With trendy Rock and hot Drum'n Bass beats, George's talent and originality shine through. His unique blend of ethnically cultural sounds and blistering grooves were written and recorded in London, and are a major coup for our clients and their projects!

Hot New Artists

Michael Kakhiani (Georgia)
Composer Michael Kakhiani was born in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. After formal studies of classical piano and vocals, he received his Bachelor’s Degree from Tbilisi State Conservatory. Michael studied Songwriting at the Berklee College of Music, and won several International piano competitions. As a Pop/Rock Musician, Michael has released two independent albums: Listen to the Voice, 2005 and Passion, 2009. He received airplay on local radio and TV, and has six music videos featuring 3D Graphics. Michael writes great music for Film, TV, websites, and corporate branding.

Vivian Giovani (Greece)
Vivian (Vivi) Giovani is a talented young composer who lives in Greece and creates music in a variety of styles, ranging from Classical and Impressionism to Ethnic and Electronica. She began composing music at age 14. Following studies at various conservatories, Vivi received diplomas in Composition, Orchestration and Piano, and has been a music teacher for the last 10 years. Vivi's music has been characterized by her teachers and peers as innovative and imaginative. Each song has a story to tell, and Vivi tells it with great originality and flair.

Andy Schofield (UK)
UK Composer Andy Schofield writes music for all types of media and in many styles and genres, including ambient, classical, new age, dramatic, filmscore, choral, orchestral, world music, and background instrumental. Andy's music was selected for inclusion in a University film project, and he recently won a composition competition and had his music featured in corporate promotional videos for ICI. Andy is an exciting up-and-coming artist whose music is perfectly suited for film, TV, documentary and corporate branding projects.

Spooky Music Bootique (USA)
Scary, creepy dramatic music that spooks, surprises, adds a tingle to the spine, or makes you want to hide under the covers is what Spooky Music Bootique is all about. Add chills and thrills to any project with these exciting -- and terrifying -- selections.

Michelle Qureshi (USA)
Indiana Composer Michelle Qureshi is an accomplished, multi-talented musician and classically trained guitarist. Fusing instrumental artistry with a passion for unique soundscapes, she creates simple, subtle melodies with intricately woven layers of complex sound patterns. Michelle’s compositions cover a variety of styles and genres, including World, Americana, Ambient, Electronic, New Age, Lounge, and Jazz. Her music is emotional and edgy, expertly crafted, and perfect for today’s contemporary productions.

Art Munson (USA)
US artist Art Munson is an avid composer of music for television. An impressive roster of shows utilizing his music includes Oprah (ABC), Let's Make A Deal (CBS), ABC World News, Dance Wars (ABC), as well as over 50 shows on MTV, VH1, TLC, NATGEO, Fox, DIY, Style and more. Because of his extensive background as a studio guitarist, recording engineer, writer and record producer, Art is proficient in many styles, including Pop, Rock, Dance, Latin, Funk, R&B, Techno and Orchestral.

James Gray (UK)
Be it unique, lush orchestral and choral arrangements, dynamic abstract soundscapes, or an urban, street-savvy production, UK Composer James Gray has delivered some of the most distinctive music on television today. James’s compositions can be heard daily on television around the world, in documentaries or ad campaigns featuring his dynamic music. Recent productions include campaigns for the Discovery Channel, ORANGE, SEAT, BMW, Re branding for ITV, BBC, CINE TV, DMAX, ERSTE LIGA, and many others.

Jen Tonon (USA)
Jen Tonon is a Maryland composer who got interested in music at age 11, when she joined the school band playing drums. Jen also plays guitar, bass and piano -- all self-taught. She plays by ear and makes some great red-hot music in Rock, Pop, Electronic, and Hip Hop genres. Jen has composed music for three rock musicals, and is featured on internet TV shows and several films, including Super Death Kill (2010); and in 2009, The Zombie Hero and Super Tromette Action Movie Go! Other credits include educational games, etc.

Robert Windpony (USA)
Robert Windpony plays haunting and mysterious native flute music solos, fusing World, Folk, Alternative, Meditation and New Age genres. Each song has an ethnic and spiritual sensibility, with various tempos, moods and techniques. Robert performs in response to the native wisdom, "It doesn't matter what you do for a living, what matters is what you ache for and dare to dream of living in your heart's longing." Residing in the southwest, Robert's journeys through deserts, high plateaus and mountains, provide the musical and spiritual inspiration that makes his music unforgettable.

Sergey Firsov (USA)
California Composer and Producer Sergey Firsov is a great addition to our site! He has produced and recorded music for various companies and well-known TV shows such as Extra TV, Tyra Banks, Dr. Keith Ablow Show, TMZ, and Beyond Twisted, for Warner Brothers (NBC), and Celebrity Justice (NBC), etc. Sergey works in an exceptional number of genres and styles, including World Music, Rock, Hip Hop, Dramatic, Cinematic, Corporate and News Broadcasting, and many others.

Aleksandar Dimitrijevic (Norway)
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic is a music composer working on trailer music, video games and movies. His music has been featured in over 30 trailers for some of the biggest movies in the last few years, including War Of The Worlds, The Incredible Hulk, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, Terminator Salvation, and many others. Alex's music on our site includes new music for movie trailers, film scores and cues, plus exciting tracks for games and other media applications.

Jelixa (USA)
Jelixa is a Pop, House, Techno, Rock, Funk recording artist sensation, born in 1980 in Brooklyn, New York, and now residing in North Richland Hills, Texas. She has a unique sound of "Beta Music" that consists of a variety of styles and genres composed into a unique fusion of contemporary sounds. Jelixa is a treat to hear and watch perform live. She brings us music that is hot and sassy with miles of sweet grrrl swagger. Overall, Jelixa's lush music exudes a cool urban vibe perfect TV and Film high fashion, catwalk, and miles of romantic BF problems.

Richard Nye (UK)
Richard Nye's music has been performed all over the world, recorded on CD and published. He holds a degree in Music and a Fellowship Diploma of the London College of Music in composition. His 2001 London South Bank debut featured his CD Piano40, 8 'til Late, for 8 hands on two pianos, and was featured in the national UK press. Major commissions have included orchestral and choral works for the millennium, a major new choral work for the Cheltenham Bach Choir, music for two large stage plays, a musical, and music to accompany the artwork of a major British artist for his DVD.

Harri Kangas (Finland)
Harri Kangas is a versatile songwriter and producer based in Finland. He composes Rock, Pop and Ambient orchestral instrumental tracks with soulful piano melodies, along with cool male and female vocals. His touching lyrics generally speak of love, betrayal and problems about finding true love in a modern, reality-based world where bittersweet disagreements seem to rule the day. Harri’s music is so 2010 it will help you authenticate the sensibilities of today’s youthful demographic for your TV, Film, Indie, and Documentary productions.

Adam Scourfield (UK)
Adam Scourfield is a UK based composer and producer. Adam has been creating music and performing for film and theatre for a number of years, working in some of the most prestigious concert halls in the country. From the Queen Elizabeth Hall and Millenium Dome in London to the Snape Concert Hall, Aldeburgh, Adam has been involved in encouraging and generating new and exciting collaberations between film, music, art and live performance in order to constantly produce a high quality, provocative finished product. His growing European client list is huge and impressive.
John Rabbit Bundrick (UK)
John "Rabbit" Bundrick is a prominent American-born rock keyboardist, pianist and organist, having played on albums by The Who, Eric Burdon, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Roger Waters, Free, and Crawler, among several others. John is noted as the principal musician for the cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and also composes and records solo albums. John toured and recorded with fellow Texan, vocalist Johnny Nash, and played on Nash's hit single and album "I Can See Clearly Now."
See All The Artists Now at the AudioSparx Artist Directory

Music Editors' Picks
We Make It Easy!
Our music editors are always on the lookout for great new tracks.  As our creative artists upload new music, we listen and flag the best of the best to make it easy for you to quickly find the hottest tracks in any genre.  Visit our new Music Editors' Picks page to quickly find our hottest tracks in 34 top-level music genres immediately.  Our editors just shaved hours off of your search!  Now you can listen, license and download TODAY!
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