AudioSparx Newsletter - May 2011 - For Solid Gold at the Box Office: Crime Pays

AudioSparx Newsletter - May 2011
May 2011
For Solid Gold at the Box Office: Crime Pays
On Television, At the Movies and in Video Games…

From bank heists, bloody murder, home invasions, prison riots, and cop shows,
AudioSparx has you covered with dramatic crime music and Hollywood SFX!

Television Series & Crime Specials - International audiences watch as grisly murders on CSI and other award-winning TV shows are solved each week by the cool detectives, and the cops and forensics experts. Since 1998, America’s Most Wanted has taken a bite out of crime, while other shows focus on who-done-its across international time zones around the world. Whether seriously dramatic or sardonically comic, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry that keeps on growing…

Murder and Mayhem at the Movies - Crime Pays, big-time, with huge box office earnings, movie tie-ins and product-plugs, merchandising, international releases, Soundtrack and DVD sales, and endless reruns on television and the internet. Since Hitchcock’s nerve-wracking Vertigo and Psycho movies in the 50s and 60s, thousands of films about crime and murder have kept us glued to our seats at the cinema, buying popcorn, candy and cokes -- all adding to the bottom line…

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The Action & Crime Music That Powers Hollywood
433,000+ Tracks including 61,000+ Exclusive Tracks and Growing!

Hot Artists of the Month

Here below we want to shine a light on two of our accomplished artists whose music has achieved major commercial success in numerous projects around the world, including Film and TV, advertising campaigns, corporate, and other media projects.

Justin Crosby
Justin Crosby's credits include remixes of Blondie, Kelis and Gloria Gaynor, and Assistant engineering and accompaniment on Showtime's DEXTER, season 4. He has also scored numerous commercial jingles, loop libraries, several short indies, and composed themes for musical theater. Many of Justin's LPs and EPs are being distributed internationally, including releases on Virgin Records subsidiary labels Caroline & Hutt UK. Additionally, Justin is an avid electronic dance producer with an illusive style, and an incredibly diverse catalog spanning almost all popular genres.

John J. Pelsone
New York Composer and Producer John Pelsone creates instrumental and vocal music, favoring Dramatic sound tracks in the criminal investigation, suspense and mystery categories. He works in multiple genres, producing high-quality music that conveys a strong cinematic quality. John favors Smooth Jazz, Electronica, Ambient and Dance, and his music has been descibed as pulsating, with a heavy groove, a great vibe and solid imagery.
The Most Dangerous Music
Tension and Suspense, Trailer, Intro and Credits Music
Our brilliant AudioSparx composers have created a spellbinding number of creepy tracks to give you goose bumps and keep you on the edge of your seat. Ominous, dark and dramatic intros let you know your worst nightmare is just ahead…
Death Scratch - John J. Pelsone
Frightmare - MX47
Hitchcock - Bryan Fusilier
Evil Lullaby - LES - Lazzerie Ermini Salucco
Dirty Bloody Red - Paint Chips
Mists of Darkness - David Gosnell
Suspenseful Beat Theme - Sam Clunie
Long Black Train - John Pelsone

Plotting, Planning, Bank Heist, Prison Breakout
Agile safecrackers are deep in the bank vault, drilling away to steal a cool million bucks. The Mafia has your home address; prisoners are sharpening their shanks, cranking up terror in the night, and stabbing the guards. Then all holy hell breaks out.
Big Problems - Joel Steudler
Morphing Elevator - Synth Dimension
Run or Fight - Erwin Steijlen
Preach - Wesley Devine
Spooksville - Garry Cribb
Fear Factor - SMM Productions
Sniper - Stoyan Ganev
On Lockdown - Peter Vincent Brasino
System Erased - Eric Bode
Glasses - Francesco Accardo

Sinister Stalkers, Murderers, Killers & Maniacs Lurking
A serial killer is on the loose… He’s hiding in the dark woods. He’s watching your house. And even the music lets you know – with six dead bodies in the morgue, he’s itching to kill again… These deranged loners and rapists – they’re closer than you think!
Stalker - Louise Heaney
Firefly - Jeff Parrish
Evil Creepy Stalker - Sergei Shell
Blackie Plays Hide and Seek - Paint Chips
The Human Factor - Nathaniel Jones
Delightfully Disturbed - John Lawrence Schick
Ambient Swamp Ops - Darksparcs
Sycamore Avenue - Eric Bode
Stalker - Clan Morgan
Eerie Suspense Cue 1 - Richard Ames
The Plot Thickens - David C. Hëwitt

Forensic Science -- Counting the Bodies, Sorting the Evidence
Time is ticking as the murderer is getting away. Dusting for fingerprints, microscopic inspections, conferring with the cops, discovering more dead bodies, returning to the morgue… Forensic Science is the key to solving the crime.
Bad Part of Town Drive - Jesper Mattsson
The Countdown - Justin Dykhouse
Raw World - Al Veinneau
Distress Call - Posthouse Tuomi
Gravity - Gerard Bauer
Celestial Drifter - Richard deCosta
Alone - Ari Nigam
New World Drag - Wesley Devine
Crime Time - Jive Ass Sleepers
Exit Wound - Paul Curtis
Sewage Thing - Nikolay Krivin

Quirky Murder Shows, Bumbling Detectives, Dumb Crooks
Monk, The Mentalist, and Harry’s Law wouldn’t be much fun if it weren’t for the quirky storylines, dumb bad guys, and the sharp, sexy female actors -- playing detectives, cops and lawyers, and grabbing everyone’s attention while the guys run in circles…
When Animals Attack Matt - Don Julin
Sneaking Around - Joel Steudler
Judicious Two - David Harper
Inspector Clueless - Garry Cribb
Circencis - Rudy Pusateri
Detective Tales Case - Lukasz Stasinski
Snoops and Spies - Richard Freitas
Wacky Adventure - Music for Media

Decades of Retro, Noir Music, Cold Cases, Mobsters, and More
From Sherlock Holmes 30s and 40s films, to Al Capone’s mobster music, and Mickey Spillane’s hardboiled detective tales turned into movies in the 50s – AudioSparx’s retro music will spell success for your period blockbuster crime shows.
1920s - Harlem Lament - Keith Gemmell
1920s - Bootleggers - Gentry Bronson
1920s - All Alone - Aaron Saloman
1920s - Hurry Up and Wait - Hannis Brown

1940s - Slinky - Steve Urwin
1940s - Marlowes Blues - Richard Freitas
1940s - La Vache Qui Rit - Aaron Saloman
1940s - Noir Street - Gary Wolk

1960s - Lounge Edit Old TV - Dewey Dellay
1960s – Secret - La Laque
1960s - Italian Moment - Max DiCarlo
1930s - The Case of Sherlock Holmes - MX47
1930s - Dust Bowl - Richard deCosta
1930s - Mystery Theme Song - Kevin Barnes
1930s - Family Reunion - Rudy Pusateri

1950s - Delta Fanfare Full Track - Michael Keck
1950s - Crime Mystery - Bjorn Lynne
1950s - The Haunted Drive To House - TJ Kross

1970s - Lay It Down It's The Law - E.L. Mahon
1970s - Here They Come - Jorn Lavoll
1970s - Seedy Glamour - Riaan Nieuwenhus

Freaky, Scary Hollywood Sound Effects - Over 200,000 SFX!!
Prison Riot IV Int BG - CMMP Sound FX
AP Footsteps on Muddy Ground - The Producers
Machine Guns 01 - Loren Swelk
House Fire Light Build - Iris Sound FX
Multiple Sirens - X-Ray Sound Studios
Daddy and Mummy are Fighting - The Producers
Fight Scene Two Men - X-Ray Sound Studios
Rabid Dogs - Hollywood Post
Breathing and Heartbeat - Hollywood Post
Female Scream - Fear Productions
Large Steel Door Slam Shut - Domino Sound Effects
Bank Robbery - Ian Hubball
Tire Squeel Pull Away - Vance Audiotronics
Woman Screaming - Ultimate Sound
Tortured Screams - Fear Productions
Bar Room Brawl - Quantum Sound Source
Top Action Music Artists
Pierre Langer
Robert Neary
Max DiCarlo
Tom Jemmott
SMM Productions
Adam DiTroia
Erik Haddad
Top Crime Music Artists
Bjorn Lynne
Erwin Steijlen
Alexander Khaskin
Music Candy
Dan Radlauer
Add-On Music Group
Dan Gautreau
TJ Kross
Dewey Dellay
Tracey and Vance Marino
Top Espionage Music Artists
Really Free Music
Greg Patmore
Jive Ass Sleepers
Igge Scoce
Bartok Music
Jason Bradley Livesay
Summer Witch Music
Richard Banks
Jimmy Reid
Top Music Artists
Erwin Steijlen
Denis Woods
Jon Lawson
Music Candy
Pierre Langer
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
John Judd
Bjorn Lynne
Dan Gautreau
SMM Productions
Top Exclusive Artists
Music Candy
Markus Bravo
Music For TV and Games
Christmas Music Boutique
Michael Wheeler
Wilton Vought
Tod Demuth
Sam Clunie
Michael Keck
Hollywood Post
Top Vocal Artists
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Erwin Steijlen
Really Free Music
La Laque
ARC Music Productions
Eddie Caldwell
Wilton Vought
Richie Milton
Antoinette Tredanary
David Harper
New MusicPacks, SoundPacks & ComposerPacks
32 tracks of Ambient music with a country and modern country feel. Exactly what your music library needs for scenes of the great outdoors, rodeos, heartwarming rural reunions and father son activities on the farm. Also perfect for commercials wishing to convey a folksy and authentic down home feel.
51 tracks with a distinctly European flavor. German beer hall festivals, Swiss Alps Mountain vacations, Polkas, music from Bavaria, Italian cooking music and all the romance Europe has to offer-all in this stunningly versatile music pack that can suit a variety of production moods.
39 tracks of cinematic music to use for all types of scenes. Powerful and building music with full orchestra on some tracks, highly dramatic. Big cinema sound for battles, scenes of knights and kings, pirate ships, equally usable for historical scenes as well, highly charged and emotional.
21 Ambient music tracks varying in mood, tempo and style from around the world. A versatile production package that can be used to showcase a wide array of products, video games, films and television programs, both scripted and unscripted. Lots of terrific music for your library in this selection.
19 tracks of lovely Piano music to suit many different moods, from lively to somber. Perfect for a number of production uses, exquisite playing, pure piano instrumentation at it's finest to give you choice and a solid library to use for projects requiring beautiful music of all tempos.
Sippin' on 58 Hip-Hop, R&B, and Urban tracks to grab the attention of younger audiences and hipsters. Cool beats, hip sounds, for any commercial appealing to the youth market or movies, television shows and video games that are the shiz or in any other way totally cool. Check out this package.
26 tracks with a distinctive world beat flavor transverse the globe musically, suitable for a wide variety of commercials, film and television projects, as well as video games. Explore the rain forests of Brazil, the oriental wonders of Japan, the marketplaces of India as a global musical traveler.
Epic, threatening war preparation music, suitable for film and TV main titles and themes. Documentary about the Roman Empire, 300, Spartans, or the Gothic and Dark Medieval times. Kings, battles, emperors and town siege. Knights, swords, shields and brave warriors.
A collection of reflective mood pieces, featuring acoustic guitars, acoustic bass, vibraphone, piano and keyboards/synths. Ideal for underscoring reality shows and emotional/thoughtful/romantic scenes. Also great for commercials and TV/film themes.
Ever dreamed about hiring STOMP group for your project? ever wanted to create grooves built from various "non-musical" sounds? How about Zippo lighters groove, kitchen stuff rhythms or heavy industrial trash / garbage beats? Now you can have it! Create your own grooves from this loop pack!
Proudly presenting 128 original kick-ass Breakbeat loops in the Big beat / broken beat category at the perfect dance tempo of 128 - 135 BPM. From nasty Plump Djs inspired breaks mayhem to Chemical Brothers; from Wonky House to sizzling Electro; this pack will get your juices flowing.
The tracks are for the news and other news related channels.

Want To See More? Check Them All Out!
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Hot New Artists at AudioSparx

This month brings us an amazing group of 55 hot new composers and music artists from around the world.   Here below we feature 20 hot new artists.  To see all of the artists at AudioSparx, visit the AudioSparx Artist Directory online. 
Jesper Mattsson (UK) - 33 Tracks Online
Jesper Mattsson was a member of the platinum-selling Danish band One Two, and now works as a producer, songwriter and composer based in the UK. He has worked with David Gray, Lene Marlin and Nenneh Cherry, and recently traveled the world producing a Charity CD for The World Hepatitis Alliance working with amongst others Michael Levine (Cold Case) Lisa Gerrard (Gladiator), Melanie Laurent (Inglorious Bastards), and Morecheeba. Jesper's TV and film credits include The Flock, and work for Lionsgate, BBC, Discovery Channel, ITV, Channel 4, Globe Trekker, PBS, CBC, and BBC.
Jason Farnham (USA) - 86 Tracks Online
Los Angeles composer and artist Jason Farnham writes in multiple genres. Some credits include music for a BMW commercial, Fox Movie Classics commercial "Office Space: The Musical," feature film “Hiding in the Open,” and music for the web series “Goon." Jason also provides background music for Harpo Productions, and his song “Rock Star" was placed in the feature film “American High School." "Morning Coffee" was featured on the Filter Magazine Channel on American Airlines in January 2009. When Jason isn't busy composing, he performs his piano show all over the U.S.
Chris Hodges (USA) - 51 Tracks Online
Composer Chris Hodges scores music for Film, TV, Video Games and other media, in genres like Hard Rock, Orchestral, Electronic, and Metal. He received a scholarship through the Berklee World Scholarship Tour, and graduated from Berklee with a Magna Cum Laude in 2007. He also received a Harris Stanton Scholarship and B. A. S. awards. Now residing in Arizona, Chris is an in-demand studio musician, and performs live locally. Between gigs, he was featured in the whacky Pizza Shop: The Movie, and composed a ton of scary music for X-Box, PC, Android, and other games for today's kids.
Jonathan Carlile (Austria) - 195 Tracks Online
Jonathan Carlile has been a professional musician for 20 years. He's an English-born composer currently living in Vienna, Austria. As a multi-instrumentalist, Jon studied classical piano in London and composes music in a variety of styles and genres which include Dramatic, Cinematic, Classical, Pop, and Rock. His special focus today is on those powerful, romantic and dramatic teaser adverts and trailers for TV and film. Thoroughly contemporary to its core, Jon's music will appeal to a broad age demographic.
Paul Wilkie (UK) - 20 Tracks Online
UK-based Composer Paul Wilkie was born in Scotland, and began playing trumpet at seven and the piano at 10. After earning a degree in Audio Engineering, he began composing music for various websites, videos and educational projects. Specializing in epic dramatic soundtracks for film and television, Paul’s clients include MTV, Scottish Television (STV), Schuh LTD, Aberlour Childrens Charity, eFestivals, Mallard Productions, and Insight UK. Paul enjoys working with other musicians and composers, and also writes music for corporate campaigns and various new media projects.
David Waugh (South Africa) - 53 Tracks Online
Musician and composer David Waugh of Johannesburg, South Africa, is a member of the South African Music Award nominated band Lonehill Estate. With his band, he has co-written, produced and mixed two South African #1 hits. David’s passion is scoring films, although he’s equally adept in the Hard Rock, Orchestral, Electro, Avant Garde, Ambient Underscore, Easy Listening and Acoustic genres. His work is heard in film, advertising and television programs. Credits include the theme for the video game “Bounty Arms” and three Lonehill Estate tracks in the film "Finding Lenny."
Jean Paul Zoghbi (Lebanon) - 152 Tracks Online
Lebanese Composer and Producer Jean-Paul Zoghbi creates music in styles like Dramatic, Action, and whimsical Comedy. His music for the imagination captures every scene, measure by measure, as the story unfolds, taking the audience on a magical journey of discovery. Jean-Paul has won several international contests, including the 2010 UK Songwriting Contest in the Instrumental Category, and various website contests, frequently appearing on their Top Classical charts. His compositions are often featured in TV shows, film, documentaries, advertising, and video games.
Maarit Korhonen (Finland) - 57 Tracks Online
Maarit Korhonen is a Finnish composer who blends multiple styles of music together with her own exciting touch to produce compelling and vibrant tracks. Her music is primarily influenced by Electronic, Dramatic, Pop, and Rock genres, and is well-suited for all TV, film and new media productions. She has done music for a documentary series, talk shows and themes in Finnish National TV and a 'Progepop´ album which has received top reviews.
Posthouse Tuomi (Finland) - 53 Tracks Online
Tuomas Pitkanen and Mika Hamed, of Finland, create and compose under the moniker Posthouse Tuomi. For 15 years, this duo has been creating music with an emphasis on using live instrumental music with the use of state of the art synthesizer software. Posthouse Tuomi records in a variety of genres, including Dramatic, Cinematic, Rock, Pop, Electronic, Metal, Folk, and Ambient. They also create music for Business and Corporate use as well as movie trailers. High energy, originality and talent are highlights of this twosome, and will add a vibrancy to your next production.
Nils Rurack (USA) - 230 Tracks Online
Originally from Hamburg, Germany, Nils Rurack has played guitar and written music for 25 years. Now residing in Texas, Nils plays classic guitar, and electric and bass guitars. Following formal popular music studies at the Hogeschool Enschede in The Netherlands, Nils worked as a professional guitar player for five years, focusing on writing and recording original music. During this time, he wrote a kid's musical and some exciting corporate music. Additionally, Nils has won multiple composition contests, and covers a variety of genres like Heavy Metal, Rock, Funk, Blues, and Jazz.
Kenneth Chan (USA) - 44 Tracks Online
Kenneth Chan is a Composer for TV, Film and Video Games based in California. His recent list of credits includes music for NBC, MTV, MyNetwork TV, and Big Fish Games. Working in a variety of genres, including Electronic, Orchestral, Dramatic, Jazz, Rock/Pop, and Hip Hop, Kenneth's music is featured often on Network and Cable Television. In addition, he recently scored "Easter Bunny," the 2010 short film starring Roger Fan (Rush Hour, ER, Frasier). Currently, Kenneth is also working on Concert Music, having recently completed three movements for solo piano.
Thomas Seher (Germany) - 47 Tracks Online
German Composer and Producer Thomas Seher plays piano and guitar, and knows how to use the computer as a creative instrument. Working in a remarkable range of styles and genres, he produces amazing ethnical filmscores and thrilling club tracks, but also music for advertising and songs for choir. Thomas's Dramatic, Electronic and Pop compositions reflect his passion for powerful rhythms, extended melodies, catchy hooklines and are featured in TV, Commercials and Theatre throughout Europe.
Nicola Livio (Italy) - 54 Tracks Online
Nicola Livio is an artist and composer from Milan, Italy. A graduate of Italy's renowned CPM school of music, the future is nothing but bright for this brilliant pure Rock and Roll guitarist. If your production needs tracks with pure energy, check out his dynamic, driving music.
Marco Frydshou (Denmark) - 46 Tracks Online
Marco Frydshou of Denmark is a composer and musician with a very non traditional DJing background. Marco worked as a studio assistant while simultaneously taking courses in audioengineering, music theory and composition. Marco’s specialty is bridging classical composition and acoustic instruments with sampling and modern computer technology, composing in the R&B, Jazz, Electronic Synthesizer, Rock, Hip-Hop, and Classical Music genres, often combining several at a time. His influences are wide and varied, among them Beethoven, Ravel and Debussy, Quincy Jones and Giorgio Moroder.
Rik Roberts (UK) - 41 Tracks Online
Rik Roberts is a graduate of Birmingham Conservatoire in England, where he studied composition with the renowned Anglo-Indian composer John Mayor and the British composer Andrew Downes. He has since performed his works in Japan, Malaysia, India, Morocco, Belarus, UK, Germany, and Poland. He is equally adept in the Dance, Electro, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Ethnic, and Classical genres. Rik's music has been described as “a vast array of emotions, sometimes harmonically advanced but often beautifully simple, often ethnic, always classy.”
Bernard Wrigley (UK) - 62 Tracks Online
With 17 solo CDs released, Bernard Wrigley is a British composer, singer, actor, and record producer. Having written instrumentals, vocals and comedy monologues with his music, Bernard is Britain's most distinctive voice, with the nickname "The Bolton Bullfrog." His catchy melodies and riffs have drawn a huge fan base for his concert performances, and his acting and singing appear in many memorable UK TV programmes like Dinner Ladies (BBC), Emmerdale (ITV) and Phoenix Nights (CH4). Bernard's music for UK National TV and radio jingles is a big hit in many UK TV and radio plays.
Dave Rudolf (USA) - 232 Tracks Online
Illinois award-winning Composer and Producer Dave Rudolf, a Gold Record winner and Grammy-nominated artist, creates magical family and children's music, and film soundtracks. Having produced for Disney many years, a number of his 25 albums have won various awards. Dave has been featured on HBO Comedy Shorts, and 15-time nominee for College Entertainer of the Year Awards, a two-time Parent's Choice Award Winner, and three-time Parent's Guide Award winner. Dave has been featured on WGN TV, Fox TV, and he has headlined at thousands of colleges, theatres and festivals around the USA.
John Altenburgh (USA) - 50 Tracks Online
For 25 years, Wisconsin musician, composer and producer John Altenburgh has been creating memorable songs in the Rockabilly, Jazz, Blues, R&B, and Rock genres. Three of his albums have charted on the Billboard Jazz charts, and he's been featured on NBC’s Poker After Dark, Comedy Central, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, and many more. Playing frequently live and on national syndicated Blues programs, John has been heard on Blues Deluxe, At The Crossroads, and Dan Aykroyd’s House of Blues. He has also produced albums for numerous Jazz artists, including Mike Metheny.
Tom Hajduk (UK) - 126 Tracks Online
Tom Hajduk is a composer and music producer from London. No stranger to the art of making music, Tom has spent years creating a broad variety of media productions in many different musical styles, including Pop, Electronica and World music. His compositions have been featured in dozens of film and television projects in the UK, Europe and Japan. Check out his tracks for that special something to enhance your film, television program, corporate video, documentary, or other new media production.
Soul Check (Australia) - 130 Tracks Online
Canberra, Australia, musician and DJ Patrick Coen, aka Soul Check, has a fresh ear for the big beats and production styles that make a club shake. He composes and records in the Electronic, Breakbeat and Big Beat genres of Dance music. Most of his material falls into the 125-140 BPM range. A converted Rock and Roll music player and producer, Patrick’s expertise now lies in emulating the big beat sensibilities of pioneers of those styles, such as Fat Boy Slim and Prodigy. Take a listen to Soul Check for some ultra cool beats for your production.

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