AudioSparx Newsletter - June 2011 - Turmoil in the Middle East

AudioSparx Newsletter - June 2011
June 2011   
Turmoil in the Middle East
The Arab Spring Holds High Hopes for Democracy

While Middle-Eastern stories of street protests and regime change dominate today’s news, tales of survival and bravery emerge in films, TV stories, documentaries, and special news shows around the world. To drive home your stories with a greater authenticity, AudioSparx offers over 1,200 Middle-Eastern tracks from Dramatic, Action, Spiritual, Dance, and Whimsical genres, plus sound effects.

Regime Change in the Middle East
Violent street protests, explosions, martyrdom, and political upheavals dominate recent news cycles. The “Hurt Locker” garnered six Academy Awards in 2009, and today’s Mideast tales of revolution, Jihad and daring military raids begin where headlines leave off. Uprisings in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Tunisia, wars in two countries, and Osama Bin Laden's death, all exhibit instantly changing alliances. New films of persecution, heroics, action adventure or romance are being made each day, while news shows and documentaries are challenging the status quo.

Islamic and Arabic Productions Require Authentic Music & SFX
Whether for a serious documentary or coming-of-age tale amidst the wars -- or an action-packed Tomb Raider movie, authenticity is the key to success. The exotic mystique of the Middle East intrigues us. Sahara action adventures, sultry belly dancers, explosive stories of OPEC oil wars, and handsome, swarthy actors in Armani or traditional Dishdashah -- major developments and changing morés reward filmmakers and documentarians for sharing today’s harrowing tales.

Visit the Definitive Middle East Music Library Now!

The Middle East Music That Powers Hollywood
438,000+ Tracks including 63,000+ Exclusive Tracks and Growing!

Hot Artists of the Month

Here below we want to shine a light on two of our accomplished artists whose music has achieved major commercial success in numerous projects around the world, including Film and TV, advertising campaigns, corporate, and other media projects.

Michael Keck
Manhattan Composer Michael Keck has a passion for theatre and film, and works in several dozen genres, including World Music. He has been featured in numerous theatrical stage productions around the world, including The Kennedy Center, Mark Taper Forum, Arena Stage, The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, The Barbican Center, and Bristol Old Vic. Michael also appears in Film and TV: 43 Days, Seeing Art, Peoples Of America, African Americans of Achievement, and Holidays For Children. Excelling in Middle-Eastern, African and Jewish music, Michael's tracks are always lyrical and memorable.

Really Free Music
Really Free Music has had music appearing in over 500 albums worldwide, and numerous Films, TV and multimedia, with clients spanning the globe. Owned and run by UK composer Peter Wheeler, his own composing credits include worldwide commercial album releases, Films, and many TV shows (UK, US, ABC, Disney, C4, C5, MTV, etc). Really Free Music also specializes in World music and other niche genres - from Sea Shanties to Ambient Trip Hop to African Choirs.
The Ultimate Middle East Music Library
Middle-Eastern Espionage, Intrigue and Mystery Music
Under a blistering Sahara sun, trekking over sand dunes, trying to gather intel, solve the murder mystery and catch the bad guys – AudioSparx has the perfect music for your Epic Blockbuster action thriller or tale of suspense, betrayal or duplicity.
Desert Nation - Really Free Music
Jihad - Jason Bradley Livesay
Harem - Caneline Concept
Hit Man in Cairo Remix - EntropiK Music
Shehure - Ori Vidislavski
Slow Motion Bazzar - D Silverstone
Mid-East Sunset Sunrise - Michael Keck
Sands of the Kara Kum - Really Free Music
Sahara Eulogy - Valencia Magic
Prelude to Ascension - Paul Carlson
Tales from the Ashram - Jennifer Hannah-Murphy
Mysteries of the Sahara - Valencia Magic

Middle-Eastern Action Adventure, Thriller and Chase Scenes
Edgy and dangerous music for fierce action films like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, and recent movies and documentaries about terrorists, jihadists, nomad struggles, religious wars, and growing unrest and political intrigue.
Babylon Escape Epic Trailer - Michael Keck
Cairo Uprising Mubarak's Nightmare - Nigel Male
Landing at Topkapi - Caneline Concept
Agamemnon's Revenge - Michael Keck
Marakesh Market - Richard Jungles
Ibrahim - Caneline Concept
Military Base Camp Attack - Michael Keck
Istanbul - Soundroll
Moodball - Green Man
The Pyramids - Matt Milne
Arabix - Adam Scourfield
Camel Race Vocals A - Michael Keck

Mid-East Documentaries, News Stories or Travel Montages
The AudioSparx composers have fused exoticism with a cutting-edge contemporary modernity that’s perfect for Christiane Amanpour specials, CNN and other World News shows or filmmakers covering events occurring during the pounding Arab Spring uprisings, Afghan or Iraq military skirmishes, with tales of tears, bravery and survival.
Gateway of the Gods - Bjorn Lynne
Dianera's Dance - Michael Keck
Elii-Geba and Jorn Alchemy - Jorn Lavoll
Mystic Orient - SMM Productions
Emily's Wake - EntropiK Music
Mideast Underscore - Dewey Dellay
No Solution - Nigel Male
Turkish Tango Shuffle - EntropiK Music
All About Egypt - Markus Bravo
Salam Olam - D. Silverstone
Tears of the Desert - Really Free Music
Enter in 60 - Steve Urwin

Sad, Mournful Music Filled with Emotion and Longing
Passionate, poetic music for Al Jazeera, BBC or PBS specials, Nightline, CNN news, and documentary coverage of nations ravaged in war time, grim hospital scenes, and displaced families and orphaned children experiencing tragedy and loss of loved ones.
Women at the Well - Michael Keck
Tears in Eden - Justin Crosby
Lonely Girl - Simon Stockhausen
Child at Night - Ori Vidislavski
Jihad - Jason Bradley Livesay
Prayer - Michael Keck
Bo's Lullaby - Erwin Steijlen
The Kremlin Code - MX 47
Desert Sands - Suzannah Doyle
Assyro Funeral - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
Beginning of the End - Ori Vidislavski
Middle East Lament - Greg Carlson & Michael Oliphant

Uplifting and Inspiring Middle-Eastern Music
High energy and evolving tales from afar – whether focusing on the hopes of a new day or just staying abreast of rapidly changing events, and surviving to relate the political unrest and upheaval burning into the night in the Arab World.
Arabic Cello - Jimmy Reid
Tzur Mishelo Solo Violin - Michael Keck
Succubus - EntropiK Music
Euphrates - Really Free Music
Mesopotamia - Michael Keck
Jewish Celebration - Danny Rules
Jerusalem Morning - Michael Keck
Desert Dance - Jean Paul Zohbi
The Treasures of Ra - Christian Andersson
Ethnic Cue 1 - Richard Ames
The Silk Road Damascus to Samarkand - SBonventure

Romantic Drama, Joyful Music and Celebrations
For reality films or TV shows depicting love or festive occasions, AudioSparx has many stunning Vocals and Instrumentals in native languages perfect for romance, morality tales, or soap operas.
Ghmorni - Roger Alhalaby
Jewish Celebration - Danny Rules
Bitzakarak (I Remember You) - Bendaly Family
Streets of Kabul - Simon Brewer
Shalom Aleichem Clarinet & Cello - Michael Keck
Khalouni Khalouni - Cheb Nacim
Amman Amman - Bruce Hathaway
Exotica - Rhett Brewer
Saggel Indak (For Your Record) - Bendaly Family
Domouh El Farah - Chalf Hassan
Secret of an Ancient City - Alexander Kuzmin
Dokhtare Kabul - Afghan Ensemble

Arabian Belly Dance and Club Music
Music swirls as alluring women perform the traditional exotic Bellydance in Middle East emporiums, or more contemporary percussion-driven hot club tracks – it’s all here at AudioSparx! Perfect for romantic drama, scenes of entertainment, travel montage, tourism or high fashion from the nations of the Mideast.
El Hob Halal - Hossam Ramzy
Inward Upward - Stephan Booke
Ya Leyli - Emad Sayyah
Manbaa (Inner Source of Fire) - Cairo Nights
Totally Bazaar - Garry Cribb
Gamaal Oyounik - Hossam Ramzy
The Calling - David Moore
Tuz Golu - Really Free Music
Wu Klang - Music Candy
Salam Olam - Really Free Music

Hollywood Sound Effects for Jihad, Action Adventure, Mystery
AudioSparx is on top of its SFX game with Arabic men screaming, explosions, sirens, missiles, helicopter rescues, Sahara sand storm, torture sounds, Abu Ghraib, firefights, market ambience…
Arabic Shouting Males - Indigo Sound LLC
Bedouins in Tent - X-Ray Sound Studios
Explosion Blast Large Debris - Bjorn Lynne
Surface to Air Missile - Domino Sound Effects
Helicopter Approaching Landing - Ultimate Sound
Egypt Market Ambience - The Producers
Wind Desert Sand - Domino Sound Effects
Gunshots in a Crowd Panic Ensues - Adagio Music
Terror Explosion and Sirens - Greg Patmore
Firefight Large - Lorin Swelk
Torture Chamber Wheel Turning - Iris Sound FX
Dripping Water Causing Insanity - Hollywood Post
Top Middle East Artists
Really Free Music
Garry Cribb
Michael Keck
Bjorn Lynne
Erik Haddad
Richard Jungles
Dewey Dellay
James Gray
Hossam Ramzy
Stephen Booke
Adam Skorupa
Chalf Hassan
The Burning Bush
Juan Pablo Zaragoza
Emad Sayyah
Richard Ames
Yaacov Shapiro
Top Music Artists
Erwin Steijlen
Denis Woods
Jon Lawson
Music Candy
Pierre Langer
John Judd
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Bjorn Lynne
Dan Gautreau
SMM Productions
Top Exclusive Artists
Music Candy
Markus Bravo
Music For TV and Games
Christmas Music Boutique
Michael Wheeler
Wilton Vought
Tod Demuth
Sam Clunie
Michael Keck
Hollywood Post
Top Vocal Artists
Pierre Langer
Max DiCarlo
American Drug War: The Last White Hope
Donna Marie
Louise Heaney
Hollywood Post
Really Free Music
La Laque
Eddie Caldwell
Urban Anxiety

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New MusicPacks, SoundPacks & ComposerPacks
Proudly presenting 128 original kick-ass Breakbeat loops in the Big beat / broken beat category at the perfect dance tempo of 128 - 135 BPM. From nasty Plump Djs inspired breaks mayhem to Chemical Brothers; from Wonky House to sizzling Electro; this pack will get your juices flowing.
Ever dreamed about hiring STOMP group for your project? ever wanted to create grooves built from various "non-musical" sounds? How about Zippo lighters groove, kitchen stuff rhythms or heavy industrial trash / garbage beats? Now you can have it! Create your own grooves from this loop pack!
Epic, threatening war preparation music, suitable for film and TV main titles and themes. Documentary about the Roman Empire, 300, Spartans, or the Gothic and Dark Medieval times. Kings, battles, emperors and town siege. Knights, swords, shields and brave warriors.
Dark and Epic music, suitable for film and TV main titles and themes. Video games, films or documentaries about the dark medieval times or old empires. Fantasy, kings, battles, emperors and town siege. Knights, swords, shields and brave warriors.
Dark, Spooky and Evil music for horror, dark fantasy, ghost stories for Film and TV and Video Games. Spooky Ghosts walking over the Graveyard. Entering down into the dark crypt with zombies. The mad professor in his evil laboratory. Dark evil rituals in the forgotten catacombs. Danger and horror.
Including an epic trailer/intro track, this is a full collection of cool atmospheric science fiction, high-tech, futuristic, space tracks with embedded deep and rumbling sound FX. The tracks use the most powerful sound banks in the world, used in famous Hollywood film productions like Terminator IV.
A collection of nostalgic tracks with a touch of romance, beauty and melancholic feelings. Acoustic solo guitars, wonderful choirs, violins and mellow cello combines for some really emotional feelings of drama, great for film, tv or just relaxing background music.
A collection of Happy and Bright instrumental music, Fairy Tales. Cute Animals. Children playing in the sun. Cartoons. Great for TV and Film for children. Pirates and Adventures and Tales about Princess, Hero, Kingdoms and Wonderful Stories. Fantasy and Stories, Green Grass and Wonderful Forests.
This pack contains 9 driving blues rock tracks. Specifically designed for use under dialogue this tracks are comprised of just drums, bass guitar and electric guitar. If you need a hard driving groove that sets the scene, yet allows for your dialogue to shine through, you're prayers are answered.
The tracks are for the news and other news related channels.
A collection of reflective mood pieces, featuring acoustic guitars, acoustic bass, vibraphone, piano and keyboards/synths. Ideal for underscoring reality shows and emotional/thoughtful/romantic scenes. Also great for commercials and TV/film themes.
A varied collection of instrumental tracks with a Latin flavour, suitable for TV, film, commercials, corporate videos, radio productions and websites.
A hand picked selection of 12 fanfares. Each unique track has its own dynamism and characteristics to help you enhance any production. From slow majestic horns to bright upbeat timpani rhythms. Useful for grand theatrical occasions, congratulations, sporting events, military or Royal ceremonies.
MixPack Vol.2 includes 10 tracks. The goal is to provide useful backgrounds for various genres of filmic sequences, in particular for dialogs and static or dynamic scenes without talking.

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Hot New Artists at AudioSparx

This month brings us an amazing group of over 42 hot new composers and music artists from around the world.   Here below we feature 15 hot new artists.  To see all of the artists at AudioSparx, visit the AudioSparx Artist Directory online. 
Christian Schittenhelm (France) - 46 Tracks Online
Christian Schittenhelm is a French composer of German origin who acquired an early passion for symphonic music through the recordings of his great uncle, Charles Munch, who was with the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra (1946-1962). This led to piano lessons at age six, and by 8, he was studying at the Colmar Academy of Music and composing his first Preludes. At 17, he became a professional arranger, pursuing other avenues as an author and singer. He recorded a vocal album for EMI featuring the London Symphony Orchestra. Clients include Disney, Institut de France, Radio France, etc.
Marcin Przybylowicz (Poland)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 86 Tracks Online
Polish Composer, Arranger and Audio Producer Marcin Przybylowicz found an inexhaustible source of inspiration in Western music, from Jazz and Pop to Soul, but his tastes also include those dramatic, epic and classical film scores, trailer music, and tense games compositions that thrill audiences around the world. His credits include Duke Nukem Trilogy: Critical Mass, Afterfall, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and others. Marcin's harmonic compositions, creative instincts and imagination all bring a vibrant power and authenticity to film, television, and other new media apps.
Jim Ragland (USA) - 79 Tracks Online
Since the 1980s, US artist Jim Ragland has been composing and producing incidental, scene change and underscoring music for the professional theater. Projects have included tiny fringe theaters as well as The Kennedy Center. Credits include the Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway production, The Kentucky Cycle, and 100s of other shows -- like Shakespeare, Chekhov, August Wilson, and Sam Shepard. With dozens of Spotlight Awards from The Seattle Times, a Lifetime Achievement Award from Theater Puget Sound, Variety said: “[Jim Ragland] creates worlds that capture the imagination."
Anne Garner (UK) - 12 Tracks Online
Anne Garner is a UK singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who weaves Folk, Electronica and Classical threads into an exciting new sound. Her unusual compositions, instrumentals and remixes represent a rare opportunity to bring emotive depth, authenticity and significant talking-point value to your project or production. With the recent release of her third album, “Trusting a Twirled World”, Anne is receiving raves from established artists, radio presenters and DJs. Her style has been compared to Kate Bush, Anja Garbarek and Joanna Newsom.
David Payne (USA) - 31 Tracks Online
Atlanta musician and composer David Payne is the guitarist for the rock band Snowden. David is constantly musically sculpting and experimenting in the Electronic, Indie, Pop, and Ambient genres. No stranger to performing live on stages large and small, Snowden was the supporting act for Kings Of Leon during multiple legs of their U. S. and European tours. They’ve also shared the stage with such notable acts as Grammy winners Arcade Fire, Deerhunter, Clap Your Hand Say Yeah, The Kills, Black Lips, Xiu Xiu and many others.
American Drug War: The Last White Hope (USA)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 12 Tracks Online
Songs from the Award-winning documentary film, “American Drug War: The Last White Hope” have been compiled as a soundtrack CD and are now available for our clients, Directed, produced, written and narrated by Kevin Booth, the film also features a song he collaborated on with the artist Nic Knock, as well as a remix of the classic dance rap song “White Lines (Don’t Do It)” by Grandmaster Flash with ex President George Bush Jr. making an appearance on vox. Songs from the soundtrack are in the Rap, Hip-Hop, Pop/Rock, Alternative, Electronica and Blues genres.
The Hot Rocks (USA) - 33 Tracks Online
The Hot Rocks are a Nashville area based Rock band, consisting of members Chad Hannah, Eric Kreutter, Topher Seymour, and Jason Hees. Eric met Chad while both were working in a recording studio. Through friends, they met Topher and Jason. Their energy and passion formed the basis to write great songs, raw, enthralling, and emotionally charged, colliding to form Hot Rocks. “We are believers in the power of a great song,” they say. Their priorities are energy, sincerity, clarity of vision and creativity. The Hot Rocks perform and compose in the Rock, Pop/Rock and Indie Rock genres.
Yaba Daba (UK)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 38 Tracks Online
Yaba Daba is a project of Poland composer and artist Tom Hajduk, currently residing and creating music and sound effects in London. Tom works with a team of savvy, professional and smart musicians to create ringtones and sound effects. Tom has degrees in music, musicology research and sound design. Do check out Yaba Daba's exciting library of funny telephones, animals, voices, telecom, mobile, silly, and other assorted sound effects and ringtones -- all exclusively available here on our site!
The Answer Productions (UK) - 24 Tracks Online
In late 2010, UK artists Alexi Christopoulos and Owen Mockford created "The Answer Productions." Previous music that was melody driven, soul evoking, acoustic love songs and indie rock ballads received an amazing response from crowds in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Brighton (England), when they performed with the bands Jia and Left At The Robot. Their music has been used by companies KNORR and FRIENDS OF THE EARTH, and today they are writing for TV, Film and Radio productions. The Answer Productions style has been likened to the Kooks, Paolo Nutini and Damien Rice.
Somewhere Between Here And There (USA) - 40 Tracks Online
Somewhere Between Here And There is an electro-industrial rock band out of Houston, Texas that was formed in 2002 by artist/producer Jason Epperley. SBHT has been described as "tight, gritty, dark and in your face. Blending stylistic grooves with rich texture of instrumentation taking the listener on a ride through the dark side of their subconscious with eerie psychological satisfaction." Influenced by a wide array of artists and bands that Jason grew up with like Pink Floyd, Primus, Tricky, Janes Addiction, The Pixies, Rage Against The Machine, Nine Inch Nails, and many others.
Barbara Martin (USA) - 45 Tracks Online
Virginia Jazz and Blues singer and composer Barbara Martin is the real deal. She has a Silver Award in the Vocal Blues and Jazz category at the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest for her original composition “Kaleidoscope”. Barbara has written scores for theatrical performances, two major TV shows and two documentaries. The Baltimore Sun touts her as “a songwriter with an unexpected gift for sultry melody”. The Washington Post calls her body of work “as American in style as it is universal in emotional intelligence." Her genres include Jazz, Blues, Americana, Folk and Singer/Songwriter.
The Max (USA) - 19 Tracks Online
Tennessee recording artists The Max write and perform in the Rock, Indie Rock and Pop/Rock genres, deriving their name from “Where The Wild Things Are," one of the greatest children’s books ever written. Amongst the band’s members are recording engineers Adam Deane and Matt Coles. They were born out of several Nashville area bands-The Hot Rocks, Slow Dither and Lunchbox Mysteries. Members have worked on numerous hits with the best Nashville has to offer, so these guys know how to make records. They draw their influences from artists such as Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.
Federal Moguls (USA)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 17 Tracks Online
The Federal Moguls consist of Bloodhound Gang’s resident DJ, QBall, Harry Dean Jr. and MC/singer/guitarist Troy Walsh, both from Pennsylvania. Troy founded a record company, and as a result worked with professional skateboarders and session musicians, producing two albums on his own before opening for Bloodhound Gang on tour. The Federal Moguls were the result of a collaborative mixtape between QBall and Troy. Their debut album, High Investment Risk Planning, showcased unique style blends of quirky Hip-Hop, Pop and Alternative rock genres, which continues to be their style.
Patrick Coen (Australia) - 15 Tracks Online
Based in Australia, Patrick Coen is a musician and producer with classical training who creates Jazz, Hip Hop, and Rock for TV and Film productions. He brings over 20 years of experience to his craft and has a passion for producing music that is both authentic and visual in nature. His music, recently on the Ocean's 13 DVD, transports the listener through time, using a vast array of production techniques and equipment that revive a sense of the "good old days." Patrick's skillful techniques come into play in modern music genres to impart a convincingly retro quality to his music.
Keras Rubka-Nimz (USA) - 17 Tracks Online
Keras Rubka-Nimz is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who hails from Wisconsin. As co-founder of Johnny & The MoTones, Keras has quite a musical heritage, including recording four solo albums - "Tres Anos," "The Road To Avalon," "Willego Tilleggo," and "Unplugged, Not So Loud." Keras' original song "Terminal Blues" was featured on NBC’s Poker After Dark, and other songs have appeared on The Comedy Channel. He has written commercials for Skidoo Snowmobiles, US Cellular and television news programs. Keras records and composes in the Rock, Country, Blues, and Soul genres.

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The Middle East Music That Powers Hollywood

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