AudioSparx Newsletter - July 2011 - The Changing Face of Africa

AudioSparx Newsletter - July 2011
July 2011
The Changing Face of Africa
African Music and Sound Effects That Resonate With The Times

Scary Times in Africa -- The Dark Continent offers a rich and evolving history. From the 1918 silent films and 1930s-1940s movies about Tarzan living among the apes, to today’s uncontrolled turmoil with genocide, looting, piracy and pervasive crime in far too many countries. As a result, there are over 4 million people displaced and Africa is imploding.

The High Cost of Independence -- With UN Peacekeepers in the Congo, Liberia and Cote d’Ivoire, with Sudan off-limits due to violence, films, documentaries and world news shows bring us tales of triumph and disaster. Independence is a relatively new concept in Africa: By 1950, only four of 53 countries were independent – and today, many still long for democracy and a political voice in the future of their nations. The world is rooting for a return to safety and a better life for all there.

Authentic African Productions Require Authentic Music and SFX – AudioSparx has over 1,400 music tracks from Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Morocco – and tribal music from Zulu, Xhosa, the Venda people, and many other nations. For safari action, jungle drums, world fusion, or contemporary African pop and club music – AudioSparx has it all… For romantic drama, African theme parks, or sorrowful music for death, starvation or sad aftermath, our Instant Search will quickly find the right music or sound effects to get your production onto the big screen.

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The African Music That Powers Hollywood
444,000+ Tracks including 64,000+ Exclusive Tracks and Growing!

Hot Artists of the Month

Here below we want to shine a light on two of our accomplished artists whose music has achieved major commercial success in numerous projects around the world, including Film and TV, advertising campaigns, corporate, and other media projects.

Chanson World Music Library
Chanson has traveled the globe recording authentic World and Ethnic music. Their 600 tracks include compelling native vocals with indigenous instruments from Africa, Kantele music from Finland, music of the North American Indians, Didgeridoo music from Australia, Punjabi Pop or Bhangra from India, Chinese Dulcimer, Japanese Koto, Middle Eastern percussion, and much more. Chanson's music is used worldwide by producers of TV and film dramatizations. Since each track was recorded in-country, you can rest assured in the authenticity of Chanson World Music Library's entire catalog.

Erik Haddad
Chicago-area composer Erik Haddad is a rising star in TV music, with a list of credits that includes "Dateline" (NBC), "American Pickers" (History), "Aftermath With William Shatner" (BIO), "Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta" (TLC), "Spy Wars" (Science), "Wreck Chasers" (Discovery), "16 & Pregnant" (MTV), "Tosh.0" (Comedy Central), and many more. Erik's music has also been used in video games, documentaries, and trailers. His genres include everything from mysterious orchestral underscore to eclectic World music, plus wacky Children’s music that will make anyone crack a smile!
African Music for Vertical Markets
Safari, Action Adventure, Into the Wilds
Tomb Raider, turmoil and chaos in the jungle -- Ethnic drumming, tribal dancers, bush beaters, big game hunters, fighters, and warriors – Dust off your Safari jacket and hat, grow a little chin stubble, and jump in your trusty British Land Rover and let’s be off on a big adventure to Africa. Exotic birds, elephants, hefty rhinos, thundering zebras…
Pride of Africa - Alexander Khaskin
African Drain Forest - David van Rensburg
Allah Akbar - Nikolay Krivin
African Adventure Part 4 - Richard Ames
Africa - Ori Vidislavski
Umoja - the Children Sing for Unity - Michael Keck
Restless Natives - Audio Architect Music
The Voyage - Stoyan Ganev
World in Motion - Jason Greenberg
Xigubo - Adzido
Romance, Friendships and Bravery a la “Out of Africa”
Remember the African Queen (1951), with the drunken river-boat captain Humphrey Bogart and Kate Hepburn, the hard-headed missionary spinster? Or Out of Africa (1985), with land baroness Meryl Streep and the handsome big game hunter, Robert Redford? Our composers have written a boatload of African tracks for your romantic dramas…
African Sunset - Adam DiTroia
Simpler Way - Erik Haddad
Serengeti Serenade - Leland Thomas Faegre
Floating Bells - Michael Keck
Desert Princess - SonicLab Pro
Kilimanjaro - Guido Negraszus
African Dream - Andy Schofield
The Mystic Arab - Davide Levi
Africa Awakening - Luigi Saracino
Chillin' In the Savanna - Greg Clarkson & Michael Oliphant
Village Scenes, Celebrations with Natives Chanting
African village rituals celebrate new births, coming of age, marriage, a good harvest, rainfall or a family death. They may chant to welcome a visiting king or to criticize a neighbor for stealing chickens. AudioSparx artists have composed music perfect for your uplifting and lively stories, travel montages, films, and commercials.
Ibele Lendlela - Insingizi
Africa Calling - Andy L
Soweto Pride - Alec Makinson
Al Ajiko - Salma Al Assal
Busi's Umoya Wami - Blessings Nqo
Africana - Andy L
Izintombi - Amagugu Akwazulu
African Singing 1 - a Capella - Martin Kittappa
Edgy African Drumming and Percussion
Traditional African rhythms add filmic authenticity! Our AudioSparx composers have created a jungle full of polyrhythmic textures that will add a pounding punctuation to your adventure film, news story, travel documentary or video game -- Shaman supernatural powers, rites of passage, chasing lions and tigers, or dodging poison darts…
March of the Ravaged Brides - Michael Keck
Wild Africa - Robert Neary
The Magic of the African Battle Drum - Jono Booth
Wild Adventures - George and Marguerite
Wraiths of Wrath - David van Rensburg
The Tribes - Steve Urwin
African Mist - Gary Wolk
Africa - Greg Patmore
Uplifting, Heartwarming Music Filled with Hope
Joyful and playful melodies provide uplifting audio for movie trailers, opening credits, television specials, and documentaries relating to hope and progress in Africa.
Africa - Stoyan Ganev
Remember - Parish
One Nation - Colin Willsher
Africa - Julian Scott
Baobab Banana - Rudy Pusateri
Africa - Equinox Sounds
Africa Arise - African Gospel Rhythms
Tramonto Africano - Parish
Table Mountain - Music Candy
Congo Du Celebration - Greg Clarkson & Michael Oliphant
Corporate, Travel, Documentary, and Opening Themes
Whether your client’s into African fashions or mines diamonds or gold, refines sugar cane, or flies EgyptAir, AudioSparx music will spell success to your branding campaigns or documentary.
Africa Love - Luigi Saracino
A Piece of Africa - Davor Devcic
Afro Corporate - Vess Ray
African Diamonds - Music For TV and Games
Celebration of Success - Music For TV and Games
Africa Calling - Music And SFX
African Village - Andy Schofield
Serengeti Sunrise - Garry Cribb
Sorrow, Aftermath of Wars and Dislocation of People
From the early slave trade to the 1987 Sierra Leone documentary, Cry Freedom, civil war, murder, ethnic cleansing, starvation, and displacement have been a constant in Africa. The stunning 2004 Academy Award-nominated “Hotel Rwanda” depicted genocide that left 1 million people brutally murdered. Other stories cover war orphans, child soldiers, and the devastation of HIV/AIDS.
Global Mist - Michael Keck
African Valley of Sorrow - David Waugh
Before the Night - Jonathan Carlile
Mother Cry - Ori Vidislavski
Awakening - David Moore
Poverty - Jason Greenberg
Affect of the Motherland - Jono Booth
Breathe - Entropik Music
Lively Contemporary Club Music
Amidst turmoil and chaos, what is life worth if you can’t sing and dance and enjoy friends at late night clubs? We’re game, and offer numerous hot contemporary tracks for your urban scenes.
Afrolectic - Nigel Male
Tokujenda - Big Ben
Welcome to Africa - Electric Chair 3000
Soca Soca - Ermias T. Kebede
Couleur Café - Bamford Stevens
Log Rhythms - Mark Knox
Big Tribal Beat - Bobby Cole
Afrikapop - Andy Kotz
Afurunginaya - No-Limitt
I'll Be There - Toniks
African Sound Effects
Featuring ambient sound effects of safaris, animals, rainforests, and more. Take a listen to a wide assortment of African animals that reside on the plains, in the jungles, on the savannah, in the rivers and rainforests, our African sound effects are both authentic and captivating!
Jungle Ambience - Ultimate Sound
Gorilla Excited Snorts - Iris Sound FX
Lion Roar - Ultimate Sound
Elephant - The Producers
Inside Africa - Morocco's Market A.. - The Producers
Stampeding Herd - Ultimate Sound
Zambian Dawn - Domino Sound Effects
Dangerous Animals - Valencia Magic
Top African Artists
Really Free Music
Alec Makinson
Bjorn Lynne
Andy L
Blessings Nqo
Voix de Afrique
Chanson World Music Library
Music Candy
Erik Haddad
Adam Skorupa
Serankure Music Arts
Mendes Brothers
Amagugu Akwazulu
Venda Drummers
Steve Urwin
Ravi - African Kora


Top Music Artists
Erwin Steijlen
Denis Woods
Music Candy
Jon Lawson
Pierre Langer
John Judd
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Dan Gautreau
Bjorn Lynne


Top Exclusive Artists
Music Candy
Markus Bravo
Music For TV and Games
Christmas Music Boutique
Michael Wheeler
Wilton Vought
Tod Demuth
Sam Clunie
Michael Keck
Hollywood Post


Top Vocal Artists
Pierre Langer
La Laque
Alexander Tobias Orest
Hollywood Post
Roller Band
Louise Heaney
Max DiCarlo
Music For TV and Games
Really Free Music

Top 20 African Tracks
Heart of Moheza
Moda Xicavalo
Pride of Africa
Energetic  Madagascan Drummers
Heart of Moheza
Soweto Pride
Soweto Pride
I Dream of Africa
Wonder of Nature
African Night
Out of Africa - Cinematic
Party Afrikah - Full Version
African & Dramatic MusicPacks & More
29-track MusicPack of spicy club dance tracks with a heavy percussive edge, Latin influence, big bold brass and driving house beats. This is the energy-injected production music you've been looking for to set your productions apart with a hard-driving contemporary international club fever.
a superb collection of typical african music. Ideal for documanteríes and journals. The lightness the joy the zest for life of this vast and beautyfull land is captured in these music. A modern sounding production with the instrumentation and the spirit of traditional african music. Drums marimbas
world fusion with originals voices from guinea bisau
  These tracks just make you feel good. Fun playful happy "Disneyesque", equally at home in a childrens show, film, documentry cooking or travel show. The live picollo and soprano sax gives this track a lovely sense of adventure/story telling. A beautiful mix of traditional and modern sounds.
African Safari-Soundtrack with 15 different versions, lenghts, endings & instruments. Providing a sense of dynamic & mystic african culture, inspiration, wanderlust, optimistic & rhythmic soundscape. Wonderful for trailer, docu & art about africa, nature, courting, corporation, bodyart or travelling
Compilation of 16 african, inspired tracks in different variations (total 40 tracks) and different moods, from simple drumsongs to perfected vocal+band arrangements, fits for Movies about africa, african people, countryside, wildlife, travelling & documentaries.
A collection of overpowering, awe inspiring, spine tingling, hair raising, majestic music: Our 'Massive Impact' series has taken yet another step up with the introduction of these 10 hard hitting, epic tracks. These tracks are cleverly produced using a small section of live orchestral instruments an
Another collection in our premiere line of powerful, majestic, heroic, epic trailer tracks: Our 'Massive Impact' series reaches volume 5 with another 10 spine tingling, blood curdling tracks. These tracks are cleverly produced using a small section of live orchestral instruments and live vocal singe
From grand, sweeping, epic melodies, to sneaky, strange musical backdrops, this collection features 15 tracks of amazement, discovery, strange worlds and mystical atmospheres. These tracks are highly useful in adventure, fantasy, travel and exploration, discovery, culture, history and mythology.
Another collection of gritty, aggressive, dirty and downright nasty junk. Combining elements of hardcore breakbeat, heavy metal, industrial doom, punk and post-apocalyptic electronic mayhem, here's another selection of hellish and destructive tracks by Wez Devine. This music will go well with scenes
A collection of 17 TV- or Film soundtrack cues highly suitable for horror, dark thriller, drama, crime mystery and more. Alexander Khaskin (Discovery Canada, History Channel, Bravo, Life Network, National Geographic, "Replicant", "Full Time Killer", and much more) specializes in "transparent" music
28-track MusicPack with some of the kitschiest campiest Tarrantino-esque grooves. Think Oceans 11 meets Pulp Fiction, Film Noir Gangsters. Perfect for TV and film productions needing a wild in-your-face hard-driving edge with that retro-rocker flick track groove. By Martin Ahm.
38-track MusicPack of the most magical and mystical film score tracks! Imagine fairies in the woods, mischievous elves, pixie dust and a wizard's magical touch - that's what Music Candy brings with this enchanting MusicPack. Cast a spell on your latest film or tv show with this mesmerizing music
Tension & Impact, Trailers and Underscores. Dark, brooding scores and big triumphant orchestral trailers. Great for tv, film and games. It's all here in this hot MusicPack
A collection of 14 tracks for Action-Thriller, Spy/Secret Agent, Action-Adventure, Dangerous missions, Undercover operations, action films and action games, Saboteur/Action Hero, Special Operations, etc. composed by Bjorn Lynne, renowned composer of music for video games and films.
In the tradition of “Millionaire”,” Moment of Truth”, and other Suspenseful Game Shows, a collection that contains a :11 "Main Title", a :09 “Game In”, a :11 “Game Out”, a :10 “Game Win”, a :08 “Game Lose” and a 3:28 “Tension Bed” | USAGE: TV, Film, Web, Game Shows.
Orchestral and Olympics music. Big drums, hits and strings with choir and percussion. Powerful, dramatic and uplifting. Visions of heroic efforts, brave combat, winning strategies and teamwork. Driving corporate promos, branding campaigns about inspiration and igniting passion. High impact.
Beautiful and arty instrumental music with orchestral and electronic elements. 18 sophisticated tracks of ambient and modern atmospheric music. Sometimes melancholic but always elegant and surprising. Great for modern dance, museum or corporate websites or video.
A unique and EXCLUSIVE collection of Modern Horror/Thriller/Suspense cues to add that extra dimension to your production. Big Taiko and ethnic drums/circuit bent drum machines/ pulsing sub bass and modern sound design make this collection a must have for all productions in this genre.
A series of 21 tracks of cinematic music, with an emphasis on the dark, cold, damp and gritty but also with some rays of light and vulnerability, like the tracks "Windows to Life" and "Memories Awake". Multiple versions of each track are included, plus some Percussion Only mixes and No Percussion.
48-track MusicPack of the darkest, most disturbing, psychotically-inspired music of brooding fear, terror and abject horror. This music is not for the faint of heart or those with sensitive dispositions. Bring your productions up to a whole new level of dementia with this pack from Music Candy.
A collection of 24 tracks of dark, brooding, foreboding, sneaky, pensive, production music. Suitable for horror, urban legends, dark drama, fantasy, scifi and more. Also includes seamlessly looping versions of each track.
39 tracks of cinematic music to use for all types of scenes. Powerful and building music with full orchestra on some tracks, highly dramatic. Big cinema sound for battles, scenes of knights and kings, pirate ships, equally usable for historical scenes as well, highly charged and emotional.
24-track MusicPack of dark evocative twisted Trip-Hop dramatic tracks. This new spine-tingling music will set your productions apart from the standard fare and leave the audience gasping for more! Music Candy continues to please with this latest addition to their hot catalog.

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Hot New Artists at AudioSparx

This month brings us an amazing group of over 42 hot new composers and music artists from around the world.   Here below we feature 15 hot new artists.  To see all of the artists at AudioSparx, visit the AudioSparx Artist Directory online.
Amazing Music (USA) - 396 Tracks Online
Amazing Music is a premier music collective from California generating hit after hit via the songs of many artists, singers, songwriters, bands, and composers. Their high quality composer catalogs online here present a brilliantly diverse set of styles and genres - Jazz, Action, Rock, Sci Fi - perfect for all new media, film and TV. Placements include Disney's PROM soundtrack, True Blood promos, The Borgias trailers, M. Night's The Happening, The Princess and the Frog, Courtney & Khloe Take Miami, All My Children, One Tree Hill, Brotherhood, ESPN Sports Center, and many more.
Image Sounds (Germany) - 200 Tracks Online
German production company Image Sounds provides outstanding music, sound effects, and samples perfect for use in film, TV, and video games. Launched over 20 years ago, Image Sounds was developed with a total focus on producing quality royalty-free music. Here you will find their hot catalog of tracks in numerous genres, including Pop, Rock, Classical, Electronic, World, Jazz, Urban, Hip Hop, RnB, Dance, and Reggae.
Sebastien Pan (France)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 58 Tracks Online
French Composer Sebastien Pan brings us outstanding music in many genres, including Dramatic, Orchestral, Electronic, World, Jazz, Pop, and Rock. He has composed for films, commercials, and video games, and his impressive client list includes companies like Audi and Geico. Sebastien has also done sound design for the films Brothers in Arms, Midnight Bowling, and New York Nights. He graduated in 2004 from the Music Academy International, specializing in harmony, orchestration, and music production, and he is also an accomplished performing guitarist.
SonicLab Pro (Canada)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 79 Tracks Online
SonicLab Pro is a Toronto-based team, formed by Dusko Tintor and Vanya Tintor, specializing in creating cutting-edge music in the genres of Dramatic, Electronic, Dance, Rock, and Pop for TV, Film, and Video Games. Dusko and Vanya enjoyed nearly 15 years of success in the music industry in Serbia and Eastern Europe, where they consistently charted top ten hits, performed their original music, and also wrote for other artists. SonicLab Pro music has been featured on TV, Radio, across the web, and in other new media ventures.
Kent Scott Carter (USA) - 52 Tracks Online
San Francisco composer and musician Kent Scott Carter plays bass for the Rock band King Loses Crown. He performs and composes in the Rock, Jazz, Electronic, and Dramatic film score genres, delving into other styles and genres as he develops music for the film and commercial music industry. Having earlier worked the hard and exciting life of a shipmate in the brutal and icy Alaskan waters, Kent has a wealth of real life stories from which to develop as a composer. Finding life at sea a bit harrowing, he traded it all in for the harrowing life of Rock-n-Roll!
The Ambient Society (Netherlands) - 33 Tracks Online
The Ambient Society creates music with a uniqueness all their own. The brainchild of Netherlands composer and producer Mauritz Kop, their music is geared toward an Electronic narrative style, which really must be heard to fully appreciate. They record in the Electronic, Vocal, Poetic/Spoken Word, Alternative, Industrial, and Classical genres, which are especially suitable for movie soundtracks, TV, documentaries, and commercials. Before the 2008 US Election, President Barack Obama chose a track of theirs to appear on a fundraising CD.
Tom Rae (Ireland)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 34 Tracks Online
Dublin artist Tom Rae excels at composing Dramatic melodic music that is filled with romantic, sentimental, and heartwarming emotions, but you can also find him writing in other diverse styles including Rock, New Age, Corporate, African, and more. If you're looking for something wonderfully original, or if you need a catchy and memorable melody, Tom's music will complement your production in amazing ways.
Will Graettinger (USA) - 40 Tracks Online
LA producer, composer, and engineer William Graettinger has over 20 years of experience creating diverse and exciting music. A true multi-instrumentalist, Will plays guitar, bass, piano, mandolin, ukelele, and harmonica. He also is an expert at the fine art of whistling, and if he can’t produce the exact sound he’s looking for that way, he’ll create it, or anything else he needs, on the computer. Will studied Music Production and Engineering at the Berklee College of Music, and his genres include Rock, Blues, Country, Pop, Folk, Electronic, Soul, Dance, Dramatic, and Ambient.
The Labrets (UK) - 28 Tracks Online
The Labrets are serving up delicious slices of exquisite UK Indie Rock! The founding member had music published by Island Music (now part of Universal), placements on MTV, BBC, and Sky Sports, and they supported acts such as Green Day, The Stereophonics, Paul Weller, and Supergrass. The Labrets combine British and US Indie with classic UK and US Alternative Rock, along with elements of Pop, Folk, Psychedelia, and Electronica. If you like MGMT, Death Cab For Cutie, The Killers, My Bloody Valentine, Coldplay, and Muse, you'll love The Labrets.
Black Moon Monday (USA) - 84 Tracks Online
Ohio band Black Moon Monday blends elements of Pop, Rock, Alternative, and Punk in a way that attracts many different listeners. The group consists of Andrew Mosher (Guitar and Vocals), Caleb Mosher (Drums), John "JC" Carosiello (Bass), Joel Nitsch (Keyboard), and Aaron Schaffrinna (Lyricist and Manager). The band was founded on a simple idea: to collaborate and create catchy, meaningful music.
Scott Miller (USA) - 22 Tracks Online
Scott Miller is a Berklee-trained musician, songwriter, and producer from California. He has a weak spot for guitar-driven Rock music, and brings a lot of enthusiasm, talent, and high energy to everything he does. In addition to having toured extensively throughout the US performing his original music, Scott has also worked as an audio engineer on numerous commercial projects. He brings us great music in the Pop, Rock, and Blues genres.
Ken Chong (Singapore)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 10 Tracks Online
Ken Chong is a multi-award winning composer from Singapore, placing first in the “Original Music Score” category of the 2008 Phoenix Awards (the Asia Film, Video & Digital Media Awards), organized by AD Asia, for the MCYS TV commercial “Family.” In 1999, he won the Grand Prize FM 100.3 for “My Production,” a Singapore writing competition. Ken's been featured in commercials (Subway, Systema Toothpaste, TOP Detergent, KFC, etc.), in documentaries like BBC's "Psychic Vietnam" and National Geographic Channel's "Hyper Rescue Tokyo,” and the movie and trailer for "The Meta Secret."
Dani W. Schmid (Switzerland) - 11 Tracks Online
Guitar virtuoso and multi-genre composer Dani W. Schmid, hailing from Switzerland, produces catchy Rock guitar tracks as well as Jazz, Funk, Metal, Electronic, and Pop music with vocals. Dani received his Jazz music education at University, and later earned a Master Certificate in Songwriting and Music Business at Berklee in Boston. In addition to producing solo albums of original material, he also contributes to numerous other projects with artists and bands from around the world.
Emlyn Ellis Addison (USA) - 17 Tracks Online
South African-born American composer Emlyn Ellis Addison centers his neo-retro Electronica on unconventional instrumentation, complex rhythmic structures, and unusual meters. His beautiful, craning melodic forms and lavish rhythmic outlays are suspended over expansive open-chord harmonic foundations; organic, driving, and seductive. His orchestral works seek to recapture the spirit of courage and entrepreneurship of the American West. Emlyn studied composition at Arizona State University, and earned a Master of Composition for New Media at the California Institute of The Arts.
Leon Luis (USA) - 15 Tracks Online
London and LA based Composer Leon Luis has an impressive client list, including NBC, MTV, MTV UK, and Channel Four UK. He also provided music for all of the Fox Sports Major League Baseball Games, including the All-Star Game and the World Series. A musical prodigy, Leon began playing guitar and piano at a very young age, and later was mentored by Arthur “Killer” Kane, a founding member of the New York Dolls. Leon honed his musical talents as a UCLA student, and he writes in the Rock, Dramatic, Classical, and Big Band genres.

See All The Artists Now at the AudioSparx Artist Directory


The African Music Music That Powers Hollywood

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