AudioSparx Newsletter - September 2011 - The Fear is Here: Halloween Horror Music and Sound Effects

AudioSparx Newsletter - September 2011
September 2011
Halloween Horror Music and Sound Effects
Spine-Tingling Audio Tracks Guaranteed to Thrill and Chill!

Fall season is in full swing here at AudioSparx and Halloween is coming at us from the future faster than a zombie on Red Bull!  The composers at AudioSparx are masters of the macabre, doctors of digital doom and second-to-none at creating spine-tingling Hollywood music that will scare the bejeebers out of you. 

We've got a huge library of scary and spooky sound effects and Halloween Horror music for your creepy productions, haunted houses, psychological thrillers, sci-fi and similar projects.  So stroll on over to Elm Street and let us take you on a journey to that dark place in your mind where bad is good, fear is a delight and nobody has a chance to escape our special blend of ghoulish and freaky insanity.  Click to Hear Now! 

And for those of you already looking ahead to Christmas, keep AudioSparx in mind for all your Holiday, New Years, Chinese New Years and Hanukkah music, and SFX needs.  Below we highlight our top Halloween music tracks and packs as well as our top Horror Music artists.

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The Horror Music That Powers Hollywood
456,000+ Tracks including 67,000+ Exclusive Tracks and Growing!

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Hot Artists of the Month

Here below we want to shine a light on two of our accomplished artists whose music has achieved major commercial success in numerous projects around the world, including Film and TV, advertising campaigns, corporate, and other media projects.

House of Horror
The brainchild of House of Horror is the edgy UK musician, producer and engineer Bobby Cole. Working out of his studio in South Wales, Bobby has developed a major catalog of scary, freaky, creepy and terrifying music perfect for your next Horror Flick or Halloween movie, documentary or PBS Special about this popular All Hallows Eve holiday celebrated by kiddies around the world. Take a listen, but beware in case you hear any creaky doors closing or chains rattling or ghosts moaning. The spooky ambience of House of Horror is upon you!

Spooky Music
Spooky Music is a collection of creepy and dramatic music composed by the award-winning musical duo, Tracey and Vance Marino. This California couple presents bone-chilling music for your TV, Film or Psycho Nightmare productions. For Horror, CSI crime scenes or Hitchcock, Spooky Music has you covered! Thrills, chills and terror to keep you on the edge of your seat. Even Freddy's blood runs cold when he hears music as disturbing as his evil plotting and murderous rampages. Haunted melodies, creepy crawlers, scary cauldrons, and orchestral menace await you -- the kiddies'll love it!

Horror Music Spotlight

Editor's Choice Award
For Best Halloween Horror Track

Scary Fairy
by Tom Jemmott

Top Horror Tracks...

Scary Fairy
Spirit of Light
After 400 Years
Ghosts in the Twilight
Arise From Ashes
Morpheus Calls
Gremlin Choir
Fist of Might
Dark October Night
Horror Chase
Beyond the Dark Tent
House of Halloween
He's Behind You
Theremin Vitaman
In the Circus

Horror Music Genres
Explore Your Worst Fears!

Halloween music
Halloween whimsical
Horror Ambient Soundscapes
Horror Music | Action intense
Horror Music | Action moderate
Horror Music | Chase & stalking
Horror Music | Contemplative & calm
Horror Music | Edgy, building evil
Horror Music | Genre | Electronica
Horror Music | Genre | Gothic | Intense
Horror Music | Genre | Gothic | Moderate
Horror Music | Genre | Horrorcore
Horror Music | Genre | Metal & Rock
Horror Music | Genre | Orchestral Retro
Horror Music | Genre | Orchestral Contemporary
Horror Music | Genre | World Beat
Horror Music | Theme | Creepy Organ
Horror Music | Theme | Funeral and Death
Horror Music | Theme | Haunted Carnival/Circus
Horror Music | Theme | Haunted Children
Horror Music | Theme | Haunted Choirs
Horror Music | Theme | Haunted Waltz
Horror Music | Theme | Psychological
Horror Music | Theme | Theremin music
Horror Music | Theme | Torture Chambers
Monster Pop music

Enough Scary Sound Effects To Stir The Dead...

Air bursts, Airy beams, Alien ambience, Attacking, Alien breathing, Alien eating, Alien electronics, Alien engines, Alien growth, Alien language, Alien howling, Alien mystery music, Alien organic effects, Alien reverb effects, Alien telcom, Alien weather, Animal torture, Beasts, Blast, Cauldrons and boiling, Chainsaw evil, Countdowns, Creaking doors, Creaky floors, Creatures, Cyborgs, Devil, Satan and minions, Drones, Dungeons, Evil butlers, Evil laughter, Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins, Graveyards, Gremlins, Grim Reaper, Halloween horror, Haunted carnivals, Haunted chains, Haunted houses, Haunted laboratories, Haunted rocking chairs, Haunted voices, Haunted weather, Haunted whispering, Hell, Horror ambience, Horror SoundPacks, Industrial horror, Intruder Alert Warnings, Laser beams, Magic Sounds, Monsters, Nightmares, Ogres, Psychotic lunatics, Robots, Scary sub-bass, Scary synths, Scary voices, Screaming children, Screaming crowds, Screaming men, Screaming people, Screaming women, Spaceship landings, Spaceships, Spaceship airlocks, Spaceship hums, Spaceship fly-bys, Spaceship interiors, Spaceship Miscellaneous, Spaceship take-offs, Spaceship warnings, Torture chambers, Transporters, Trick-or-Treaters, UFOs, Unidentified sounds, Vampire bats, Vampires, Werewolf, Witch, Wormholes, Zombies

Click To Hear All of the Horror Music and SFX

Top Horror Music Artists
Tom Jemmott
Pierre Langer
Michael Crowther
David C. Hëwitt
Dewey Dellay
Joel Steudler
Ori Vidislavski
Fear Productions
Stan Tristan
Robert Neary
Dan Radlauer
Alexander Khaskin
Music Candy
Adam DiTroia
Justin Crosby
House of Horror
Bjorn Lynne
Spooky Music
Top Music Artists
Erwin Steijlen
Denis Woods
Music Candy
Jon Lawson
Pierre Langer
John Judd
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Dan Gautreau
Bjorn Lynne
SMM Productions
Top Exclusive Artists
Music Candy
Markus Bravo
Music For TV and Games
Christmas Music Boutique
Michael Wheeler
Sebastien Pan
Wilton Vought
Michael Allen
Tod Demuth
Sam Clunie
Top Sci-Fi Music Artists
Jeff Broadbent
Tom Jemmott
Music And SFX
Jay Marsman
Jon Cooper
Brian Charles Rice
Darren Lucas
Markus Bravo
Music For TV and Games

Horror and Dramatic MusicPacks
Stairway To Hell is a powerful collection of 22 eerie, spooky, scary, thrilling, haunting, and creepy tracks perfect for horror films, Halloween projects, survival horror games, and so much more. Tracks range from chaotic and disturbing to ambient and moody. One quirky, childlike track thrown in!
A brilliant collection of 10 high-quality tracks with varying lengths perfect for horror, Halloween, suspense, mystery, drama and science fiction projects. Edit friendly and loopable, these tracks are deeply disturbing and horrific. You've been warned!
A collection of 10 dark and spooky tracks, perfect for halloween party, horror, science fiction and mystery movies. Will suit very well as soundtrack for haunted houses. Fear, terror, blood on the floor. Nightmares, psychos, zombies, vampires. Something is waiting for you in the dark, be affraid!
This mixed bag of fun and fright will make your Halloween production a rousing success! Scary horror underscore and magical themes offer multiple measures of delight and disturbing darkness. Whether you're making a creepy cartoon, holiday ads, or a fearsome feature, this pack will hit the spot.
57 tracks - including full themes, cues, stings and dramatic beds - written and recorded to sound as if they've been pulled straight from a classic 70s/80s horror film. Think 'Halloween', 'The Fog'... and classic Zombie flicks!
12 Dramatically horror filled tracks suitable for anything from a Halloween haunted house, horror movie, video game to a seance. Unique drones and sounds were used to make this the music you REFUSE to turn the lights out for.
13 Deeply disturbing Horror scene score elements that will make any scene, start credits, end credits, ad, website or presentation scare the living daylights out of everybody still alive and even beyond. If you want spooky, scary, thrilling, nerve racking, haunting and creepy tracks step inside...
13 Deeply disturbing Horror scene score elements that will make any scene, start credits, end credits, ad, website or presentation scare the living daylights out of everybody still alive and even beyond. If you want spooky, scary, thrilling, nerve racking, haunting and creepy tracks step inside...
Ghosts, witches, ghouls, and vampires like to party too and this collection of instumental and vocal tracks make the perfect backdrop. Rock, jazz, latin, blues and dance styles are all featured with a Halloween flavour. Also ideal for voodoo scenes!
Another collection in our premiere line of powerful, majestic, heroic, epic trailer tracks: Our 'Massive Impact' series reaches volume 5 with another 10 spine tingling, blood curdling tracks. These tracks are cleverly produced using a small section of live orchestral instruments and live vocal singe
A collection of 17 TV- or Film soundtrack cues highly suitable for horror, dark thriller, drama, crime mystery and more. Alexander Khaskin (Discovery Canada, History Channel, Bravo, Life Network, National Geographic, "Replicant", "Full Time Killer", and much more) specializes in "transparent" music
From grand, sweeping, epic melodies, to sneaky, strange musical backdrops, this collection features 15 tracks of amazement, discovery, strange worlds and mystical atmospheres. These tracks are highly useful in adventure, fantasy, travel and exploration, history and mythology.
24-track MusicPack of some of the edgiest, most dramatic underbeds that you will ever hear. Give your next production a sonic musical flair that audiences everywhere will find compelling and captivating. Sensual, flowing, entrancing, mesmerizing music. By Jeff Woodall and Jonathan Atkinson.
24-track MusicPack of dark evocative twisted Trip-Hop dramatic tracks. This new spine-tingling music will set your productions apart from the standard fare and leave the audience gasping for more! Music Candy continues to please with this latest addition to their hot catalog.
A series of 21 tracks of cinematic music, with an emphasis on the dark, cold, damp and gritty but also with some rays of light and vulnerability, like the tracks "Windows to Life" and "Memories Awake". Multiple versions of each track are included, plus some Percussion Only mixes and No Percussion.
39 tracks of cinematic music to use for all types of scenes. Powerful and building music with full orchestra on some tracks, highly dramatic. Big cinema sound for battles, scenes of knights and kings, pirate ships, equally usable for historical scenes as well, highly charged and emotional.
A collection of 24 tracks of dark, brooding, foreboding, sneaky, pensive, production music. Suitable for horror, urban legends, dark drama, fantasy, scifi and more. Also includes seamlessly looping versions of each track.
24-track MusicPack of some of the edgiest, most dramatic underbeds that you will ever hear. Give your next production a sonic musical flair that audiences everywhere will find compelling and captivating. Sensual, flowing, entrancing, mesmerizing music. By Jeff Woodall and Jonathan Atkinson.

Want To See More? Check Them All Out!
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Hot New Artists at AudioSparx

This month brings us an amazing group of hot new composers and music artists from around the world.   Here below we feature 11 hot new artists.  To see all of the artists at AudioSparx, visit the AudioSparx Artist Directory online.  
Protilius (USA)- 272 Tracks Online
Protilius is an award-winning US composer creating masterful productions, ranging from powerful Industrial Electronic to highly emotive Dramatic Orchestral pieces. Early influences of James Horner, John Williams, and Thomas Newman were later replaced with artists like Trent Reznor, BT, Groove Armada, and Fatboy Slim. "Trilogy I: Original Soundtrack," is a richly textured collection of tracks with Orchestral and Electronic mayhem. The music of Protilius has been featured nationally in numerous TV shows and independent films.
Ariel Polenta (Argentina)- 137 Tracks Online
Argentinian artist Ariel Polenta is a young pianist and composer who blends diverse styles into a unique sound all his own. His advertising client list includes big names like Pepsi, Unilever, Ford, Allstate, and MuchMusic, and he has also written music for Film, TV, and documentaries in Argentina and Latin America. Citing influences such as the Beatles, Erik Satie, and Bjork, Ariel writes instrumental music in the Electronic, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Latin, RnB, and Corporate genres, among others.
Eric Reisenberger (South Africa)- 49 Tracks Online
South African artist Eric Reisenberger has been producing television documentaries for over 20 years. Doing a multitude of his work in Africa, as well as abroad, he has the wonderful opportunity to record rare Nature, Wildlife, and Ambient sounds. From unusual exotic animal calls, to the vibrant sounds of a native village market, Eric's high quality SFX will delight and impress you.
Gene Pool Zombie (USA)   (Exclusive Artist!)- 31 Tracks Online
Washington DC-area group Gene Pool Zombie is a power trio comprised of Stuart Ott, Chris Bound, and Martin Leibolt, all of whom have extensive experience in the local and national music circuit. Their work is hard to classify, yet always enduring and poignant. From the aggressive soundscape of "Clocks," to the tenderness of "Take Me Home," they draw on a diverse range of styles including Rock, Jazz, Classical, Progressive, and Dramatic. Gene Pool Zombie has self-produced three albums in their own studio, and they have a fourth on the way.
Mark Pinhasov (UK)   (Exclusive Artist!)- 37 Tracks Online
UK Composer, producer, and guitarist Mark Pinhasov brings us uniquely groovy, atmospheric, and emotional music in many different genres. He studied arrangement and composition at the Jerusalem Music Academy, and produced numerous albums and singles for Pop, Rock, Ethnic, Hip Hop, Funk, and RnB artists. Most of his tracks are recorded live with high class ensembles, giving the music an organic feel despite the inventive modern sound. Mark's dynamic Dramatic and Orchestral music can add depth to any TV or film scene, movie trailer, documentary, or video game.
Rob Stroh (UK)- 30 Tracks Online
London artist Rob Stroh has over 20 years of wide-ranging experience in the music industry as a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He writes in numerous genres, including Dramatic, Classical, Rock, and Pop, but he most enjoys creating music with lush and expansive Orchestral textures. Rob's work has been featured in numerous films, documentaries, and corporate productions in the UK and the Middle East. As an assistant composer, he has also played his part in scoring cues for a few big blockbusters!
Right Track (UK)- 24 Tracks Online
UK record label Right Track was initially set up to release the Richie Milton CD "Straight Ahead, No Stoppin'" back in 1994, and since then they have worked with top artists in Soul, Pop, Reggae, and Country music genres. They've released CD's by The Lo-Lites, Bill Farrow, Linda Hall, and Richie Milton & The Lowdown. Right Track artists have achieved worldwide airplay, and their music has been used in feature films, video games, stage shows, shorts, and corporate videos. Their unique and distinctive tracks are now available for use in your Film, TV, and Commercial projects.
Jennifer Tissot (USA)   (Exclusive Artist!)- 23 Tracks Online
NY artist Jennifer Tissot has been recording the beautiful and fascinating sounds of the natural world since 1994. Being blind, sound is the way Jennifer has come to "see" the world, and she believes it can be used in many creative and powerful ways -- much like a stunning piece of visual art. The soundscape of the changing seasons greatly inspires Jennifer to capture time and place through her recordings, and she also creates unique Science Fiction SFX perfect for more unusual applications.
Baseheadz (Netherlands)- 21 Tracks Online
Netherlands bassist and producer Baseheadz began his musical adventure in 1998, heavily influenced by Jazz greats like Stanley Clarke and Jaco Pastorius. With a team that includes Kev Brown and DJ's Git Hyper, Eniless, and Dunic, Baseheadz creates cool Jazz-infused Hip Hop, Funk, Downtempo, Trip Hop, Soul, and Rock music that is anchored by chilled drum grooves and slick bass lines. His fresh sound is perfect for TV, Film, and Commercial projects.
Mark Bisson (UK)- 12 Tracks Online
UK artist Mark Bisson writes eclectic music in styles ranging from whimsical Pop songs to challenging modern Classical pieces. Working as a teacher, composer, and conductor for nearly 20 years, he brings to his compositions a passion for 19th and 20th Century Classical works and film scores. With considerable experience in scoring and orchestration, his Dramatic tracks are particularly ideal for historical TV and Film documentaries. Mark has a diploma in piano from the London College Of Music, and he also plays clarinet, viola, violin, guitar, bass, recorder, and drum kit.
Bang Salinla (Thailand)- 10 Tracks Online
Thailand artist Bang Salinla has been a professional musician for more than 15 years. An award-winning composer and performer, she received honors at the ICC International Competition, and has been a featured guest at Rangsit University, College of Music Mahidol University, and Chulalongkorn University. With music perfect for Film, TV, and Trailers, Bang writes in the Dramatic, Action, Adventure, and Love Ballad genres, among others.

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