AudioSparx Newsletter July 2009 - Music for Video Games & Software, New Distribution Deal in Asia

AudioSparx Newsletter - July 2009
July 2009 Newsletter  

AudioSparx Signs New Digital Audio Content Deal For Distribution of Music, Sound Effects and Ringtones in Asia

AudioSparx has just completed a new audio content distribution agreement to sell music, sound effects and ringtones in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.  With our various telco distribution agreements now in 26 countries around the world, the new Asian deal adds five more countries, providing over one billion cell phone users as potential buyers for AudioSparx ringtones and other audio content.  Lisa Zumpano, the president of AudioSparx, said "We're excited to be entering these large Asian markets through our new international channel partner.  This agreement expands AudioSparx’s access to a substantial new client base and builds nicely on our worldwide network of distribution channels."

Now with over 56,000 music tracks and 282,000 sound effects and loops on line, AudioSparx is having major success in Hollywood, with our content being featured in movies, TV and radio commercials, reality shows, video games, software, websites, podcasts, and for corporate branding, and more.  With a specific focus on the Music for TV and Film as well as the Music for Video Games and Software, AudioSparx is a premier resource for sound editors and media producers who want to take their productions to the next level. 

Music For Video Games & Software

Video game and software companies are raving about AudioSparx!  In business for over 13 years now, AudioSparx represents 1,938 world-class musicians, producers, bands and music publishers – Bringing diverse abilities in a wide array of musical genres and production styles, their exceptional music created for games is achieving success after success, with tracks appearing in the following video games.
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (Midway Games)
Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck (Warner Bros. Interactive)
Darksiders - Wrath of War (Vigil Games/THQ)
Battle Forge (EA-Games)
Kuma War 2 (Kuma Reality Games)
Storm over Europe – Operation Barbarossa (X1 Software)
Taxi 3: eXtreme Rush (Team 6 Games)
John Woo's “Stranglehold” (Midway Games)
Crazy Machines II (FAKT Software GmbH)
The Settlers "Rise of an Empire" (Ubisoft)
The Settlers “Heritage of Kings” (Ubisoft)
Paraworld (SEK / Sunflowers)
SpellForce 2 “Dragonstorm” (Phenomic/JoWooD)
SpellForce 2 “Shadow Wars” (Phenomic/JoWooD)
Legend “Hand of God” (Master Creating/DTP)
Desperados 2 (Atari/Spellbound)
Ancient Wars - Sparta (Playlogic)
Marker Man Adventures (Nintendo DS)
Dragon Portals (Reflexive Arcade)

Plus many other indie studio games and software applications, including iPhone apps and embedded in toys and electronic devices around the world.

Spotlight On Our Artists

Check out our “Hot New Artists” feature on our Artist Directory.  A perfect resource for discovering the next wave of uber-slick talent, check in daily to see who’s new at AudioSparx.  From multiple Grammy-winning composers to  sound effects designers and several UK Orchestral Masters, you’re in for some great fun.  Click and take a listen here.

And here below we want to shine a light on two of our accomplished artists whose music has been used to great acclaim in Film and TV, advertising campaigns, corporate and other media projects.
Dan Radlauer
We’d like to spotlight the very talented California-based composer Dan Radlauer and the niche he fills so beautifully at AudioSparx.  Dan’s creations, many of which are under one minute in length, have brought him three BMI TV Music Awards, and he has scored over 1,000 commercials for many of
America’s top corporations, including Coke, Nissan, Pizza Hut, Acura, Microsoft, Mazda, Mattel, and others.  An accomplished pianist, guitarist, bassist, orchestrator and synthesizer programmer, Dan’s compositions span over 25 genres, from Classical, Jazz and Classical music, to Rock, Techno and Sound Design.

Alexander (“Add-On”) Moro
One of our hardest working producers, Alex Moro, is to be congratulated on recent successes at AudioSparx.  Alex, who grew up and lives in the South Bronx, travels and performs with his two back-up partners, Argenis Gomez (Bonao) and Jose Perez (Jose Josexx), but still finds time to send us his
hot new tracks. Alex's music often includes orchestral elements, sensual beats and sexy vocals -- in genres such as Reggaeton, Hard House, Electronica, Latin, Hip Hop, R&B, and more.  Having worked on film and television tracks, and also as a top-10 producer, Alex Moro is a creative pianist, lyricist, arranger, and producer to keep your eye on!

68 New Artists Signed to AudioSparx Label Last Month!

While AudioSparx rewards its best selling artists by featuring them permanently on site, recently we have developed a “Hot New Artist” list to showcase our newest, most meritorious artists from around the world. To see all of the artists at AudioSparx, visit the AudioSparx Artist Directory online. Below is a sample of just a few of the exciting new artists that signed to AudioSparx last month.

J.K. Wiechert (USA)
J.K. Wiechert is today's uber-child of excitement and adventure in music! His musical array of inventiveness spans Experimental, Industrial, Electronic, Orchestral, and Rock genres. He's been featured a bazillion times on A&E, TLC, Bravo, The History Channel, and here's a sample of how much MTV loves J.K. - Check out his compositions in Brainiac, Karate Kid, Pro Wrestler, Rock Dinner-Pitbull, and these were featured on MTV and MTV2: Scarred-Pilot, Scarred-Skate A Thon, and 8 episodes of The Pick Up Artist, and many more. Let J.K.'s music jazz up your next hot-smoking production.
Giel van Geloven (Netherlands)
World-class sound designer Giel van Geloven sends us some neat SFX - from a Graffiti spray can being shaken to vicious dogs, crows, parakeets, an ominous big-honking diesel idling, water splashes and door sounds, and much more. Giel has worked on 26 feature films, documentaries, TV dramas, games, commercials, video clips and more. Giel's sound effects will lead you to those hard-to-find crunches, crashes, animal or nature sounds so you can nail it down, turn out the light, and get some zzzz's.
Jonathan Geer (USA)
Texas composer Jonathan Geer has talent in many genres – from moseying, laid-back music to the soaring orchestral “Confessions,” a dark, spiritual hymn that arcs into an enigmatic and playful piece, perfect for dramatic moments in a film where hope and love reign supreme. Big in games production, his music appears in the Nintendo DS productions Marker Man Adventures and Clueless Fashion, and the upcoming PC game Dragon Portals. His tracks have appeared on Access Hollywood, the 700 Club, and BBC programs as well. Jonathan's 2001 BA in Film Scoring makes him a valuable resource!
Andrew Oudot (Russia)
Composer and Sound Designer Andrew Oudot produces epic orchestral scores perfect for films, animation, and games. Exceptional tracks for dramatizations of battles, chases, chaos, emotional breakdown and more! His adrenalin-pumping, dramatic music has its darker elements. Andrew produced the game music for “Storm over Europe – Operation Barbarossa” and is at work on the Cyberpunk animation film “Exaella.” He works across several genres, producing cutting edge Classical, Ambient, and Experimental music.
Tatiana Sporzon (Italy)
Dynamic, hypnotic music, driven by a manic guitar, Tatiana's full-orchestral music would be great for film scores, trailers, or as theme songs for dramatizations depicting crime, chaos, suspense, urban warfare, battle themes, and much, much more. "An Apple's Nightmare" is hard core Action Rock and earplug-worthy for dear old Mom and Dad! Are we nuts, or have we just been invaded by these exciting Italian musicians? Whatever, they're all onto something Bellissimo and we want more of it!
SFX Master (USA)
SFX Master has been creating sound design elements and SFX for some of Hollywood's largest trailer campaigns. From Horror films to Sci Fi blockbusters, you'll find sound effects at the highest level by the SFX Master. The collection of sound effects featured here includes Vocal FX, Breathes, Ghosts, Sci Fi, Robots, Rises & Swells and various other goodies. These will fit perfectly in Trailers, Promos, Feature Films & TV Shows. When the SFX Master speaks -- or yells, crashes, or screams -- Hollywood listens up.
3 Peak Audio (Netherlands)
Three seasoned Composers and Sound Designers from the Netherlands, Serbia and the UK – Jaap Visser, Nino Rajacic and Chris Hipgrave – are combining their immense, award-winning talents to bring us some exciting international music and audio effects for your hot projects. Bringing years of experience in producing music and sounds, including casual gaming projects and licensed music for many media productions, these artists have an exciting array of loyal clients, including HBO, Sony, the ABC network, and many more.
Eric Bode (UK)
Scary Dramatic, Jumpin' Hip Hop, or Edgy Indie -- Eric Bode is a bright young composer from Manchester, England, who is sending us the most Contemporary, right-this-minute new sound gems that could jack up a production that seems on a downward slide. Check out "A Winter's Tale" with celesta, harp and strings, perfect for magic, mystery and fantasy, or "Awake" with a driving bass hook, perfect for extreme sports, breaking news or video games. Some pretty exciting and diverse tracks here under Eric's masterful control.
Ex Box Boys (USA)
Once in awhile a band comes along to define the struggles of finding true love and fitting in -- even though we're dashed on the shores of craziness at every damn turn! Love left on the table, effort not respected, affection not returned. But the dynamic Ex Box Boys bring hope through their Pop and Indie Rock lyrics & music. Lead singer, songwriter Phil Fischer says the band met in 2008 playing Halo 3 online. Discovering they were musicians first and gamers second, they're now changing the world! Take a listen and see why they were MySpace's #2 Most Downloaded Band in 2008.
Michael Huang (USA)
This talented young California composer has created dramatic music for a number of video games and composed the musical score for "We Were Centurions" and "Death of a Killer." Michael's on the mark for TV, Film, Games and other dramatizations where originality and diversity are a cherished commodity. Michael is a rare talent and a tremendous new resource for almost any type of media production.
Sean Patrick Hannifin (USA)
Whiz Kid Sean Patrick Hannifin presents Oscar-worthy, elegant music perfect for film scores about love, hope, happiness. While studying Computers by day, he finds time to let the notes in his head enhance our site and bring joy on a cloudy day. "On the Edge of a Dream" is five minutes of magic suitable for Disney, Spielberg, and more. "White Castle" is yet another hit! Let Sean's contributions of original music lead you down the red carpet, up onto the stage... Your hand-written speech will explain how you discovered a rare talent in the wide, wonderful world of music!
Thomas Stermole (Austria)
Thomas Stermole, super savvy artist from Austria, who produced the debut album "Club Kung Fu" for Euro's hot all-girl band, Vanilla Ninja, back in 2002, has been turning out an array of chart-topping music in both Austria and Germany. As a composer, musician and remixer, his genres include Pop, Hip Hop, Urban and RnB. Here he presents a number of tracks perfect for Film, TV, Documentary, Indie, cool Video Games, and other dramatizations. Let Thomas' uber-hot music add a dash of color to your next project.
DogCom Music (USA)
DogCom's recent clients include sound editors behind the films Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Generation Kill, John Adams, Mongol, Prince of Persia, Game Plan, 3:10 To Yuma, Blue State, Blades of Glory, Because I Said So, The Santa Clause 3, Flicka, The Guardian, Gridiron Gang, The Shaggy Dog, Glory Road, All The Kings Men, Invincible, Fly Boys, The Dukes of Hazzard, Sin City, The Nomad, Dead or Alive, Cheon Yeong, 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, First Born, Dukes of Hazzard, Million Dollar Baby, Ali, Seabiscuit, Dreamer, Miracle, the TV series Bones, and many more.

See All The Artists Now at the AudioSparx Artist Directory

What Artists Are Saying About AudioSparx -- Robert Neary, an Indie Rock artist selling content at AudioSparx, recently said, "As a UK based music composer/producer, AudioSparx is a key resource for me.  Without AudioSparx I would not have been able to license a track for the new Mickey Rourke motion picture 'The Wrestler' which won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival (Oct 2008) and was nominated for an Oscar Academy Award.  Thanks to AudioSparx I licensed over 60 tracks in 2008 and already 151 tracks so far in 2009 for use in TV, DVD, E-cards, motion pictures, websites, and much more."

Hot New FreeZone -- For film students and students in general, AudioSparx also offers a FreeZone of over 1,000 music and sound effect tracks at no charge for use in students’ non-commercial production work. With limited budgets, many college and university drama departments are finding AudioSparx an invaluable resource for their productions.   

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