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Human sounds ringtones

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DESCRIPTION: All the sounds made by human bodies, including laughing, crying, sneezing, coughing, whistling, heart beats, bodily functions and more
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Quantity Ringtones
52   Animal imitation ringtones
47   Annoyance ringtones
197   Baby ringtones
79   Bedtime ringtones
51   Belching ringtones
199   Breathing ringtones
7   Brushing teeth sound ringtones
134   Burping ringtones
127   Children ringtones
1   Choking sounds
666   Clapping ringtones
233   Coughing ringtones
99   Crying / baby ringtones
15   Crying / children ringtones
57   Crying / teen and adult crying ringtones
4   Dance lesson ringtones
138   Drinking ringtones
160   Eating ringtones
248   Fart ringtones
84   Funny ringtones
31   Gargling ringtones
17   Gasping sound effect ringtones
120   Hand, finger, palm ringtones
154   Heartbeat ringtones
24   Hiccup ringtones
31   Illness ringtones
74   Kissing ringtones
8   Laughing / baby laughing ringtones
92   Laughing / children laughing ringtones
672   Laughing ringtones
165   Mouth, tongue and lip ringtones
213   Pain ringtones
50   Peeing ringtones
19   People Working ringtone effect
15   Pooping ringtones
11   Romance ringtones
74   Running ringtones
46   Satisfaction and relief ringtones
55   Sighing ringtones
78   Smoking ringtones
133   Sneezing, sniffing and nose ringtones
60   Snoring ringtones
21   Spitting ringtones
30   Stair climbing ringtones
19   Tap dancing ringtones
41   Telephone call ringtones
81   Vomit ringtones
831   Walking ringtones
97   Whistling ringtones
37   Yawning ringtones
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Human sounds ringtones
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