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Classical Music Ringtones

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DESCRIPTION: Classical music is "high brow" music played on instruments of the orchestra as opposed to popular, dance or traditional folk. Usually instrumental or opera. Academically speaking it's the "art music" from the period 1740 - 1830. The classical period saw the emergence and rapid flowering of the sonata form and the first maturity of the symphony, the solo concerto, the solo piano sonata, the string quartet, and other forms of chamber music. During this time the orchestra was expanded, in both the number and the variety of instruments, and the piano supplanted the harpsichord as the most popular solo keyboard instrument.
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787   Classical | 20th Century ringtones
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161   Classical Electronic ringtones
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75   Classical Harpsichord ringtones
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1,731   Classical Piano ringtones
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Classical Music Ringtones
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