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DESCRIPTION: Electronic music is music that employs electronic instruments and electronic music technology in its production. It includes a variety of styles ranging from experimental art music to popular forms such as electronic dance music. Major subgenres include Ambient, Breakbeat, Downtempo, Electro, Electronica, Industrial, and Progressive. It also technically includes crossover styles that are more dance-oriented such as House, Techno, Disco, Drum and Bass, and other dance genres which, for purposes of this site, are listed under the Dance genre. Additionally it also includes Electronic Rock which has more in common with Indie Rock hence the Electronic Rock subgenres are primarily listed under Indie Rock instead.
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Quantity Ringtones
844   Acid Jazz ringtones
1,084   Ambient ringtones
602   Ambient | Ambient House ringtones
871   Ambient | Dark Ambient ringtones
425   Ambient | Drone music ringtones
429   Ambient | IDM ringtones
601   Ambient | Psybient ringtones
963   Big Beat ringtones
1,434   Breakbeat ringtones
3,668   Chill-out ringtones
2,892   Dubstep, Drum and Bass and all UK Bass ringtones
419   Dubtronica ringtones
2,253   Electro ringtones
483   Electro Ambient ringtones
608   Electro Hop ringtones
524   Electro Jazz ringtones
156   Electroclash ringtones
329   Electronic Music ringtones (pending categorization)
3,132   Electropop ringtones
316   Ethnic Electronica ringtones
1,114   Experimental ringtones
173   Folktronica ringtones
403   Funktronica ringtones
70   Happy Hardcore ringtones
471   Indietronica ringtones
7   Industrial | Coldwave ringtones
29   Industrial | Cybergrind ringtones
170   Industrial | Dark Electro
8   Industrial | Death Industrial ringtones
403   Industrial | Electro-Industrial ringtones
47   Industrial | Electronic Body Music ringtones
78   Industrial | Industrial Metal ringtones
461   Industrial | Industrial Rock ringtones
42   Industrial | Noise music ringtones
16   Industrial | Witch House ringtones
340   Industrial-Electronic ringtones (pending categorization)
29   Livetronica ringtones
1,264   Neo-Lounge ringtones
78   Oldschool Jungle ringtones
1,213   Progressive Electronic ringtones
238   Psychedelic ringtones
110   Robotronica ringtones
1,110   Synthpop ringtones
50   Tangotronica ringtones
4   Tex-Mex-Tronica ringtones
322   Video Game Music ringtones
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Electronic Music Ringtones
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