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Middle East Music Ringtones

Middle East Music Ringtones | t mobile ringtones | free real ringtones | royalty-free production music
DESCRIPTION: While Middle-Eastern stories of street protests and regime change dominate today’s news, tales of survival and bravery emerge in films, TV stories, documentaries, and special news shows around the world. To drive home your stories with a greater authenticity, AudioSparx offers thousdands of brilliant Middle-Eastern tracks from Dramatic, Action, Spiritual, Dance, and Whimsical genres. Here you will find an exceptional library of music of Middle-Eastern, Islamic and Judaic origins, perfect for creative and commercial production uses.
Middle East Music Ringtones, t mobile ringtones, free real ringtones and royalty-free production music at AudioSparx.com
Quantity Ringtones
59   Afghanistani music ringtones
5   Algerian music ringtones
108   Anasheed Contemporary ringtones
32   Anasheed Traditional ringtones
72   Arabic Pop ringtones
28   Arabic Pop Instrumental ringtones
113   Bellydance Music ringtones
39   Cypriotic music ringtones
104   Egyptian music ringtones
45   Iranian music ringtones
11   Israeli Folk ringtones
100   Israeli Klezmer music ringtones
140   Israeli music ringtones
1   Israeli Pop ringtones
58   Jewish folk music ringtones
8   Kurdistani music ringtones
65   Lebanese music ringtones
5   Mediterranean Guitar ringtones
718   Middle-Eastern Contemporary Dramatic ringtones
75   Middle-Eastern Drums and Percussion Only ringtones
98   Middle-Eastern Hip Hop ringtones
707   Middle-Eastern music ringtones
73   Middle-Eastern music ringtones (pending categorization)
49   Middle-Eastern Rock ringtones
633   Middle-Eastern World Fusion ringtones
67   Moroccan music ringtones
43   Saudi Arabian music ringtones
6   Spanish-Moorish music ringtones
13   Syrian music ringtones
12   Tunisian Music ringtones
161   Turkish music ringtones
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Middle East Music Ringtones
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