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Weapons and Ordnance ringtones

Weapons and Ordnance ringtones | nokia ringtone | polyphonic ringtones | sound effects to download
DESCRIPTION: All types of weapon and ordnance sounds, including guns, handguns, pistols, machine guns, rifles, bullets, bombs, explosives, gun handling sounds, swords, knives, axes, whips, combat, war, fireworks and more.
Weapons and Ordnance ringtones, nokia ringtone, polyphonic ringtones and sound effects to download at AudioSparx.com
Quantity Ringtones
34   Bombs / Air raid sirens and bomb ringtones
15   Bombs / Air-to-air missile ringtones
4   Bombs / Car bomb ringtones
10   Bombs / Grenade ringtones
23   Bombs / High-altitude bombs away ringtones
12   Bombs / Low-altitude bombing ringtones
59   Bombs / Missile explosion ringtones
6   Bombs / Mortar ringtones
7   Bombs / Photon torpedo ringtones
12   Bombs / Time bomb ringtones
7   Bombs / Torpedo ringtones
9   Bomb ringtones
21   Explosions / Atomic explosion ringtones
54   Explosions / Distant explosion ringtones
12   Explosions / Dynamite explosion ringtones
387   Explosions / Explosion ringtones
66   Explosions / Explosions with debris ringtones
34   Explosions / Sci-fi explosion ringtones
5   Explosions / Underground explosion ringtones
8   Explosions / Underwater explosion ringtones
27   Flamethrower ringtones
17   Fuse burning ringtones
62   Guns / Artillery ringtones
453   Guns / Automatic weapon ringtones
260   Guns / Bullet ringtones
134   Guns / Cannon ringtones
386   Guns / Handgun ringtones
521   Guns / Laser shot ringtones
254   Guns / Miscellaneous gun ringtones
242   Guns / Rifle ringtones
118   Guns / Shotgun ringtones
135   Gun / Single shot ringtones
417   Guns / Tank ringtones
8   War / Air combat sounds
2   War / Combat beach assault ringtones
117   War / Combat ringtones
55   Weapons / Axe ringtones
118   Weapons / Bow and arrow ringtones
16   Weapons / Guillotine ringtones
106   Weapons / Knive ringtones
35   Weapons / Laser saber ringtones
299   Weapons / Sword ringtones
120   Weapons / Whip ringtones
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Weapons and Ordnance ringtones
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