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DESCRIPTION: Japanese music includes a wide array of distinct music styles both traditional and modern. Two of the oldest forms of traditional Japanese music are Buddhist chanting (shomyo), and orchestral court music (gagaku), both of which date to the Nara and Heian periods. Traditional Japanese music styles include Biwa hoshi, Heike biwa, Moso, Goze, Taiko, Min'yo folk music and Okinawan folk music. Contemporary Japanese music includes a mix of Pop, J-Pop, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Punk Rock/Alternative, Heavy Metal, Electropop and club music as well as Hip Hop, Dance, Disco, and distinct Game music for electronic games.
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Quantity Ringtones
4   Enka ringtones
14   Folk | Biwa Hoshi, Heike Biwa, Moso, and Goze ringtones
16   Folk | Min'yo ringtones
23   Folk | Taiko ringtones
2   Gagaku (Orchestral Court Music) ringtones
198   Japanese Dramatic music ringtones
4   Japanese Dramatic music | Edgy, tense, suspense ringtones
72   Japanese Dramatic music | Ethereal, serene, mellow, dreamy, calm ringtones
33   Japanese Electropop and Club music ringtones
17   Japanese Game music ringtones
11   Japanese Hip Hop ringtones
5   Japanese Jazz ringtones
51   Japanese music ringtones
31   Japanese Opera ringtones
37   Japanese Pop ringtones
1   Japanese Punk Rock / Alternative ringtones
5   Japanese Rock ringtones
92   Japanese Traditional Folk Music ringtones
3   Japanese Traditional Pop ringtones
10   Japanese Western Classical music ringtones
2   Ryukyuan Classical music ringtones
2   Ryukyuan Contemporary music ringtones
2   Shomyo (Japanese Buddhist Chanting) ringtones
7   Taiko Dub ringtones
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