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Vietnamese Music ringtones

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DESCRIPTION: Traditional Vietnamese music is highly diverse and syncretistic, combining native and foreign influences. Throughout its history, Vietnam has been heavily impacted by musical influences from China, Korea, Mongolia and Japan. The ancient Indochinese kingdom of Champa also had an historical effect upon Vietnamese music. However, even with these foreign influences, Vietnam has a unique musical tradition stemming from its native roots.

Vietnam also has a vibrant contemporary music scene with major production in the genres of Pop, Pop Ballads, R&B, Rock and even Hip Hop on-going.
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Quantity Ringtones
4   Vietnamese Classical Anthem (War Anthems) ringtones
1   Vietnamese Contemporary | Corporate ringtones
196   Vietnamese Contemporary | Dance ringtones
45   Vietnamese Contemporary | Dramatic ringtones
44   Vietnamese Contemporary | Hip Hop ringtones
651   Vietnamese Contemporary | Pop Ballad ringtones
203   Vietnamese Contemporary | Pop Vocal ringtones
10   Vietnamese Contemporary | RnB ringtones
30   Vietnamese Contemporary | Rock ringtones
3   Vietnamese Folk | Ca trù ringtones
0   Vietnamese Folk | Chèo ringtones
0   Vietnamese Folk | Hát chầu văn ringtones
1   Vietnamese Folk | Hò ringtones
5   Vietnamese Folk | Nhạc dân tộc cải biên ringtones
0   Vietnamese Folk | Quan họ ringtones
0   Vietnamese Folk | Xẩm ringtones
14   Vietnamese Folk music ringtones
6   Vietnamese Music (pending categorization) ringtones
0   Vietnamese Ritual | Nhã nhạc ringtones (Imperial Court Music)
0   Vietnamese Ritual | Nhạc đám ma ringtones (Funeral music)
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Vietnamese Music ringtones
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