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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Torfi Olafsson You Are My Angel - Torfi Olafsson
AL Music Little Girl in the Big World - AL Music
Herrick Heaven Don't Let Me Down (Acoustic Version) - Herrick
Bao Thy Bao Dem Em Khoc - Bao Thy
BadaBing BadaBoom Microwave Lovin' - BadaBing BadaBoom
Richard Bowling Spirit Smoke - Richard Bowling
Ena Vie Kissed - Ena Vie
Antoinette Tredanary You're Gone - Antoinette Tredanary
Alessandro D'Aloia Egypt - Alessandro D'Aloia
Side FX and Kim Cameron Timeless - Side FX and Kim Cameron
Alan Brian Curtis I Dream About You - Alan Brian Curtis
Too Human Trouble All Around - Too Human
Forever Green Paradise Is Near - Forever Green
Amycanbe Burning - Amycanbe
Will Brock Bet Ya Don't Know - Will Brock
Chris Michols And They'd Never Tell - Chris Michols
DJ Skillmaster Come Closer (30 sec) - DJ Skillmaster
Dmitry Pushkarev Drunken Woman - Dmitry Pushkarev
Prizm Prime Music Is Not Sex - Prizm Prime
Anthony Hugh One Tiny Miracle - Anthony Hugh
Pavel Arakelian Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Pavel Arakelian
Fab All Night Passion (60 Sec) - Fab
Duc Thinh Dem Nam Trong Ki Niem - Duc Thinh
Michael Keck Palms of Dubai Alternate - Michael Keck
Colin Tench The Mingulay Boatsong By Andy John Bradford & Oceans 5 - Colin Tench
Kam Falk I'm Not Your Fool - Kam Falk
Kenny Mac Even Up - Kenny Mac
Ross Milligan Air Dancer - Ross Milligan
Jang Karista Connection - Jang Karista
Stefano Fucili Anima - Stefano Fucili
Dan Foster Porque Tu - Dan Foster
Ryan Brady Cuban City - Ryan Brady
Camille St. Vincent L'étrangère (The Stranger) - Camille St. Vincent
ElevenTwelve Epic Struggle (60 Sec) - ElevenTwelve
Ensemble Kereoni Dila - Ensemble Kereoni
Alexia Mon Ami Bon Voyage - Alexia
Hector Pavez Ya No Vuelven a Mis Bolsillos - Hector Pavez
Mark Truszkowsky Amo La Vita - Mark Truszkowsky
Christophe Espern Le Sorcier Hichmouk - Christophe Espern
Amagugu Akwazulu Uthe Ubhuti Asizomlanda - Amagugu Akwazulu
Simon Stockhausen African Ride - Simon Stockhausen
Osvaldo Chacon Cha-Cha Con Mona (Cha-Cha With Swing) - Osvaldo Chacon
Steve Willoughby Up Is Better Than Down (Children) - Steve Willoughby
Rebekah Withakay Who Gotta Problem - Rebekah Withakay
Frenetic Sound Feelin' Happy - Frenetic Sound
Mark Knox Hiroshima - Mark Knox
Matt Frazier Monica B (Featuring Skye Frazier) - Matt Frazier
Kamlesh Deepak Drolia Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Remix - Kamlesh Deepak Drolia
Alan Fagan Check the Children - Alan Fagan
Akela Sun Corporate Trailer Dreaming - Akela Sun
Tim Brown We Stand United - Tim Brown
Audiostream Tamborilero Voz - Audiostream
Michael Wheeler Make a Big Splash - Michael Wheeler
Chester Yourczek The Return - Chester Yourczek
Ernesto Martin Happy Early Baby - Ernesto Martin
Deep Toizu - Deep

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Featured Artist

Dan Leigh

Dan Leigh is a versatile musician and songwriter with a growing resume. He has recorded an LP and 2 EP's with Grammy-winning producer Scott Mathews. His music has been used on national television and in numerous indie films. Dan has been compared to Radiohead and Coldplay.

From the Breeze
Recorded with Grammy-winning producer. An epic rock instrumental with otherworldly synth sounds, roaring electric guitars and a real string section.

Song to Save the World
Recorded with Grammy-winning producer. An intense, haunting song about trying to write a song to save the world. The elegant, subdued verses give way to frantic choruses. This is an epic ...

For Good
This is a haunting song about poverty. Hammond organ is the main instrument.

To the Stars
Recorded with a Grammy-winning producer. This is a pretty, acoustic-based song. The lyrics are about the fleeting nature of things in life, and the instrumentation is delicate and sublime.

Frozen Year
Recorded with Grammy-winning producer. A jazzy, atmospheric pop song. With its relaxed instrumentation and subtle male vocal, this is chill-out at its finest.

Falling to Pieces
This is an emotional, string-laden track. It has a flowing chord progression and expansive chorus. Great male vocals, a poignant song with a bit of edginess and mystery.

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Roland Vega I Don't Have the Words - Roland Vega
Western Horizon Productions Fever Dream - Western Horizon Productions
From the Moment Happy Mother's Day Love Your Son - From the Moment
RJ Como If Death Gave You Warning - RJ Como
David Ben-Porat Broken Pebbles - David Ben-Porat
The Mighty Heard Be Wit U - The Mighty Heard
Barry Hope Walk Away - Barry Hope
GarsuMene You Can Do It: provocative, sarcastic, poignant (2:14) - GarsuMene
Big Ben Efundula - Big Ben
Fab171 Mama Siempre Está Full Track - Fab171
Tommy Tassev One Look One Smile - Tommy Tassev
David Tick Yesterday's Dreams - David Tick
Soulful Cafe Solo Tonight - Soulful Cafe
No Home No Home - No Home
Ian Pav January Morning - Ian Pav
Enrico Milardo Shades - Enrico Milardo
Adriana Diaz Rizo Fugitive - Adriana Diaz Rizo
George and Marguerite Nothing I Wouldn't Do - George and Marguerite
Isadora Words (The Way You Lie) - Isadora
Chase Money Entertain-Her 2.0 - Chase Money
Zombor Ambient Inspiring Cinematic Corporate - Zombor
Gus Major The Creator - Gus Major
Whipple Lopez The Empire Hangs in the Balance - Whipple Lopez
Jonny Goode If Only We Could - Jonny Goode
Carlos Estella Female Vocal Cinematic Pop Dance - Carlos Estella
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