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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Daniel's Window Follow and Believe - Daniel's Window
Dan Gautreau She's Sexy (Stinger 04) - Dan Gautreau
Andy L Pump It Up Latin Style (0.30 Edit) - Andy L
Songwriterz The Girl I Wanna Be - Songwriterz
Alkemia Never Say Goodbye - Alkemia
ElevenTwelve Stutter Dreaming - ElevenTwelve
Baronlamba - Baron Chase
Ardit Cuni My Friend - Ardit Cuni
Forever Green Paradise Is Near - Forever Green
Elii Geba Baby Eyes - Elii Geba
Alan Brian Curtis I Dream About You - Alan Brian Curtis
Fernando Diez Soulsiss Mary (30 Second Female Vocal) - Fernando Diez
Magnus Melander Ancient Hymn - Magnus Melander
The Finger Puppets This Side of Never - The Finger Puppets
Voluptas Mors You Made Me Break - Voluptas Mors
JuanJo Lopez Vidal Por Una Cabeza - JuanJo Lopez Vidal
Blueville Low and Slow - Blueville
Wicked Ear Candy This Moment Amazing - Wicked Ear Candy
Brenda Elthon I'm Hurting - Vocal Male Soulful R&B Hum - Brenda Elthon
Bradley West Willie's Song - Bradley West
Jonah Delso Way Out - Jonah Delso
Ideascapes Music You Inspire Me - Ideascapes Music
Robert Johnson The Way You Do the Things You Do - Robert Johnson
Aaron Saloman ToTheSummit 2min - Aaron Saloman
Will Brock Bet Ya Don't Know - Will Brock
Dean Anthony Caputo Gotta Get a Girl (Boy Band Pop) - Dean Anthony Caputo
Right Track Don't Turn Off the Light - Right Track
C.J. Masters I Like to Bitch - C.J. Masters
Rezistencia Otra Onda - Rezistencia
Hellenic Band Sirto Medley - Hellenic Band
The Xhosa People Hlani Ngendawo Zenu - The Xhosa People
Ana Alcaide Sephardic Moon - Ana Alcaide
John Christopher Thomas Have Some Fun (Kpop Gangnam Style Mix) - John Christopher Thomas
Bao Thy Bao Dem Em Khoc - Bao Thy - Bao Thy
Actia Veryu Ya (I Believe) - Actia
Ohiro Hiro Mai Rote Po Uri Nei (From the Darkness to Here) - Ohiro Hiro
Jonathan Carlile Departing Macedonia - Jonathan Carlile
D-Kam Voy a Reventar - D-Kam
ElevenTwelve Epic Struggle (60 Sec) - ElevenTwelve
Insingizi Ko Bulawayo - Insingizi
MemEnTo I'm Still Thinking of You (Akoma Se Skeftomai) - MemEnTo
Chanson World Music Library Reng Ya Lenyalo Wedding Ring - Chanson World Music Library
Family Senci Si'W Vle Rive (Tmj) - Family Senci
Keith Holden Silent Night (Dark Horror) - Keith Holden
Michael Wheeler Make a Big Splash - Michael Wheeler
The Ambient Society Sacrament Song 2011 Choir - The Ambient Society
Michael Keck Umoja - the Children Sing for Unity - Michael Keck
Code Switcher Don't Walk Away From Me - Code Switcher
Jonathan Geer Stargazer - Jonathan Geer
Dream Valley Music Like a Bird (Flying High Remix) (Vocal Version) - Dream Valley Music
Frenetic Sound Feelin' Happy - Frenetic Sound
Louise Heaney He's Behind You - Louise Heaney
Jive Ass Sleepers Creepy Kid - Jive Ass Sleepers
Charlie Mac Count to 20 - Charlie Mac
Really Free Music I Asked My Mother for 50 Cents - Really Free Music
Marc Beasley Child's Play - Marc Beasley

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Featured Artist


AmieLee nails it with her Teen Pop music and lyrics. She is 100% totally Disney TV ready! "You're So Close" is all about teen angst, relationship woes, and those heart-breaking teen crushes! AmieLee's sweet voice is reminiscent of today's teen pop stars Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and other youthful icons.

Simply Amazing
Young crush and feelings of first love. Heartfelt teen drama and feelings running very deep. Teen Tween drama, family situational, romantic drama, disney, afterschool specials, nickelodeo...

Don't Waste Your Time
Teen Pop music like early Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, etc... Disney- great for teen sitcom series or family film or pop scene. high school middle school teenagers drama young love hurt b...

Teen ambition, belief in themselves and attitude to succeed. Teen Rock, Pop, sounds like Disney recording stars... early Miley Cyrus, Jonas Bros., etc... Fiery confidence and determinatio...

You're So Close
Acoustic Sweet Teen Pop, Relationship Woes, Teen Crush... sounds similar to teen pop stars younger Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, etc... heartbreak, crush, love, dreams. Great fo...

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Evan Oxhorn It's a Brand New Day! - Evan Oxhorn
Justin 3 Born to Be Wild One - Justin 3
Jack Skuse Heartbreaking Stories Instrumental - Jack Skuse
Nicole-Marie All It Takes to Fly - Nicole-Marie
The Mispent Windows and Walls - The Mispent
Dave Rudolf Dangerous Love - Dave Rudolf
Ulrich Ellison America (Vocal Version) - Ulrich Ellison
Piotr Pacyna Welcome to the Jungle - Piotr Pacyna
Third Door Down Make Up Your Own Damn Mind - Third Door Down
Color Theory In Motion - Color Theory
Mandy Cook Just Be - Mandy Cook
Prime Hutt (Prelude) - Prime
James Davis Two Hearts - James Davis
Jive Ass Sleepers Digital Diary - Jive Ass Sleepers
Shane Byrns Heart of Gold - Shane Byrns
Mark Dobroth Consolation - Mark Dobroth
Lennart Brugman Relekh - Lennart Brugman
Alexandre Molodkov Who Could Ask for More - Alexandre Molodkov
Marilu Lopez City of Heartbreak - Marilu Lopez
Chris Davey Why Cant You Love Me - Chris Davey
Colin Black Bluebird - Colin Black
Julien Moorrees Freedom On Paper - Julien Moorrees
Mott Jordan Tangled Web You Weave - 1980s-Style Song - Mott Jordan
Jerome Chauvel Sunny Funny Ska - Jerome Chauvel
Vladimir Lakodin Deeped in Melancholy - Vladimir Lakodin
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