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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Alex Ivy Worth Living For - Alex Ivy
Lilly Wolf Jealousy - Lilly Wolf
Keith Holden The Departed (Loop) - Keith Holden
Christophe Espern My Trouble - Christophe Espern
Ivanka Ivanova Bajo Boyar Is Famous (Proshu Se Balijo Boljarin) - Ivanka Ivanova
LaGaylia Frazier Something From Nothing - LaGaylia Frazier
Katey Laurel No One Else (Acoustic With Percussion) - Katey Laurel
Max DiCarlo No Me Dica - Max DiCarlo
Adla Hannon Tomorrow Will Be a Bright New Day (Piano Version) - Adla Hannon
Ana Alcaide Sephardic Moon - Ana Alcaide
David Tick It'll Be a New Day Rising (Female Lead Vocals) - David Tick
Andy L Pump It Up Latin Style (0.30 Edit) - Andy L
Johan van der Voet Feel the Sand - Johan van der Voet
Richy Kicklighter Summer Drums - Richy Kicklighter
Tom Horner Yellow Moon - Tom Horner
Homemadesoul Jingle Bells Bluz - Homemadesoul
Mark W. Winchester Two White Dogs - Mark W. Winchester
Pavel Arakelian Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Pavel Arakelian
Dan Foster Inspiring Summer - Vocal - Dan Foster
Emad Sayyah Hibbina Ya Samra - Emad Sayyah
Ideascapes Music You Inspire Me - Ideascapes Music
The Rockin' Cinders I Got Love - The Rockin' Cinders
Michael Corn Work It Out - Michael Corn
JuanJo Lopez Vidal Por Una Cabeza - JuanJo Lopez Vidal
Right Track Don't Turn Off the Light - Right Track
Han Thai Tu Noi Dau Tinh Yeu - Han Thai Tu
Mark Taylor Play - Mark Taylor
Chris Juergensen Blood On the Streets - Chris Juergensen
Thailand Ethnic Ensemble Champa Muang Lao - Thailand Ethnic Ensemble
Afghan Ensemble Che Shawad--What Would Be If.. - Afghan Ensemble
Camille St. Vincent L'étrangère (The Stranger) - Camille St. Vincent
Loyda Pichardo- Hjelte Las Habitaciones Del Rey - Loyda Pichardo- Hjelte
Jonathan Carlile Departing Macedonia - Jonathan Carlile
ElevenTwelve Epic Struggle (60 Sec) - ElevenTwelve
Maria Ana Bobone Auto-Retrato - Maria Ana Bobone
Duong Dinh Tri Tinh Em Xu Quang - Duong Dinh Tri
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Reflects of Sleep Water - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
Tatiana Lina Buvons, Chers Amis! - Tatiana Lina
Daniel Cullen Spirit Dance in the Sahara - Daniel Cullen
Yinguica Ni Nhi Me Le [Let Me Walk With You] - Yinguica
Kyiv Chamber Choir The Blessed I've Already Chosen - Kyiv Chamber Choir
Mana Rongo Rongo Kiea (The Red Clay) - Mana Rongo Rongo
Jonathan Geer Stargazer - Jonathan Geer
Alan Fagan Check the Children - Alan Fagan
Audiostream Tamborilero Voz - Audiostream
Steve Willoughby Up Is Better Than Down (Children) - Steve Willoughby
Marc David Decker Goodbye to Kindergarten Days - Marc David Decker
Diamond City Enigmatic World - Diamond City
Douglas Nicholson Dark Skies - Douglas Nicholson
Carlos Estella Bloodiness of War - Carlos Estella
Ori Vidislavski Child at Night - Ori Vidislavski
Side FX and Kim Cameron Butterfly Rock - Side FX and Kim Cameron
Wicked Ear Candy Santa.Com (Male) - Wicked Ear Candy
Kamlesh Deepak Drolia Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Remix - Kamlesh Deepak Drolia
Amazing Music Haunted Mansion - Amazing Music
Joey Curtin The Dragon Song - Joey Curtin

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Featured Artist

Warren Hein

Native Californian Warren Hein is a phenomenal producer and songwriter who writes in many genres, from Pop to Rock to Ballads, composing great down-home songs with a story to tell. His versatile lyrics are soulful, witty and meaningful, perfect for dramas featuring country loving, heartbreaks, reunions, and the good and bad times in between. His songs would fit nicely for hardscrabble, uplifting stories like Coal Miner's Daughter or Fried Green Tomatoes. Warren's versatility shines through in his shorter cues that are perfect for TV commercials, trailers, and whimsy, as well.

Let's Drive This Car (Vocal)
Rocket to the moon Pop/Rock, driving pounding rock and roll with great harmonies glam rock heaven! GREAT FOR A CAR COMMERCIAL, FILM WHERE DRIVING IS INVOLVED, chase scene, catch the bad g...

I Want to Make It You and Me
A retro rock song with modern and simple story line about a garden party and the singer's interest in one of the chicks there. Simple rock and fun.

I'm Too Damn Naive (Female Vocal)
Damned NAIVE women!! Pop from a full female perspective--just too damned naive...A ballad that jumps! Crossover potential!

Warm and Dry (Vocal)
This sexy yet tasteful folk inspired quiet and serene interlude between lovers is a lovingly romantic piece of heavan. It's cold outside as the train whistle blows, yet so warm and loving...

Margo (The Street Walker)
Warren Hein's Country tracks are full, meaningful, fun and GREAT! Margo is a story of a "working girl" tonque and cheek, where she does what she is supposed to--she tries to get her guy's...

I Get the Last Laugh (Vocal)
Anger, pissed and a true "i have the last laugh" song--sung by the great Bill Gaunce! PERFECT "I'm pissed at you" theme, politicians, ex-wife, girl or boyfriend, Versatile!! Stay mad

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Trent Schneider Sweet Loving - Trent Schneider
Billy Wears Dresses This Is the Song - Billy Wears Dresses
David Harper Go for a Ride - David Harper
Tracey Graham Love Is War (Edm Remix) (Artist - Julia R.) - Tracey Graham
Caiti Patton Trigger - Caiti Patton
Andrew Van Garratt Red Carpet Day - Andrew Van Garratt
Malf Some People Just Get All the Breaks - Malf
River of Kings Can't Stop Us (Clean) - River of Kings
Patche Di Rima Nacozeleyo - Patche Di Rima
The Smiling Strangers Trouble With Love - The Smiling Strangers
Behind The Machine The Last Sacraments Oil - Behind The Machine
Jive Ass Sleepers Send Me An Angel - Jive Ass Sleepers
Matt Woosey Woke Up This Morning - Matt Woosey
Putamen Geometric Err0r - Putamen
Michael Nitro Edge of Time - Michael Nitro
Limmo Best Friend Instrumental - Limmo
Ken Brown I Dont Wanna Go Home - Ken Brown
Tee-Y Blazz Feel - Tee-Y Blazz
Fresh Body Shop Bandwagon - Fresh Body Shop
Three Day Threshold Chicken Shack (Baby's Got My #) - Three Day Threshold
Mockingbird Hill You Don't Know - Mockingbird Hill
Simon Wolfe Next to You - 30 Cut - Simon Wolfe
Showtime Music Come Alive - Showtime Music
Mista Latex Sex - Mista Latex
Shane Byrns More Than Meets the Eye - Shane Byrns
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