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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Jang Karista Connection - Jang Karista
Rebekah Withakay No No No More - Rebekah Withakay
Alex Ivy Worth Living For - Alex Ivy
John and Angela Taylor The Circus Song - Vocal - John and Angela Taylor
Soroca and Allocca Santa, May I Hitch a Ride On Your Sleigh? - Soroca and Allocca
D.C. SoulPlusMind This Life (Featuring Katy Gunn) - D.C. SoulPlusMind
Shelley Jacobson Get It Good (Vocal Mix) - Shelley Jacobson
Michael Panasuk That's Gotta Hurt - Version 3 - Michael Panasuk
Jason Cullimore Secret Places (30-Secs Version) - Jason Cullimore
Alessandro D'Aloia Egypt - Alessandro D'Aloia
Lilly Wolf Jealousy - Lilly Wolf
Sunburn In Cyprus Busy Day On the Beach - Sunburn In Cyprus
Andy L Pump It Up Latin Style (0.30 Edit) - Andy L
Purple Mountain I'll Settle 4 Love - Purple Mountain
C.J. Masters I Like to Bitch - C.J. Masters
Chris Lutz Christopher Luz - Looking Back to 90s - Chris Lutz
Misfits and Thieves Another Member of the Family (Mafia / Mob Song) - Misfits and Thieves
Alan Brian Curtis Ven,Ven ( Esta Noche ) - Alan Brian Curtis
Will Brock Bet Ya Don't Know - Will Brock
Island Letter He's So Charming (7s V1) - Island Letter
Leisur Hive Magnetism - Leisur Hive
Jeremy Huddleston Alive - Jeremy Huddleston
Hillbilly Hellcats Road Rage (Instrumental) - Hillbilly Hellcats
Anthony Cormican Falling Down - Anthony Cormican
David Amber First Snow - David Amber
A Steady Vertigo Escape - A Steady Vertigo
Golden Bough Brothers of the Sun - Golden Bough
Kenton Gilchrist Call to Arms II: Jebel Moon - Kenton Gilchrist
F5 Nang He Nhiet Doi - F5
The Ambient Society Joachim Zemmour's Ambroisie - Nitescence - The Ambient Society
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Reflects of Sleep Water - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
Duy Phuc Tinh Phai Dau - Duy Phuc
Rezistencia Otra Onda - Rezistencia
La Laque La Sirène Dort - La Laque
Alan Brian Curtis Ven,Ven ( Esta Noche ) - Alan Brian Curtis
David C. Hewitt Mozart's Requiem [Mozart] - David C. Hewitt
Sergey Smirnov My Last Day of Summer - Sergey Smirnov
Afghan Ensemble Che Shawad--What Would Be If.. - Afghan Ensemble
Tinyela Vakasha (The March) - Tinyela
Yamato Ensemble Zangetsu [Minezaki Koto] - Yamato Ensemble
Rodrigo Panassolo Em Haver - Rodrigo Panassolo
Cuong DC Loi Yeu Danh Mat - Cuong DC
Louise Heaney He's Behind You - Louise Heaney
Joey Curtin The Dragon Song - Joey Curtin
Annie McGee Silent Night - Eerie Boys Choir - Annie McGee
Steve Willoughby Up Is Better Than Down (Children) - Steve Willoughby
Keith Holden Silent Night (Dark Horror) - Keith Holden
The Ambient Society Sacrament Song 2011 Choir - The Ambient Society
Travis Scharn Avazila - Travis Scharn
Family Senci Si'W Vle Rive (Tmj) - Family Senci
Wicked Ear Candy Santa.Com (Male) - Wicked Ear Candy
Michael Wheeler Make a Big Splash - Michael Wheeler
Geoff Harvey & Chris Martyn African Shores - Geoff Harvey & Chris Martyn
Jonathan Geer Stargazer - Jonathan Geer
Mark Knox Hiroshima - Mark Knox
Code Switcher Don't Walk Away From Me - Code Switcher

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Featured Artist


One of the leading Urban/R&B sites in the USA chose “Fire It Up” as one of the best albums of 2011, and said about it: “VenueConnection has topped itself with its biggest pride and joy to date – Fire It Up – which delivers sizzling funk, tasteful slow jams and passionate vocals by Angeles Dorio and Karl Frierson. This offering harkens to jazz funk’s golden era of the late seventies... VenueConnection nails all the groove pockets with sheer precision”

Walkin' Your Dream
Soulful female vocals, chic melodies, groove and lyrics about fulfilling your dreams. Great positive energy! Highly recommended for high fashion, sassy catwalk, cruising, boutique hotels,...

Cool Vanilla
Jazzy feel, soulful vocals, catchy chorus and cool horns. A quite metaphoric song about sex and love. It do mean a thing 'cause it got that swing!

Cool Vanilla (Axphere Remix)
Fun and brilliant remix of the original song, adding a modern, electronic and danceable sound. Jazzy feel, soulful male vocals, catchy chorus and cool horns. A quite metaphoric song about...

Goodbye 13th Century
Pop song structure, catchy chorus and jazzy feel. Superb real strings arrangements and sweet melodies. Beautiful trumpet solos! About love between people of different ages. Lush vocals, r...

Madrid Boogie
Funk-Soul grooves hot out of the streets of Madrid, good vibes that will make your day! Utterly cool male vocal, compellingly warm and highly danceable. Intercity scenes, clubs, high ene...

Not in Luck
Soulful song with an optimistic and positive message about the implications of "good luck" in people's lives. Amazing background vocals, top notch production and groovy bass lines. "Good ...

New Vocal Tracks on Site
J. Clarence Whatsapp - J. Clarence
Fredrick John Pugsley Mercy On the Street - Fredrick John Pugsley
Clark Ford The Only One - Clark Ford
Songwriterz When Love Is Right - Songwriterz
Anthony Dann Cold Sweater - Anthony Dann
Mir Wave Hello! - Mir Wave
Boostylz M. I. A - Boostylz
Carlos Estella Epic Ethnic Choirs - Carlos Estella
Michael Nickolas Wasting Time - Michael Nickolas
Mohawk Radio Ready to Love (Acoustic Version) - Mohawk Radio
Amy Ip Prelude to the Melody of Water New Version - Amy Ip
Masterwerk Euphoria - Masterwerk
G9 End Is the Beginning - G9
Aaron J Curtis My Own Private Paradise - Aaron J Curtis
Brandon Lew White Knuckle - Brandon Lew
Plastic DJ Next to You - Plastic DJ
David Beard Vampires Ball - David Beard
Tony on Fire Solace - Tony on Fire
Danny K Luck Ran Out - Danny K
Ed Napoli I Missing You - Ed Napoli
Tim Urban Lucky Man (Full Song) - Tim Urban
IQTru 02 d gamewave - IQTru
WRU Wru - O Sonho Do Rio (Feat. Vivi Goeldi, Gutnic) - WRU
Carmichael Country Break An Outlaw - Carmichael Country
Tamara Shestopalova The Demon of Darkness - Tamara Shestopalova
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