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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Dan Foster Energetic happy Upbeat pop vocal - Dan Foster
Sunburn In Cyprus Busy Day On the Beach - Sunburn In Cyprus
Benny Lava Breaking Your Heart - Benny Lava
Too Human Trouble All Around - Too Human
Celtic Lullabies To and Fro - Celtic Lullabies
ElevenTwelve Under the Arabian Sun - ElevenTwelve
Davor Devcic Got a Ticket to Rio - Davor Devcic
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Reflects of Sleep Water - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
La Laque La Sirène Dort - La Laque
Antoinette Tredanary You're Gone - Antoinette Tredanary
The Hi Freqs Kids Love Trains - The Hi Freqs
Tosch The One - Tosch
Christophe Espern My Trouble - Christophe Espern
Jason Cullimore Into the Beyond (15-Secs Version) - Jason Cullimore
Ron Komie The First Noel Vol 5 - Ron Komie
Emad Sayyah Hibbina Ya Samra - Emad Sayyah
John Altenburgh Wish You Were Young Again - John Altenburgh
Island Letter He's So Charming (7s V1) - Island Letter
Jonah Delso Way Out - Jonah Delso
Rich Harper As She Moved in (My Guitar Moved Out) - Rich Harper
Ideascapes Music You Inspire Me - Ideascapes Music
Kevin Reardon All the Love (Your Heart Can Hold) - Kevin Reardon
Fab All Night Passion (60 Sec) - Fab
Music Candy Serious Style Queen No Vox 30 Secs - Music Candy
Paul Reece Your Mercy Oh Eternal One - Paul Reece
HC The Lover - HC
Ross Milligan Air Dancer - Ross Milligan
Brenda Elthon I'm Hurting - Vocal Male Soulful R&B Hum - Brenda Elthon
ElevenTwelve Epic Struggle (60 Sec) - ElevenTwelve
Andrej Hrasko Lucka Zelena (Electroswing) Vox - Andrej Hrasko
Macarena Una Llama - Macarena
Bang Di Vuon Hanh Phuc - Bang Di
Serankure Music Arts Tsie - Serankure Music Arts
Andy Schofield African Savannah 2 00 - Andy Schofield
Vintage Music Library Deutschland Lied - Vintage Music Library
Ensemble Kereoni Dila - Ensemble Kereoni
D-Kam Voy a Reventar - D-Kam
Vasyl Tkach Cranberries - Vasyl Tkach
Daniel Cullen Spirit Dance in the Sahara - Daniel Cullen
Ohiro Hiro Mai Rote Po Uri Nei (From the Darkness to Here) - Ohiro Hiro
Hector Pavez Ya No Vuelven a Mis Bolsillos - Hector Pavez
Ai Xuan Mong Dep - Ai Xuan
Deep Toizu - Deep
Annie McGee Silent Night - Eerie Boys Choir - Annie McGee
Nick Smeenk Haunted Dream - Nick Smeenk
Alan Fagan Check the Children - Alan Fagan
Ernesto Martin Happy Early Baby - Ernesto Martin
Akela Sun Corporate Trailer Dreaming - Akela Sun
Tim Brown We Stand United - Tim Brown
Hanjo Gabler Drei Chinesen Mit Dem Contrabass - Hanjo Gabler
Michael Wheeler Make a Big Splash - Michael Wheeler
Francisco Jimenez Good King Wenceslas Spanish - Francisco Jimenez
Keith Holden Silent Night (Dark Horror) - Keith Holden
Diamond City Enigmatic World - Diamond City
Jeff Lizerbram Halloween at My Door - Jeff Lizerbram
Side FX and Kim Cameron Butterfly Rock - Side FX and Kim Cameron

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Featured Artist

Jerry Brewer

Country Artist Jerry Brewer's southern style voice and lyrics will help you nail the authenticity you need in a variety of moods and Country-themed genres. His song "Looking Dangerous" was recorded in Nashville by Grand Ole Opry star Vassar Clements. Jerry's "Merry Christmas Elvis," is now featured in the motion picture The Traveler, starring Val Kilmer. He brings to your project 30 years' experience as a studio and road musician, including being the drummer for Crystal Gayle, and working with such acts as The Outlaws, Foghat, Golden Earring, and Joe Perry of Aerosmith.

Season Running
Touching lyric about lifes seasons. Changes with friendships, people moving on. Smooth music track, flowing piano. Ready for any story line about moving on to another chapter in you're li...

Lookin to See If Shes Lookin to See
Very Cute lol lyric about falling in love at first site with your neighbor. Fun toe tapping beat for a perfect hillbilly valentine. Ye-haw true love has come to town. romantic love comedy...

Love for the Cup
Commercial World Cup lyrics and music track. Just waiting to be added to your Sports Documentaries. Also would make a very smart beer beverage commercial video. Beer drinking party. Peopl...

Merry Christmas Elvis
Tender thank you letter to Elvis about a blue heart at Christmas. Old school country music track. Organ, bells, sad lyrics, blue blue Christmas all over again. Tribute to the King for his...

Aces and Eights (The Dead Mans Hand )
Now you hold the dead mans hand, go with your heart or your head. Remember this, someone is always waiting. next man up, bold, edgy, pressure, decisions, power music track to match lyric ...

Grateful for Grace
Fuel For Faith Music. uplifting tribute Lyric to God's grace. Smooth Vocal, easy listening pop music bed. ready for any Church project/documentary. altar music, glory, holy spirit, Jesus,...

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Soundroad Stomp - Soundroad
Randy Parsons (a.k.a. Randy Parsons & Friends and/or Randall Parsons) Maybe I'm Running Away - Randy Parsons (a.k.a. Randy Parsons & Friends and/or Randall Parsons)
Adam Bennett Sorry Not Sorry (Feat. Favorite G) - Adam Bennett
Salvatore Giuseppe Sichi Cada Dia - Salvatore Giuseppe Sichi
Barry Gilbey Dancin - Barry Gilbey
Francesco Biondi Swinging Upside Down (Instrumental) - Francesco Biondi
Stephen Spender Happy - Stephen Spender
Marcin Gasiewicz Colors - Marcin Gasiewicz
The Red Book Standard Goodbye - The Red Book Standard
Drew Yowell My Ticket Home - Drew Yowell
Songwriterz Jimmy - Songwriterz
Mays & Corn Tomorrow Knows - Mays & Corn
JayKayRadio High-Energy Punk (full version) - JayKayRadio
DJ Moriarti Flower Brain - DJ Moriarti
Dmitriy Andronov Snow - Dmitriy Andronov
David Gosnell Predatory Nature - David Gosnell
Nite Owl Open House - Nite Owl
Stepa K Scar - Stepa K
Michael Wheeler Queen of Planet Earth - Michael Wheeler
Suchitra Lata Floating in Your Love - Suchitra Lata
Kostis Chaveles Cat 30 Second Edit - Kostis Chaveles
Phil Doyle Ballad of Martha and Abel - Phil Doyle
Cloudymindz No More Waiting In Line - Cloudymindz
Steve Henrichs Nairobi Chill No Lyrics - Steve Henrichs
Voluptas Mors Wake You Up - Voluptas Mors
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