Christmas & New Years Music and SFX For Commercial & Production Uses

Listen To Exciting Holiday Season Music!
Our 6,328 world-class musicians, producers, bands and music publishers wish you a fantastic Christmas Holiday Season with their amazing and magical Christmas and New Year's music.

Christmas Music Boutique Christmas Canon (Piano) - Christmas Music Boutique
David C. Hewitt Mozart's Requiem [Mozart] (Variation) - David C. Hewitt
Alec Makinson Little Jingle Bells (30sec A) - Alec Makinson
Tom Rule Gentle Mary V2 - Tom Rule
Harry Standing O Come All Ye Faithful - Harry Standing
Ben Harris Karol of the Kashmir 60 Sec A - Ben Harris
Colette Jonas Christmas Carol Mash (Variation 2) - Colette Jonas
Bett Butler Someone's Child - Bett Butler
Thomas Beckner What Child Is This? (Flute Duet) - Thomas Beckner
Reil Brothers Corporate Christmas - Inspiring Acoustic Soft Loop - Reil Brothers
Cedric Hommel Santa Claus, Saying 'A Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!“, V3 - Cedric Hommel
Audible Complex FX Sleigh Bells - Audible Complex FX
Cedric Hommel SFX: Santa Claus Saying Hohoho, Merry Christmas! - Heartily, With Light Reverb FX - Version 4 - Cedric Hommel
Ian Hubball Christmas Music Box - Ian Hubball
Cedric Hommel Christmas Elf, Saying 'Merry Christmas!', Comic Voice, V08 - Cedric Hommel
Ultimate Sound Jingle Bells - Ultimate Sound
SFXsource Wrapping Paper 1 - SFXsource
Ian Hubball Santa Elves and Bells - Ian Hubball
Blazznet Talking Box Merry Xmas Chipmunk 3 Higher - Voice Jo - British Female - Blazznet Talking Box
Sound Fx Pro Christmas Lights 01 - Sound Fx Pro

Dan Air Scottish Pipe Band Auld Lang Syne (Bagpipes) - Dan Air Scottish Pipe Band
Medina Auld Lang Syne (Party Version) - Medina
Wilton Vought The Bells of Auld Lang Syne 25 - Wilton Vought
Tunes Are Me Auld Lang Syne Rockin (60s) No Melody - Tunes Are Me
Christmas Music Auld Lang Syne Acoustic Guitar - Christmas Music
Kepha Peter Martin Auld Lang Syne (Synth) - Kepha Peter Martin
Ross Milligan Auld Lang Syne Acoustic Version - Ross Milligan
Suzannah Doyle Auld Lang Syne (Solo Piano) - Suzannah Doyle
Christmas Music Boutique Auld Lang Syne (Carillon Bells) 60 - Christmas Music Boutique
Richard Jungles Moon in the Water (Underscore) - Richard Jungles
Dan Foster Morning in China - Dan Foster
Ringtone Voodoo Chinatown Parade - Ringtone Voodoo
Johnny Njo Autumn Moon - Johnny Njo
Carl Miles Jun Fan - Carl Miles
Richard Jungles Fire Cracker (60sec) - Richard Jungles
Robert Neary Chinese Scenery Music (With Drums) - Robert Neary
Greg Rahn Zodiac - Greg Rahn
Johnny Njo Chinese Lunar New Year Mix - Johnny Njo
Catch 22 SFX Soda Pouring in Glass - Catch 22 SFX
Ultimate Sound Cork Sqeeking and Popping Out of Bottle - Ultimate Sound
Ultimate Sound Cork Being Pulled From Bottle - Ultimate Sound
Water Tiger Productions Pour With Glugs - Water Tiger Productions
Ian Hubball Bar Crowd - Ian Hubball
SFXsource ! Glasses Clink Toast 01 - SFXsource
Special Effects and Sounds New Years Paper Horn - Special Effects and Sounds
Geller Sound FX New Year Eve Countdown 1 - Geller Sound FX

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Christmas Holidays & New Year's Eve Video

Video Sound Credits
Navarr Navarr
Jingle Bells Winter Wonderland (Children's Vocal)
Glorious contemporary version of Jingle Bells with children's vocals, orchestrated with bells, tubular bells, strings and concert band percussion. Christmas march style. Families and kids...

Greg Rahn Greg Rahn
Holiday Sleigh
Upbeat, joyful, wholesome winter holiday sleigh ride. Orchestral sound with sleigh bells, harp, strings, and tubular bells. Great for holiday Films, TV productions, ad campaigns and comme...

MX47 MX47
Sugar Plum Groove
Modern urban hip hop arrangement of the traditional Christmas Classic “Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy” from Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker” ballet.

Tatiana Lina Tatiana Lina
Glory to the New Born King!
Angels sing glory to the new born child Jesus. Heavenly choir, with a vocal carillon at the end, rich harmonies, beautiful melody, old text with new music

Marc David Decker Marc David Decker
Silent Night - With Children's Choir
This is a lovely rendition of the timeless classic of classics, Silent Night. Beautifully sung by children with orchestral accompaniment of woodwinds, bells, strings, piano. It is sure to...

The Underdogs The Underdogs
Deck the Halls
Punk Rock "Deck The Halls." A Christmas celebration for the young at heart. The chaos of Christmas sometimes needs the appropriate background music. This upbeat version of a Christmas cla...

MX47 MX47
Auld Lang Syne (Ballroom Version)
Grand ballroom arrangement of the traditional holiday melody featuring Classic Hollywood orchestrations. Remember the 1960s and 1970s big ballroom weekends with live entertainment and hea...

Music For TV and Games Music For TV and Games
Hip and Happy Dragon Dance
Chinese New year! China Dragon Dance with Electronica! Thumping Kick with exotic Chinese Flute and Strings. Positive and Fun with Fury! | USAGE: Fim, TV, Webisodes, Advertising, Cheerlead...

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