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Scary Horror Thriller Music and SFX For Halloween
For Spine-Tingling Fun, We've Got The Music For a Ghoulish Good Time

What can be scarier than midnight in a deep forest with distant church bells chiming, crows screaming, and a 9-foot-tall monster behind the tree!?!  Run for your life!  Our composers have conjured up creepy, spooky music perfect for your evil Horror and Halloween movies, twisted video games, and nightmare commercials! 

Here you will discover Satanic chanting, organ swells, scurrying rats and screeching bats, yelping coyotes on steroids, cannibal feasts, and freaky-spacey music for paranormal settings, whack-o carnival rides, haunted houses, vampires, zombies, and other gross-out tracks – all to scare the kiddies. And take a listen to the creepy "Buried Alive -- I'm Not Dead Yet" for a real groaning howl...
With tens of thousands of hot music and sound effect tracks for your horror flicks, haunted houses, Halloween specials, video games, software, iPhone apps and all kinds of embedded uses, AudioSparx sets the standard for Halloween Horror!

Top Horror Artists

Tom Jemmott Tom Jemmott
Pierre Langer Pierre Langer
Dewey Dellay Dewey Dellay
Michael Crowther Michael Crowther
David C. Hewitt David C. Hewitt
Space Taster Space Taster
David Gosnell David Gosnell
Music Candy Music Candy
MX47 MX47
Joel Steudler Joel Steudler

New Horror Tracks

Brian Allen Holmes Zombie Virus Outbreak
Espionage Lost World
Anatoly Shestopalov Dead City
Blair Sangeet Constance Her Return
Gary Wolk Dark Minds
Dusan Rapos Opus 085 - the Edels..
Dusan Rapos Opus 084 - the Edels..
Travis Lohmann Bedroom Monster Lurks
Marc Laliberte Nightmare in the Cem..
Jive Ass Sleepers Creepy Kid


Top Horror Tracks

Tom Jemmott Scary Fairy
Michael Crowther Ghosts in the Twilight
Tom Jemmott Nightmare
Jean-Thomas Cloutier Circus
Justin Crosby An Assassin's Tale
David C. Hewitt Dies Irae
Steve Probst Chiller
Christopher Fuller The Summoning
Space Taster Monster Parade
Music Candy Last Stand
Elite Sync Lab Technically Insane
Dewey Dellay Theremin Vitaman
David C. Hewitt Saw VIII
David C. Hewitt The Omen
La Collection Le Dejeuner
Bjarne O. They Are Coming
David C. Hewitt Dies Irae
Jonathan Wright The Halloween Family
Joel Steudler Gremlin Choir
Michael Crowther Ghosts in the Twilight
Music Candy Exorcism Gone Wrong
Robert Neary Empty World
House of Horror Heavy Metal Powerful..
Studio 1 A Box of Lost Memories
Jonathan Adamich The Walking Dead
LES - Lazzeri Ermini Salucco Evil Lullaby
Louise Heaney He's Behind You
Matthew Reid Creepy Ambient Horro..
House of Horror Orchestrated Thrille..
Max DiCarlo Endless Horror
Christopher Fuller The Summoning 60 Sec..
Adam DiTroia Rats in a Rug
Robert Neary From Hell
Joe Pignato Halloween Adventure
MX47 Dark October Night
Dewey Dellay Spooky Eerie Theremin
Spooky Music I Like Nightmares
Peter Godfrey The Watchers
David Gosnell Bach Fantasia in G M..
Spooky Music Pirate Treasure
Tom Jemmott Scary Fairy
David C. Hewitt The Exorcist 60 Sec
House of Horror Twinkle Twinkle Gone..
Philip Curran A Ghost Story
Laura Sanz Black Cats and Broom..
Philip Curran Halloween Witches
Justin Crosby Portrait of a Serial..
Kevin Packard Late Night Lullaby
Ori Vidislavski House of Halloween
Matthew Reid Horror Behind the Ce..
Studio 1 Monstrous Mischief
Connor Helms Moonless Night
House of Horror Dark Alien Skies
Mark J Smith The Devil's Music Box
Justin Crosby The Jurassic Beast -..
Daniel Cullen The Wolf Pack
David Gosnell Occult Voices
House of Horror Exploding Horror Roc..
Adam DiTroia Evil Lurks
Navarr Month Song Hell Chil..
Adam DiTroia Haunted Fairy Dance
Matthew Reid Ghostly Horror
Justin Crosby An Assassin's Tale -..
RLC Music Restless Souls
ProMusic Productions Friendly Haunt
Stoyan Ganev Horror Chase
David C. Hewitt Dies Irae
Danny Rules Mafia Circus
Tom Hajduk Cemetery Fear 4
Cinemachine Halloween
Chris Hodges Bizarro World
Protilius Dark Horizon
David C. Hewitt Dies Irae
Laurie Ann Fessler Count D-Come With Me..
David Gosnell Occult Voices
MX47 Frightmare
Joel Steudler Costumed Capers
Thomas Stobierski Slaughterhouse
Jennifer Hannah-Murphy Rattle the Bones
Carlos Rubio Who
MX47 They Came From Outer..
House of Horror 28 Days to Go
David Waugh The Observers
Michael Keck Ghosts in the Music..
Bjorn Lynne Chaotic Mind
Robert Neary Rock Opera
HarpString Productions Twinkle Twinkle Litt..
H. Dornell Carr Scary Pianos
JM Hornqvist Chaos in My Mind
Spooky Music The Worms Crawl In
Stan Tristan There's Something Ou..
Laura Sanz Gobbling Goblins
Tomas Altamirano Dark Drone
Adam DiTroia Haunted Castle
Doug Kidder Night Mary
Louise Heaney He's Behind You - No..
Christian Andersson Mad Professor
Mark Fitchett Drunk Clown
Danny Rules Demon Dance
Justin Crosby Hells Choir - 60 Sec..

Genre List

Classic Retro Thriller
Contemporary Thriller
Creepy Organ Music
Dance Contemporary
Dance Traditional
Funeral & Death
Gothic Intense
Gothic Moderate
Halloween Horror
Halloween Whimsical
Haunted Carnival
Haunted Children
Haunted Mansion
Haunted Pirate Music
Hip Horror
Horror Action Intense
Horror Action Moderate
Horror Ambience
Horror Chase
Horror Contemplative
Horror Edgy
Horror Electronica
Horror Haunted Choirs
Horror Metal
Horror MusicPacks
Horror Piano
Horror Psychological
Horror Torture Music
Horror World Beat
Monster Pop
Theremin music

Haunted Children & Nursery Rhymes
Scary, evil, macabre and/or possessed children laughing, playing, crying or singing nursery rhymes, and horror instrumental versions of nursery rhymes.

Morris Hayes Jr I Am Evil - Morris Hayes Jr
Michael Keck Ghosts in the Music Box - Michael Keck
Darren Lucas Tomb's Playground - Darren Lucas
Justin Crosby Portrait of a Serial Killer - 60 S.. - Justin Crosby
Adam DiTroia Trick Or Treat - Adam DiTroia
Mark J Smith The Devil's Music Box - Mark J Smith
Louise Heaney He's Behind You - Louise Heaney
Alexander Khaskin Inner Voice - Alexander Khaskin
Music Candy Ghosts of the Apocalypse Vocal Sting - Music Candy
Kevin Packard Late Night Lullaby - Kevin Packard
VampirePrincess Music Box - VampirePrincess
Kevin Packard Incantation 23 - Kevin Packard
Filmmusic Group Evil Childs Play - Horror Ambience - Filmmusic Group
Studio 1 Midnight Carousel - Studio 1
Cruciform Evil Baby With Chainsaw - Cruciform
Chris Thomas Human Menagerie - Chris Thomas
Ross Milligan Don't Walk in the Woods - Ross Milligan
HarpString Productions Twinkle Twinkle Little Horror - HarpString Productions
Justin Crosby Portrait of a Serial Killer - Full.. - Justin Crosby
Mark J Smith The Devil's Music Box - Mark J Smith

Haunted Carnival and Circus Music
Sometimes a fun experience such as a trip to a carnival or circus can go horribly awry. The music here captures that scenario for you, ready for use in your film, TV show, game or other media.

Michael Keck Uncle Freddy's House of Horrors - Michael Keck
Scott Lasky March Macabre - Scott Lasky
Nery Bauer The Menacing Factory - Nery Bauer
Francesco Accardo The Clown Life - Francesco Accardo
Christian Umlauf In the Circus - Christian Umlauf
Music And SFX Haunted Follies - Music And SFX
Philip Shorey Psycho Circus' Dance - Philip Shorey
Apocalypse Cow Beyond the Dark Tent - Apocalypse Cow
Joe Pignato House of Mirrors - Joe Pignato
Erik Haddad Critters - Erik Haddad
Chris Hodges Demented Clown - Chris Hodges
Danny Rules Mafia Circus - Danny Rules
Ori Vidislavski Circus Tango - Ori Vidislavski
Danny Rules Scary Go Round - Danny Rules
House of Horror Deserted Fairground Ambient Horror - House of Horror
Daniel Cullen Carnival Macabre - Daniel Cullen
Will Graettinger Creepy Circus - Will Graettinger
Jean-Thomas Cloutier Circus - Jean-Thomas Cloutier
Mohammed Doham Entrance of the Zombie Clowns - Mohammed Doham
SoundZOID Twisted Circus Big Rock Opening - SoundZOID

Edgy Horror Music
Edgy building horror music, with a sinister present danger, perfect for lurking evil, stranger in waiting, imminently upon you with horrible consequences.

Richard Freitas Menace - Richard Freitas
Nitzan Sagie Its Gonna Catch Ya - Nitzan Sagie
Richard Freitas Cold Sweat - Richard Freitas
Really Free Music Realms of the Dead - Really Free Music
Craig McConnell The Fallen - Craig McConnell
A.J Nightmare - A.J
Craig McConnell Malevolent - Craig McConnell
Bjorn Lynne Epic Series - Epic-7-Calm - Bjorn Lynne
Adam Skorupa It's Gonna Be Serious - Adam Skorupa
Robert Neary The Day After Tomorrow - Robert Neary
David C. Hewitt The Exorcist - David C. Hewitt
Max DiCarlo Endless Horror - Max DiCarlo
Christian Andersson Mad Professor - Christian Andersson
Protilius Fruits of Deception - Protilius
Adam DiTroia Quiet Storm - Adam DiTroia
Garry Cribb Spooksville - Garry Cribb
Big Sound Music Watch Out - Big Sound Music
Adam DiTroia Shadow Creeper - Adam DiTroia
Greg Patmore Demons - Greg Patmore
John Lawrence Schick Visiting Hell - John Lawrence Schick

Moderate Horror Music
Horror music for moderate action scenes, not overly intense. Evil in motion, preparing for a dreaded confrontation or situation.

MX47 Dark October Night - MX47
Tom Jemmott Scary Fairy - Tom Jemmott
Gary Wolk Collusion - Gary Wolk
Bjorn Lynne Evil Pulse - Bjorn Lynne
Ori Vidislavski Tense Shadow - Ori Vidislavski
Pierre Langer Dead Mans Raid - Pierre Langer
Big Fat Audio Classic Horror - Big Fat Audio
Justin Crosby An Assassin's Tale - Justin Crosby
Paul Curtis Dreaming of Screaming - Paul Curtis
SMM Productions Critical Alert - SMM Productions
Dewey Dellay Action Hero Viro - Dewey Dellay
Garry Cribb Strange Town Motel - Short Cue - Garry Cribb
Richard Jungles After Dark - Richard Jungles
Edd Charmant Slashaar 1 - Edd Charmant
Edd Charmant Slashaar 2_Dark Is Rising - Edd Charmant
K.O. Star Productions My Bloodied Totem - K.O. Star Productions
Joe Pignato This Is Hell - Joe Pignato
Eric Bolvin Hiding The Spooky Jazz - Eric Bolvin
Space Taster Creatures of Crooked Hill - Space Taster
Valeriy Antonyuk Before the Attack - Valeriy Antonyuk

Intense Horror Music
Intense, supremely scary music for heavy action scenes, battles and climaxes. This is ultra- frightening music, super intense, bone chilling and highly dangerous.

Jonathan Geer Beckoning Shadow - Jonathan Geer
Tom Jemmott The Chosen One - Tom Jemmott
Richard Freitas Run and Hide - Richard Freitas
Adam DiTroia Relentless - Adam DiTroia
Joel Steudler Shatterpoint - Joel Steudler
Bjorn Lynne Epic Series - Epic-2-Battle - Bjorn Lynne
House of Horror Heavy Metal Powerful Horror Rock - House of Horror
Justin Crosby Hells Gate - Justin Crosby
MX47 Queen of the Zombies - MX47
Pierre Langer Rage of the Beast - Pierre Langer
Igge Scoce Halloween Horror Orchestra - Drama.. - Igge Scoce
Greg Patmore Demonic Titles - Greg Patmore
Max DiCarlo The Evil End - Max DiCarlo
Max DiCarlo No Way Out - Max DiCarlo
Vladimir Kalpin Episode 1 - Vladimir Kalpin
Dewey Dellay Action Battle 1 - Dewey Dellay
Adam DiTroia Mutiny - Adam DiTroia
Jim Moncur Click - Jim Moncur
Justin Crosby An Assassin's Tale - Justin Crosby
MX47 They Came From Outer Space - MX47

Spooky Whacky Theremin Music
The theremin is a wacky electronic music instrument invented in the 1920s. Often associated with a very eerie sound, this led to its use in movie soundtracks and as theme tunes on TV. It's a classic retro music sound often associated with sci-fi and supernatural occurrences, and makes a great effect in dramatic horror music.

Dewey Dellay Theremin Vitaman - Dewey Dellay
Dewey Dellay Spooky Eerie Theremin - Dewey Dellay
Eric Bode Goosebumps - Eric Bode
MX47 They Came From Outer Space - MX47
Jive Ass Sleepers Funky Uncle Fester - Jive Ass Sleepers
Dewey Dellay Halloween 2 - Dewey Dellay
Eric Waters Theramin Solo - Eric Waters
Eric Waters Theramin's Revenge - Eric Waters
Adam DiTroia Spirit of Halloween - Adam DiTroia
Eric Bode Carnival of the Dead - Eric Bode
Daniel Godsil Spook Radio - Daniel Godsil
Adam DiTroia Rats in a Rug - Adam DiTroia
James Gray The Tortured Mind of Dr Strom - James Gray
Jive Ass Sleepers Urban Spook - Jive Ass Sleepers
Aaron J Curtis Dr Animo's Gone Mad - Aaron J Curtis
Paul Curtis Prequel to the Sequel - Paul Curtis
Paul Curtis Killing Field - Paul Curtis
James Mulvale Skeletons! !! - 110 to 130 Bpm - James Mulvale
Deep Theremin - Deep
Marc Filmer Spooky-Doo - Marc Filmer

Horror Ambient Soundscapes
Quasi-musical in nature, these soundscapes and underscores are horrifying and fear-inducing. More special effect than music, a soundscape often consts of natural sounds such as animal sounds, weather and other natural elements often mixed with environmental sounds.

Adam DiTroia Evil Lurks - Adam DiTroia
Tribal Insanity - Artaro Productions
Thomas Stobierski Slaughterhouse - Thomas Stobierski
Bjorn Lynne Drone & Deep Drum - Bjorn Lynne
Alexander Khaskin Ghost - Alexander Khaskin
Bjorn Lynne Chaotic Mind - Bjorn Lynne
Igge Scoce Nightmare - Horror Tension - Igge Scoce
Michael Bozzo Strangle - Michael Bozzo
Michael Keck One Stormy Night - Michael Keck
Michael Keck Night Terror - Michael Keck
Michael Keck Honey, I Think the Monster Ate the.. - Michael Keck
Michael Keck Midnight at the Black Cauldron Cafe - Michael Keck
Michael Keck Vampires Werewolves and Haunts Oh My! - Michael Keck
Dmytro Krasiuk Neglected Foundry - Dmytro Krasiuk
Andrew GCN Fleming The Lair of the Witch - Andrew GCN Fleming
Andrew GCN Fleming Night of the Vampire - Andrew GCN Fleming
Justin Crosby Portrait of a Serial Killer - Full.. - Justin Crosby
Roberto Feltracco I Am Not Afraid - Roberto Feltracco
Ilya Kaplan & Stan Fomin In the Dungeon - Ilya Kaplan & Stan Fomin
SAE Chased By Unseen Menace - SAE

Halloween Horror
Here you will discover scary, horrific, music for Halloween. This subgenre presents music that is ideal for Halloween horror film and TV productions; it is the perfect music for this occasion, very frightening, perfect for capturing the dread and horror of Halloween, when the dead walk the earth and all hell breaks loose.

Peter Godfrey Monsters and Madmen - Peter Godfrey
Adam DiTroia Relentless - Adam DiTroia
Michael Keck Gargoyle Lurking A - Michael Keck
Bjarne O. They Are Coming - Bjarne O.
Robert Neary Deserted - Robert Neary
Stir Crazy Everyday Is Halloween 133 Bpm - Stir Crazy
Garry Cribb Spooksville Ritual - Garry Cribb
Garry Cribb Halloween Tweet - Garry Cribb
Shafa The Old Mansion - Shafa
Space Taster Forest of Fear - Space Taster
The Tune Mill Nightmare Patrol - The Tune Mill
Stoyan Ganev Halloween Land of the Dead - Stoyan Ganev
Annie McGee Mischief and Mayhem - Annie McGee
Michael Keck Ghostly Graveside Ritual - Michael Keck
Bjarne O. We Are in Its Nest - Bjarne O.
Carl Miles Mary Had a Bloody Lamb - Carl Miles
Ari Nigam Scared of the Dark - Ari Nigam
Ari Nigam Haunted Beats - Ari Nigam
Wilton Vought Tenth Circle of Hell - Wilton Vought
Bjarne O. They Will Eat Your Head - Bjarne O.

Halloween Whimsical and Kitschy Music
Scary, whacky, silly, music for Halloween, perfect for trick-or-treaters, costume parties, carving pumpkins, bonfires, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films. This is the perfect music for this occasion, not overly horrifying, often kitschy in nature.

Music And SFX Haunted Follies - Music And SFX
Space Taster Monster Parade - Space Taster
Space Taster Goblin Twilight - Space Taster
Alec Makinson Haunted Mansion - Alec Makinson
Jason Bradley Livesay Trick Or Treat - Jason Bradley Livesay
Stoyan Ganev Evil Santa - Stoyan Ganev
Laura Sanz Funeral March of a Marionette - Laura Sanz
Space Taster Goblin Twilight - Space Taster
Peter Godfrey Lab Dance - Peter Godfrey
Tom Jemmott Nightmare - Tom Jemmott
Laura Sanz Gobbling Goblins - Laura Sanz
Garry Cribb Halloween Ritual - Garry Cribb
Adagio Music Spooks Cut Loose - Adagio Music
ProMusic Productions Friendly Haunt - ProMusic Productions
Music For TV and Games Mysterious Halloween Caper - Music For TV and Games
Garry Cribb Halloween Ball - Garry Cribb
Garry Cribb Halloween Tweet - Garry Cribb
John M. Peters Skeleton Jamboree - John M. Peters
Alec Makinson Chaigley Manor - Alec Makinson
Paint Chips Mythical Blue Moon - Paint Chips

Haunted Creepy Organ Music
The music of church pipe organs works well in the Horror music genre. Envision an evil, deranged psychotic lunatic, sitting in a hallowed place such as a church, invoking the Devil himself via some unholy musical ability.

David Gosnell Bach Fantasia in G Minor, Bwv 542 - David Gosnell
Eric Waters Phantom of the Opera - Eric Waters
Andrew Reilly Evil Candy - Andrew Reilly
Adam DiTroia Halloween Cinematica - Adam DiTroia
Adam DiTroia Castle Halls - Adam DiTroia
Bobby Cole Evil Organ - Bobby Cole
Michael Crowther Scary Organ Prelude - Michael Crowther
Alec Makinson Devil's Soul - Alec Makinson
David Gosnell Léon Boëllmann: Suite Gothique IV .. - David Gosnell
Eric Waters Bach Toccata in D Min. - Eric Waters
Isaac Moore The Haunted - Isaac Moore
SoundZOID Psycho Asylum - SoundZOID
SoundZOID Opera Phantom Pies de Resistance - SoundZOID
SoundZOID Castle Laboratory of Evil - SoundZOID
Annie McGee Toccatta Full - Annie McGee
Suzannah Doyle Organ Suspense Chord - Suzannah Doyle
Andrew GCN Fleming Haunted Castle - Interlude 2 - Andrew GCN Fleming
Trefler Kt Requiem - Trefler
Tom Saputo Halloween - Tom Saputo
Michael Musco Rebate Horror Show Full 2012 - Michael Musco

Gothic Horror Music
Gothic music is used often in horror productions. It's perfect for evil-laden scenes, both traditional and contemporary, where some horror is manifesting itself, revealing the pure evil nature that lurks within.

Pierre Langer Vast Lands - Pierre Langer
David C. Hewitt The Omen - David C. Hewitt
David Gosnell Occult Voices - David Gosnell
Dewey Dellay Death of Angels Coming - Dewey Dellay
Michael Crowther Ghosts in the Twilight - Michael Crowther
Adam DiTroia Flight of the Witches - Adam DiTroia
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Priests and Warriors - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
ElevenTwelve The Battle Is Upon Us - ElevenTwelve
Pierre Langer Morpheus Calls - Pierre Langer
Pierre Langer Daemon Portal - Pierre Langer
David C. Hewitt Dies Irae - David C. Hewitt
Pierre Langer Arise From Ashes - Pierre Langer
Pierre Langer Daemon Portal - Pierre Langer
Joel Steudler The Price of Freedom - Joel Steudler
Pierre Langer Wolf Vs Vampire - Pierre Langer
Dewey Dellay The Beast - Dewey Dellay
David B. McDonald Good Vs Evil Track - David B. McDonald
Daniel Godsil The Cathedral - Daniel Godsil
Adam DiTroia Haunted Castle - Adam DiTroia
Andy L Number of the Beast - Andy L

Sound Effects for Halloween and Horror
Here you will discover all the sound effects of Halloween and Horror including Beasts, Cauldrons boiling, Chainsaws, Creaking doors and floors, Creatures, Devil, Satan and minions, Dungeons, Evil laughter, Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins, Graveyards, Gremlins, Grim Reaper, Haunted houses, Hell, Monsters, Nightmares, Ogres, Psychotic lunatics, Scary voices, Screaming, Torture chambers, Trick-or-Treaters, Vampire bats, Vampires, Werewolfs, Witches and Zombies.

Big Fat Audio Ghostly Voices - Horror Sound Effect - Big Fat Audio
Ron Short Vanquish the Demons - Ron Short
Hollywood Post Buried Alive -- I'm Not Dead Yet! - Hollywood Post
Indigo Sound LLC Horror Graveyard Ambien - Indigo Sound LLC
X-Ray Sound Studios Dungeon Water Drips - X-Ray Sound Studios
Soundtrack Tools & SFX Spooky & Eerie Wind Howling - Soundtrack Tools & SFX
Navarr Zombie Attack - Navarr
Navarr Satan's Welcome - Navarr
Big Fat Audio Psycho Killer Dog - Big Fat Audio
Simon Stockhausen Dungeon Nightmare - Simon Stockhausen
Navarr Evil Ghost Moans - Navarr
Big Fat Audio Bats - Big Fat Audio
Simon Stockhausen Horrorswell 01 - Simon Stockhausen
Big Fat Audio Hell's Fire - Horror Sound Effect - Big Fat Audio
Big Fat Audio Psycho Strings - Big Fat Audio
Fear Productions Howl - Fear Productions
The Producers Horror Movie Intro - The Producers
Ultimate Sound Vincent Price Laughter - Ultimate Sound
Fear Productions Demonic Laughter 3 - Fear Productions
Ron Short Evil Clown Carnival1 - Ron Short


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